10 Best Ruler Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Ruler Tattoo ideas

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

If you are looking forward to getting a ruler tattoo done, this article will provide you with some of the best ideas that you can refer to.

Ruler Tattoo Ideas
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Be it inspired by the very popular Adam Savage ruler tattoo or a minimalist finger tattoo; ruler tattoos are a popular choice among people.

Some tattoos are meant to be visually stunning, and others tell a story about ourselves. However, body art that is useful is quite rare–a reason why you might think of a ruler tattoo!

If you are used to working with your hands or have to estimate the quick measurements of things with the help of your hands, a ruler tattoo can be of great help to you. Can you imagine how convenient your life will be? Be it for practical use or for something to stand as a symbol of an ideal handyman, the idea of ruler tattoo designs has really taken the market by rage!

Ruler tattoos are the best when they are imprinted on the parts of our bodies that are easy to access! You can get the design tattooed on body parts such as the leg, forearm, index finger, and so on. However, while getting such designs tattooed on the body, it is important to ensure that the design comes up with the utmost precision. It is always advisable to opt for a tattoo artist who is experienced and confident enough that he will be able to draw the lines with sheer precision, without the lines smudging.

Flowers Intertwined With Ruler Tattoo

Flowers Intertwined With Ruler Tattoo
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This is one of the unique ruler tattoos that you will come across. Who could ever imagine that a ruler can be used as a tattoo element, and flowers can be intertwined with it to impart a feminine look to it? The tattoo is ideally suited for any woman who is looking forward to having a sleek and elegant tattoo design on the wrist, calf, along the backbone, or any other part of the body. You can either use it to measure things or simply wear it as a show-piece on your body.

One can experiment with the kind of flowers that can be used in the tattoo. You can also set a tone for your tattoo; for instance, colors like red, orange, and yellow can set a warm tone, and colors like blue and violet can set a cool tone. Get as creative as you want! This is one of the best women’s arm tattoos that you will come across.

Minimalist Finger Ruler Tattoo

Minimalist Finger Ruler Tattoo
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Getting a tattoo design imprinted on your finger takes only a few strokes.  This ruler tattoo is extremely sophisticated to look at. The fewer strokes make sure that the design remains neat throughout. You do not have to go around looking for an expert tattoo artist to get this design inked on your body.

If you are in the profession of hairdressing, this ruler tattoo finger will give you a special edge as it will ensure handy measuring! You can simply chop off any length of hair by measuring with your finger! However, this might not be the most desired placement for your ruler tattoo, as tattooing on the knuckle and the area around it might be a little painful.

Leg Ruler Tattoo

Leg Ruler Tattoo
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If you are foraging for a bigger and fuller tattoo design that you can get inked on a bigger body part, you might want to give this tattoo a shot. The lines used in this tattoo design are quite bold and can be seen from a distance. You are also going to love the font style that has been used to mark the numerals. If you indulge in fishing, you can use this as a ruler so that you can measure the length of every fish you catch.

You can probe with the font style you wish to use. Different kinds of font styles will impart different kinds of effects to the tattoo. The tattoo will look just as good on one’s bicep as it will on the legs. This ruler tattoo on the leg is definitely worth giving a shot! It is not just Adam Savage who can sport a ruler tattoo with such swag.

Happiness Measure Ruler Tattoo

Happiness Measure Ruler Tattoo
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This is quite a quirky idea that you can get as a tattoo. The tattoo is quite small in size and makes a great bicep tattoo. You can also get this design inked on any other body part, such as the wrist, ankle, or collarbone.

The tattoo depicts a ruler with multiple readings, with a small saying at the bottom that reads, “HOW HAPPY ARE YOU?” How cool, isn’t it? There definitely couldn’t be a better way to measure one’s happiness.

Simple Wrist Ruler Tattoo

Simple Wrist Ruler Tattoo
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Want to stray away from the conventional Adam Savage-style ruler tattoos? You will probably not come across a simpler and more wholesome ruler tattoo design for your wrist or any other place where you would like to have a small tattoo design inked. The tattoo comes with five bold lines and a number of smaller lines between them.

What makes it different from any usual ruler tattoo is that some lines are bent and attached to one another, which imparts an “M” like appearance in some of the portions.

10 cm Ruler Tattoo Drawn To Precision

10 cm Ruler Tattoo Drawn To Precision
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It would be a sin not to appreciate the precision with which this tattoo has been drawn on the skin. It looks exactly like one of the rulers that you would purchase from a stationery shop. It has a measurement of 10 cm.

You can use this as a forearm ruler tattoo, or you can get it imprinted on your calf. Although you cannot tamper with the scaling, you will have the flexibility to change the number of centimeters incorporated in the scale to elongate the tattoo and make it appear larger. You can also add other elements to the tattoo, like floral designs, geometric shapes, and so on, to add a distinct character to the tattoo!

Full Leg Length Ruler Tattoo

Full Leg Length Ruler Tattoo
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If you are a gym freak and have managed to get your leg muscles buffed up, a tattoo like this can help accentuate the beauty of your legs. This is a massive design that you will be proud to flaunt. All the effort that you have put into performing long hours of leg press will seem worth it! You can also use this as a fish ruler tattoo on your leg!

Whether you wish to keep the fishing ruler tattoo true to scale is solely up to you. Given that your legs are a massive placement for any tattoo, you can also plan to add other elements to enlarge the tattoo. You can also get this design imprinted on your inner thigh. The expertise of the tattoo artist lies in the fact that all the lines are perfectly straight. Hence, make sure you commission only an experienced tattoo artist for this task.

Herbs And Spices Ruler Tattoo

Herbs And Spices Ruler Tattoo
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The best thing about body art is that you can get as experimental with them as you want. This ruler tattoo has been made quirky simply with the inclusion of some elements like herbs. Arranged beautifully in ascending order from left to right, the herbs are lavender, tarragon, basil, thyme, parsley, dill, and sage.

The herbs enhance the beauty of the ruler tattoo and add a distinct charm to it. The tattoo will look great on your forearm. You can also alter the size of the herbs according to your desire or change the herbs with flowers or other plants of your choice! This forearm ruler tattoo is definitely worth having on your body.

Red Minimalist Ruler Arm Tattoo

Red Minimalist Ruler Arm Tattoo
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This is another minimalist design that you can opt for. Although this design may not look extremely unusual, it is the red colored outline that makes it different from any other usual ruler arm tattoo.

Another distinguishing characteristic of this tattoo is that the measurement marking has been done using roman numerals. You can make your tattoo appear more exciting in multiple ways! You can experiment a great deal by altering the colors, and font style, adding some components, and so on.

Simple Four Lines Minimalist Finger Tattoo  

Simple Four Lines Minimalist Finger Tattoo  
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If you are looking for the simplest tattoo you can wear on an exposed part of your body, this minimalist finger tattoo, which consists of only four straight lines, will be a great choice and make an excellent first tattoo! Not only is this tattoo small in size, but it is also likely to cause less pain.

No matter how small the tattoo is, it shall hold immense significance to the bearer. You also have the flexibility to alter the outline color of the tattoo according to your convenience and make it appear more striking! This is a great tattoo idea for women.

Hope this gives you an idea about the different kinds of ruler tattoo designs that you can draw references from! If you are looking forward to quick measurements, such tattoos are truly going to save your day. A few more ruler tattoo designs are given below.

  • Adam Savage Ruler Arm Tattoo.
  • Pen And Ruler Stationery Arm Tattoo.
  • Multicolor Measuring Lines Ruler Forearm Tattoo.
  • Inch and Centimeter Ruler Tattoo.
  • 5 cm Measure Ruler Arm Tattoo.

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