10 Best Simple Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Smiley Face Tattoo ideas

Looking for some tattoo ideas that will make you smile when you look at it? We have a great collection of simple smiley face tattoo ideas for you!

Simple Smiley Face Tattoo
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A Smiley face tattoo is known for having a positive connotation on one’s life.

Choosing a smiley face tattoo can have a positive impact because it is a regular reminder to be happy and optimistic. Some people believe that having a dainty tattoo like a smiley face is perfect and will encourage you to be a happy person.

Every smiley face tattoo can have a different meaning to every person. Depending on the colors you choose, the body part you want to get tattooed, and the kind of smiley face you want to get, these tattoo meanings can differ. A basic line tattoo can mean you like minimalistic tattoos, and a smiley face tattoo on the toe could mean you believe that every single day is a new day, which should start with a happy note. You can add a fun twist to thises tattoos by adding elements like hearts, stars, writings, and many more. They are unusual pieces of art and you can ask the tattoo artist to add some elements that are special to you to make the tattoo more memorable.

Smiley Face Tattoo

Smiley Face Tattoo
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A simple smiley face tattoo is one popular tattoo design that is common among tattoo lovers. They generally have a common meaning of joy and happiness. With the right kind of design and the right colors, these tattoos can depict the general mood of the person. These tattoos can put a smile on their face.

This tattoo is a simple smiley tattoo. It is placed on the forearm of the person, near the elbow. This tattoo is made in thick and thin strokes of black ink. It has a 3D effect to it. If you want to add some fun elements to it, you can color it in classic yellow or some fun colors that could mean something different that will match your skin tone. This tattoo is apt for guys and girls alike.

Nirvana Smiley Tattoo

Nirvana Smiley Tattoo
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Everybody loves Nirvana and if you are a fan as well, this Nirvana smiley face tattoo is just the right design for you! The smiley generally depicts the expression that every Nirvana fan has on their face when they are watching the performances. The symbol was used for the first time when it was featured on the poster of the album ‘Nevermind’ in 1991. The emblem was used by Cobain for ‘The Lusty Lady Strip Club’ and it became very popular. The club was situated in Seattle which was 100 miles aware from his town. The cross-eyes have become a signature of the brand.

This tattoo honoring Nirvana is placed on the toes of the person. There are 3 friends who got matching tattoos with each other, this tattoo is placed on the toe and the knee. It is made in black ink and can be made in any other color.

Simple Small Smiley Face Tattoo

Simple Small Smiley Face Tattoo
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If you are a tattoo person and already have a lot of tattoos all over your body, you will understand that a small tattoo of a smiley face can really tie everything together. As long as you can keep the tattoo playful and maintain a little bit of uniqueness, this kind of tattoo can do wonders. Many famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus and others have a simple smiley tattoo that reminds them of always having a smile on their faces.

This tattoo is placed on the side of the arm of the person. It is a small tattoo that is barely visible. It is made with very thin and tiny strokes of black ink. If you wish, you can make it with colored ink as well, whichever suits your skin tone the best.

Simple Cute Face Tattoos

Simple Cute Face Tattoos
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This is a simple cute tattoo of a smiley. A very common tattoo too. This tattoo is universally accepted by every tattoo lover ever. A smiley represents happiness, love, and simplicity.

This tattoo is placed on the arm of the person. It is made with thin strokes of black ink. The design is of a regular smiley, however, you can add other elements to it, if you wish to. This could be your next new tattoo if you are looking for a minimalistic design.

Grim Reaper Smiley Face Tattoo

Grim Reaper Smiley Face Tattoo
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A grim reaper is a representation of the ‘Circle Of Life’. Generally, such tattoos are gotten by people who have either seen the death of a close person or understand the intensities of life and death. It shows several strong qualities of a person like courage and bravery.

This tattoo is a little different than all grim reaper tattoos. Unlike the scary skull, it has a smiley face. For the person who got this tattoo, it could mean that they are ready to face life and death with a smile on their face. This tattoo is made with thick and thin strokes of black ink and is placed on the upper arm of the person.

Trippy Smiley Face Tattoo

Trippy Smiley Face Tattoo
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In life, you have the right to make all your choices and the key is to be able to make the right choice. And if you are at a party, the main choice is of the DJ to choose the right songs. This tattoo somewhat represents the DJ and a party.

This tattoo is of a smiley face that is looking slightly distorted from the center. The lines tattooed hand appear to be hazy as if it were a party light. This tattoo was made with thick and thin strokes of black ink.

Cute Smiley Face Tattoo

Cute Smiley Face Tattoo
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For all the tattoo enthusiasts out there, this smiley face tattoo is the perfect tattoo design for you! This tattoo represents different things for different people. For some it may give a sense of your face melting because of heat or a broken air conditioner, however, for other people, it may represent embarrassing moments or exhaustion.

This tattoo is made on the wrist of the person. Wrist tattoos are generally small and elegant. It is made with thin strokes of black ink and the face looks like it is melting. The tattoo can be made with colors like yellow and white to show some significance, however, the classic simple black line is also perfect.

Barbed Wire Smiley Face Tattoo

Barbed Wire Smiley Face Tattoo
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The barbed wire generally symbolizes perseverance and victory. It also means bravery and courage. There are not many people who like to get tattoos of the barbed wire on them. For people who do have them, the meaning may differ.

This tattoo is made on the back of the palm of the person. It is made with thick and thin strokes of black ink. The barbed wire is made in such a way that it looks like a smiley face tattoo.

Iconic Smiley Face Tattoo

Iconic Smiley Face Tattoo
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The iconic smiley tattoo generally consists of a yellow, round face, two eyes, and a big smile. This design will always remind you to stay happy and content with whatever you have in life.

The pictures shows a matching tattoo between 2 people, it can be parent-child, couples, friends and loved ones. The simple design is iconis and pretty and can be your next tattoo idea!

Simple Smiley Tattoo

Simple Smiley Tattoo
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This tattoo is cute, impactful and small. This tattoo is placed on the ankle of the person. It is made with rainbow colors that shows inclusivity. Not only does it look pretty, it is a unique idea and can be a great choice for the next tattoo.

If you thought these ideas to be cute, then you can go for more tattoo ideas. If you are unsure of which tattoo to get, you can opt for some temporary tattoos and make an informed decision. Here are some other smiley tattoo inspirations –

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