10 Best Sexy Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Sexy Tattoos

Wish to get inked with a tattoo that will bring out your inner sensuality? Here’s a list of ideas for some sexy tattoo designs to suit your personal style.

Sexy Tattoo
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Sexy tattoos enhance your features by highlighting the curves of your body.

Sexy tattoos can showcase a variety of different elements like flowers, tribal patterns, and mythical creatures. It is all possible to combine the different pieces and come up with a sexy tattoo tailored to your liking.

So you must be wondering what exactly can make a tattoo look sexy? You can transform a simple design into seductive tattoo art by choosing the right area of placement and inking style. A few popular areas to get tattooed include the chest, thigh, and ankle. Apart from these factors, the choice of colours can also play a vital role in enhancing the sex appeal of your tattoo design.

You can place your tattoo anywhere on your body that you wish to highlight! Here is a wide array of designs you can choose from.

Sexy Anklet Tattoo

Sexy Anklet Tattoo
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The anklet tattoo is a timeless fashion trend that will never go out of style. Here, an anklet tattoo with dot work and floral motifs is inked on the wearer. The minimalistic approach to the inking style adds a certain charm to this body art. Moreover, the incorporation of a pair of tulips accentuate the stunning visual of the design and at the same time enriches its meaning. Perhaps, the flower is associated with romanticism and love that transcends through the lapses of time. This sensuous design will undoubtedly draw attention to your ankles and enhance your femininity.

Sexy Anklet Tattoos
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This ornamental anklet tattoo with detailed pattern work can instantly amp up your fashion statement. The tribal symbols in this tattoo art are inked in bold black ink and crisp detailing around the ankle of the wearer. You can further enhance the beauty of this bold tattoo by layering it up with other intricate tribal patterns. A single post of this stunning tattoo art on social media will fetch you plenty of compliments!

Sexy Collar Bone Tattoo

Sexy Collar Bone Tattoo
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Your collar bone area can be a great canvas for sensual body art and here is a design you can get inspired from. A bow and arrow with intricate floral detailing are inked beside the collar bone of the wearer. The bow and arrow, intertwined with leafy patterns, are drawn with crisp lines and minimal shading. The flower, tattooed in the center, adds a pop of colour to this sensual statement piece. Moreover, the crescent moon accentuates the artistic brilliance of this tattoo design. This design can have an array of interpretations, however, the most popular is the one associated with the sense of direction and moving forward in life.

Sexy Spine Tattoo

Sexy Spine Tattoo
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A snake skeleton is inked along the length of the spine of the wearer with intricate detail work. The artist has only used black ink to draw the skeleton of the serpent with a lot of precision. The gorgeous orchids bring a play of contrast to the frame with their vibrancy. Combined with the snake tattoo, the design represents a contrasting meaning as well. Perhaps, the flowers symbolize innocence and purity, while the snake stands as a symbol of destruction. Apart from your back, this design will also look stunning on your legs.

Sexy Chest Tattoo

Sexy Chest Tattoo
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If you are in quest of a sexy chest tattoo idea with abstract detailing then this is the one for you! A human heart is portrayed with two angelic wings on the chest of the wearer. Perhaps, it carries a personal meaning of freeing the soul from earthly bonds. Here, the heart is fragmented into two segments from the center and detailed uniquely. The striking flames engulfing the heart is symbolic of one’s inner fire. The abstract geometric pattern adds depth to this tattoo design.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Thigh Tattoo
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The badass combination of a skull with flowers has worked its magic in this design! It seems like the skull is embedded in a field of delicate red flowers. The realistic human skull is inked in monochrome with detailed shading done in black ink. The flowers are inked in a scarlet red hue that looks extremely attractive on the skin of the wearer. The leaves, adjacent to the flowers, are intricately shaded in a contrasting hue of grey and black ink. This sensuous tattoo can also be inked near the hip where there is enough space to fill the details.

Sexy Henna Tattoo

Sexy Henna Tattoo
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Henna tattoos are also considered to be a form of temporary body art that is obtained by staining the skin with henna dye. Here, a sexy armband tattoo is inked around the arm of the wearer with delicate floral motifs. The flowers and the leaves are drawn with discreet detailing and the patterns outlining the frame enhances its feminine beauty. Apart from your arm, you can ink this stunning design on your wrist as well.

Red Lips Tattoo

Red Lips Tattoo
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Here, a golden bullet is placed between a pair of sensuous lips. Lips are often associated with seduction and the bullet adds an ounce of intrigue to it. The glittery red lips are shaded with white ink, thereby enhancing its appeal. The bullet is inked with realistic detailing as it appears to be emerging out of the skin. You can place this amazing design on your neck or any other body part that you wish to highlight.

Cherry Tattoo

Cherry Tattoo
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A pair of cherries can give off a sensuous charm if it is inked with perfection. The artist has given a touch of realism to this tattoo art by inking the shadow underneath the fruits. Moreover, the red cherries are highlighted with white to further enhance the realistic illusion. The cherry fruit symbolizes immortality and the zest for life. Perhaps, it signifies that the wearer of this tattoo is a go-getter rather than someone who waits for opportunities to come around.

Sexy Dragon Tattoo

Sexy Dragon Tattoo
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If you are looking for an amazing dragon tattoo design with a touch of femininity then here is something you can surely take inspiration from! Here, it is portrayed in a fluid inking pattern and abstract floral detailing. Perhaps, it appears like the skin of the dragon is made up of delicate petals. The combination of pink and blue inks further intensifies the feminine charm of this tattoo. The brilliant shading throughout the design is not one to be missed either! You can place this sexy floral dragon tattoo along the length of your arm like the one shown in the picture. This is undoubtedly a stunning tattoo idea for women.

Sexy Dragon Tattoos
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Here is another great alternative to a dragon tattoo in the Japanese inking style. It is tattooed on the chest of the wearer with utmost perfection. Its horns and bulging eyes are inked in a contrasting shade of colour. The black clouds, inked around it, frame the entire design. It is believed that these mythical creatures are symbolic of strength and power. This can be a great tattoo idea for men who are looking for a bold and masculine design for their next ink.

Sexy Dream Catcher Tattoo

Sexy Dream Catcher Tattoo
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Here, a gorgeous dream catcher is portrayed with the face of an owl in this mysterious design. The twinkling blue eyes of the owl is naturally the focal point of attention here. The intricate shape and patterns beautifully enhance the look of this design. The feathers at the bottom are shaded in monochrome. Dreamcatchers are known to have magical powers to filter out all negative thoughts in our dreams, leaving behind the good ones. This can be one of the sexy tattoo ideas for women who wish to combine the essence of spirituality with mystery in their tattoos.

Apart from their stunning appearance, each of these designs is enriched with deep symbolic meaning! Check out our list of suggestions if you are still looking for a sexy tattoo idea for your next ink and pick one that you like the best!

  1. Stunning peacock tattooed on the leg with a beautiful flower.
  2. Tiny and cute cherry blossoms inked on the hip.
  3. Realistic and feminine butterfly tattoo in vibrant colours on the shoulder.
  4. Roaring tiger tattooed on the thigh.
  5. An enticing snake tattoo coiled around the curves of the arm.
  6. Sexy shoulder tattoo of roses and dandelions.
  7. Monochromatic and girly floral tattoos for women of roses around the wrist.
  8. Sexy stomach tattoo of a tribal design near the belly button.
  9. Sexy breast tattoo of a cancer constellation.
  10. Sexy hand tattoos for women of a crown.

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