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101 Best Small Devil Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Small Devil Tattoo

Add some edge to the goodness in you with these fantastic small devil tattoo ideas! Check this article to discover some unique demonic tattoo ideas.

Small Devil Tattoo
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Devil is the representation of evil throughout different cultures across the world.

The concept of the devil brings several dark and gory pictures to our minds. Artists over the years have been fascinated with this theme and brought out unique devil tattoo designs.

This dilemma of good and evil, of conquering one’s inner demons, has opened new chapters in different artistic forums, including literature, music, painting, tattoo designing, and so on. Initially, it was observed that usually, men portray dark, devil tattoos, but with time women have broken the stereotypical boundaries and embraced this form of tattoo as well. This theme allows the artist to create innovative and cool designs with deep underlying meaning.

Sigil of Lucifer Tattoo

Sigil of Lucifer Tattoo
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The Sigil of Lucifer is a symbol that represents Lucifer, the fallen angel. Even though it was first documented in a book called Grimoirium Very in the 1600s, the use of the symbol dates back to the 1400s by the Latin-speaking people who settled in Italy. In the Grimoire the Sigil of Lucifer is the third sign, which was inspired by the nine-by-nine magical square.

The artist has used rough lines giving a fire-like appearance to draw the sigil. The fire could be an image of the hellfire burning through Lucifer’s sigil. The roughness in the portrayal of the tattoo shows an extra ounce of strength and rebellion. The Sigil on its own represents freedom and independence from the conformed authorities. As we know Lucifer means bearer of light, and the sigil also symbolizes wisdom. Lastly, it illustrates power and survival. Both men and women can get this tattoo on either their forearms or upper arm.

The Fallen Angel Tattoo

The Fallen Angel Tattoo
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It is safe to assume that most people know about the fall of Satan. The powerful angel Samael was banished from the Garden of Eden by God when he tried to rise above his station and claim more power and glory making him equal to God. He along with his companions fell from heaven to a new chaotic and burning place called hell. Artists have used their creative minds to paint pictures based on this theme, where a beautiful naked young man, with wings, is free falling from someplace above.

While searching for devil tattoo designs, especially for men, you are bound to come across one such tattoo. The devil tattoo we have chosen today is a very simple one. It is a line art tattoo showing the angel’s fall. On one side is a beautiful angel feather wing, which is falling apart, and on the other hand, is the prominently growing devil wing. This tattoo speaks about the loss of innocence, as we transition and step into the cruel adult world. This little devil tattoo will look good on either side of your collarbone or even at the sides of your abdomen as shown in the picture.

The Raging Devil Eye Tattoo

The Raging Devil Eye Tattoo
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The unsuccessful revolt led by Satan in heaven was the reason for him to be banished. An angel as powerful and strong-willed as Samael would have a range of emotions while being banished, this tattoo tries to capture the essence of his emotions. It is said that emotions are best expressed through one’s eyes. The artist of this tattoo has beautifully shown the pain, aggression, and humiliation that Satan might have felt.

This picture is a popular piece on which artists have worked for ages, and we can find examples of such exquisite work in many well-known museums. The tattoo is beautiful and intricately represented. The eyes with the droplets of tears show the pain and humiliation that the once brightest angel had to face. The eyes along with the tensed muscles also express the growing anger and fury. The front part of his hair is messy, and the latter part is in beautiful godly curls. Even though this tattoo is slightly bigger but if you are looking for a tattoo through which you can express your pent-up emotions you can surely opt for this one.

Colored Devil Tattoo

Colored Devil Tattoo
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We generally associate the idea of the devil with dark colors primarily black and red. This tattoo gives a hint of uniqueness with the usage of different colors. The artist has carefully incorporated both warm and cold hues to give this free-falling devil tattoo an intense and edgy look. The tattoo shows the angel falling with confidence and finesse, covering the major part of his face with his arm except for his eyes.

This well-built figurine has been given blue and black wings with a tinge of purple, most probably symbolizing that just like his angel heart his angel wings are getting cold, and are of no use to him at present. However, his body is in warm hues, indicating that he is probably embracing his new devil self with absolute grace, warmth, and confidence. Even though it might seem like a tattoo suitable for men, girls can get it too on their shoulders. This tattoo is an expression of embracing your dark sides.

The Devil And Angel Wings Tattoo

The Devil And Angel Wings Tattoo
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The connection between good and evil is as old as time. Most people view the world as grey, and if you are one such person then this tattoo design is just the perfect one for you. A perfectly sized design to get on your back or in the middle of your chest. This is an amalgamation of the angelic and demonic sides of an individual.

On one side there is an angel wing and on the other side a devil wing. In the middle, the literal word DEVIL is calligraphed on top of which there is an angel halo ring. The halo ring has the devil horns on top. At a glance, we can easily conclude that this tattoo design is trying to express the intermingling of both worlds.

Influence Of The Devil Tattoo

Influence Of The Devil Tattoo
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This is a simple small angel and devil tattoo. In the eyes of society, this design can be easily called a true evil tattoo. This idea addresses many problems that we face till date. Progressive women who are trying to live life on their terms are always looked down on. The rules are always different and harsher on this gender, which is always viewed as the ‘other’.

The artist of this tattoo has probably tried to question the so-called piousness of the good angel. Two naked women, one angel, and the other fallen angel standing in front of each other while the demon with dark hair and engraved horns offer a cigarette to the lady with a halo ring. This is the perfect tattoo design for a rebellious woman looking for a unique design. We may also conclude that maybe these two ladies represent a homosexual relationship, which is frowned upon in many places across the globe.

Devil Horns Ankle Tattoo

Devil Horns Ankle Tattoo
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We often refer to a person who does not express much or perhaps seems hard on the exterior, as a cold-hearted devil. But, contrary to earlier beliefs, artists, writers, and filmmakers have tried to bring forth the devil’s perspective in front of the world as well. From those representations we can figure out the devil too has a heart, which is capable of harboring different emotions.

This tattoo is funky and the best way to express the fact you may or may not be an expressive person but that does not mean you do not have a beating heart. If you wish to customize or add color to this tattoo, red would be a favorable choice. The tattoo is a nice and cool one, with a cartoon-like heart and the devil horns and tail.

Red Flame Devil Horn Tattoo

Red Flame Devil Horn Tattoo
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Hell is always imagined as a burning chaotic space with extreme heat. In most of the popular depictions of hell on canvas, we see warm colors like bright red, yellow, and orange. This tattoo has all flavors of the burning hell and wicked devil compressed into this small devil horns tattoo. The red color enhances the impact of the design.

This minimalistic tattoo has the fire, the devil horns and tail, and the color. Since it is a very small tattoo the best places to get this tattoo could be the nape of your neck, wrist, near your collarbone, and so on. It will be the perfect blend of fierceness and funkiness.

Inosuke Demon Slayer Tattoo

Inosuke Demon Slayer Tattoo
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Are you a Manga fan? Well, if you are a Manga fan, and want a cute tattoo of the angry, young man Inosuke then this tattoo is the one for you. For the ones who don’t know, Inosuke Hashibira is one of the protagonists of the popular show Demon Slayer. This design is one of the coolest demon slayer tattoo ideas.

This tattoo represents the most defining feature of Inosuke’s character which is the grey, hollowed-out boar’s head, which has a deep connection with his late adoptive boar mother. Even though he is always presented as an angry man, he has a good heart and a beautiful face with a touch of feminity represented by the flowers in the tattoo. This tattoo is also representative of the fact that in life there are some demons we need to slay.

Cute Demon Tattoo

Cute Demon Tattoo
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This small simple devil tattoo can win everybody’s hearts. The tattoo is cute and bright and of the perfect size. Both men and women can get it. if you wish to you can change the red color into a color of your liking. These fun designs are in vogue, especially with the younger generation.

This little devil tattoo has a mischievous smile while sticking its tongue out. The big round eyes with humungous lashes are bound to make you fall in love with this little devil. If you want a simple, sweet devil tattoo, not a very intense one, this could be your perfect choice.

Devil tattoos can represent different things for different individuals. It could mean hope, freedom, wisdom, embracing one’s self with flaws, and so on. It completely depends on an individual which meaning or emotion he/she wants to convey and get it inked. Whatever the choice maybe these tattoo designs are powerful, convey strong messages, and speak a lot about the person. Here are some more ideas, if you want to try them.

  • Write your name and a half halo ring and devil horn.
  • A face is split into two halves showing the two sides of a person’s personality.
  • A skeleton hand with all the fingers folded except two forming the devil horn.
  • Getting a quote from Milton’s Paradise Lost.
  • A bat with glowing eyes and a trident.

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What does the small devil tattoo mean?

The small devil tattoo is a representation of someone’s willingness to fight the devil, or their inner demons. It can also be seen as a reminder to stay away from negative influences and bad habits. This tattoo is often used by people who have overcome difficult situations in life, showing that they are stronger than the obstacles they have faced in life. It is also used to represent resilience and determination, as well a reminder that even in the darkest of times one can still emerge victorious. The small devil tattoo is a symbol of persistence and strength.

What are some of the best small devil tattoo designs?

The most popular small devil tattoo designs are often simple and minimalist. They often feature a simple outline of the devil with horns, or a silhouette of the devil with wings spread out. Other popular designs include a traditional red devil face with pitchfork, a fiery red-eyed skull, or even a cartoonish red devil face. Some people may choose to add flames or other design elements in order to further customize their tattoo. No matter the design, a small devil tattoo is sure to be a powerful statement of strength and determination.

How much does the small devil tattoo cost?

The cost of a small devil tattoo can vary greatly depending on the size, complexity of the design, and which artist is creating the tattoo. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos tend to cost less than larger pieces. In most cases, you can expect to spend between $50 -$200 for a small devil tattoo, though prices may be higher or lower depending on the artist. Be sure to do your research and find an experienced, reputable tattoo artist to ensure you get the best quality artwork for a good price.

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