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101 Best Sad Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Sad Tattoo

Do you wish to commemorate your low moments as a reminder of the strong person you are now? Check out these quirky Sad Tattoos you can pick your best from.

Sad Tattoo
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Sorrow is not a topic we typically discuss. The first thing we do when a situation hurts us is put on a pleasant front.

While we do so, we build a stronger self inside us as we continue to face each and every situation with a brave face on. After all, what does not kill us, makes us stronger.

With respect to those moments, those situations, those events, and those highly intense emotions, one would surely want to honor them with something that holds a little more permanency rather than just fleeting memories.

While some might choose to forget those moments and never want to relive them; which is only fair to them. Others might choose to highlight those moments in their lives so as to remind them that they had survived and come out of it more robust and with more control and conviction over their own lives.

Some people also choose to put on a happy face while they are living those difficult moments and struggles in life, feeling scared or hurt. But instead of showing their feelings or talking about their sadness, some choose to keep their emotions hidden. It is more difficult with such people because they are lonely and vulnerable on the inside, and yet they choose to put a happy face on.

For those folks, such tattoos are like a cathartic experience, hence many choose to get tattooed as a way of expressing their feelings and those tattoos are a symbol of their inspiration or hope that they are not truly alone in this world. In some way, it is a way to ask for help or reach out.

Such tattoos can depict lots of things. From depression to loneliness, to even hope for happiness or serve as a reminder or represent those days that they have overcome. In order to honor people who have struggled, continue to struggle, and yet are survivors and fighters. While the tattoos may be Sad Tattoos; they are a representation of various messages of life, inspired by sorrow and strength.

Aiko Tanaka And Punpun Inspired Tattoo Design

Aiko Tanaka And Punpun Inspired Tattoo Design
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If you are a Manga fan then we are sure that you are well aware of the character of Punpun from the Manga Oyasumi Punpun. The manga follows the story of Punpun, who is stylized as a bird in the manga. The story talks about his depression, his difficult life with a dysfunctional family consisting of his father; who is an alcoholic, and his aggressive mother.

Many people relate to a lot of moments in the character′s life, his dreams, and his overall lifestyle. While the comic is extremely depressing, the events and the amount of cynicism found in Punpun′s character are something that promote a sense of relatability for people.

Here, the artist drew a very famous illustration of Punpun and Aiko Tanaka, the sadness depicted in the expression of Aiko who is framed inside Punpun, is aesthetic and edgy for a sad tattoo.

Sad Clown Girl Tattoo Design

Sad Clown Girl Tattoo Design
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Here the artist has created a cute yet sad little piece of a clown girl. The illustration clearly depicts the sadness in her expressions. Done in all black ink, the tattoo provides a black and white look, making it look edgier and more sorrowful. While the tattoo design is rather simple, the expression is what takes the highlight.

The fundamental component used in tattoos is one of its most important components. An individual can choose anything as uncommon as clown ink when they desire something different for their new tattoo designs, irrespective of the context. However, in this context, one can clearly understand that the sad clown girl is a representation of a depression tattoo.

Sad But Sassy Clown Tattoo Design

Sad But Sassy Clown Tattoo Design
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The symbol of a clown tattoo might express hilarity for the most part, however, some of them are also rather expressive when it comes to sad expressions. Depending on the emotion the clown bares in the tattoo design, the artwork can represent a range of messages and can be worn by both men and women.

They can also communicate a variety of meanings. Both the visual appeal and the symbolic significance are essential requirements for this artist′s creations, which makes this feature a desirable tattoo design. Here, the design is made in a shaded that further enhances the tattoo.

Chained Heart Tattoo

Chained Heart Tattoo
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A sad tattoo can be of a different variety, it can have a range of motifs and designs. The ideas that make for such sad tattoo designs need to be unique in their presentations. A drawing, an illustration, or a motif that will remind a person of the meaning or the reason behind the choice of getting tattooed needs to be special and serve the cause of the tattoo.

Here, the simple yet classic-looking tattoo does just that. The message is loud and clear, a chained heart where the chain has snapped open. Now the depiction or interpretation of the tattoo can mean several things to several people. But the overall piece is gorgeously presented and can be a perfect motif for sad tattoos.

Crying Sad Girl Inside A Framed Heart Tattoo

Crying Sad Girl Inside A Framed Heart Tattoo
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Here is another beautiful piece of art that will surely tickle your fancy. This piece is rather obvious as to what it represents or is a sign of. The tattoo has a very gothic and edgy and of course, sorrowful, sad look to it. The tears and the lack of joy, highlighting the lonely image of the girl are immaculately illustrated. The tattoo has a sleek look to it, which can only be achieved by an expert in such art.

Such artists who tend to bring out the emotions in a tattoo are rare to find but surely if one can find such a place, this tattoo will not disappoint as a sad tattoo theme. The placement of this tattoo can ideally be in one′s arm and a smaller version of this could also fit perfectly on one′s wrist.

Cute Rivilonely Pasta Tattoo

Cute Rivilonely Pasta Tattoo
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How cute does this lonely little ravioli pasta look? While it has tears streaming down, the idea of a sad pasta is adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. The idea of such a tattoo might not hold much deep meaning or sign, however to each their own as they say.

If you are someone who wants something sweet and quirky and something that highlights your emotions, then this little piece of work is just for you. It is perfect for an arm tattoo, as well as the wrist.

Crying Baby Devil Tattoo With A Phrase Motif

Crying Baby Devil Tattoo With A Phrase Motif
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Being depressed does not mean that one has to look sad or distraught at all times. A smiling bright face can also have depression and that is the reality of this world.

While different people have different ways of dealing or coping with depression, others who find solace in things they embrace in themselves such as their love for tattoos; often find themselves getting words or characters or illustrations tattooed in a very quirky way that highlights their inner demons.

This could be one such piece. We see a baby devil crying and the phrase “born to break down” further enhances the meaning of the tattoo. While this might not be something that inspires positivity, it does highlight one′s state of mind. It can be placed on one′s arm or even their forearm or leg as can be seen in the picture.

Sad Eye Enchained Tattoo

Sad Eye Enchained Tattoo
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Depression or sadness is something we do not always express or tend to talk often about. Most of us who are depressed or are struggling with our emotions tend to bottle up our feelings however, it is important to find a source of outlet.

Tattooing can be one such outlet just as journaling, drawing, or writing a song can be an outlet.

Here, the artist chose to illustrate a very stunning piece with a very realistic look. The emotions are obvious, as the tears falling from the eyes turn into chains, signifying the enchained emotions. Such expression through tattoos can be a cathartic moment for many. The perfect details make the tattoo stand out, and hard to look away from.

Edgy And Classy Sad Girl Tattoo With Crescent Moon Motif

Edgy And Classy Sad Girl Tattoo With Crescent Moon Motif
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Here is another stunning piece of artwork for you guys to fawn over. This piece might not exactly be the epitome of a sad tattoo, but the beautifully depicted expression and immaculate detailing of the tattoo make it a perfect choice for those looking for something a little edgier and sensual; while also expressing their deep-seated emotions.

Here, the artist beautifully illustrated the image of a crying girl together with a fantasy-like theme. The gothic look it presents is sure to catch many eyes, including yours if you are someone who appreciates such artwork.

“Told You I Was Fragile” Grave Tattoo

“Told You I Was Fragile” Grave Tattoo
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While all the other tattoos have explored the theme of depression, sadness, and loneliness. This fine line piece of work has a little bit of humor attached to its quirky look.

Here, the artist used thick fine line work, and black ink to illustrate a small grave and an adorable-looking ghost pointing out the words “Told You I Was Fragile” engraved on the gravestone. The illustration is done beautifully and immaculately and the cheeky humor in the word might be a distraction but in certain ways, it is also an expression of the wearer′s emotions.

The piece is perfect to sit on one′s arm or the wrist to present an ideal look.

Human beings are made up of emotions. Trying to conceal them won’t make the discomfort go away on its own. On the other hand, the stress of having to be cheerful could harm our psychological well-being and lead us to feel bad about being unhappy. Odd, yes? But, expressing oneself with tattoos can be helpful, hence the search for the perfect one that emphasizes your emotions is important.

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What is a small ghost tattoo?

A small ghost tattoo is a tattoo of a small, cartoon-like ghost. These tattoos are usually seen on the arms, legs, or back of people who enjoy Halloween and all things spooky. Small ghost tattoos are often chosen as a first tattoo because they are simple and easy to cover up if needed.

How do I take care of my small ghost tattoo?

Small ghost tattoos are easy to take care of! Just make sure to keep the area clean and moisturized. We recommend using a mild soap and water to clean your tattoo, and then applying a thin layer of lotion or tattoo aftercare ointment. Avoid picking or scratching at your tattoo, and expose it to sunlight gradually so it doesn’t fade.

What are some popular small ghost tattoo designs?

Some popular small ghost tattoo designs include ghosts with chains, ghosts in coffins, and traditional “Boo” tattoos. These designs are popular because they are both spooky and cute. If you’re looking for a small ghost tattoo that is unique to you, consider adding your own personal touch to one of these designs or coming up with your own design completely.

How much does a small ghost tattoo cost?

The cost of a small ghost tattoo can vary depending on the artist, the size, and the design. However, on average, small ghost tattoos cost between $50 and $100. If you’re looking to get a small ghost tattoo, be sure to shop around for an artist whose style you like and who has a good reputation.

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