101 Best Sun Tattoo Drawings Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Sun Tattoo Drawings

Reviewed & updated: November 23, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The Sun is one of the most divine forces of Nature. That said, here are some sun tattoo drawings that you can use as a suggestion.

Sun Tattoo Drawings
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The Sun is described as one of the closest stars by mankind.

Sun tattoos are gender natural. This means they will look good on every individual, men and women alike.

The basic meaning of the Sun remains the same, which is the source of life and light. However, there are different other depictions of this cosmic power, in various ancient cultures. For example, in ancient Chinese philosophy, the Sun is depicted in the divine Yang symbol. Similarly, the Sun is also a representation of feminine power, in ancient Japanese and African culture. Over the years, sun designs became extremely popular in the world of tattooing. The designs can be customized in various ways to depict different meanings. That said, here are a few brilliant examples of sun tattoo designs that you should definitely check out.

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo ideas
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Sun and moon tattoo drawings like these can have a wide variety of meanings. While some may associate this design with polarity, others can visualize it as darkness vs. light. The Sun is a symbol of strength and power, both of which are synonymous with male energy, the moon on the other hand, is a representation of beauty, grace, and calmness. When both these elements are both together in a design, they become the perfect representation of polarity. The same has been conveyed through the above-mentioned picture. In this design, we can see the Sun and the moon combined together. The different characteristic of this element, for example, the sun rays or the uneven surface of the moon has been beautifully highlighted. The tattoo artist has only used black ink to create this unique tattoo on the forearm of the individual.

Small Tiny Sun Tattoo

Small Tiny Sun Tattoo
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If you are looking for some minimalistic designs for your sun tattoo, this might be the perfect one for you. The tattoo artist has designed this tattoo using only black ink and placed it on the upper arm of the individual. If you look closely, you can see the different shadings done by the artist to highlight the Sun’s rays. This is a very cute and simple take on a sun tattoo design. You can use this one as a suggestion if you do not like large-sized tattoo designs.

Japanese Sun Tattoo

Japanese Sun Tattoo
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In ancient Japanese culture, the Sun is represented by the mythological Goddess, Amaterasu. It is believed that Japan was founded by Amaterasu almost 2700 years ago, and all emperors who have ruled Japan since then, are described as the sons of the Sun. The Japanese sun tattoos are one of the most popular sun tattoo designs, mainly because they involve a variety of bright colors. As quite visible from this picture, the tattoo artist has chosen a bright shade of orange to highlight the Sun. He has paired it up with the design of a cherry blossom tree. The cherry blossom tree is a symbol of beauty and life. Together with the vibrant Sun, this design looks very aesthetic.

Sun Rays Tattoo

Sun Rays Tattoo
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The Sun’s rays provide a spiritual meaning of the omnipresent God watching upon mankind. It can also be visualized as a source of warmth and light in our lives. Several kinds of elements can be added to these kinds of kinds to make them look more interesting. In the above-mentioned image, we can see the beautiful design of the Sun engraved on the body of this individual. The Sun’s rays are intricately designed with fine lines and patterns. It not looks very aesthetic but also gives off a realistic vibe. You can also just go for the design of the rays, instead of the body of the Sun, if you like something more minimalistic and simple.

Rising Sun Tattoo

Rising Sun Tattoo
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The rising sun tattoo is an ode to new beginnings in life. It represents the embankment of a new journey and letting go of the past. If you like your tattoo designs to have this kind of positive and deep meaning, then you should definitely go for this one. The artist here has only used fine, straight lines to draw this design. It is one of the most iconic examples of a rising sun tattoo design. If you like your tattoos to be more colorful, you can also choose any vibrant colors like red or orange, to customize this design.

Half Sun Tattoo

Half Sun Tattoo
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Instead of going for a large and eye-catching sun tattoo, you can opt for these kinds of simple and minimalistic ones. A half sun tattoo can represent either a setting Sun or a rising Sun, based on the design. They will equally look good on any part of your body and you can even customize these body art. In this image, we can see a similar example of a half sun, tattooed on the skin surrounding the upper of the individual. Ideally, these kinds of tattoos are more common among women, however, by adding other elements to them, they will look good even on men. You can even draw this tattoo using orange ink, to make it a more colorful tattoo design.

Simple Sun Tattoo

Simple Sun Tattoos
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This one right here is one of the cutest examples of a simple sun tattoo design. The tattoo artist has created this design on the wrist of this individual and it looks great. To notch it up, he has included certain facial features like the eyes and the lips to make it even more attractive. These kinds of sweet and simple tattoos also reveal a lot about the innocence and purity of the wearer. Some of the most common parts of the body to get this kind of art tattooed, include the wrists, ankle, fingers, or neck. The tattoo looks exquisite and is a must-have for every woman.

Mandala Sun Tattoo

Mandala Sun Tattoo
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Mandala is derived from Sanskrit literature and it refers to a ‘circle. It is a very important symbol in various cultures, like Buddhism and Hinduism. The mandala stands for harmony and peace. An interesting fact about the mandala is that no two mandala designs can ever be the same. They can be made y drawing one big circle, filled with intricate patterns, or might even consist of various overlapping circles. Drawing such a complicated design requires a lot of patience and experience for a tattoo artist. In this image, we can see a similar example of a mandala tattoo, by using the element of the Sun. It looks incredibly beautiful and aesthetic. These kinds of designs are now one of the most common themes in the world of tattooing. Nonetheless, they still look unique and great.

Solar System Tattoo

Solar System Tattoo
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Who doesn’t love the idea of looking up at the twinkling stars in the sky, on a pitch-dark night? Have you ever wondered what things are like in the far-stretched galaxy? If this kind of thought has ever crossed your mind, then this tattoo design is a must-have. The various stars and planets of the universe have been portrayed so beautifully through this design. Just by taking one look at it, you can feel as if the vast universe is within your grasp. The symmetrical lining of the planets, along with the design of a huge glowing Sun looks incredible.

Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo
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Here is another very interesting take on a sun tattoo design. Instead of going for a common sun tattoo, the artist has included some intricate patterns on the Sun to make it look more aesthetic. The tattoo is drawn on the back neck of the individual. Tribal sun tattoos are a representation of life and creativity. It also symbolizes strength and leadership. They are a very popular design among both men and women. In this image, the wearer has chosen a rather small and simple design of a tribal sun. However, you can customize the shape to make it look more dramatic. If you are going for such dramatic looks, then getting tattooed on the thighs or the chest are the ideal places, since they provide a larger canvas for these kinds of body art.

The Sun and the Moon are the two opposing forces of Nature, and when you put them together in a design they can symbolize a very beautiful contrast. In some cultures, the Sun is believed to be the healer or the protector of the universe. While other claim that it represents the cosmic eye of the universe. If you are thinking of getting your next sun tattoo, then here are a few more unique designs for you to choose from

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What are sun tattoo drawings?

Sun tattoos are a popular design choice that often symbolizes life, energy, and vitality. Sun designs tend to incorporate vibrant and eye-catching colors, making them stand out on the skin. These tattoos can be abstract or realistic in style and typically feature a sun design with rays or some other symbols incorporated into the image. Sun tattoo drawings often symbolize strength, power, and courage. They are also a reminder to stay positive and enjoy life. Sun tattoos can be placed in various locations on the body depending on the design, such as the arm, shoulder, chest, or back.

What is the best design for a sun tattoo?

The best design for a sun tattoo will depend on the individual’s personal style and taste. Some popular designs include a traditional sun with rays, the rising or setting sun, tribal-style sun tattoos, mandala designs, abstract art glyphs, symbols of astrology or spiritualism, and more. When deciding on a design it is important to take into account the size, placement, and colors of the tattoo. Some people prefer smaller designs while others may opt for more intricate designs with more details and colors. It is important to consider the meaning behind a design before getting inked, as tattoos should always have personal significance.

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