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101 Best Small Virgo Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Best Small Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Are you a Virgo and looking for some unique and small Virgo tattoo designs? Here are some handpicked Virgo tattoo designs for you all!

Small Virgo Tattoo Ideas
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Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign among the 12 zodiacs.

A maiden is usually used as the symbol for the Virgo zodiac. The element of the Virgo zodiac sign is usually represented by the earth sign.

The sun sign of an individual is considered to be Virgo if he or she was born between 23rd August and 22nd September. Virgo represents innocence because the sign is connected with a virgin maiden. Virgos are very logical and practical in their lives and therefore they tend to find perfectionist Virgo Tattoos that will suit their personality perfectly.

It is lucky for both Virgo men and women to get themselves tattooed with Virgo tattoo as the sign represents purity and innocence. The sign brings good fortune and virtue along with it. Virgo is an earth sign as their nature they want their tattoo designs to be flawless and well designed. There are many popular tattoo designs like floral tattoos, geometric tattoos, or symbol tattoos that people want to get on their skin. Tattoos are kind of ornaments that the individual wear to flaunt it in front of the entire world. So one must carefully choose the tattoo which will suit them the best. Here to reduce your confusion we have picked up a few of the best tattoo designs that one will come across.

Small Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Small Virgo Constellation Tattoo
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Virgo Constellation is visible in the night sky during springtime. The Virgo Constellation consists of 9 to 15 prominent starts. Greek Goddess Persephone is usually associated with the Virgo Constellation. The Virgo Constellation Tattoos are often a symbol of loyalty and kindness. It also signifies that an individual is hardworking and practical in their life.

The tattoo artist has made this Virgo Constellation Tattoo in colourful inks alongside black ink. The prominent stars of this constellation tattoo are in form of a coffee machine, cupcake, diamond, aeroplane, star along with a heart. Although the extreme left side of the tattoo has a blue star. The star sign is connected by dotted black ink lines. The dot work is enhancing the look of this tattoo. The tattoo has been inked on the upper forearm. Both Virgo men and women can opt for this design as their tattoo design!

Small Unique Virgo Tattoo

Small Unique Virgo Tattoo
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This Virgo tattoo is for those Virgos who are in search of unique tattoo ideas. In this tattoo, there is a cute tiny Virgo ghost holding the Virgo star sign. The little ghost has very pretty black hair which is decorated with numerous tiny flowers. There is a large flower on the right side of her forehead. She has pretty black eyes and wavy hair. The tattoo placement is right on an arm. Females who are in search of a cute tiny tattoo can definitely opt for this Virgo tattoo.

Virgin Symbol Virgo Tattoo

Virgin Symbol Virgo Tattoo
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A Maiden or a virgin woman is usually used as the symbol for Virgo Sign. The maiden is often associated with wheat in her hands. In Greek mythology, this maiden is considered to be Greek Goddess Demeter. She is the Goddess of harvest. So if one is pretty much fascinated with the maiden woman we have the perfect tattoo for you.

Here the tattoo artist has made a naked woman resembling the Virgo maiden. The woman is sitting down holding a crescent shape moon with one hand. This faceless woman has both of her hands made up of leaf-like structures. These leaves are the symbol of wheat leaves. This abstract Virgo tattoo has been inked on the back of the upper forearm.

Floral Virgo Tattoo

Floral Virgo Tattoo
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Buttercup flowers are yellow wildflowers that are often associated with the Virgo zodiac. It is also known as the birth flower of the Virgo Sign. It is a wildflower which can grow in the messiest fields. Hence this flower is a sign of good fortune, optimism, good health and youth.

In this Virgo symbol tattoo, the artist has made two little buttercup flowers. Behind these flowers, there is a Virgo constellation and just below the Virgo constellation, there is the Virgo star sign. The flowers and the constellation are surrounded by geometrically shaped stars which are enhancing the look of the tattoo. The entire tattoo has been made in black colour ink on the upper forearm area. Anyone who is finding a tattoo with a positive notion can definitely choose this tattoo.

Virgo Sign Tiny Tattoo

Virgo Sign Tiny Tattoo
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Virgo symbol tattoo or star sign tattoo is a symbol of a new beginning, for an abundance of prosperity and productivity. Here we have a perfect small Virgo tattoo design for people who are in search of a minimalist Virgo tattoo design. In this tattoo design, there is a small Virgo symbol tattoo right on the arm. The tattoo is entirely inked in black colour. And you can also observe that the tattoo has been compared with a small coin to prove how tiny the tattoo is.

Wrist Virgo Tattoo

Wrist Virgo Tattoo
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Here is a must try wrist tattoo for those whose zodiac sign is Virgo. Here the Virgo symbol has been drawn with a red tiny tulip flower. A red tulip tattoo is a symbol of passion, affinity and feelings. So whenever these two elements are tulip and Virgo Sign are associated together, they convey a very deep-rooted meaning through the tattoo design. In this wrist tattoo, there is a red tulip just above the Virgo symbol. There is just a small tiny flower along with its leaves. The leaves of the flower can also be seen hanging just below the Virgo Sign. Excepting the red tulip flower, the entire tattoo has been drawn in black colour ink.

Virgo Tattoo Behind The Ear

Virgo Tattoo Behind The Ear
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Another ideal place to get yourself inked is just behind your ear. This is an awesome place to get a tiny tattoo. As the place is very less behind the ears one can get a small, simple and bold tattoo with minimal designs.

Here the artist who has made the tattoo has made the usage of black colour to draw the entire tattoo. Thus Virgo tattoo has been made by using a geometric line. The black lines that lie above are bolder than the lines those are below. And this texture of the tattoo is making it look more pleasing!

Gorgeous Virgo Tattoos

Gorgeous Virgo Tattoos
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Here we have a very innovative tattoo design for you Virgos. The artist has made heartbeats along with the Virgo symbol. Clear lines have been made to distinguish the heartbeats from the Virgo symbol. It has been tattooed on the skin of the upper shoulder. The tattoo adds more meaning to life. It depicts how the life that is the heartbeats is connected with one’s zodiac.

Colourful Virgo Tattoos

Colourful Virgo Tattoos
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Black tattoos often get monotonous and one might like to add some colours to them. Hence we have this pretty and vibrant tattoo design for you all which you might like.

In this tattoo, the artist has made a very bold Virgo symbol tattoo on the backside of an arm. On the background of the symbol, there is a tinge of dark blue along with sky blue and purple. Surrounding the tattoo there are geometrical shapes. Besides these geometrical shapes, there are heavenly bodies like a crescent moon, Saturn and a comet as well. The presence of stars and earth signs is a welcome addition as well.

Simple Virgo Tattoo

Simple Virgo Tattoo
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One can also opt for a very basic word tattoo like this. In this, the tattoo artist has written the word “Virgo” in red colour. The word had been written in a very stylish cursive way. The placement of the tattoo is just below the waist on the upper thigh.

There are many designs for Virgo Tattoos which we were unable to add to this list of tattoos. Therefore we have attached a few more tattoo ideas which might allure you!

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What is the meaning of a small virgo tattoo?

A small Virgo tattoo can represent a variety of meanings, depending on the wearer’s interpretation. It may be a sign of hard work and dedication, as Virgos are often depicted with their scales of justice symbolizing their balanced and analytical nature. Additionally, it could represent loyalty to loved ones or being devoted to reaching goals. Virgos are also associated with the maiden, so a small tattoo may act as an homage to virginity and purity. Whatever your reason for getting one, a Virgo tattoo is sure to represent something meaningful to you.

What are some popular designs for small virgo tattoos?

Small Virgo tattoos typically feature the symbol of the zodiac or a Virgo-inspired design. Popular designs may include a stylized woman with scales of justice, an illustration of the constellation in night sky, and a representation of the goddess Astraea. Other designs may include astrological symbols such as stars, moons, and planets, as well as plants, animals, and insects. Whatever design you choose, it should represent something meaningful to you.

How much does a small virgo tattoo cost?

The cost of a small Virgo tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and location of the design. Generally speaking, a small Virgo tattoo can range anywhere from $50 to $200. However, prices may be higher or lower depending on where you go to get your tattoo. It is always best to do research beforehand so that you know what the average price is for a particular design or size. This will help you set realistic expectations when it comes to cost.

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