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101 Best Simple Tiger Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Tiger Tattoos

If you are on the lookout for some cool yet simple tiger tattoo designs, then you are in the right place. Here are a few examples of the same.

Simple Tiger Tattoo
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The tiger is one of the most majestic beasts of the jungle.

Using that as a design tattoo design can be a great way to reveal that fierce side of your personality. Tiger tattoos look great on every individual, men and women alike.

Apart from the unique design of tiger tattoos, they also deliver a solid and deep message. For this reason, they are very famous in the world of tattooing. Once you get a tiger tattoo, the chances are high that you will want more. They can be very addictive and for the right reasons. There are various designs of tiger tattoos, like Japanese tiger tattoos, a white tiger tattoos, minimalist tiger tattoos, and many more. Yes, it can get confusing at times to choose the perfect one from all these varied options. On that note, here are some of the best examples of simple tiger tattoos to ease down the process for you.

Roaring Tiger Tattoo

Roaring Tiger Tattoos
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The above image shows a stunning example of a simple tiger tattoo design. Only black ink was used to create this design of the upper thigh of the individual. The tattoo represents the crouching position of a tiger, ready to pounce on its prey. The tiger’s strong jaw and sharp teeth are a perfect symbol of strength and power. It is a unique depiction of the animalistic instinct that is present in every human being. These kinds of tattoo designs usually look good on the thigh or the chest since they provide a larger canvas. If you like such dramatic looks in your tattoo design, this might be the perfect choice.

Prowling Tiger Tattoo

Prowling Tiger Tattoo
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The tiger is considered to be the apex predator of the jungle. They are the perfect epitome of willpower, strength, grace, and power. The above picture represents all these emotions with this simple tiger tattoo design. Instead of outlining the body, the tattoo artist has only used the tiger’s stripes to highlight the same. Another essential feature of this design is the piercing glance of the tiger. It is the perfect representation of a royal beast that is feared by everyone. The tattoo has been created on the forearm of the individual, and it indeed looks great. If you like similar tattoo designs, you may use this one as a suggestion for your next tiger tattoo.

Tiger and Rose Tattoo

Tiger and Rose Tattoo
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If you want to give that feminine touch to your tiger tattoo, then this right here may be the perfect way to do so. By adding some aspects to your tattoo design, you can assign specific meanings to your tattoo. In this image, the artist has paired up the tiger tattoo with that of a rose. When put together, they deliver a beautiful contrast. While the tiger is one of the most powerful beasts known for its strength, the rose is a delicate and beautiful flower. This contrast has been perfectly highlighted through this design. If you like such similar ideas, then this one right here is a must-have. You do not necessarily have to use a rose for your design, you can choose any other flower for these kinds of tattoos.

Funny Tiger Tattoo

Funny Tiger Tattoo
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The most common words describe a tiger include majestic, brave, ferocious, and powerful. However, by adding certain elements to your tattoo design, you can also turn your vicious angry tiger design into a funnier one. A similar idea has been highlighted through this image. By changing the facial expressions of the tiger and reducing the gigantic shape, the tattoo artist has created an adorable and funny design of this ferocious beast. Although mainly popular among women, these tattoos will look great on every individual. You can also personalize this design according to your preference to make it look unique.

Tiger Head Tattoo

Tiger Head Tattoo
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If you are in the look out for simple designs for your tiger tattoo, then this might be a great choice for you. The tattoo here includes the design of a black and white tiger head, that is imprinted on the forearm of the individual. The shape of this tattoo can also be customised in your design. Some of the most unique places to get this design inked, include the finger, neck or thigh. To make it look more colorful, you can also add any color of your choice. However, the color needs to be relevant to the design, so that to bring out the desired meanings. Other designs might include tiger eyes tattoo, or half head tiger tattoo.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Japanese Tiger Tattoo
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In ancient Japanese culture, the tiger is among the four sacred animals of the world. They are the protector of mankind from evil spirits, and bad luck. Unlike the traditional black and white tiger tattoo, the Japanese designs use a wide variety of colors. In this picture itself, we can see a subtle shade of orange to highlight the body of this majestic beast, and a bright red ink has been chosen to color of the flowers drawn near the tiger. These kinds of elements will make the design more unique. Some of the excellent places to include these kinds of late designs include, the thigh, legs, chest or back.

Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

Tiger Watercolor Tattoo
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Addins a hint of any bright color of your choice, to the tattoo design, can be a great way to make them look more colorful. One such similar idea has been portrayed through this image. This tattoo includes the design of a ferocious tiger with its mouth opened. A mixture of blue, purple, orange, and pink color has been used to draw this design. It is one of the most aesthetic tiger tattoo designs and will surely look great from a distance as well. However, one important thing to remember while getting a tiger watercolor tattoo is that, they generally look much better when they are large in size. That is because, the different colors used and their beautiful mixture can then be properly highlighted. If you like these kinds of colorful tattoos, then you can consider this one as a suggestion for your next one.

Minimalist Simple Tiger Tattoo

Minimalist Simple Tiger Tattoo
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If you do not like such dramatic looks for your tattoo and instead wants to opt for a more simple tiger tattoo design, then this one is a must-have. Drawn in the shape of a triangle, the tiger tattoo is etched on the back of the forearm of this individual. The different shadings of of black and gray ink done, to highlight the fur of the tiger’s face, is indeed marvellous. These types of tattoo designs will definitely look great on every person. If this is your first time getting a tiger tattoo, you can refer to this one mentioned above.

Finger Tattoos

Finger Tattoos
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Here in this image, we can see a detailed artwork of a tiger’s face, etched on the finer of this individual. It gives the appearance of a ring, and is a unique example of a tattoo placement. However, wile getting inked on your fingers, you need to keep a few things in mind. One such is that, finger tattoos typically do not stay intact for a very long period of time. That is, they start to fade away only after 6-8 months. Therefore, you need to get touch-up continuously to make it look fresh. Yet another thing is, our hands and fingers have a lot of nerve endings, therefore getting inked on these places can be very painful, than most other areas.

Small Tiger Tattoo

Small Tiger Tattoos
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A tiger can be both majestic and ferocious, and cute and cuddly at the same time. The above mentioned image is a rendition of the same. Unlike the conventional ferocious roaring face of a tiger, the tattoo artist has drawn a small and cuddly tiger cub and paired up the design with images of butterfly. It is a perfect depiction of innocence and love. The whole design has been made using black and white ink only. These kinds of tattoos are more common among the girls. They are also known to represent the deep bond shared by a mother and her child.

The cost of getting a tiger tattoo can vary from place to place. If you are looking for a large and colorful design, the price can go up to $600. For minimalistic designs, a tiger tattoo usually costs around $250. That said, here are some other excellent examples of simple tiger tattoo designs that you will surely love

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What does a simple tiger tattoo represent?

A simple tiger tattoo can represent many different things, depending on the context. Generally, it is a symbol of strength, courage and protection. It can also be a reminder to remain vigilant in order to protect one’s values and beliefs. The tiger is often seen as a representation of power, confidence and resilience – perfect qualities for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. In some cultures, the tiger is also seen as a spirit animal that can bring luck and good fortune. It can also be a reminder to never give up or surrender in the face of challenges. No matter what it means to you, a simple yet beautiful tiger tattoo serves as an enduring symbol of your personal strength and courage.

What are the benefits of having a simple tiger tattoo?

Having a simple tiger tattoo can be beneficial in many different ways. It serves as an outward expression of inner strength and courage, which can help to boost self-confidence and a sense of personal power. Additionally, it can serve as a reminder to never forget one’s values and beliefs, and to remain vigilant in order protect them. This type of tattoo can also be seen as a symbol of luck and good fortune, which can help to bring optimism and positivity into one’s life. Finally, it simply looks great – an eye-catching tiger design is sure to draw attention wherever you go!

How can I make my simple tiger tattoo unique?

There are a few ways to make your simple tiger tattoo stand out. First, consider adding extra details such as flames, tribal patterns or other symbols that have special meaning for you. You could also incorporate colors into the design – bright oranges and yellows can give the tattoo a vibrant look, while black and grey can create a more subtle and sophisticated effect. Finally, think about the placement of your tattoo – a tiger head on the chest or back, for example, will look quite different than a full body design on an arm. With some creativity and imagination, you can make your simple tiger tattoo truly unique!

What are some simple tiger tattoo ideas?

Some simple yet striking tiger tattoo ideas include a portrait of a tiger’s face, a full body design or an abstract pattern featuring tribal markings and swirls. You could also opt for symbols that represent the animal’s traits – such as flames to represent strength or leaves to represent protection. For those looking for something a bit more subtle, a black and white tiger head or paw print is a great option. No matter your preference, simple tiger tattoos can be beautiful and meaningful works of art that you’ll cherish for life.

How much does a simple tiger tattoo cost?

The cost of a simple tiger tattoo will depend on the size, complexity and placement of the design. Generally, smaller tattoos (2-3 inches) can range from $50-$100, while larger designs (4-8 inches) tend to be between $150-$300. The price can also vary depending on your chosen artist’s experience and skill level. As a rule of thumb, the more intricate or detailed the design is, the higher the cost will be. However, with some research and shopping around, you should be able to find an artist who can provide you with a quality tattoo at a price that fits your budget.

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