The Best Shampoos For Damaged Hair

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If your hair’s starting to feel a little damaged or you’ve noticed it looking a bit dull and dry then you know winters on it’s way. But just because the cold weather’s hitting us, it doesn’t mean your hair can’t still look its smooth and shiny best. To help protect and nourish your hair, we’ve selected some of the best shampoos for damaged hair.


Splitends, roughness, dandruff and even breakage shouldn’t be a continuous problem for your beloved hair. Just because you may have accepted the fact you have dry hair or that it just always looks limp and dull, we’re here to reassure and very nicely (forcefully) tell you that that’s not strictly true. So if you need to bring some life back into your hair, we’ve got some top tips you should follow.

Why Is My Hair Damaged?

There are so many reasons why your hair may be damaged. You could be overstyling it with too much product and heat or not protecting your hair before you style it at all. You could’ve not helped your broken hair by being directly out in the sunlight or in swimming pools (chlorine being the devil here) for a long period of time over the summer. Damaged hair can also be from any chemical treatment or a general lack of vitamins and minerals. And finally you could just have naturally dry hair meaning you need to artificially help promote it’s moisture levels.

Whatever it may be, the basic fact is that you have dry hair. Yes, it’s a bit of a burden but there’s so many ways to boost your hairs nutrients, moisture and general appearance, so that you’ll have smooth, shiny, photo ready hair in no time.

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Best Shampoo For Damaged Hair

With so much out there in the haircare market it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. You could spend a fortune on all the shampoos and conditioners (you can’t buy one with out it’s pair) that claim to revitalise and care for dry hair or you could do the better thing and check out our top four shampoos.


Patricks specialise in haircare, so it’s no surprise that they’re a top brand to use on hair that’s damaged or needs a bit of TLC. Patricks SH2 thick hair deep clean shampoo will leave your hair feeling refreshed and revitalised as the powerful antioxidants help to remove the build up of products and daily environmental aggressors.

By deeply cleaning and conditioning your hair, you’ll start to see a noticeably smoother appearance. However, if you are using this deep cleaning product, it’s best to not use it everyday as you could start to strip away your hairs natural goodness.

D.R Harris

As well as having a good shampoo and conditioning routine, regularly oiling your hair and scalp will do a whole lot of good. This D.R Harris Coconut Oil Conditioner can be used once every one or two weeks to add some nutrients to your dry hair. Being rich in amino acids means that the conditioner penetrates the scalp and helps to balance, hydrate and repair any hair that’s damaged. Plus the creamy texture will leave your hair looking instantly soft and shiny, bonus.

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If you’re looking for a product that specifically specialises in different types of hair issues then Sachajuan have the right selection for you. The packaging and ingredients may be simplistic, but the work it does is definitely a bit more complex. Sachajuan Dry Hair Conditioner will repair dry and brittle hair by infusing moisture deep into your roots and scalp. With a unique Ocean Silk Technology, the conditioner can be used once or twice a week and should be washed out of your hair after 3-5 minutes with warm water.

Hanz De Fuko

The thing about some products that claim they’re natural is that they may not always be telling the truth. But when you do find a natural product, it’s probably one of the best things to use. Hanz De Fuko’s natural shampoo can be used daily without striping your hair. Plus it’s an effective cleansing product that leaves a luxurious and quality finish so your hair will start to look thicker, healthier and seem easier to style.

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Best Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

For some of you, you could try all the dry hair, damaged hair and repair your hair shampoos around and you still wont feel 100% satisfied. If this is the case, or you just want to quickly add in some moisture and nourishment to your scalp and locks, a hair mask could be the answer. Similar to face masks, hair masks should only really be done once or twice a week max as they deeply cleanse, hydrate and work to repair any issues.

There are plenty of hair masks around, each specialising in different areas so whether you want to fight damaged roots, get rid of dandruff or hydrate any dead hair issues, a hair mask will help. So when it comes to finding the best hair mask for damaged hair, you need to think about what you want it to achieve as well as how much you’re willing to pay as some come in at higher prices than others.

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How To Fix Damaged Hair

So there are a few basic steps you can do to help fix any dead hair that you want to repair. Of course you can try out and invest in a shampoo or conditioner but you can also oil your scalp weekly or use a hair mask – homemade or shop bought.

Oiling your scalp will help in the same way it does for your skin. It will moisturise and lock in moisture so you can reduce dandruff and dull look roots. Be sure to wash out the oil and use a light conditioner to bring out the best shine.

Damaged Bleached Hair

Bleached hair care should be advised by your hairdresser but if you were brave enough to do it yourself you may want a few tips on keeping it healthy. You don’t want to start loosing your hair sooner than planned. With bleached hair, the best and most effective way to keep it looking good is to use either argan oil or olive oil.

Apply half a cup of the oil to your hair and massage into your scalp. Wrap your hair in a plastic wrap (basically a shower cap) for around an hour (probably the best looking hour of your life) and then rinse away with warm water. It’s as simple as that. This can be done once every two weeks or even longer if you’re using a good shampoo that keeps your hair hydrated.


The Best Shampoos For Damaged Hair

  • Finding a good shampoo for your dry or damaged hair is a necessity. Whether you want one to use everyday or one to simply use once or twice a week between other washes, invest in a good one.
  • Deeply cleansing your hair and scalp will benefit any dry or dull roots. Removing impurities will help with growth, styling and the general shine.
  • Oiling your roots is a process for very badly damaged hair. Do this once every two weeks for the best results.
  • Damaged hair treatment is a major step if you have bleached your locks. Keep your scalp moisturised and you’ll have healthy looking hair.
 The Best Shampoos For Damaged Hair
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On That Note

Dry, dull and damaged hair is annoying and as winter’s approaching it could get worse. But it’s not all doom and gloom – a good dry hair shampoo and conditioning routine will keep your hair looking shiny, smooth and a whole lot healthier. Oiling your hair, especially if you’ve taken the plunge and bleached it, will keep your roots and scalp hydrated. If you’ve got all this under control you’ll have perfect hair in no time.

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