10 Best Rose On Fire Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Rose On Fire Tattoo

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Do you want to adorn your body with a beautiful burning rose tattoo? Check out the list below and get ten mind-blowing rose on fire tattoo ideas!

Rose On Fire Tattoo
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The unique combination of fire and rose has been in trend for decades. 

Rose tattoos have always been one of the favorite tattoo subjects among women tattoo snobs. Recently, this particular combination of fire and rose has become extremely popular among male tattoo lovers as well.

In almost every culture across the world, roses are associated with passion and unconditional love. But there are numerous other symbolic meanings that vary depending on the different colors of the roses. For instance, a white rose represents purity, chastity, and flamboyance; yellow roses carry the symbol of new beginnings and friendship; orange roses are symbolic of desire, passion, and enthusiasm; blue roses are the emblem of royalty but also stand for something unattainable or impossible.

On the other hand, fire, one of the four elements in Greek cosmology, represents many diverse ideas. Primarily, fire stands for vigor, energy, and passion. But energy, when uncontrolled, can bring destruction. However, in the tattoo world, a fire symbolizes creativity, remembrance, honor, life, and death. And burning flowers are believed to be the symbol of defiled beauty. Now, finding a perfect rose on fire tattoo can be a bit hectic and time-consuming. Therefore, we have spared you the trouble and have arranged a list of some amazing rose on fire tattoo ideas.

Burning Rose With Skull Tattoo Design

Burning Rose With Skull Tattoo Designs
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skull is generally associated with decay, danger, death, and even the afterlife. But in the tattoo world, a skull tattoo bears different significance. It usually conveys the message that the tattoo wearer is not scared of death or danger. Skull tattoos speak of the wearer’s courageous spirit and his/her fearlessness. A skull is also a reminder that no one can escape death because it is inevitable. A skull tattoo can mean many different things when combined with other elements.

Here, in this marvelous tattoo, one side of a skull is attached to a thorny rose stem. The skull seems as if it has been set ablaze. This tattoo is inked in black color, which makes the tattoo look bold and edgy. Flaunt this tattoo on your forearm, at the back of your neck, or on either side of your abdomen area.

Black Rose On Fire Tattoo Design

Black Rose On Fire Tattoo Design
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Black roses are very rare and often associated with despair, death, and even misery. But now, this old notion has been changed a little. People have come to admire the bold beauty of black roses. Black roses, in reality, have no existence. They are a very dark shade of red, purple, or maroon. There are numerous methods through which florists deepen the hue of black roses. Some popular methods are dyeing, dipping the stem into black ink, or even burning the rose in a certain way. At funerals or other condolence meetings, a wreath or bouquet of black roses is displayed as an expression of grief. In many cultures, black roses are given to a friend who has gone through a divorce as an emblem of honor. In friendship, black roses are considered to be the symbol of rebirth or reincarnation. Black roses have marked their presence in the fashion industry as well for their sophisticated look. 

If you want to have a realistic, burning black rose tattoo, then this particular tattoo would be the right choice for you. The artist has used a color-packing technique to draw the rose, and the fire is inked with a mixture of yellow and orange colors. This tattoo will look stunning on your chest, near the collarbone. You can ink it on your sleeve as well.

Blue Rose Tattoo With Red Flames

Blue Rose Tattoo With Red Flames
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A blue rose is one of the most iconic and rarest flowers in the world. In fact, blue roses came into existence in the year 2004. Before that, it was merely a romanticized concept. Blue roses have always been associated with unrequited true love. But the shade of blue determines the meaning of blue roses. For instance, a light blue rose does not symbolize a passionate feeling but a sensitive feeling. On the other hand, a deep blue rose represents mystery, thoughtfulness, dream, and imagination. 

In this tattoo, a gorgeous blue rose has been featured. The rose is surrounded by red flames, but it is not burning. The flames are merely nesting the blue rose. The color combination of red and blue has made the tattoo extremely eye catchy. The red flames and the blue rose together give a mysterious and magical vibe to the entire tattoo. Wear this tattoo on your thigh, back, or sleeve to fetch compliments from the onlookers.

Burning Rose With Phoenix Tattoo Design

Burning Rose With Phoenix Tattoo Design
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In Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Chinese mythology, the phoenix has been described as a magnificent bird with crimson, scarlet, and golden feathers. Phoenix is considered to be the sacred creature of the sun. This mythical bird is believed to be the symbol of rebirth, incarnation, life, and hope. Phoenix has marked its presence in many fantasy movies, series, and literature, and one of the best examples is Fawkes from the phoenix from the Harry Potter franchise. 

In this colored tattoo, a huge phoenix is inked across the right collarbone of the wearer. The bird is depicted as flying with a burning rose in its beak. This tattoo will be an ideal design for those who love fantasy and magic. The wings and tail of the bird have minute detailing, which reflects the artist’s concern about perfection. 

Burning Purple Rose And Mask Tattoo Design

Burning Purple Rose And Mask Tattoo Design
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This multicolored tattoo features a medium-sized purple rose searing over orange flames. Underneath the burning rose, a portrait of a woman is inked wearing a green mask. Her long fingers are delicately covering her face. The purple rose and the green mask of the woman together offer a sharp contrasting look.

This tattoo will fit best on your forearm, calf, or back area.

Small Rose Tattoo With Fire Design

Small Rose Tattoo With Fire Design
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This is perhaps the simplest tattoo design of the lot. The tattoo artist has drawn a fine line rose using black ink. And the female over the rose is inked with red ink. The detailed and neat lines of the tattoo project a simple yet elegant look.

This mini rose on fire tattoo will fit anywhere on your body. The tattoo is small, so you can ink it on your calf, neck, spine, or chest.

Simple Rose On Fire Tattoo

Simple Rose On Fire Tattoo
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If you are among those who like their tattoos to be simple and sophisticated, then this tattoo will suit your taste the most. There are two medium-sized roses inked with a grey color. Orange flames are emerging from within the roses. 

Startle your friends and family by getting inked with this sophisticated tattoo design. You can ask the tattoo artist to change the color of the roses and add other flowers such as lily, daisy, or larkspur to make the tattoo more appealing.

Realistic Burning Rose With Snake Tattoo Design

Realistic Burning Rose With Snake Tattoo Design
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If you are looking for a full sleeve 3D burning rose tattoo, then this is just the right one for you. This vibrantly colorful tattoo has lots of other elements and minute detailing in it. A huge rose has been depicted burning at the very top of the arm. Next, there is a realistic snake that has been inked using blue, white, orange, and red ink. Apart from symbolizing fertility, power, and mortality, the snake, in body art, is also associated with temptation. In this tattoo, the snake adds more sensuality to the entire tattoo. Right beneath the snake, there is a vague torso of a dancing girl placed over another burning rose. And lastly, there is a huge burning skull covering the wrist of the wearer.

This tattoo can be inked on your leg as well, where the tattoo artist will have more space to show his/her creativity.

Burning Rose With Butterfly Tattoo Design

Burning Rose With Butterfly Tattoo Design
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Butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and rebirth. It represents freedom, beauty, and grace as well. In this tattoo, a beautiful butterfly has been depicted on a massive burning rose. The petals of the roses are replaced by flames.

This could be an amazing tattoo for those who love flowers and butterflies. You can adorn your arm, calf, or back with this mesmerizing burning rose tattoo.

Burning Red Rose With A Clock Tattoo

Burning Red Rose With A Clock Tattoo
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Needless to say, the clock is the ultimate representation of fleeting time. In this vibrant tattoo, the tattooist has inked a fragmented part of a gigantic clock at the backdrop of a huge burning rose. One side of the rose has caught fire, and the flame is engulfing the rose slowly. The whole tattoo might symbolize that with time, beauty also burns into ashes.

This tattoo will fit best on your arm, back, calf, or chest.

If you are planning to get inked for the first time, then nothing could be better than to have a sophisticated rose on fire tattoo inked on your body. In many cultures and rituals, there is a ritual of burning roses. This ritual is performed by those who believe that burning a rose would bring them and their families good fortune and prosperity. People often get inked with a rose on fire tattoo as an expression of love toward their desired ones. A rose on fire tattoo can cost from $50 to $200, depending on the size and complicated design of the tattoo.

Here are some more rose on fire tattoo suggestions for you-

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  • Gorgeous turquoise rose surrounded by silver frames tattoo
  • Huge burning rose with an eagle tattoo
  • Stunning watercolor rose on fire tattoo
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