10 Best Small Mickey Mouse Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Small Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Mickey mouse intrigues you? Well, you have come to the right place! Check out these following unique mickey mouse tattoo ideas that you will absolutely adore.

Small Mickey Mouse Tattoo
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Tattoos surely give us a bit of pain while they are made, but they are artworks that are done on the skin to express our thoughts.

This body art symbolises our thoughts and beliefs and tattoos can have a lot of interpretations. Mickey Mouse tattoos can also have a lot of interpretations.

Mickey Mouse has always remained a classic favourite of people and having a tattoo of mickey mouse is really considered cool.

Mickey mouse reminds us of our good old days of childhood and this tattoo takes us back to those times.

This Mickey Mouse tattoo symbolises fun and happiness. This makes us think about all the memorable and happy experiences we had in our life. This tattoo radiates energy and happy emotions and gives us positive vibes, just like all Disney films make us do.

The Classic Winking Small Mickey Mouse Tattoo

The Classic Winking Small Mickey Mouse Tattoo
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This Mickey head tattoo is a very small tattoo that can be done anywhere on the body because this tattoo comprises just Mickey’s head. This Mickey Mouse tattoo looks so lively and vibrant as if it is telling us to be happy and positive, whatever happens in life. Friends, family and colleagues would get positive thoughts and energy from this tattoo and this would make a happy surrounding.

This Mickey Mouse tattoo is an emblem of Walt Disney. Disney is not just a name but an emotion for a lot of people. Most people have grown up watching Disney movies and Disney movies give us hope. Mickey Mouse stays happy whatever may be the situation. That gives us hope that we will also survive in any kind of situation. If you are a Disney fan, this is the most ideal tattoo for you.

Mickey Mouse In Front Of The Disney Tower Tattoo

Mickey Mouse In Front Of The Disney Tower Tattoo
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This Mickey mouse tattoo design reminds us of the Disney animation on the Disney channel when we were children. The Disney Tower reminds us of the old Disney cartoons that we used to watch as kids. This Mickey mouse tattoo is a great piece of artwork for those who like detailed artwork on their skin.

This Mickey Mouse tattoo also reminds us of Disney theme parks. A classic example of a Disney theme park is Disneyland. The Disney Castle reminds us of the rides that we can ride in those Disney theme parks. The fun, the enjoyment, the happiness, the joy is what we can think of seeing this design. Since this tattoo has the Disney castle as well, the best places to have this kind of tattoo design is on a forearm or a leg of our body.

Mickey Mouse Making Faces Tattoo

Mickey Mouse Making Faces Tattoo
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This kind of Mickey mouse tattoo design is used to spread joy. These kinds of Mickey mouse tattoo designs also keep us happy. These Mickey mouse tattoo designs remind us to be happy whenever we feel low. This Mickey Mouse tattoo almost makes us feel that it will come out to the surface and make us laugh and happy by making those faces.

This Mickey mouse tattoo does not let us forget the kind of images we had in our minds since childhood. This tattoo revives those images that have got stuck in our mind whenever we think of Mickey mouse. This small Mickey mouse tattoo gives us a sight of Mickey mouse conversing with Minnie mouse. Mickey and Minnie mouse really symbolise Walt Disney giving us nostalgia.

A Sketch of Mickey Mouse Tattoo

A Sketch of Mickey Mouse Tattoo
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This small minimalist mickey mouse tattoo can be actually called a perfect tattoo for those who love Walt Disney. This Mickey mouse tattoo reminds us of the Mickey Mouse toys that we had in our childhood as Walt Disney fans. This kind of small Mickey mouse tattoos reminds us of other Disney characters such as Minnie mouse. This Mickey tattoo makes us think as if Mickey mouse is dancing. This kind of Disney tattoos helps us in becoming happy.

Since this Mickey mouse tattoo is like a sketch or a drawing, it gives an aesthetic look. These Disney tattoos are a great choice of tattoos for Walt Disney fans. This cute Mickey mouse tattoo is actually one of the most common tattoos made by a tattoo shop. This kind of mickey mouse tattoos are best for legs.

Mickey Mouse With a Chalk Tattoo

Mickey Mouse With a Chalk Tattoo
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This Mickey Mouse tattoo is an example of artwork where Mickey Mouse himself is making an artwork. This kind of Mickey Mouse tattoos reminds us of the episodes when Mickey mouse used to write with chalks to explain matters sometimes. This Mickey mouse tattoo has so many colours that it makes us happy instantly and gives us positive vibes.

This small mickey mouse tattoo design can cause a bit of pain since there are so many colours in it but it looks so good on the skin that the pain is a small price that you must give for the tattoo. This Mickey Mouse tattoo really looks good on the forearm.

Sketchy Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Sketchy Minnie Mouse Tattoo
@casso_tattoo via Instagram

Whenever we think of Mickey Mouse, it is not possible for Minnie Mouse to not come to our mind. These kinds of Minnie Mouse tattoo ideas are a symbol that we do not just remember Mickey Mouse but as well as Minnie Mouse. This Minnie Mouse tattoo is extremely popular with the young generation. Minnie Mouse tattoos represent beauty and that is why a lot of women make Minnie Mouse tattoos because it makes them confident.

The world of Disney comprises a lot of characters and Minnie Mouse is a very important character. These types of Minnie tattoos are really adorable and these cartoons show that Disney tattoo ideas are relevant for adults also. The shoes of this Minnie tattoo design is really cute!

The Symbolic Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo

The Symbolic Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo
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This Mickey and Minnie mouse tattoo design symbolises true love and it is a good tattoo to have if someone wants to tell people that they have found their soul mate. This tattoo has just the outline of both Mickey and Minnie. This Mickey and Minnie mouse tattoo outline represents love and that is why not just girls but as well as guys can also have this. This tattoo can be done by a couple and serve as matching tattoos.

This is a very minimalistic tattoo having just black and red ink. Red ink is used in just two places, to fill one heart and the bow that Minnie mouse wears on its head. This is a great tattoo for couples who have started to fall in love with each other. This tattoo is a great step to tell a person that “you are important to me”.

The Happily Ever After Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo

The Happily Ever After Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo
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This Mickey and Minnie mouse tattoo is made with just black ink. This Disney tattoo has the famous Disney tower behind Mickey and Minnie mouse holding hands. This signifies a happy ending just like every Disney movie’s “Happily Ever After” ending. In this tattoo, Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse are holding hands which means they are promising each other that they are going to hold on to each other, whatever happens. This stands as a promise for both of them that they won’t leave each other.

This tattoo is a very good tattoo for lovers, specifically after marriage. This tattoo can be a symbol of their love. This tattoo can serve as a promise towards each other, the oath that they have taken on their marriage day, that they would never leave each other’s side, whatever the situation. And the castle represents a home where the couple is going to live “happily ever after”.

Mandala Art Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Mandala Art Minnie Mouse Tattoo
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This type of Minnie tattoo is a fusion of Mandala art and Minnie tattoo. This artform named Mandala creates magic on our skin when it is merged with the outline of a small Minnie mouse tattoo. The cartoons when used with some other artform really create magic and makes the tattoos look extraordinary. Disney represents beauty and hope with the help of Mandala art, the tattoo looks so beautiful.

The Mandala art inside the Minnie mouse outline signifies peace and has a calming effect. The flowers in this tattoo signify peace and beauty. The ink used here is very minimalistic and yet this Minnie Mouse tattoo has so much to say. The black ink here in this Minnie mouse tattoo gives a very classy look. These types of tattoos are great to have on the forearm or above the elbow joint.

The Mickey Mouse Wizard Tattoo

The Mickey Mouse Wizard Tattoo
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This tattoo has Mickey mouse as a wizard. And a wizard can solve a lot of problems in just a second. This means that this tattoo helps the bearer to solve his or her problems very fast.

This tattoo has a lot of colours in it. These vibrant colours make this tattoo really look very nice. This tattoo is a perfect tattoo for the forearm.

Mickey mouse is extremely popular and still relevant now because it symbolises happiness and joy. Seeing the happy face of a mouse laughing gives us immense joy and happiness. It gives us positive energy. That is why a lot of people love having tattoos of Mickey mouse because it gives them energy and positive vibes.

Many people like to have Minnie mouse tattoos also because Minnie mouse represents beauty and confidence. Minnie mouse is after all a mouse and yet such a fashionable mouse! That gives a lot of people confidence and helps them to shove off their insecurities.

Here are some other styles of Mickey mouse tattoo ideas that you might find interesting :

  • The Angry Mickey Mouse tattoo.
  • The Evil Mickey Mouse tattoo.
  • Mickey Mouse feeling sorry tattoo.
  • Mickey Mouse playing basketball tattoo.
  • Small Mickey Mouse ears tattoo.

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