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101 Best Star Tattoo Behind Ears Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Star Tattoo Behind Ears

If you are looking for a star tattoo design that is unique, you have come to the right place. We have the best star tattoo behind ears ideas for you!

Star Tattoo Behind Ears
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Star tattoos are designs that are preferred by all kinds of people from all over the world.

Stars are the most common tattoo designs available, the reason is because so many different options of stars are there! The difference in the size, placement, and color of the star tattoo has unlimited options.

Choosing a tattoo could be an exciting tast. The trick is, not only find something that looks good, but to find something that looks unique and still has a deep meaning behind it. From black and white stars, to twinkling stars, to colorful stars, every star is beautiful and unique. Star tattoos symbolize hope, ambition, success, and honor! The best part about star tattoos are that you can design your own tattoo. This confirms that not only will your tattoo be different from any other tattoo, it will also ave a meaning that only caters to you. On one hand, you can make a single star tattoo that can represent your deceased loved one or freedom of life, however, on the other hand, there is an entire galaxy of stars for the right inspiration of the tattoo.

Twinkling Star Tattoo

Twinkling Star Tattoo
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Stars are considered to a symbol of good luck and guidance. The nautical stars are seen as a symbol of creating a path which helps them navigate through life. A single star tattoo can definitely make a statement that is dynamic and fabulous. If you want your star tattoos to have a different and unique meaning, you can come up with different formations and arrangments for the stars so that it is more personal to you. With the stars, you can add a some words, or some other designs that will add a little extra essence to the design.

These stars have been made behind the ear with black ink. It is an eight point star. Small rays are of the star and the bigger rays shows that they are twinkling. These are some amazing star designs that you can get.

Harry Potter Star Tattoo

Harry Potter Star Tattoo
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If you are a Harry Potter fan and are looking for some cool tattoos, then you can go for the one with the stars. You may be wondering, what is the significance of stars in Harry Potter? Well, if you have read the books, you will notice that the chapter names have stars beside them. They are small black stars and represent the three Deathly Hallows, the invisibility cloak, the resurrection stone and the elder wand. You can also go for a single star that is similar to the sign of the Hallows. The significance of this tattoo is that you are the master of death.

These stars are made in black ink and placed behind the ear where it is slightly visible. The place behind the ear is versatile and can become the ultimate symbol for you.

Sun Star Tattoo

Sun Star Tattoo
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This tattoo shows a 9 point star which is a representation of importance of number 9 for faith. 9 is a number that is believed to be a number of fulfillment of expectations or prior religions. These star tattoos have a real astronomical effect. They look like they are twinkling.

This star tattoo behind the ear is made with black ink. The two strokes on the top and bottom of the center circle are larger than the other strokes, making the tattoo unique. The 3 strokes on either side of the circle are small and give a realistic effect. For the people who believe in a certain faith, this tattoo is easily recognizable. This tattoo is elegant and can be made with different colors. The color yellow is a great choice for this tattoo. You can request your tattoo artist to make a tattoo with the color of your choice.

Miniature Star Tattoo

Miniature Star Tattoo
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Star Tattoos can paint a positive image in one’s life regarding their life and goals. It can be a good indicator of the future of the person. Stars create light and will guide you to choose your own path if the compass fails. If placed behind the ear, not only are they in plain sight, they also look great from the sideways angle. Miniature star tattoos are simple and look extremely elegant in black. Too much shading can spoil the look.

This particular person has made this tattoo behind the ear. The tattoo consists of two different 8 point stars and a single point star. It looks like the stars are twinkling behind the ear. Although they are made in black ink, you can use colors depending on your skin tone to make it look different and unique.

Beautiful Tribute Tattoo

Beautiful Tribute Tattoo
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Twinkling stars have several different meanings. They are a popular choice among women and men alike. The twinkling stars often represent deceased loved ones. It could be your way of honoring someone you loved but lost. Getting such a designed tattooed on yourself could be a difficult decision. However, these tattoos look elegant and are in such a location which can be covered by the hair.

The person has made 3 different stars behind the ear. Each star could mean something different for them. These stars are made with black ink and can be made with other colors.

Five Points Star Tattoo

Five Points Star Tattoo
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A five pointed star tattoo is a most common figure when it comes to stars. It is a very common design that is drawn by everyone and seemed to be a perfect representation of a star. However, not many people know that this petagram star is also a symbol of exorcism or protection. It is seen as a symbol of keeping away evil and negative energies from one’s life.

This particular tattoo looks like it is a single star tattoo, however, it is made with several stars and the star in the middle is the highlight of the tattoo. Th tattoo artist has made this tattoo with a lot of intricacy. The outer stars are made with dot work pattern. This tattoo is placed on the side of his head where the person has shaved their hair. They also have 2 stars placed on the ear that compliments the larger tattoo.

Burning Bright Yellow Star Tattoo

Burning Bright Yellow Star Tattoo
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The sun is also a bright star that is the center of our universe and keeps us from being in the completely dark side. A sun tattoo can mean different things like rebirth and light. That is because, without the sun, the Earth would not exist and therefore, it shows the balance of life. It could be a small tattoo or a big one, the meaning of this sun tattoo will depend on how you perceive it. The perfect spot for such tattoos is the wrist, behind the ear, neck, collar bone or the ankle. These spots are generally visible and such tattoos look elegant when presented.

This beautiful tattoo is made behind the ear of the wearer. It is made with thin black strokes. The rays of the sun is made in dot-work pattern. There can be other colors added to this tattoo.

Night Sky Star Tattoo

Night Sky Star Tattoo
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Stars are celestial balls of gas that emit light of their own. They are so bright in the sky that people on the earth being millions of light years away, but the brightness is visible on Earth. There are many cultures that believe that the souls of their loved ones turn into stars after they die and that look upon them from the heavens. The sailors trusted the night sky to help them guide to their destination if their compass fails. The starts shine bright in the night sky and this small tattoo could mean a million things to different people.

This star is an eight point star that is placed behind the ear of the wearer. These designs are made with different shades on black and grey. This beautiful design could be your next choice of tattoo!

Three Star Tattoo

Three Star Tattoos
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The three-star tattoo generally has a deep and meaningful story hidden behind it. Usually when the arrangement of 3 stars is in a sequence in which 1 star is bigger than the other, then it represents the journey of a person over the years. The journey could be related to their career, their life or even their journey with a person. Generally, a lot of actors and actresses like to get this tattoo since it marks their journey from being a nobody to being a famous celebrity.

Here, the wearer of the tattoo has made three stars and all of them are of different sizes. The meaning of the stars could be this or anything else, depending on the perception. The design is just made with thin black strokes, otherwise, if required, you can also add colors in it.

Sparkling Star Tattoo

Sparkling Star Tattoo
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Sparkling tattoos make for some beautiful tribute tattoo designs. 4 point stars are famous among the sailors because it represents the 4 points of a compass. These stars helped the sailors of the ancient times find their way through the seas. This is one of the most common tattoo designs. It can be placed anywhere on the body.

These tattoos are small and elegant and give a sense of hope to the wearer. Thin black strokes give this tattoo an amazing look!

Star tattoo designs can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. It depends on the person on how they percieve it and design it. If you are looking for your next tattoo, here are some other tattoo ideas that you can also look at, like –

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What is the meaning of a star tattoo behind the ear?

A star tattoo behind the ear is often seen as a symbol of guidance and protection. It can represent strength, courage, and ambition in the face of adversity. For some people, it may serve as a reminder to reach for their dreams and never give up on themselves. Others use this tattoo design to honor or remember someone special that has had a big impact on their life. Whatever the reason, a star tattoo behind the ear is an attractive, powerful design that conveys meaningful intent.

How much does a star tattoo behind the ear cost?

The cost of a star tattoo behind the ear varies depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the design, the skill level of the artist, and where you get it done. Generally speaking, small tattoos can range from $50 to $200 while larger ones can cost up to $500 or more. It’s always best to shop around for the best price and most reliable artist you can find. Your health and safety should always be your top priority when getting a tattoo.

How do I take care of a star tattoo behind the ear?

Aftercare is essential for any tattoo, especially one located behind the ear. To ensure your tattoo heals properly and looks its best: keep it clean with lukewarm water and mild soap; pat dry gently (do not rub); apply a thin layer of ointment several times per day; avoid exposure to direct sunlight or pools/hot tubs until it is fully healed; and consult your doctor if you experience excessive redness, swelling, or pain. Following these guidelines will help ensure your tattoo looks great for years to come!

Is it painful to get a star tattoo behind your ear?

The sensation of getting a star tattoo behind the ear can vary depending on individual pain tolerances, but it is usually considered to be relatively low pain. The area is generally quite small and does not contain too many nerve endings, making it easier to sit through than other areas of the body. Some people report feeling little more than a light scratching sensation. However, everyone experiences pain differently, so it is important to be prepared for some discomfort. If you are concerned about the pain, talk to your artist beforehand and they can provide tips on how to manage it.

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