10 Best Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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best butterfly wrist tattoos

Do you like dainty aesthetics but are tired of flowers? Fret not. We have the best small butterfly wrist tattoo designs that will make your heart flutter!

Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoo
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Small butterfly tattoos are an absolute pleasure to the eyes.

Cute and tiny, these delicate insects are a great idea for anyone looking for a no-fuss tattoo. Although butterfly tattoos seem all things pretty, they evoke a deeper symbolism.

Butterflies are an embodiment of transformation. Their life cycle is indicative of the many phases the papillon goes through. A butterfly tattoo thus carries the same connotation, along with the idea of freedom, and overcoming hardships. Most people get inked with butterfly tattoos to represent their personal struggles and challenges that made them who they are. Though butterfly tattoos are more popular amongst women, there are a number of motifs that are widely used alongside butterflies that make them a great fit for men too. Curious? Keep reading to know how you can style these flapping beauties on your wrists!

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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Small butterfly tattoos are highly lucrative in the tattoo industry for they allow room for experimentation and mix and match with a number of tropes. Although you can do so much with these magical butterflies, the artist here keeps it simple. Neatly inked in plain black, the butterfly design is a no-brainer. The little sparkles help cover up the negative space without having to use bright colours.

A simple butterfly tattoo on wrist is a classic design that will never get old. A black butterfly tattoo represents multiple things. It could hint at the realisation of passing time, a reminder of death, or even a personal struggle. Whatever be the idea behind it, black butterflies mean confidence in oneself to overcome each and every hurdle.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs With Cherry Blossoms

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs With Cherry Blossoms
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When we call butterflies ethereal, this is the exact image that we are talking about! The artist here works with fine-lining in black and delicately draws the wings. The butterflies, too, show two different profiles that further illustrate a complete picture. The subtlety of the cherry blossoms here makes all the difference. The petals are thinly outlined with pink that provides just the right amount of hue needed for this wrist tattoo.

When a butterfly tattoo is coupled with cherry blossoms, the resultant is a serene image. However, together they symbolize transformation and rebirth. Both are gifts of nature and share the same fleeting lives. Wearing this wrist butterfly tattoo will mean that you possess a deep appreciation for life and never let a day go to waste. You can replace the black butterflies with a white butterfly tattoo to get a more subtle and elegant design.

Multiple Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Multiple Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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The more the merrier, right? Well, that applies to butterfly tattoos as well! These small butterfly tattoo designs are simply designed with fine black ink. The wing patterns are intricate, but not over the top. This balanced approach is a lovely way to highlight the symbolism associated with the tattoo.

When you ink multiple butterflies on your body, the idea is that of companionship, joy, and fertility. You can place your butterflies from the fingers to your forearm for a handful of butterfly designs. Summery designs like this one can also be inked on your upper arm, or as a chest tattoo. Feel free to add flowers or some other objects from nature to pique the vibe of your tattoos!

Small Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Small Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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Minimal tattoos are the trendsetters that everyone seems to be going gaga about. And why not? These tiny tattoos are adorable to look at and are absolutely hassle-free! A minimal and cute butterfly tattoo like this one follows the outline with a single stroke, creating a loopy and delicate tattoo design.

A tiny butterfly tattoo on wrist makes a perfect canvas for a number of reasons. First, these make a perfect first tattoo in painful areas like the wrist and back of the hand. Secondly, such a simple and clean design can be easily hidden under full sleeve shirts without any consequences! But most importantly, this small butterfly tattoo on wrist is a subtle expression of the beginning of a new life. You can also try the side of your wrist or the base of your thumb in order to explore new sites.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo

Pink Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterflies come in many shapes and colours and often are segregated across different butterfly tattoo designs. A pink butterfly tattoo on wrist points to femininity and romantic relationships. These dreamy butterflies are beautifully coloured with an ombre of pink and purple, and further embellished with tiny sparks.

Pink Butterfly Tattoos
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However, if you do not wish to go all in with colours, try just a tinge of colour to a black butterfly tattoo. The tattoo artist here paints the pink butterfly with only a touch of a pink hue in the centre. Both of these small butterfly tattoo designs will mark your new beginnings with grace and pave a pathway for you to wear your inner strength on your skin.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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A tribal butterfly tattoo can be readily recognised with the predominant use of bold black. This black butterfly tattoo is crafted with strict adherence to tribal tattoo ideas. The artist uses thick outlines and little to no work on the wings. A tribal butterfly tattoo caught in mid-flight will capture most of its intricacies. If you are not leaning toward a wrist tattoo, try this same design as an ankle tattoo and watch your body art shine!

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Idea
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Similarly, a tribal butterfly tattoo like this one is a remnant of Polynesian tattoo designs. The fine detailing on the butterfly wings makes it an unforgettable sight rooted in culture. Thus, a tribal butterfly tattoo on wrist is a brilliant way to wear a black butterfly tattoo without making a fuss with colour. Moreover, a black butterfly tattoo is a testament to your confidence and marks your resilience on your skin.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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Blue butterflies top the list when it comes to small butterfly tattoos. A blue butterfly wrist tattoo looks chic and contrasts well against the skin. Here, the artist takes two blue butterflies and carefully works on the wings. The fragmented patterns on the wings are further accentuated with a thin white lining.

A blue butterfly tattoo on wrist like this one symbolises a calm, carefree and jovial spirit. Tattoo enthusiasts often opt for a blue butterfly tattoo for it is also associated with good luck and positivity. Whatever be the meaning, a sublime blue butterfly tattoo like this one is a must have for a wrist tattoo.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Wrists
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Another cute butterfly tattoo idea would be to pair your blue butterfly with a similar flower. This design works on a blue butterfly tattoo accompanied by a dainty hued flower, both equally crafted with intricacies to fit beautifully as a wrist butterfly tattoo. You can add more butterflies and flowers to get yourself a complete blue butterfly tattoo on wrist.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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Small butterfly tattoo designs often feature the semicolon as a symbolic addition to aesthetics. This cute butterfly tattoo is super simple but hints at a number of things without making a show for it. The semicolon in this small butterfly makes up its body with wings drawn in freehand in black.

A semicolon is literally used in a sentence as a halt. A popular saying that goes with semicolon tattoo designs is that of an unfinished story. Semicolons are indicative that there is something more to come after a seemingly brief pause. Coupled with a butterfly wrist tattoo, the punctuation mark is an effective way to wear your struggles on your skin. A small butterfly tattoo with a semicolon will mean that you acknowledge your hardships and have had the courage to keep going despite all the mishaps. If you want to add more to your small butterfly tattoo, consider a watercolour tattoo that bleeds colours from the wings of the butterfly.

Geometric Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Geometric Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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Channel your fascination with geometric tattoos with a wrist butterfly tattoo design that will elevate your taste in tattooing. The artist here deploys geometric lines to embellish a fine black butterfly tattoo without any use of colour. The design is kept clean and simple yet at par with the edgy inclination to geometry.

Small butterfly tattoos are known to be creative and together with geometric patterns, make an artsy appearance on the skin. You can get yourself a butterfly with flower tattoos in a geometric fashion to add to the beauty of your small butterfly tattoo ideas.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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Ditch your boring black butterfly tattoo ideas for a multicolour small butterfly tattoo. The vibrancy and colours in this 3D tattoo impart an extra dramatic look to your wrist butterfly tattoo. A multicolour small butterfly tattoo on wrist is not only visually appealing but also carries a playful vibe, presenting the wearer as an interesting individual!

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist ideas
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Similarly, a red butterfly tattoo in 3D might just be the pop of colour you needed. A red butterfly tattoo can represent passion, love, and good luck. Realistic tattoos are immortal and a great fit for small butterfly tattoos on the wrist. Moreover, this small butterfly tattoo on wrist can also work out seamlessly as a thigh tattoo or ankle tattoo.

Very few other insects can beautify a wrist tattoo like a butterfly. A small butterfly tattoo on wrist is a quick and easy fix for anyone looking to get their next ink. Now that you know the many ways to wear wrist butterfly tattoos, find some unique butterfly tattoo suggestions that you can get started with:

  • Small infinity wrist tattoo with anchor and butterfly
  • Traditional butterfly tattoo wrist
  • Small butterfly and rose tattoo
  • White butterfly tattoo on wrist
  • Small butterfly tattoo on wrist with the red thread of fate

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