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101 Best Skeleton Cowboy Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Skeleton Cowboy Tattoos

Are you someone who is proud of your American roots? Then these skeleton cowboy tattoo ideas will help you glorify your western roots.

Skeleton Cowboy Tattoo
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Back in the day, western culture had a strong impact that paved the way for American traditional customs and beliefs.

The cowboy genre, characterized by a group of free-spirited men with rugged jeans, shirts, boots, and tools, is an icon of the American culture. The term ‘cowboy’ became well-known throughout the whole world.

So, what does a cowboy symbolize and what do cowboy skull tattoos resemble?

Irrespective of caste, sex, race, and geographical background, a cowboy represents the rowdy gang of the West. Thus, this cowboy is a representation of independence, inner strength, self-reliance, determination, and respect. These traits have grabbed the attention of tattoo lovers and inspired them to style this theme on their skin. The projection of the cowboy in films has been ever more exciting and went on to achieve a huge fan following among people.

However, as modernity became a part of people’s lives, this classic look turned into a more modern robust look. Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts strived to draw something bold, and thus, emerged the cowboy skull tattoos. People choose this style since it has a bold and modern outlook yet carries the American traditional customs.

Cowboy skull tattoos such as the above picture elaborate on the universal theme of the livelihood of the cowboy life. The world of cowboy life drawn on the leg looks realistic and portrays both the evil and good vibe.

Now that the subject matter has snatched your interest, let us discuss the different styles this cowboy tattoo has to offer.

Cowboy Skeleton Tattoo Designs

Cowboy Skeleton Tattoo Designs
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Skeleton or skull tattoos are always in vogue.

Now, if you combine this skull tattoo with a cowboy tattoo, the style becomes a bold and cool tattoo. Tattooing skeleton cowboy tattoo with or without vector graphics, created here, is a classic design. It gives inspiration to the audience about the world of the west and to be grounded in one’s roots.

The black ink is done with a single needle and the detail work done is commendable. Tattoo designs such as this is a sign of how cowboys used to live their life on the edge with danger, adventure, and full of fun activities. This tattoo is inked on the hand.

Simple Skull Tattoo Designs

Simple Skull Tattoo Designs
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Do you know the symbolism of a skull tattoo?

Well, the skull tattoo is all about overcoming tough situations including deaths as well. This is where this cowboy skull tattoo becomes interesting. The western world links to those people who always strive to live on the edge. Thus, this skeleton cowboy tattoo is one such example to represent their life.

In this given cowboy skull image, we see a fine line tattoo of a skull with a hat inked in black on the leg. The cowboy skull tattoo looks bold and classic. The spectator is immediately reminded of the past. Such images can be inked on the arm, neck, shoulders, and chest.

Country Boy Tattoos Designs

Country Boy Tattoos Designs
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A horse, a cowboy costume, and a rope were an integral part of western life.

In many movies, we will come across this imagery. It links to the behavioral attitude of the cowboys of their time. Horse riding was not only considered a favorite sport but was a part of their livelihood. Tattoo lovers, nowadays, have become creative by inking down such cowboy skeleton cowboy tattoos.

In this given skeleton cowboy tattoo, we see a similar depiction. Tattoo designs such as this are bold that have been inked in black with bold lines. It has been inked on the arm. However, images such as these can be also inked as body art tattoos.

Skull Forearm Tattoos Designs

Skull Forearm Tattoos Designs
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The skull tattoo has a robust yet refined outlook altogether.

Now, if you long to combine both the skull tattoo with cowboy skull tattoos, it will be a masterpiece. Well, cowboys are always in search of something throughout their lives. One of the most important characteristics that link their livelihood is to search for other things. If you vibe with something similar, this tattoo is just for you.

These cowboy skull tattoos such as the above image have a simple and straight look. The skull design has been inked with fine lines on the forearm. It looks sober yet rustic. If you want to become even more creative, you can add words or quotes along with such tattoos.

Cigar Smoking Skeleton Tattoo Designs

Cigar Smoking Skeleton Tattoo Designs
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Visualize a moment where you see a cowboy without a cigar. I bet that is impossible, right?

Well as much as ropes and their eternal desire to search for new things and places link to the Western era, similarly, cigars or smoking also links to that era. The cigar is a classic style statement of the cowboys. So it will be expected to see cowboy skull tattoos and cigars side by side.

This particular cowboy skull tattoo has been crafted on the chest. We see a cigar and the eyes of the skull tattoo have been folded with a cloth. The tattoo shows how skilled the artist is.

Cowboy Skull Tattoo Designs

Cowboy Skull Tattoo Designs
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If we were to talk about the rules of the cowboy lifestyle, then, dancing merrily and cheerfully should be under it. They were fascinated with dancing and living a jolly life. The Travelling Cha Cha links to the cowboy dance. They would visit various wild west bars to enjoy themselves with good food, dance, and merriment.

In this cowboy skull tattoo image, the tattoo is a sign of the great time the cowboys have lived. The designs of the skeleton figures are shown to be dancing with joy with a gun in his hand. This links us to the fact that despite going to adversities, they used to be worry-free during that time. Black color has been throughout the tattoo.

Western Ghost Skeleton Cowboy Tattoo

Western Ghost Skeleton Cowboy Tattoo
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Did you know that the West believed in ghosts and supernatural elements?

Well, during the era of cowboy life, the cowboys used to spend the time amidst the dark time with crows roaming nearby. Many people didn’t consider them to be a part of the earth. Thus, people were scared of cowboys.

In this given cowboy skull tattoo image, we see a skeleton figure with a Mexican cloth wrapped around it and an image of crows. The artist has crafted a gothic outlook right with a black hue just below the elbow of the person. Skull tattoos such as these create a mysterious vibe.

Cowboy Skull Tattoo Ideas

Cowboy Skull Tattoo Ideas
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You need suggestions for some skull tattoos design, right?

If you want to create something that is minimal yet will turn heads of the audience, then sketchy skull tattoos are just for you. Sketchy tattoos create a magnificent pencil-sketch look. A tattoo like this will grab the attention of the audience immediately.

Cowboy skull tattoos such as the picture shown above are a fine example of a pencil-sketch tattoo. The shading design is done in a precise manner with in-depth detailing work. Although the tattoo has been inked on the leg, you can also ask your tattoo expert to craft it either on the shoulder, arms, or abdomen.

Cowboy Skull Tattoos Designs

Cowboy Skull Tattoos Designs
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Want to add depths to your cowboy skull tattoo? This one is just for you.

Vector graphics and skeleton tattoos go hand in hand. It gives more definition and dimension to the tattoo. The tattoo looks more realistic and life-like.

In this image, the vector graphic has been used throughout. The shading is done in black paint with precision. This is a traditional skull tattoo that represents the era he has lived. It has been crafted on his biceps.

Cowboy Skull Tattoos For Men Designs

Cowboy Skull Tattoos For Men Designs
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If you are someone who loves a scary yet traditional tattoo to put on, then look no further for this tattoo will amaze you.

In this tattoo image, we see a one-eyed skull tattoo with a cigar and a hat. It links to the sites where often cowboys engage themselves with life-death situations and emerges from them. This particular tattoo is a sign of such a tattoo. It has been also crafted on the arm that can be placed also on the chest, shoulders, and neck.

Cowboy skull tattoos are among the fitting tattoo style to pay respect to the American traditional norms. This style of tattoo design is primarily inspired by the cowboy skull, vector graphics, and the life of the west. Also, the portrait of pop culture and outlaws, which was highly prevalent during those eras, are also glorified. With the projection of skeletons, skulls, and country life, these country tattoos have stood the test of time. Its historical background coupled with elegance, robustness, and creative skull design makes these cowboy skull tattoos perfectly suited for both men and women. It has remained a cult favorite among tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

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What does a skeleton cowboy tattoo mean?

A skeleton cowboy tattoo is typically symbolic of independence and resilience. It can represent a person’s inner strength, courage and determination to stay true to their own path in life, despite any obstacles that may come their way. This type of tattoo also often carries an additional meaning of the freedom associated with being a real-life cowboy or outlaw, living life on their own terms. The skeleton of a cowboy can also symbolize the power of death and mortality, serving as a reminder that life is fleeting and should be appreciated while we have it. Whatever interpretation or symbolism someone has when they get this type of tattoo, it’s sure to be meaningful and unique to them.

How much does a skeleton cowboy tattoo cost?

The cost of a skeleton cowboy tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and location of the design. Typically, small tattoos can range from $50-$200 while larger pieces can range from $200-$500 or more. Tattoo shops often charge an hourly rate for their services and the time required to complete a full skeleton cowboy tattoo could take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the artist. Additionally, some shops may also charge for any custom artwork that must be created before the tattoo is started. It’s always wise to ask ahead of time about pricing and expected duration when discussing a skeleton cowboy tattoo with an artist.

How big does a skeleton cowboy tattoo have to be?

The size of a skeleton cowboy tattoo will vary depending on an individual’s preferences and the complexity of the design. Generally, small tattoos can be as small as 1 to 2 inches in width or height, while larger pieces may stretch up to 8-10 inches or more. It is best to discuss size specifications with your artist before starting the tattoo so that you can ensure your tattoo is the size and shape you desire. Depending on the size of the design, a skeleton cowboy tattoo may be placed anywhere from the forearm to the back or chest.

How long does it take to get a skeleton cowboy tattoo?

The amount of time it takes to get a skeleton cowboy tattoo can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the design. Smaller tattoos may take as little as 1-2 hours, while larger pieces can take up to 8 or more hours to complete. It is important to discuss the expected duration with your artist before starting the tattoo so that you can plan accordingly. Keep in mind that the duration may change if any additional customization or artwork is required before the tattooing process begins.

Will a skeleton cowboy tattoo fade over time?

Yes, all tattoos will fade to some degree over time. Sun exposure, age and other factors can contribute to the fading of a tattoo, but proper care and maintenance can help keep your tattoo looking vibrant for many years to come. It is important to follow aftercare guidelines provided by your artist such as keeping the area clean and moisturized and avoiding direct sun exposure. Additionally, touch-ups may be necessary to keep the lines and colors of your tattoo looking sharp. With proper care and maintenance, a skeleton cowboy tattoo can remain beautiful for many years to come.

What are some of the best skeleton cowboy tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular skeleton cowboy tattoo designs include vintage-style skulls wearing cowboy hats, silhouettes of cowboys riding horses, and skeletal hands reaching up from a grave. Other variations may include a full-body skeleton wearing chaps or spurs, or an aged skull with a lonesome look in its eyes. Some artists may also incorporate lettering or symbols into the design, such as a cross indicating a lost soul in the afterlife or a banner with an inspirational phrase. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique and meaningful skeleton cowboy tattoo designs.

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