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101 Best Shoulder Surgery Scar Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Shoulder Surgery Scar Tattoo

Have you been through a life-changing surgery that has left a scar on you? We’re here to introduce a shoulder surgery scar tattoo that may help you recover.

Shoulder Surgery Scar Tattoo
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Surgery scars are wounds that often separate a part of the skin from the rest.

These scars are an unavoidable reaction to a procedure often performed to rescue someone from whatever ailment has been indulging them. After the scars heal, they form a depression on the skin, making it look uneven and patchy.

The skin tone around the scar is also affected, leaving a tiny portion seemingly unmatched by the usual skin tone of the person.

You can remove the patchy and scarred skin by carefully covering it with a tattoo. A dedicated tattoo artist can do wonders when designing tattoos that fit just the right amount to cover your scar. Consequently, you feel more confident and take more pride in your daily walk in life.

A scar tattoo can also be a sign of immense strength and a life-changing one at that. Some of the common forms of scars include keloid scars and skin cancer scars. Getting many surgeries and severe allergies can also be the reason behind visible scars. It also represents anger built on the inside of the skin. People often implement tattoos to conceal self-harm scars and stretch marks. Popular articles suggest that a second tattoo also helps in stashing the scar. Women and men affected with breast cancer also embrace a beautiful tattoo as a way of reminiscing the fruits of their healing journey.

A Floral Shoulder Surgery Scar Tattoo

A Floral Shoulder Surgery Scar Tattoo
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The main scar tissue can leave an impending mark on the skin. To prevent this from showing on your skin, you can opt for a tattoo that provides ample coverage for your car. To turn scars into a thing of beauty, you can always make a meaningful tattoo and add a floral touch to it.

Flowers symbolize all that is earthly and extravagant at the same time. This tattoo is minimally drawn on most parts, with just the bare minimum shading done on the leaves and the buds surrounding the blooming roses. Overall, it is a great tattoo starter and can be a good fit for the shoulder.

Mandala Shoulder Surgery Scar Cover-Up Tattoo

Mandala Shoulder Surgery Scar Cover-Up Tattoo
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Intricate Mandalas drawn by tattoo artists can cover a deep scar or any gnarly scar depending on the coverage of the tattoo. For instance, this awesome tattoo has polka dots in the inner circles and outer rings.

The insides of the flower-like mandala have folds to cover scars. This tattoo symbolizes healing from a painful event. While it may be a very long story, this tattoo artist has done a fantastic job by repainting the scar tissue completely.

What makes this tattoo wholesome is the idea that went into making it. Tattoos like this hide the central scar and help you in your mental health journey. Only a mandala can cleverly interact with the job.

Serpent Surgery Scar Tissue Cover Tattoo

Serpent Surgery Scar Tissue Cover Tattoo
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While tattoos that cover wounds are indefinite, the idea of a tattoo covering a scar is not always at par with the actual aftermath. You may have incurred a scar years ago and are generally living. But what if you wanted to honor the scar and not fully conceal it?

That’s when this scar tattoo comes to play. As you can see, this tattoo only partially covers a scar. At the same time, it symbolizes self-harm, which can be integral to one’s desperation.

The tattoo pays homage to the meaningful message behind a scar tattoo but in a playful way. A serpent is drawn around the scar yet missing the points where it is prominent. Such a tattoo signifies resilience and can be used cleverly to interact with cover-up tattoo ideas.

Rose Scar Cover-Up Tattoos

Rose Scar Cover-Up Tattoos
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Such a tattoo is a reminder of a keloid scar and its effect on a person. While scars can be of different types, a keloid wound is more visible to an unobservant eye. It is also challenging for a tattoo artist to ink a tattoo hiding a deep scar left by a procedure.

It can manifest into mental health issues and bring one’s self-worth down. In this case, the tattoo artist has utilized a full-blown rose to provide coverage to the scar.

While body ink may be seen as an emblem of beauty, it can also be implemented as a simple tattoo that covers a small cut or a more extensive incision.

Birth Flower Scar Cover-Up Tattoo

Birth Flower Scar Cover-Up Tattoo
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Cover-up tattoos are a fashion statement in themselves. While it can be that people wear their scars for too long, it may also be considered unsightly at one point due to the static nature of the scarring. To avoid that, you can choose to go for a cover-up tattoo that may complement your other arm.

You can get a tattoo such as this for a great starter. This tattoo signifies a birth flower that has bloomed in favor of the person. Not only has it stowed away the sight of the scars on the body, but it has also wilfully represented a memory close to the person. Alternatively, you can play with the alignment of the tattoo and add your personal touches.

Some people may have depressive and suicidal episodes due to the scarring. In many cases, you can also find someone refraining from getting their ideas tattooed for cultural reasons. These tattoo cover-up ideas can work wonders for them in such cases.

An All-Rounded Woman Cover-Up Tattoo

An All-Rounded Woman Cover-Up Tattoo
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This tattoo is from the artist’s collection of designs and drawings that have catered quite well to the concerns of the tattoo holder. It is tattooed onto the chest of the person going all the way up to the shoulder.

While it does not resemble a shoulder cover-up tattoo, it touches the lines of beautifying scars left by surgeries and, therefore, is not just a tattoo but a more meaningful message. A detailed portrait of a woman covers the scars in this tattoo.

The angelic woman glances at the unknown while the eagle or phoenix around her spreads its wings to make her seem more powerful in her conquest. There’s visible shadow work done on her face. Such a tattoo removes the sight of scars instantly, leaving you not to address any more curiosity regarding the scars. In a glamorous turn of events, the phoenix expels fire from its mouth, representing the scarring.

Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoo

Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoo
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Talking about tattoos that honor the survivor status of a cancer patient is a must when it comes to covering up tattoos. These tattoos not only showcase a person’s struggle on the brink of death but also provide closure to the affected person in the form of a tattoo.

The job of a medical professional is to assist someone who has put in their best for the same. These tattoos are a sign of gratitude and cannot be replaced by an ordinary tattoo or a design but only the finest. Breast tattoo primarily affects women worldwide, but it also affects men. Often than not, women end up losing their nipples and areolas to the procedure.

These tattoos lease a fresh chapter to the survivor in the form of 3d ink. Over here, we see a rose in full bloom surrounded by its many companions –the leaves which give it a superior feeling. Tattoos like these start at the upper region of the breast and can take up as much area to reach the shoulders.

A rose signifies love, beauty, and above all, courage. Right below the statement rose, we have the nipple drawn over an areola in a three-dimensional structure which renders the feeling of glancing at normal human anatomy.

Sprouting Orchids Shoulder Tattoo

Sprouting Orchids Shoulder Tattoo
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Tattoos like these show distinction and creativity to the observer. To the person getting it tattooed, it may symbolize virility. Traditionally, orchids were flowers of utmost social standing. They signified luxury, strength, and charm in the ancient Greek era.

Notice how this tattoo doesn’t just undermine the presence of scars? Besides representing elegance, it also pays homage to the idea of reverence and innocence. The person getting this tattoo would have deeply contemplated their intentions. That is only possible with the wholesome concept of acceptance from the tattoo holder.

Joker’s Eyes Tattoo As A Concealment For Scars

Joker's Eyes Tattoo As A Concealment For Scars
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Our quintessential Joker is the haven for all Goth enthusiasts. Starting at a horizontal angle and moving into an angle of horror may be a sign that not all tattoo getters out there are not wanting pity in the slightest sense. They are content with what life gave them and can improvise on their path.

Tattoos such as these have a rather bold way of display. As green as the pupils may appear, you cannot ignore that you haven’t noticed this tattoo of scars at least a few times. Besides, these types of tattoos act as conversation starters at any point in time.

Bouquet Scars Tattoo

Bouquet Scars Tattoo
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Tattoos can bear any form of scars in keeping with the safety of the person involved. This tattoo is an example of a tattoo outlined just around the scars. It could be owing to nerve damage or atheroma removal.

Such tattoos can easily hide scars from plain sight by shading the tattoo with just the right amount of ink. However, figuring out scars tattoo needs time and effort. To save on the timing and the midnight oil, plan a tattoo that provides ample concealment to the scars. The next step is to locate a design that matches the exact color of the scars to avoid unnecessary pigment spilling.

This list may be an excellent place to start if you’re still soul-searching for the tattoo of utmost importance.

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How is a shoulder surgery scar tattoo done?

A shoulder surgery scar tattoo is a form of medical tattooing that works to hide or minimize the appearance of scars resulting from shoulder surgery. The procedure typically involves an experienced and skilled tattoo artist using specialized inks and needles to carefully fill in the scar with a design tailored to the patient’s preferences. Depending on the size, shape, and depth of the scar, multiple sessions may be required to create a seamless color blend. The result can be a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than what was originally present before the surgery. It is important to note that not all scars can be covered with a tattoo, so it is always wise to consult with your doctor beforehand about whether or not this type of procedure is right for you. Additionally, it is important to choose an experienced and reputable tattoo artist who has experience in medical tattoos and scar camouflaging. With the right procedure and care, a shoulder surgery scar tattoo can be a great way to reduce the appearance of scarring caused by shoulder surgery.

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