10 Best Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Sagittarius Tattoos

If you are someone who is into the zodiac sign and is looking for an elegant tattoo, then this is the perfect place for you. Here is a list of ideal Sagittarius tattoos you would love.

Sagittarius Tattoo
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Individuals born between November 23 and December 21 have Sagittarius as their zodiac symbol. This is the ninth zodiac sign and it is related to the Sagittarius constellation.

The Sagittarius symbol is represented by an archer holding bow and arrow. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is connected to the centaur Cheiron who trained Achilles, a Greek Trojan hero.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so Sagittarius people are loaded with energies and vivacity. They are extroverted and very outspoken. They show an immense amount of affection and respect to their near and dear ones. People who have Sagittarius as their zodiac sign loves independence and like to do things without being dictated. Hence Sagittarius tattoos depict a sense of freedom and exhibition of emotion.

The Sagittarius tattoo ideas can have a variety of depictions based on the natural personality and characteristics of a Sagittarius. Ink can be done on any part of the body like the limbs and hands or the chest. Almost all Sagittarians like to opt for tattoos which shows their ability to overcome hurdles. An archer in the Sagittarius tattoos can be a male or a female which may consist of different colours to illustrate various feelings and aspects of life. You can display your adventurous spirit or unmatched elegance with a subtle tattoo.

People who like elaborate tattoos often includes other detailed images or quotes. Many eminent public figures like Brad Pitt, Tylor Swift, Nicki Minaj have Sagittarius as their zodiac sign. And many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora have inked themselves with Sagittarius tattoos.

Female Archer Tattoo For Sagittarius Women

Female Archer Tattoo For Sagittarius Women
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The tattoo has a half-human figure which portraits a female archer who is holding a bow and arrow in her hand. She has a half-horse body with an aiming arrow. The artist has added designs around the tattoo, which includes little stars and arrows.

If there is any Sagittarius woman who is searching for archer tattoo ideas then this feminine tattoo is a cute way to depict girl power. This tattoo also portraits the freedom that most Sagittarius people want in their life.

Female Archer Tattoos For Sagittarius Women
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Here is one more archer tattoo for Sagittarian women. The tattoo has a woman holding a bow and arrow, the figure is surrounded by cute red flowers which is enhancing the beauty of this Sagittarius tattoo.

As Sagittarian women adore their independence and freedom this tattoo helps to ooze confidence. This Sagittarius zodiac tattoo is a perfect blend of beauty and boldness, and if you are a Sagittarius who loves strong tattoo designs then this Sagittarius tattoo is apt for you.

Half Man Sagittarius Tattoo For Sagittarius Men

Half Man Sagittarius Tattoo For Sagittarius Men
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For men who are searching for a Sagittarius man tattoo then this centaur tattoo is ideal for you. This Sagittarius tattoo design represents both the past and future. The foot of the centaur is inclined towards the future and the Sagittarius arrow which he is holding portrays the past.

This dark Sagittarius tattoo idea is ideal for men who have an optimistic outlook and those who love to take independent life decisions.

Half Man Sagittarius Tattoos For Sagittarius Men
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One more tattoo design that depicts a centaur. This centaur has a devilish face and also has two devil horns on his forehead along with a long ponytail. The half-human body is a little bit skeletal and there is a protruding tongue near the chest area. Around the waist, there is a skull belt. The lower portion of the tattoo is a body of a horse. The centaur is aiming his bow and arrow.

This cult archer design can fascinate those males who are more into dark and adventurous things. This will be more suited as a back tattoo.

Bow And Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo Along With A Name

Bow And Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo Along With A Name
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Sagittarius arrow tattoo is one of the most popular Sagittarius tattoo ideas. The tattoo artist over here has inked a name along with a bow and arrow tattoo. This arrow tattoo along with an individual’s name is adding more charm to the result.

If you are planning to get a tiny tattoo then this Sagittarius bow and arrow tattoo is definitely for you.

Tattoo Ideas With Meaning- Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Ideas With Meaning- Sagittarius Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo portraits a Sagittarius mother who is carrying a Sagittarius baby in her womb. On the above of this lady, there is a Sagittarius constellation, along with the sun, moon, and Jupiter, the ruling planet for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. You can also observe that there are many stars along with the celestial bodies. Sagittarius constellation tattoos are unique in their way and here it is complimenting the tattoo design.

If you are an intellect who likes tattoos that depict more metaphors then this Sagittarius tattoo design will well suit your desires of getting inked with zodiac tattoos.

Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo

Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo
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In astrology, every zodiac sign is related to a constellation, and the ninth sign is related to the Sagittarius constellation.

This is the most spirited Sagittarius constellation tattoo, I have come across, the tattoo artist has used multiple colours to portrait stars of the constellation. Yellow, pink and blue are some of the colours that the artist has chosen to use. The stars have been joined with tiny dotted colourful lines. If you will notice the constellation carefully you will discover that the Sagittarius constellation depicts a figure of an archer holding bow and arrow in one of his hands.

If your astrological sign is Sagittarius and you are looking for a very vibrant yet elegant Sagittarius tattoo then this Sagittarius constellation tattoo is apt for you.

Arrow Tattoo For Sagittarius Symbol

Arrow Tattoo For Sagittarius Symbol
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This arrow forearm tattoo consists of carnation flowers in the shape of a bow, with an arrow tattoo alongside a crescent moon.

Carnation is the birth flower of the zodiac Sagittarius. The Bow and Arrow is the principal component of the Sagittarius Symbol.

A zodiac tattoo with a flower and celestial body is one of the most eye-catching zodiac tattoos. So if you are looking for a less colourful yet gorgeous Sagittarius tattoo then you might like this gorgeous Carnation bow and arrow tattoo.

Arrow Tattoos For Sagittarius Symbol
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Here are two more arrow design tattoo ideas for the Sagittarius sign. The first bow and arrow tattoo is surrounded by orbits around it and in the orbits, there are tiny dark circles that symbolize planets. In the second tattoo design, there is a bow and arrow, beside it three more arrows are intersecting each other.

At times it is pleasurable to make small yet meaningful tattoos. And the tattoo artist had inked it on father who dedicated these two tattoos to his two daughters. If you want to get inked for someone else then these two tiny Sagittarius tattoos are the most adorable way to show your love.

Sagittarius Symbol Ankle Tattoo

Sagittarius Symbol Ankle Tattoo
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The ankle is a very popular place to get a tattoo among teenagers as well as young adults. And if you are planning to get an ankle zodiac tattoo that too a Sagittarius tattoo, then this tattoo is the best and safest design to get inked.

Here the artist has tattooed a tiny and pretty Sagittarius zodiac symbol on the ankle. This is the official Sagittarius symbol in the zodiac list. Individuals who are interested in astrology must have come across this symbol in numerous astrological pages and newspapers.

Wrist Tattoos Idea For Sagittarius Sign

Wrist Tattoos Idea For Sagittarius Sign
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Sagittarius tattoos consisting of constellations are my favourite Sagittarius tattoo ideas. Here is one more constellation tattoo idea for you guys. This is a vibrant and colourful Sagittarius constellation wrist tattoo.

The Sagittarius constellation has been decorated with white flowers on two sides. And then the artist has also added two orange fruits with green leaves which is making this monotonous tattoo more attractive to the eyes.

If you are tired of these common and boring black tattoos then you should opt for this one. This is more lively and striking and will be the star amongst the rest of the tattoos.

Sagittarius Tattoos For Back

Sagittarius Tattoos For Back
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This Sagittarius back tattoo has an intricate bow with jewels embedded on both sides. The bow is entirely covered with feathers. There is an arrow-like structure intersecting the feather bow. Below the arrow, there is a crescent moon and is surrounded by star-like structures.

Sagittarius tattoo is incomplete without bow and arrow. Bow tattoo is one of the simplest yet popular Sagittarius tattoos. If you are a zodiac tattoo enthusiast and willing to get yourself inked, then this bow and arrow as a backpiece would be an attractive option.

Sagittarius Flower Tattoo

Sagittarius Flower Tattoo
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The tattoo consists of the Sagittarius constellation and flowers. This pretty tattoo is inked near the ankle area with black colour. Flowers symbolize purity, passion and beauty. Sagittarius being a fire sign is strong but also possesses passion and beauty just like a flower.

This tattoo is perfect for those who are passionate about their lives and live to love others.

Besides all of these Sagittarius tattoos, the bow and arrow is the luckiest tattoo design for a Sagittarius. We all are well aware that the Sagittarius constellation forms an archer and archers are better known for their bow and arrows. Technically now we can guess why these elements are lucky as a tattoo design for a Sagittarius individual. Inking a bow and arrow tattoo might be the wisest thing any Sagittarius individual can do to usher good luck in their lives.

Zodiac signs are becoming very popular among Generation Z and Millennials, so getting zodiac tattoos have become quite trendy. Here were some Sagittarius zodiac tattoo designs you might love. Besides these designs here are a few more design possibilities that might interest you,

  • Leo Sagittarius Tattoo
  • Sagittarius Tribal Tattoo
  • Dark Sagittarius Tattoos
  • Libra and Sagittarius Tattoo

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