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101 Best Sexy Anime Tattoos Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Sexy Anime Tattoos

Are you an avid watcher of anime? Then here we have sexy anime tattoos which you might relish and would love to get yourself inked with!

Sexy Anime Tattoos
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Animes are Japanese animations which are specially created for young adults and children.

Anime can be both hand-drawn as well as computer-generated. The very first known commercial anime came out in 1917.

Various anime series are most popular among the younger generations. The popularity of anime tattoos is also increasing rapidly. There are plenty of tattoo studios that are offering you stunning anime tattoos. But are you confused about the design you want to get? Here we have selected rare and meaningful tattoo designs for you guys so that you can choose the design of your next tattoo.

Sexy Anime Guys Tattoos

Sexy Anime Guys Tattoos
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There are uncountable anime characters that men can choose as their body tattoo design. From Naruto to Demon Slayers there are so many anime characters that can easily inspire a good anime tattoo idea. Here we have a very stunning anime character tattoo, especially for men.

This body art has been inspired by the main protagonist of the very famous horror manga and anime known as ‘Demon Slayer’. The tattoo artist has made a Kyojuro Rengoku tattoo on the lower forearm. Being the main character of Rengoku possesses many rare skills like flame breathing. In this tattoo, Rengoku has been made in black and there is a grey counterpart which has been mainly used for shading. The light shades have been used in the portion of hair and hand. He is holding a long blazing sword in his hand. The sword looks quite hot as we can see the fire flames raising from the sword. The fire is made in bright yellow and orange colours whereas the sword has been made in hot red colour. If Rengoku is your favourite character then you can one piece.

Sexy Anime Girl Tattoos

Sexy Anime Girl Tattoos
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There are plenty of anime characters that can inspire a good anime girl tattoo design. Female anime tattoos are symbols of the rough and tough personality that a female possesses. Besides being rough these female characters are cute and very feminine as well. Here we have handpicked a very alluring Yoko Kurama tattoo for anime fanatic girls.

Yoko Kurama is one of the primary characters in the popular anime series known as ‘YuYu Hakusho’. The meaning of Yoko in Japanese is demon fox. In this body art, the artist has made use of various colours to make Yoko Kurama lively. She has a very tough and serious expression on her face. She has beautiful red hair on her head along with big pretty blue eyes. She is wearing a red suit and there is a big thorny red rose beside her. For the fans of YuYu Hakusho, this Yoko anime girl tattoo would be something that they can admire for the rest of their lives.

Small Anime Tattoos

Small Anime Tattoos
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The beauty of a small anime tattoo is beyond words. Individuals who enjoy and love inking themselves with small tattoos will surely find this anime tattoo design to be attractive. Here is a small Ban arm tattoo which y’all will love.

Ban is a very powerful anime character from the popular anime series ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. He has great speed and strength which surpasses a normal human being. Getting yourself inked with this Ban tattoo will show how much strong you are. This tattoo has been made on the upper arm. The tattoo artist has mostly made use of the grey and black colours. But the most striking part of this tattoo is Ban’s eyes. His eyes are done in a firmly red colour, which depicts how strong he is. He has a mischievous expression and smirks on his face. His hands are joined together and have long hair.

Simple Anime Tattoo Ideas

Simple Anime Tattoo Ideas
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Although there are thousands of anime tattoos available in the tattooing business simple tattoos are always in demand. Hence we have selected this simply beautiful minimal design tattoo. This is a Sharingan tattoo. In Japanese, Sharingan means copy wheel eye. This is a concept from the very well known anime, ‘Naruto’.

Here the tattoo artist has made a pair of black eyes. We can notice that the eyeballs of this pair of eyes have the red Sharingan wheels. The rest of the tattoo has been done in jet black colour which is enhancing the beauty of the tattoo. Below the eyebrows, there is a crescent moon. And the liner of the eyes has been inked in a fire shape which portrays the power of the Sharingan. Under the eyes, there are two black and white hearts along with black tear droplets.

Shaman King Anime Tattoo

Shaman King Anime Tattoo
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Here is a tattoo inspired by the anime series known as ‘Shaman King’. The story is all about the adventures of a boy named Yoh Asakura and his journey to winning the Shaman King title.

In this hand tattoo, the artist has drawn the face of Yoh Asakura on the lower hand. We can see the artist has made used different shades of blue to make Yoh Asakura’s face. He has a very rugged expression on his face. His eyes are made with red colour to show his power. There are two swords on both sides of his face. If in general someone likes colourful tattoos then they can get this lovely piece of art.

Upper Arm Anime Tattoo Ideas

Upper Arm Anime Tattoo Ideas
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The next tattoo design is from the latest anime series known as ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’. This tattoo displays a very popular scene from this series. When the villain Mahito said these words to Yuji while they were fighting. The tattoo artist has done such an accurate job, the tattoo looks exactly like the manga scene. Mahito is wearing a high neck black jacket and has bruises all over his face. He has also wounded a corner of his mouth as blood is dripping down from his face. And he utters his famous lines “I’m You”. You can get this Mahito tattoo if you also think that he is one of the best villains in the anime world.

Nezuko – Demon Slayer Tattoo

Nezuko - Demon Slayer Tattoo
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Here is another girl tattoo for Demon Slayer fans. It is a tattoo of Nezuko. She is among the main characters of the series, ‘Demon Slayer’. She and her brother survived a Demon attack whereas their family had succumbed to that attack. Later on, Nezuko too was turned into a Demon but she still showed her human emotions. As a human, she was a very caring and kind girl. And those qualities stayed with her even after she was turned into a Demon.

Here is a Demon Nezuko tattoo. She has a scary frightening face. There are a number of wrinkles on her face and around her eyes. There is a protruding horn on her forehead. She possesses a demonic smile. Her canines are longer than normal humans which is one of the symbols that she is no longer a human. She has long hair dangling from her head and red eyeballs. There are long black nails attached to her fingers. Around her chest, a few leaves and branches are creeping above. This tattoo is a black and white tattoo which has been drawn on the lower forearm. Girls who are willing to get a bold tattoo can opt for this.

Sukuna Anime Tattoo Ideas

Sukuna Anime Tattoo Ideas
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This mouth or smile belongs to Sukuna. He is a well-known character from the anime series known as ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’. In the series or manga, this smile is right on the palm of Sukuna.

But here the artist has made this right on the hand that is just below the wrist. The mouth has an evil smile. A long and narrow tongue is dangling out of the mouth. It has vampire-like canines. Just above the mouth, there is a big eye with two tiny eyes. The big eye has a reddish eyeball which is making it look scarier. On the fingers, there are a few tattooed Japanese letters.

Naruto Tattoo Ideas

Naruto Tattoo Ideas
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One of the most renowned and loved anime characters and series is ‘Naruto’. Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of this series. He is a young as well as a talented ninja. His dream is to become the leader of his village that is he wants to become the Hokage. Naruto is mischievous yet a simple-minded person. He is a cheerful teenager. For Naruto lovers, we have handpicked the best tattoo design you all can find.

In this lower arm tattoo, Naruto is sitting on his beast Kurama. The beast Kurama was the part or was one of the nine-tailed beasts. Kurama used to hate humans because they used to consider them mindless monsters for many centuries. This is quite a colourful tattoo. Naruto is wearing his ninja suit which is orange and black. He has aggression on his face because he is fighting with his enemy along with the beast Kurama. He has yellow hair and ties a headband around his forehead. Beast Kurama is also helping Naruto. He is very big, scary and powerful by nature and character.

Beast Kurama is also inked in deeper and lighter shades of orange. These two characters look strong together. And being a colourful tattoo it is not monotonous like the black, grey and white tattoos. This is a brilliant tattoo design idea for Naruto fans, so if you want to get inked by some design that is inspired by Naruto then this is the perfect match for you.

Amine Characters Itachi and Kakashi Tattoo Design

Amine Characters Itachi and Kakashi Tattoo Design
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Besides Naruto, there are many more strong characters in the ‘Naruto’ series. Hence one of the most powerful characters is the antagonist, Itachi. He is the elder sibling of Sasuke Uchiha and a member of the Uchiha Clan. Other than Itachi there is one more powerful character known as Kakashi. Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7 in the story. He is very detached and apathetic in character. His face is most of the time covered by a mask.

In this lovely sleeve tattoo, the artist has drawn both Kakashi and Itachi along with their beast. On the left side of the tattoo, there is Itachi and just above him, we can notice his beast in yellowish-orange colour. On the right side of the tattoo, Kakashi is wearing on top of hi, m t m his beast.

There are plenty of tattoo options when it comes to anime. Here are a few other suggestions that we couldn’t add to the above list.

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