Best Shirt and Tie Combinations for Men

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Many of us own or have worn a shirt and tie, but we don’t know which ties go with what shirt. I want men across the land to avoid wearing a joke tie as it just doesn’t look good (sorry lads), and get them into a smarter alternative for their more formal occasions.

Shirt and tie combinations may seem like an easy thing to get right, but you’d be wrong. I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve seen men wearing some pretty diabolical shirt and tie combinations (memories of teachers trying to be ‘cool’ are sweeping in).

It’s time we start wearing something a little more appropriate for more formal occasions and work, rather than the ‘joke tie’ you got in your secret Santa. This simple style guide will show you how to wear the correct tie with different types of shirt so we can avoid the dreaded travesty that many of us are used to.

White Shirt

The classic white shirt is something that we all own, so when you’re teaming your tie with it you can find yourself with endless possibilities. The trick with pairing a tie with your white shirt is to know what you’re wearing for the rest of your outfit.

Personally, I’d go for a tie that works with the colour of my suit such as red, navy or even brown. A red or yellow tie would allow a touch of colour and detail to your look yet still tying in the look as a whole. Try a brown knitted tie to match with your shoes and to add more detail to your look, perfect for this season.

Shirt and Tie combinations

Coloured Shirt

A coloured shirt may be a little more difficult to choose a tie for, but have no fear, it’s very simple and I should think easier than choosing one for a white shirt. With a coloured shirt you want to keep the focus on that, so, when choosing a tie try and go for a darker shade of the same colour that your shirt is. This keeps the look simple and stylish without be too out there with pattern.

If you do decide to go for a pattern, again, make sure that the base colour of the tie is a darker shade of the same colour as you shirt, and keep the pattern minimal. Polka dots and a diamond pattern would really work with a coloured tie, as you can get some that are subtle in detail, yet still give full impact.

Shirt and Tie combinations

Patterned Shirt

Now a patterned shirt isn’t something to run from, it’s something that you should embrace with open arms as it adds a lot of detail and colour to your everyday look. Forget the notion that you’ll look like Noel Edmunds (sorry Noel) and start thinking that you’re going to be one snazzy dresser.

Go for a darker pattern giving you more room to work with rather that a brighter colour which just limits your colour options. The choice is yours when picking out the colour of the tie, but stick to a plain tie with no pattern on it as you’ll overthrow the look as a whole. Team with a pair of chinos, such as this pair from Dickies in a great stone colour and throw on some tasselled loafers for good measure.

Shirt and Tie combinations

On The Street

Best Shirt and Tie Combinations for Men

And On That Note

A good shirt and tie combination will take you a long way as it can be a very versatile look. Depending on the colour of your shirt your tie needs to match accordingly, for instance, a white shirt opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to ties. What you have to remember is what the rest of your outfit will look like i.e. if you’re wearing a colourful trouser then make sure that your tie matches with them, it’s simpler than you’d think, trust me.

If you’re sporting a colourful tie then the rules change slightly. If you’re wearing a blue shirt for instance try wearing a tie that is a darker shade of your shirt, or, you can try a pattern as well, again, remember to keep the pattern dark and subtle.

Now, for a patterned shirt, you’l want to keep your tie as simple as possible and in one block colour. You don’t want to go too overboard as you can throw off your whole look and end up looking like a bit of a comedy act, and none of us want that. So give wearing a tie a go, and who knows, you may even enjoy wearing one.

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