10 Best Rose Knife Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Rose Knife Tattoo Ideas

Looking for classic rose tattoo designs that remain evergreen on your skin? Here are our top 10 rose knife tattoo designs that will get you inked ASAP!

Rose Knife Tattoo Ideas
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Dagger and rose tattoos are a crowd pleaser when it comes to inking with roses.

A dagger signifies death, bloodshed and malicious intent, while the rose stands as an epitome of beauty, grace, and romantic love. Though with seemingly opposite meanings, these two powerful symbols are often used in contrast with each other, giving you a badass body art to show off!

A knife rose tattoo is a popular traditional trope that has existed for ages. The weapon is often portrayed as piercing through a rose as if butchering something beautiful. However, the intent is not that of a poignant or grim idea. In fact, the two images combined represent the duality of human life, a symbol of immortality, betrayal in a close relationship, and so on. The tattoo design could also be a compelling reminder of the hardships that you need to overcome in order to taste success. Whatever be its interpretation, there is a dagger and rose tattoo for everyone, fitting their temperament and life story! Psyched to know yours? Keep scrolling to find our top 10 rose and dagger tattoos and get set inking!

Simple Rose And Knife Tattoo

Simple Rose And Knife Tattoo
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Cute and simple, this small rose tattoo with a knife is a great pick if you are not up for a bloody dagger on your skin. The design is plainly outlined in black with hints of blackwork in the stem of the flower and the handle of the knife.

The kitchen knife along with the rose presents quite a peculiar picture. This is not how you would typically imagine a rose and dagger tattoo, surely not with the ideas of bravery or protection in mind. The style is more commonplace and attempts to capture a more banal take on the glorified concept of the blade. This small tattoo can be easily inked on any part of your body with a good chance of exposure.

Rose And Sword Tattoo On The Neck

Rose And Sword Tattoo On The Neck
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Here the tattoo artist couples a sword with a rose to create a rather royal image of power and strength. The design inclines heavily on highlighting the intricacies of the rose and the hilt of the sword with appropriate shading and dot work, which in turn imparts an ethereal look to the tattoo.

Roses and swords, when used together, can indicate heartbreak. But here, the rose loops around the sword which could signify a yearning for true love. You can experiment with the placement of this tattoo sword on your forearm, back of the neck, and other such sites with good visibility.

Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo Designs

Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo Designs
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The black rose is an alluring tattoo symbol often used in a number of genres. Here, the tattoo artist inks a monochromatic rose design with black ink on the stem and the knife. The blade and flower petals are tactfully shaded with black to distinguish their appearances. Rich with symbolism, a black rose is a classic favourite and can easily be included in your dagger designs.

Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo Designs ideas
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You can leave the rose in monochromatic shades or opt for a pitch black rose with the same knife motif. A black rose tattoo meaning implies great grief and mourning. It is often thought to represent death and sorrow and is used as a marker of a particular life event. You can site a black rose dagger tattoo design on your forearm, upper arm, shin, or even your head for a superb look!

Rose Dagger Tattoo On Head

Rose Dagger Tattoo On Head
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Head tattoos scream bravery and danger just by their looks. A black and grey tattoo design like this one is apt for anyone looking for a simple style without colour. The knife is placed alongside the rose and portrays subtle imagery. You can also have the weapon piercing the rose to comment on the symbolic meanings of death, betrayal, heartbreak, and the like.

Rose Dagger Tattoo On Head ideas
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Similarly, traditional dagger tattoos are quite the craze when it comes to tattooing the side of your head. This tattoo design features a dagger piercing through a rose in traditional norms of tattooing. The muted vibrancy in this colourful tattoo is a telltale sign of the love for old school tattoos and can be the perfect fit on your head. And as a matter of fact, a rose tattooed on your head could make you look 10x cooler!

Traditional Knife Through Rose Tattoo

Traditional Knife Through Rose Tattoo
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Like we said, traditional dagger tattoos with roses are a no-brainer if you like flash tattoos. But if you are wondering about individuality in your tattoos, the artist here shows just how to go about it. Instead of inking a plain rose and dagger, the design here provides a rather dramatic background for the dagger piercing rose. The colour gradient is skillfully applied to present a game of contrasts against the skin.

Traditional Knife Through Rose Tattoo ideas
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The best part of flash tattoos is that you can practically use any other symbols alongside the primary rose and shape it together seamlessly. The motto of this dagger tattoo is to represent betrayal while being humourous. The tiny human hand that holds the dagger enlivens the design while skillfully conducting meaning within its compact size. The placement for this dagger piercing a rose is no hassle. Simply site it anywhere you wish to and it will work its charm!

Pocket Knife And Rose Tattoo Idea

Pocket Knife And Rose Tattoo Idea
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Pocket knives are awesome swaps if you are looking for out-of-the-box dagger tattoo ideas. Instead of the piercing image, the artist here opts for snapping the stem as the rose is placed in between blades. The design is completely framed in black outlines and grey shading and can be worn on your arms or the nape of the neck.

This dagger tattoo is a different take on portraying the lost faith in the world. The pocket knife is not as glorifying as a sword or a dagger but the impact remains the same. You can also decorate the hilt of your pocket knife with these flowers for a varied approach to dagger tattoo designs.

Floral Dagger Tattoo Design

Floral Dagger Tattoo Design
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Make your tattoo designs clutter-free with a floral dagger that is sure to stand you out from the crowd! Here the artist picks a pitch-black dagger covered with red roses rather than the dagger piercing image. The meaning remains intact but this approach makes the tattoo design appear with more style.

This idea can also be inked with colourful rosebuds on a plain or a bloody dagger. This rose with knife tattoo meaning points at the coexistence of two strikingly different connotations and gracefully etch the contrast between life and death, danger and love, and other dualities. Your forearm will be the apt place for getting inked with these neat dagger tattoo designs.

Rose And Dagger Tattoo Design With Snake

Rose And Dagger Tattoo Design With Snake
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This uber-cool snake and dagger tattoo design is a great fit if you are looking to decorate your arms with a mythological symbol that also looks edgy! Here the artist paints a black snake covered in blooms. The halo behind the sword increases the style quotient of the serpent and the tattoo design as a whole.

The snake has often gotten a bad rep and is used as a symbol of deception, poison, and evil. However, a snake wrapped around a dagger symbolise the Roman God Mercury who was the God of travel and navigation and was believed to offer protection to tricksters and burglars. The snake tattoo meaning can also be altered by the positioning of the reptile with respect to the dagger. Simply place a rose at the centre of the snake and the dagger and the tattoo design becomes a symbol of protection.

Dagger Piercing Rose Graffiti Tattoo

Dagger Piercing Rose Graffiti Tattoo
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Paint a graffiti tattoo on your body using the image of a dagger piercing rose. This design is modern, yet does not overdo with the use of colour. The shading with black resembles the spray paints crucial to this art form and negates the negative space.

A graffiti design is surely one of the less-thought ideas when it comes to dagger tattoos. The meanings associated with this age-old image remain intact and it also appreciates the coming-of-age contemporary arts. This dagger tattoo will exhibit your inclination toward graffitis and also set a brand new trend for the coming years!

Elaborate Rose And Dagger Tattoo Design

Elaborate Rose And Dagger Tattoo Design
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If maximalism sounds like you, this multiple folds rose with dagger tattoo will be your cup of tea! The design is rather grand and royal and features the flower in its full potential. The gold charms further glorify the look of the tattoo. You can wear this near the rib cage as is shown here, or try the nape of your neck for a similar placement idea.

Elaborate Rose And Dagger Tattoo Design ideas
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Similarly, this rose dagger tattoo is completely designed with dot work! The intricacies that go into shaping the petals make it a moody dagger tattoo idea. The dagger contrasts the heavily detailed rose, setting an equilibrium between the two elements.

Rose and dagger tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, using a plethora of different tattooing techniques. No wonder the motif has lived so long and still promises to have more in store. Skulls, snakes, and even mandalas are a recurring theme of rose daggers. Ready to experiment with this style yet? Follow the rose with dagger tattoo designs below to get started on this journey:

  • Rose, heart, and dagger tattoos
  • Rose dagger tattoos behind the ear
  • Serpent, skull, and dagger tattoos
  • Skull and dagger tattoo design on the limbs
  • Mini rose knife tattoo

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