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101 Best Simple Chrysanthemum Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Simple Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize strength and harmony and are sacred to the Japanese, and a simple chrysanthemum tattoo is a good addition to your aesthetic.

Simple Chrysanthemum Tattoo
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Chrysanthemums represent different meanings and are representative of harmony, strength, and beauty.

In the world of tattoo ideas, flower tattoo ideas are one of the most evergreen ones and never go out of style. The Chrysanthemum tattoo design is a popular favorite among tattoo artists and tattoo lovers.

If you’re looking for an amazing tattoo design as your first tattoo, a small chrysanthemum is the perfect one for you. Extravagant tattoos are a thing of the past. Now is the time for minimalism and a new genre of descriptive tattoos, fall flowers, and so on. A chrysanthemum tattoo design never stops being trendy, each tattoo idea consisting of its own unique meaning.

The whirlwind-like petals of a chrysanthemum flower symbolize long life in Japanese culture, and in most of East Asia, the green leaves symbolize long life; all in all, simple chrysanthemum tattoo designs are unique and special in their own ways.

Eyeball Chrysanthemum Tattoo With Spider Webs

Eyeball Chrysanthemum Tattoo With Spider Webs
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Beautiful flowers of chrysanthemum and spiral petals that enclose a singular eyeball, with an extremely surrealistic tinge, this unique tattoo is a special cool and elegant look. This pleasant chrysanthemum tattoo is a great example of surrealist art, a small chrysanthemum tattoo with protruding spider webs and a singular eye within the petals.

This tattoo has been rated a 5/10 on the pain scale because of its extremely detailed shading and execution, resulting in a semi-realistic look. The outlines are done precisely and with the utmost care, with an excellent finish. The Greek word “chrysos” means to enclose completely (like a chrysalis), and this simple chrysanthemum tattoo is representative of exactly that, enclosing the eyeball within its semi-spiral petals. In these tattoos, usually, the chrysanthemums are golden flowers that symbolize long life.

Red String Of Fate Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Red String Of Fate Chrysanthemum Tattoo
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Japanese folklore says that the beautiful red string of fate ties two soul mates together. Along with a pleasant chrysanthemum flower, the bond becomes unbreakable. This lore can be retold in the most artistic way through a chrysanthemum tattoo along with a red string of fate drawn on your arm. This red string of fate chrysanthemum tattoo is a great way to celebrate the love you have for your soul mate, be it your parents, siblings or best friend, or partner, with threaded strings along with beautiful flower tattoos.

Every imperial family of every East Asian community, in every era, has its own unique style of knitting, crocheting, and threading. Each tattoo ideas carry its own unique significance. The red string of fate in this chrysanthemum tattoo is drawn with unique threading, and the chrysanthemum flower looks as stunning as they come. All in all, a heartwarming tattoo design for this summer.

Simple Red Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Simple Red Chrysanthemum Tattoo
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Red is the color of strength, life, resolve, and power. Chrysanthemums also symbolize life, harmony, and security. When these two come together, the most phenomenal Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo is birthed.

This tattoo has minimal shading and single-stroke outlines. This is a perfect example of a semi-realistic tattoo that also perfectly retains its minimalistic qualities. Within the leaves and petals, there is extra dark shading, also in red color, and outside of it, no other part is shaded. The spiral petals are also drawn in red ink, as are the outlines. This tattoo design is most popular as a hand tattoo, drawn as only one flower tattoo.

Surrealistic Double Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Surrealistic Double Chrysanthemum Tattoo
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Japanese chrysanthemum flowers have petals that start out sea blue and slowly turn purple or violet over time. These flowers have the most beautifully curved petals, and in this tattoo, the petals are similarly drawn.

This tattoo may scare you off at first, but the subtle design and the surrealistic features, along with beautifully shaded leaves and waves, the pain and the tattooing process are going to be worth it! The leaves and the petals are drawn in great detail and shaded adequately. The outlines are drawn in black ink as well, giving it a stunning finish. The beautiful flower is drawn with great care, and the waves tattoo in the middle add to its surrealism.

Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo
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Snakes represent protection, shrewdness, and ambition. If we follow folklore, when flowers like chrysanthemums symbolize security and life, it usually guides one towards success and keeps them safe. Chrysanthemum tattoos, if drawn with snakes, can instantly make your aesthetic more beautiful.

This snake tattoo is rated a 7/10 on the pain scale owing to the heavy detailing on the body of the snake. But that just proves how excellent the artist is and snake tattoos as an art form are. This tattoo design is a popular choice for sleeve tattoos and arm tattoos and is usually drawn with a large chrysanthemum flower with semi-realistic attributes.

Subtle Chrysanthemum Arm Tattoo

Subtle Chrysanthemum Arm Tattoo
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This is a perfect example of when a design does not have to be too big or too detailed to stand out. As stated previously, this is the age of minimalism. And while this tattoo is not particularly minimalistic, it does have certain attributes that could count as one. It is quite a simple design.

On the pain scale, this tattoo design has been rated a 4/10 because of too not heavy detailing and just a simple and minimalistic execution. This tattoo consists of beautifully carved chrysanthemum petals in monochrome colors and leaves drawn with utmost care and adequate shading, not too dark and not too light. This is essentially an arm tattoo, but the options are all wide open to you according to your wish!

Spiral Chrysanthemum With Detailed Leaves Tattoo

Spiral Chrysanthemum With Detailed Leaves Tattoo
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Flowering plants have always had several different spectacular kinds, and needless to say, chrysanthemums are no different. The petals of a chrysanthemum flower are not always curved in the most adorable ways, absolutely not!

And that is exactly what this sleeve tattoo does, by drawing the chrysanthemum flower with pointed and sharp petals and leaves, twisted to look more like a whirlwind (an Uzumaki, if you may), with a beautifully drawn outline and excellent finish. This tattoo may sound simple, but it is far from it. The detailing is adequate; outlines are drawn with single strokes and not too cramped up. And on the pain scale, it is hardly a 5/10.

Open Petal Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

Open Petal Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo
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This hand tattoo design is a great idea for either a full-body tattoo or a back tattoo due to the usually large area that it requires to be drawn. If you are looking for a smaller version of this tattoo, an arm tattoo might be a better idea for you.

Japanese chrysanthemum flowers have always been a protective amulet to the community. As a sacred symbol, it is right up there with the dragon tattoo, which also symbolizes a long and fruitful life. This is one of the chrysanthemum tattoo ideas that is that of a spiritual nature, portraying a chrysanthemum flower tattoo in full bloom, with cured petals et al and cosmic rays shooting out of the flower bed, numerous buds showing fertility and security. This tattoo is nearly ideal for you if you are a spiritual person.

White And Blue Chrysanthemum Tattoo

White And Blue Chrysanthemum Tattoo
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This particular tattoo is a visual treat for anyone who gets it drawn on their body and pretty much everyone who lays eyes on it. A splendid combination of blue and purple chrysanthemum flowers along with a stunning white set of chrysanthemum flowers tattoo that symbolizes security, purity, and protection, this tattoo is a perfect one for just about anyone!

Chrysanthemum flowers have always been crowned one of the most beautiful flowers in the whole world, and for a good reason too. All these tattoos and these particular tattoos do is bring out the beauty a little more, using stunning colors and beautiful shading. This tattoo is adequately shaded, and the outlines are drawn with utmost care and given a splendid finish. This tattoo has been rated a 6/10 on the pain scale due to the coloring and the shading but honestly? The end result is worth the trouble.

Simple Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Simple Chrysanthemum Tattoos
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This tattoo design is the epitome of “you see what you get”. It is a simple chrysanthemum tattoo with not too much heavy detailing but just enough on certain important areas to give it a semi-realistic look.

Most flowers symbolize life and fertility. Yellow chrysanthemums are a popular flower, except for one special quality it possesses, which is the symbol of protection and security. Even in splendor, a chrysanthemum is anything but – with subtle beauty and pleasantness. This tattoo brings out that benevolence in flowers through subtle strokes and minimalistic detailing. The leaves of the flower tattoo are beautifully outlined. On the pain scale, it is a 5/10. The outline tattoo is what makes it more special.

Some further suggestions for similar tattoos have been given below.

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What do chrysanthemum tattoos mean?

Chrysanthemum tattoos typically signify longevity, health and joy. The flower is a symbol of abundance, protection, faithfulness and loyalty in many cultures around the world. In Japan, it is an homage to the Emperor and is often seen as a symbol of royalty. Chrysanthemums can also be seen as messages of love or a reminder of family and good times. A chrysanthemum tattoo can be a reminder to stay strong, appreciate life and remain loyal even through difficult times. This flower is usually associated with positivity, luck and happiness.

What is the history of chrysanthemum tattoos?

The chrysanthemum has a long and storied history in many cultures around the world. Ancient Chinese believed that the flower had healing properties, and warriors would often adorn themselves with its image as a form of protection. In Japan, it is called kiku which translates to “flower of the imperial household” and has been a symbol of the emperor since ancient times. The flower also has strong associations with Buddhism, as it is believed to be a symbol of good luck and long life. Over time, the chrysanthemum tattoo has become a popular design choice for many people, representing everything from strength and protection to love and joy.

How much does a chrysanthemum tattoo cost?

The cost of a chrysanthemum tattoo can vary depending on the complexity of the design and size of the tattoo. On average, it can range anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars. It is important to note that these costs may also include additional fees for customization, touch-ups and aftercare products. It is best to consult with your tattoo artist for an accurate estimate. Additionally, be sure to ask about their experience and portfolio before committing to the design.

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