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101 Best Small Ghost Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Ghost Tattoo

Are you willing to get yourself tattooed with a simple and small ghost tattoo? Then here we’ve handpicked the best designs for y’all!

Small Ghost Tattoo
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Ghost tattoos are for those men and women who believe in an afterlife.

Ghost tattoos can be both scary as well as light-hearted. There is various kind of ghost tattoo designs that have unique meanings.

Usually, ghost tattoos are a symbol of a spiritual teacher or a guide who will guide and teach you about the afterlife. They are also a sign of a spiritual healer who has been sent by the guardian angels from another world to protect you from the dangers and evil spirits. A ghost tattoo can also be associated with rebirth and life after death.

People who are fond of scary, frightening, and unusual things can get inked with ghost tattoos. These tattoos will look stylish as well as will convey a very deep meaning. So here is a list of ghost tattoo ideas that will make allure you!

Cute Ghost Tattoo

Cute Ghost Tattoo
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A ghost tattoo is a symbol of a teacher or a guide or a healer who has been seen from some other dimension to heal you from your distress. This is also a symbol of protection. When such a scary being is associated with a cute tiny ghost the meaning of the tattoo enhances. Here we have selected a ravishing tattoo for girls and young women who are in search of a tiny and cute ghost tattoo idea.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has tattooed a tiny and adorable ghost on the upper arm region. The outline of the ghost has been drawn with the help of black ink. It has two black and round eyes along with a charming smile. It is holding a big pastel red heart in both of its hands. And right beside its head, there are small three little hearts. One is red, the others are purple and peach. This is such a cute tattoo that can be flaunted flawlessly.

Sweet Ghost Tattoos

Sweet Ghost Tattoos
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Ghosts are often associated with scary and many people believe them to be a bad omen. But keeping all the stereotypes aside we have found and handpicked a very delightful ghost tattoo design that is not scary or frightening.

In this wrist arm tattoo, the tattooist has inked a small, lovely, and hungry tiny ghost. The entire tattoo has been made with the help of thin black outlines. The tiny ghost over here is sitting by a table with a knife and a fork in its hands. It has small round eyes which are filled with black ink and its tongue protrudes out as there is a mouth-watering dish on the plate right in front of it. The dish consists of a human skull and a few human bones. The eye sockets and nose cavity of the skull have been completely covered in black color ink. Although the scene seems to be horrifying the tattoo artist has tattooed such an adorable ghost that the tattoo entirely becomes cute and sweet.

Small Ghost Tattoos

Small Ghost Tattoos
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Small design tattoos have gained immense popularity. People these days prefer small designs rather than large tattoos that have many elements in them. We kept this latest trend in mind and therefore have hand-picked a ravishing ghost tattoo design that will be loved by all.

This is a small arm tattoo. The tattoo artist did not ink the traditional ghost design but he improvised the entire tattoo which is giving it a unique look. The tattooist has added butterfly wings on both sides of this small ghost. The wings are divided into two halves the upper half is longer than the lower one. On the top of the head, there are small black antennas. She has pretty black rounded eyes with a dot of white just at the center. The lower part of the ghost is shaded with the help of black color ink and along with that, there are a few things of white ink which is making the tattoo more attractive. If you were in search of small and attractive ghost tattoos then this is the perfect tattoo design for you guys.

Small Ghost Face Tattoo Idea

Small Ghost Face Tattoo Idea
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Ghost face tattoos and masks are very common in thriller movies and criminal documentaries. Most of the criminals in such movies wear ghost masks. These masks are also very popular at various Halloween parties. So if you are a huge fan of thriller movies and documentaries then here we have the perfect tattoo design for you guys.

In this arm tattoo, there is a figure that is covering its head with help of a hoodie and is wearing a very scary ghost face mask. The face has big black eye sockets and a wide-open mouth. It is also inked with the help of black color ink. The nose of this ghost face is of the shape of an inverted heart. And that too is done in black color ink. Both the hands of this figure are visible. It is holding a knife in its left hand and is making a Korean heart-like gesture with its right hand. And just above the heart gesture, there is a diamond-like star structure. People who are in love with ghostly things can get themselves inked with such a brilliant tattoo idea.

Tiny Spooky Tattoos

Tiny Spooky Tattoos
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Spooky tattoos are mostly in demand just before and during the time of Halloween which is mostly during the time of fall, people get themselves exciting spooky body art. But few people get confused while choosing their tattoo design. So to rescue you guys from such perplexity we have picked out the most spooky ghost tattoo design ever.

This ghost tattoo has been inked on the upper arm by the tattooist. This tiny creature is entirely made up of black color ink. But its tail is shaded with the help of a light color. It has two small hands which are inked with the help of white ink. And eye sockets of this small ghost are not completed with any color ink. The tattooist has just used the normal skin color to make it. On the left portion of the head, there is a broken human skull which the ghost is wearing like a cap. Just one eye socket and a few teeth are visible on the skull. And this is making these tattoos eerier.

Cool Ghost Tattoo Ideas

Cool Ghost Tattoo Ideas
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This ghost tattoo is specifically handpicked for those fellas who are tired of working at a large MNC or who is tired of their academics. This tattoo speaks for their soul. The tattooist here has inked a very tired ghost who has dark circles under its eyes. It is standing with a cup of coffee in his hand. The entire outline of this tattoo has been done with the help of jet black color ink. Behind the ghost, there is a big black circle. The ghost has been shaded with a lighter shade of black ink that is enhancing the look of the tattoo and making it look more attractive.

Colorful And Scary Ghost Tattoo Design

Colorful And Scary Ghost Tattoo Design
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At times traditional black tattoos become very common as well as monotonous. To get rid of such boredom we have selected this colorful scary ghost tattoo. In this tattoo, the ghost has a purple mouth and eyes. Along with a Purple tongue. There are swirls in both of its eyes which can hypnotize people. He has a very devil-like smile and eyes. His body is made up of a rugged rob with many holes and stitches. Beside him there is an insect. This is the perfect tattoo idea for those who like cartoon tattoos.

Gory Body Art Tattoo Design

Gory Body Art Tattoo Design
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Gory tattoos are always linked with bloodshed and flesh. This tattoo design is ideal for the Halloween season or it would suit you. If you like spooky or thrilling kinds of stuff then this would suit you. This is a werewolf bite tattoo that has been inked right on top of the shoulder. The bite looks very serious and deep as a lot of red flesh is visible. To make things more realistic the tattooist has shaded the surrounding areas with a dark pink shade and has inked many thin bluish veins.

Happy Ghost Tattoo Designs

Happy Ghost Tattoo Designs
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A happy or joyful tattoo is always associated with a positive vibe and good luck or fortune. Therefore here is a very cute happy ghost tattoo idea for you all. In this tattoo, the design has been made just below the knee. The ghost tattoo here is jumping or cheering with joy. The expression on its face shows how blissful its mood is. Both the hands of this ghost are up in the air which is showing the level of its happiness. This entire ghost tattoo has been created with the usage of a jet black shade of ink.

Three Ghosts Tattoo Idea

Three Ghosts Tattoo Idea
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Here is the famous tattoo design of three ghost children from ‘Coraline’. The names of the three ghosts are the tall ghost, the sweet girl as well as the ghost boy. Each of them has different physical features as well as characteristics. In this tattoo, the tattooist has inked the tattoo on the lower forearm. On the extreme left there is the tallest ghost then comes the ghost boy and then on the extreme right there is the sweet girl. Their eyes are made up of buttons. Their arms are crossed against either their neck or chest.

We have covered more or less every possible ghost tattoo design that is available in the industry. But could not include a few amazing tattoo designs, so here is another list of tattoos that you guys might like.

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What is a small ghost tattoo?

A small ghost tattoo is a tattoo of a small, cartoon-like ghost. These tattoos are usually seen on the arms, legs, or back of people who enjoy Halloween and all things spooky. Small ghost tattoos are often chosen as a first tattoo because they are simple and easy to cover up if needed.

How do I take care of my small ghost tattoo?

Small ghost tattoos are easy to take care of! Just make sure to keep the area clean and moisturized. We recommend using a mild soap and water to clean your tattoo, and then applying a thin layer of lotion or tattoo aftercare ointment. Avoid picking or scratching at your tattoo, and expose it to sunlight gradually so it doesn’t fade.

What are some popular small ghost tattoo designs?

Some popular small ghost tattoo designs include ghosts with chains, ghosts in coffins, and traditional “Boo” tattoos. These designs are popular because they are both spooky and cute. If you’re looking for a small ghost tattoo that is unique to you, consider adding your own personal touch to one of these designs or coming up with your own design completely.

How much does a small ghost tattoo cost?

The cost of a small ghost tattoo can vary depending on the artist, the size, and the design. However, on average, small ghost tattoos cost between $50 and $100. If you’re looking to get a small ghost tattoo, be sure to shop around for an artist whose style you like and who has a good reputation.

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