10 Best Side Thigh Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Side Thigh Tattoos

If you want people to go gaga over your tattoos, make sure to do it in the thighs. Here is a list of cool, fashionable and drool worthy side thigh tattoo ideas.

Side Thigh Tattoo Ideas
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Tattoos have become a style statement and a most sought-after form of body art today as they are steadily gaining popularity.

Of all tattoos, the thigh tattoos are declared by tattoo artist to be one of the most sought-after tattoos. This is because the thigh tattoos for women enhance their sex appeal.

Side thigh tattoos look extremely attractive on women, provided they are done correctly. One of the essential components of making a thigh tattoo look appealing is measurement. The tattoo artist has to focus on the thigh tattoo placement as well. Women can make their thigh tattoos either on the front or on the side. If someone wants to make a unique tattoo, the inner thigh tattoos or back thigh tattoos are apt for them. Since thigh tattoos in these locations are rarely seen, not only do they appear as cool tattoos, but also out-of-the-box.

The fascinating thing that thigh tattoos can impart is the attention that it draws to the legs or the lower part of the body. Besides, choosing to get a thigh tattoo done is in itself a versatile option as women can play with the size of the thigh tattoo. To get a lot of attention, women can choose the front of the thigh as this is an area of large space. On the contrary, if women find front thigh tattoos to be more revealing, they can choose to go for the inner thigh or the back portion of the thigh. Even these areas of the thigh have enough space to create a sexy tattoo.

Before women get under the needle, they can be afraid while thinking about the pain that they might receive when getting a thigh tattoo. However, the reality is the muscles and the skin of the thigh are thick. The healing process of a thigh tattoos for women is simple and easy. Generally, the outer layer of the skin heals within three weeks. However, when it comes to aftercare of the thighs, it takes six months.

To get thigh tattoos for women comfortably, there are a few factors that women should keep in mind. After one has decided on the badass thigh tattoo ideas, it is time to book the appointment and prep oneself. First things first, choose one from the available thigh tattoo designs. Do not choose the tattoo design randomly as it can get mixed with the stretch marks on the thighs.

When it is a question of getting a side and thigh tattoos, it is recommended that women prepare themselves mentally. If any woman is getting tattooed for the first time, she should always pick a less sensitive area. When you plan to get side thigh tattoos, always choose to wear something comfortable. To get the best thigh tattoo designs, wear a maxi dress or loose fitted pants or skirts which can be easily pulled up to get the simple thigh tattoo done at ease.

Listed below is a series of best thigh tattoos that are ruling the popular trends these days. This list has both larger designs and small tattoos. Therefore, one can pick any thigh tattoo design according to one’s convenience.

Cool Black And Red Upper Thigh Tattoo

Cool Black And Red Upper Thigh Tattoo
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This is one of the most outstanding upper thigh tattoo ideas for women that is sure to look stunning. In this upper thigh tattoo, only two colours are used – red and black. Further, the tattoo has minimal elements, thereby making it a great example of simplicity. The upper thigh tattoo designs two elements – fish and flowers – where both have separate inner meanings.

In the tattooing industry, a fish tattoo stands for abundance, prosperity, wisdom, strength and sexual energy. However, these are generic meanings of the fish upper thigh tattoo. On the other hand, the peony flowers in the upper thigh tattoo mean beauty, love, honour and nobility. According to Japanese and Chinese folk tales, the peony flower is a sign of influence and excitement. Overall, this can be called a floral tattoo and many women will like it due to its sexy appeal.

Simple Side Thigh Flower Tattoo

Simple Side Thigh Flower Tattoo
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Do you prefer a flower tattoo on side of thigh? This side of thigh tattoo is perfect for you. The style is simple yet adds to the beauty of many women. The artist here has used only black ink to make the thigh tattoo look sexy. These simple thigh tattoos can be made to look better by putting on some exotic thigh piece or chain.

This thigh tattoo for women has multiple meanings. Generally, people putting up floral tattoos try to depict some ancient culture. It can also mean love between two people. The flower depicted in this beautiful tattoo is Camellia which conveys love and gratitude.

Classy Chandelier Tattoo On Upper Thigh

Classy Chandelier Tattoo On Upper Thigh
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This sexy black and white chandelier thigh tattoo on the front thigh is something that every woman would want to have. Being one of the quirkiest thigh tattoo ideas, this outer thigh tattoo uses different shades of black to differentiate the different gradients of the chandelier.

The symbol of the chandelier is associated with the opulence and wealth of different eras. Often a chandelier tattoo resonates with elegance and style. Since the chandelier is said to be a source of light, this tattoo design can portray vision, brightness, and purity.

Snake Tattoo At The Back Of The Thigh

Snake Tattoo At The Back Of The Thigh
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The snake tattoo is another most common thigh tattoo ideas that women prefer doing. It is one of the most unique thigh tattoos for women that changes the entire look of the women, especially when she is wearing shorts. Not only are these snake thigh tattoos for women sexy, but also stand as unique thigh tattoos for females.

There is a spiritual meaning attached to the thigh tattooed with a snake design. It is known to all that snakes shed their skin to appear in a new form. Adding a snake into the designs of thigh tattoos for females makes it a symbol of rebirth and transformation. However, when thigh tattoos for females go for some tribal design it means protection, power, the cycle of life, and sometimes evil.

Thought-Provoking Thigh Quote Tattoos For Girls

Thought-Provoking Thigh Quote Tattoos For Girls
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Another popular design for women thigh tattoos is the ones with quotes in them. This small thigh tattoo gives a sexy and explicitly raunchy appeal to the body part. The quote that one adds here has to be impactful. This will draw the attention of the people and make them think of it deeply.

When adding quotes to the thigh tattoo designs, it can be either inspirational or motivational or any impactful saying that has left a deep mark in one’s life. While adding a quotes thigh tattoo on the lower thigh, make sure to get it done by a professional. Since the thigh is one of the painful areas in the body of women, it might lead to some injury if not done correctly.

Sexy Rose Tattoo On The Side Of Thigh

Sexy Rose Tattoo On The Side Of Thigh
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When one is keenly interested to get a floral tattoo done, rose thigh tattoo is one of the most common thigh tattoo designs. This thigh tattoo emphasises the quadricep muscles, thereby giving it a more feminine look.

The rose thigh tattoo has been popular for ages. The complicated alienation of the roses in the thigh tattoo makes it all the more alluring. The beauty of this rose thigh tattoo is the meaning that is attached to it. The rose tattoo on side of thigh can have different meanings, depending on the colour of the roses in which the tattoo design is made. The tattoo lies on the outer thigh. Generally, the rose tattoos mean lost love. It is a replica of passion, beauty and emotion.

Colourful Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Colourful Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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Another eye catching thigh tattoo designs that people are showing a lot of interest in these days is the dragon tattoo design. Just like the rose thigh tattoo, the dragon thigh tattoo shown here is colourful and radiant. The thigh tattoo here is made in such a manner that it appears lively.

The dragon thigh tattoo is generally drawn from the Chinese and includes several meanings like wisdom, protection, peace, power, strength, and good luck. Of all women thigh tattoos, the ones with the dragon should be drawn carefully. This is because the direction in which the face of the dragon is inked has different meanings. While the dragon facing upwards in thigh tattoos means positivity, the ones with drooping downward faces are considered ominous.

Floral Inner Thigh Tattoo

Floral Inner Thigh Tattoo
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When looking for thigh tattoo ideas for women, one of the most significant thigh tattoos for women is the one done on the inner thigh. This inner thigh tattoo is simple, yet subtle. Although it has peony flowers, one can add a rose thigh tattoo on the inner thigh as well. Indeed, there can be diverse thigh tattoo ideas for girls. Starting from a small tattoo on the inner side of the thigh, to large colourful ones, thigh tattoos have no limit.

Black And White Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

Black And White Dream Catcher Tattoo Design
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The dream catcher tattoos are rich in symbolism. As a whole, this beautiful object is symbolic of protection. The talisman in the tattoo acts like a filter to keep one away from evil and help one pay attention to the good things in life. Besides, this thigh dream catcher tattoo is also associated with good dreams. Of all thigh tattoos for women, this one is unique and is deeply rooted in the Native American culture.

Small Thigh Tattoos For Women

Small Thigh Tattoos For Women
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Another significant design for thigh tattoos for women is this cute little butterfly tattoo on the front portion of the thigh. Although the tattoo is inked in black and white here, one can add some pop colours to it to highlight the tattoo design. The red large dot on top of the butterfly symbolizes courage and hope.

Butterflies, floral designs, stars, and skulls are some of the common tattoo designs, especially when looking for tattoos for girls. Wondering how much does a side thigh tattoo cost? This depends on the tattoo parlour you head to. It is suggested to get tattoo designs from reputed tattoo artists or parlours. If you are confused about the tattoo design, ask the professional to help you with some tattoos for girls.

Now that you have some idea about thigh tattoo design for women, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Lion thigh tattoo
  • Skull tattoo with floral design
  • Celtic skull tattoo with snake mounting on it
  • Cute and small tattoo with a cryptic text
  • Sunflower tattoo on the lower half of the thigh

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