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101 Best Small Dragon Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Best Small Dragon Tattoo Ideas

If you are fascinated by the majestic mythical creature ‘dragon’, here are ten unique small dragon tattoo ideas that you should not miss out on!

Small Dragon Tattoos
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If you are a big fan of the fantasy genre, you must have come across the mythical creature they call ‘dragons’.

Dragons are mystic creatures that are majestic and fascinating, with more than just one variety. Among them are the most famous Chinese dragons, who are believed to have been blessed with beautiful and captivating eyes.

You might have seen dragons in many series, movies, or even in cartoons and animes. Depending on the storyline, these majestic creatures are portrayed as either good or bad. Many types of dragons exist in the fantasy world, such as water dragons, air dragons, earth dragons, fire dragons, etc., to name a few. These types of dragons are called elemental dragons as they can use the power of the elements given which one of the elements they belong to. These mythical creatures are often worshipped in Asian countries, like in China, where it is believed that dragons bring fortune. But in Japan, as the dragon symbol belongs to the imperial families, it signifies authority, strength, and power. But these elemental dragons are entirely different from those in Japan and China. Among these elemental dragons, earth dragons are considered to be the most generous ones as they protect forests, while fire dragons are considered the most short-tempered ones. Dragons have thick scales on their body which prevents them from getting hurt by petty tools. They have wings and can fly above the clouds. In the fantasy world, dragons are often shown as the protector of nature and humans, but nothing good has ever happened from taunting them. These creatures are predatory in nature, and due to their colossal body, their appetite is also significantly massive. It is believed that the concept of dragons might have been derived from the dinosaurs, as they also have almost the same features as dragons except for one but a big difference: dinosaurs don’t breathe fire. A dragon’s firepower is capable of incinerating an entire forest in an instant. But it is not every dragon that breathes fire. They would rather emit energy according to their attributes; suppose an air dragon will breathe air and not fire. There has always been a continuous addition of a new dragon into the book of fantasy, resulting in a larger number of dragons to fantasize about every time!

Dragons are one the most common and popular subjects in the tattoo world. Fierce, majestic, and royal, a dragon tattoo can be of any size, shape, and design and can never fail you. In Japanese culture, these tattoos generally signify longevity, protection, and happiness. 

If you have been looking to ink a dragon tattoo on your body as a sign of your love and fascination for these majestic creatures, then we have the perfect ten dragon tattoos for you.

Small Leg Dragon Tattoo

Small Leg Dragon Tattoo
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A flying dragon generally symbolizes strength and freedom. Capture these majestic creatures flying across the magnificent backdrop of the sky on your body with a cute dragon tattoo like this one.

The tattoo featured here is a small black dragon tattoo that has been inked on the leg, which makes it visible to everyone. This black ink dragon tattoo is very much different from other dragon tattoos because of its art style: dot work tattoo. The tattoo artist has clearly done a remarkable job in creating a dot work dragon tattoo. The finishing of this tattoo is neat, and the use of black color has been done artistically. The perfect linings and the clear visibility of the horns and the claws are the signs that this tattoo artist has a passion for it. If you love dragons and are looking for a small and cute flying dragon tattoo on your leg, then this tiny dragon tattoo is perfect for you.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo
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Also popularly known as ‘Feng Shui’, Chinese dragon tattoos symbolize power and protection. These dragons are sacred in Chinese culture and are considered Godly creatures.

The tattoo above has been drawn on the back of the wearer and has been incorporated with red flowers, which symbolize the generosity of the dragons, as it is believed that dragons bring happiness to people’s lives. In this dragon tattoo, the dragon has been colored in black with clearly noticeable scales, marking the tattoo work’s preciseness. Created carefully with minute details, this Chinese dragon tattoo stands out among all other dragon tattoos.

If you are fascinated by Chinese dragons and their grandeur, you have to consider a Chinese dragon like this for your next tattoo art.

Feminine Small Red Dragon Tattoo

Feminine Small Red Dragon Tattoo
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This red dragon tattoo has been inked on the bearer’s underboob. Underboob tattoos generally signify courage and strength, and where else could a red dragon tattoo possibly look as good as it does on one’s rib cage?

This red dragon tattoo features three dragons outlined in red to create a perfectly cute and tiny red dragon tattoo. What sets this tattoo apart is the color and precision of this tattoo’s work.

If you want to get a tiny outlined red dragon tattoo, then this red dragon tattoo is the one for you!

Small Dragon Hand Tattoo

Small Dragon Hand Tattoo
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Inked with perfectly adorable black outlines, this Japanese Dragon tattoo has been tattooed on the bearer’s arm. This Japanese dragon tattoo is different from other Japanese dragon tattoos because of its comical representation. This tattoo has a meaning behind it, as comic and animation has an important role in Japanese culture. These Japanese culture dragons are grandeur as Japanese dragons are highly respected among people in Japan.

If you adore Japanese culture and want people to know, we recommend choosing this meaningful tattoo.

Small Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

Small Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
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One of the most popular dragons from the popular anime series named ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is Shenron. Also known as the Eternal Dragon or Dragon God, Shenron is one of the most loved dragon characters among anime fans.

Shenron is a wish-granting dragon who grants wishes regardless of the intent and the nature of the wisher. This Dragon Ball Z tattoo is a perfect tattoo for Dragon Ball Z fans who have been looking for a dragon tattoo. You can also add the green color to this tattoo to make it an obvious Dragon Ball Z Shenron tattoo.

Yin-Yang Dragon Tattoo

Yin-Yang Dragon Tattoo
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According to Chinese culture, yin-yang tattoos are a symbol of the perfect balance between light and dark. A unity between yin and yang. While the yin symbol represents darkness, the yang symbol represents light.

This tattoo holds deep meaning in Chinese culture making this one of the best dragon tattoos. This tattoo portrays the balance between good and evil which is extremely important to ensure growth and prosperity. Good will always coexist with evil in our world. What is important is to balance these two out. If you are into spirituality and want a dragon tattoo to represent that, then get this yin-yang tattoo with two dragons to ink one of the best dragon tattoos in the world as body art.

Blue Dragon Tattoo

Blue Dragon Tattoo
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Blue dragons typically represent the advent of spring and new beginnings. The dragon tattoo design created by this tattoo artist is filled with creativity. The tattoo has been created with fine details and perfect color tones. If you are heading towards a new beginning in your life and have been looking for a dragon tattoo design to bless your new chapter, this is the most artistic way to do so. This is a beautiful tattoo design that features an indigo blue dragon that would fit perfectly on your arms.

Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Tattoo
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Anything colorful can bring happiness. The same goes for colorful tattoo designs. Since a dragon represents happiness, guardian, prosperity, and protection, dragon tattoo designs like this one is a great idea if you have been looking for some of the best colorful dragon tattoos.

The colorful dragon tattoo here features a blue dragon tattoo with a sun behind it making it one of the most meaningful spiritual tattoo designs. The dragon has been colored in blue color to add to the meaning of the tattoo. If you are bored with the same old black dragon tattoos and want a colored dragon tattoo for your next body art, this is the one.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoo
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Tribal tattoos are one of the most creative tattoos when it comes to inking minimal yet meaningful tattoos. All it requires to create a tribal tattoo art is a monotone color of your choice, a concept, a pair of skilled artists’ hands, and voila!

The tattoo featured here is a tribal dragon tattoo that makes this tattoo look amazingly realistic. Tribal dragon tattoos represent a connection with nature. Inked with just bold black color, this tattoo is one of the best artistic dragon tattoos. If you have been looking for a cute tribal tattoo to go on your back that has deep spiritual meaning attached to it, this is your answer.

Small Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Small Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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Although a dragon with wings is referred to as a demon in Christianity, we deny believing that a dragon this cute could ever be a demon. Cute yet fierce, these powerful protectors are one of the best tattoo designs in the world of tattoo art and this tiny dragon tattoo with black dot work is one of the best dragon tattoo designs you could ever find. Ink this tattoo in any of the body parts of your choice and go rule the streets with your protector by your side.

We bet you must have found one of your favorite dragon tattoo designs for your next body art. However, if you think your search has not yet ended, feel free to check out our recommendations:

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What are the different types of small dragon tattoos?

Small dragon tattoos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some popular types of small dragon tattoo designs include:
• Tribal Dragon Tattoos – tribal-style dragon tattoos are often combined with other elements like flames and waves for added impact. They often feature bold lines and sharp edges that give the design an aggressive look.

What are the most popular small dragon tattoo designs?

The most popular small dragon tattoo designs include Celtic knots, Japanese koi dragons, Chinese dragon symbols, and European-style dragons. Other popular designs include abstract depictions of dragons in flight or curled up sleeping. Some people also choose to get their own dragon design that has personal significance to them.

What are the meaning and symbolism of small dragon tattoos?

Small dragon tattoos usually carry meanings of protection, power, and courage. In traditional Chinese culture, dragons are seen as a powerful symbol of luck and success. They can also represent wisdom, transformation, and freedom. Additionally, they are often associated with deities or gods in certain cultures. No matter what your personal meaning behind the tattoo may be, dragon tattoos are a timeless and powerful way to express yourself.

How much will my small dragon tattoo cost?

The cost of a small dragon tattoo will depend on factors such as size, complexity, and the artist chosen. Generally speaking, smaller designs with minimal detail will be less expensive than larger or more intricate pieces. It is best to consult a professional tattoo artist for an accurate estimate of the cost before getting inked.

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