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101 Best Small Heart Tattoos Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Small Heart Tattoos Ideas

If you are looking for some amazing and unique small heart tattoos, then you are in the right place. Here are some small tattoo Ideas just for you.

Small Heart Tattoos Ideas
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Small and prudent, yet bold and declarative, teeny weeny heart tattoos are perfect for those who are looking for tattoos with big commitments.

Behind a simple heart tattoo, there lies a wide range of meanings and symbols. The heart itself symbolizes love, and with some unique touches, the tattoo could mean much more.

Heart tattoos are perfect because whether large or small, they look dainty and beautiful. A heart tattoo can be either large with many variations and great details or very small like hidden tattoos. If you are not willing to opt for the large one, you can try a tiny heart tattoo on your hands, or you can even add this pretty art to your fingers. These itty-bitty tattoos can fit anywhere on your body. Be it on an ankle, shoulder, or even on a wrist.

One can find a variety of heart tattoos all over the world, and each holds its own special meaning. As we all know that heart tattoos symbolize love, but they also act as a reminder of a broken heart, they are also used by the people to remember their loved ones after their untimely passing. Hence, a heart tattoo is a plain and simple yet powerful expression of love, desire, and sometimes a great loss. The different elements and colors are also added to these tattoos to give a new meaning such as a red heart are to celebrate friendship, and a black heart is to represent death and sorrow.

A heart tattoo design can be a very plain and simple outline or embellished with details of the things you love most. You can opt for any heart tattoo art that perfectly matches your vibe. Here are the best small heart tattoo designs to keep in mind for the next appointment with your tattoo artist.

Small Red Heart Tattoos

Small Red Heart Tattoos
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The color of your heart tattoos defines you a lot. While black ink symbolizes sadness, red ink speaks volumes about the romantic love that one has in his life. Red heart tattoos could be a beautiful tribute to your companion. It is also an exciting idea to have a matching ink with your siblings or a close friend. Many superstars prefer this particular symbol on their body, and therefore one can assume that how this red heart tattoo is extremely popular among people.

This tattoo design is very popular between men and women. This heart tattoo will heighten the look of your arm, upper back, hands, and even chest. Instead of just having an outline with red ink, one can even fill the whole heart with it. It will make your red heart tattoo even bolder.

Sacred Heart Tattoo Ideas

Sacred Heart Tattoo Ideas
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A sacred heart tattoo is unique and eye-catching as it represents Jesus Christ’s unwavering love for mankind. The sacred heart symbol suits well for those who are deeply religious and wish to honor their belief and faith in their religion. This particular design has connections to both the Catholic denominations and the Christian sects and shows an individual’s dedication to their religion. These heart ink designs also symbolize a person’s dedication to their customs and beliefs. The wearer of this type of small heart tattoo seems to be profoundly religious.

There are a lot of common elements of this heart tattoo including thorns encompassing a heart, a halo or a crown across the top of the tattoo design, and a sword or flowers in the middle of the design. It is mostly done in either color ink or black ink. They can be either done on the shoulder, chest, hand or back both by men and women. It can also be linked either with a bunch of roses around the heart or a single heart pierced through with a blade.

Small Black Heart Tattoo On Hand

Small Black Heart Tattoo On Hand
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We all know that a heart tattoo is generally associated with affection, passion, and love, but a heart tattoo having black ink symbolizes sadness black heart represents sorrow, grief, and death. This heart tattoo is a better way to remember and honor the passing souls. The black color also serves as a reminder of personal loss and heartbreaks.

Although this black heart tattoo can suit any part of the body, many people prefer to ink it in the middle of the chest to keep those they have lost close to their own hearts. You can also have your black heart tattoo on the arms, wrist, and many parts of your body. These small heart tattoos can be inked in grey, black, and even white color.

Simple Outline Heart Tattoo

Simple Outline Heart Tattoo
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Simple heart outline tattoos are an excellent idea for people who do not want embellishment on their tattoos. Women choose this type of tattoo idea more in comparison to men. One can decide to choose a piece like this with the help of tattoo artists, as its beauty lies in its simplicity. The outline heart tattoos do not need shading and tend to look fabulous when done in classic black or red ink.

The outline tattoo can be done around any place on the hand or back. You can add two different colors of your choice for the outline to make it more stunning. It is ideal for both men and women who want something minimalistic and dainty.

Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

Broken Heart Tattoo Designs
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Broken heart tattoos represent acute and severe feelings of pain. This heart tattoo reminds the wearer of the pain and heartbreak that they went through in their past. People also choose to ink this heart tattoo in the hope to be guarded in the future. Sometimes, this broken heart symbol tattoo also suggests a positive indication that the individual is overcoming their misery and suffering.

You can get any type of broken heart design by the tattoo artist as every broken heart tattoo can be sketched easily in ink. They are mostly inked in red and black as it gives an authentic and genuine look.

Small Simple Heart Tattoos Designs

Small Simple Heart Tattoos Designs
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A small red heart tattoo always looks cute and dainty. It can be your next tattoo design because of its session time as well as price. If we know how much small heart tattoos cost, it will be our first choice indeed. The fantastic way to have the small heart tattoo is that it does not require that much dedication in comparison to other substantial designs. they take up less space on your body. The tattoo will be appealing if you ink it on your fingers, ankle, or any part of your hand.

It is said that one will have a new life after inking such heart tattoos small in size because they not only represent love but also the wearer of this tattoo himself feels encouraged to improve anything in his or her life.

Infinity Heart Tattoo On Hand

Infinity Heart Tattoo On Hand
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Infinity is about something that lasts forever. The symbol of infinity represents boundlessness, and when it is accompanied by the heart, it indicates and defines endless love. This common symbol holds a powerful meaning as it tells about the special person in one’s life.

You can add names to these infinity tattoos for those whom you love and want to keep in your heart forever. You can also add additional images like small butterflies or little birds. There are much more options are available that help you to create and choose something unique and deeply personal to you.

Small Tattoos With Heart And Face

Small Tattoos With Heart And Face
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Small tattoos having a heart and face is the best option to state something on your body. This piece of art is exceptionally stunning and eye-catching. Getting a crying heart tattoo indicates grief and misery in one’s life and it also tells about the loss of the beloved or an end of a long relationship and heartbreaks. There are different types of interpretations about how to fabricate and ink this tattoo but the most popular among them is to ink tears rolling down.

Small heart face tattoos are one of the best small heart tattoo ideas all around the world. While many people prefer a realistic face, some also opt for more substantial designs.

Wrist Small Heart Tattoos

Wrist Small Heart Tattoos
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The wrist is the best location for tattoos as it is a part that can be daily seen clearly. A small heart tattoo on the wrist is one of the best tattoo ideas one can ever have. The wrist is considered to be a very important juncture in our hand because it carries blood to the thumb.

This art piece takes minimal time to ink and also does not cost much. One should also keep in mind while getting this wrist heart tattoo that due to the exposure of the wrist area, the tattoo can fade or blur faster in comparison to other parts of the body.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Anatomical Heart Tattoo
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If you want to have more realistic small heart tattoos, then this anatomical design is perfect for you. A piece of realism, this small heart work provides a detailed portrayal of a human heart. We all know that the heart is an organ that lies in the center of our chest, therefore chest tattoo with a heart could also symbolize life and survival.

Hence we can conclude that small heart tattoos can be inked in memory of the loved ones, expressing love for the partner, or sometimes inked for a mended or a broken heart. Here are other small heart tattoo ideas that can be fascinating for every heart tattoo lover.

  • Small heart tattoos on fingers.
  • Sewn heart symbol tattoo ideas.
  • Tiny heart tattoo designs on ankles.
  • Fingerprint heart tattoo designs.
  • Rainbow heart tattoos.
  • Heart tattoos with names.
  • Detailed lace heart tattoos

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What are small heart tattoos?

Small heart tattoos are a popular type of body art that has been around for centuries. They are usually small in size and can be placed almost anywhere on the body, including the wrist, shoulder, neck, ankle, or back. These types of tattoos typically feature a simple design of a heart with no additional details. They symbolize love and affection, and can also be used to commemorate a special occasion or loved one. Small heart tattoos are often chosen as a first tattoo because of their simplicity and universal symbolism. They are an excellent way to express affection and make a unique statement about your personality.

What are some of the best places to get a small heart tattoo?

Some of the best places to get a small heart tattoo are on the neck, wrist, shoulder, ankle, or back. These areas offer plenty of space for the design and won’t interfere with any clothing or jewelry you may be wearing. The neck is particularly popular because it looks great when worn with low-cut shirts or dresses. Other popular small heart tattoo locations include the wrist, ankle, and back. Any of these areas can provide an interesting backdrop for your tattoo design.

What are the pros and cons of getting a small heart tattoo?

The pros of getting a small heart tattoo include its timelessness and universal symbolism. Small heart tattoos are versatile and look great in any area of the body, plus they can be customized with additional elements such as names or dates. They also make a beautiful statement without being overwhelming or over-the-top. On the other hand, the cons of getting a small heart tattoo include the potential for fading and difficulty covering up if you decide later on that you don’t want it anymore. Additionally, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with your artist and the design before getting inked.

How much do small heart tattoos typically cost?

The cost of a small heart tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where it’s being placed on the body. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150 for a simple design. More complex designs or larger sizes may be more expensive but are still generally affordable. It’s always best to research and compare prices before settling on a particular artist or design.

How long does it take to get a small heart tattoo?

The time it takes to get a small heart tattoo will vary depending on the complexity of the design and your artist’s availability. Generally speaking, most simple designs can be completed in around one hour or less. More complex designs may take up to two hours or more, depending on the details involved. It’s always best to plan ahead so you can discuss any changes with your artist and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

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