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101 Best Rocket Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Rocket Tattoos

Do you want to soar high in life? If yes, then here is a specially curated list of rocket tattoos to boost your adrenaline to its fullest!

Rocket Tattoo
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A rocket is a spacecraft or aircraft that generates thrust using a rocket engine to go to outer space.

Rocket tattoos are a symbol of exploration, primarily for outer space, along with the scene of revolving planets and mesmerizing stars. Every tattoo artist feels interested in trying out various tattoo styles on people, and rocket tattoos are gradually trending on the list!

The rocket came into existence in the year 1926 by Dr Robert Goddard. However, the history of rockets dates back to the beginning of the thirteenth century, precisely 1232 AD, when the Chinese soldiers used rocket-like weapons against the Mongol warriors to prevent invasion. Thereafter, these air-based weapons gradually evolved, ending up becoming a vehicle that can carry a human being or any other living or non-living beings to space.

Since the history of a rocket ship has been glorious and vibrant, various tattoo artist communities from all over the world have begun the concept of experimenting with unusual tattoo designs, especially rocket tattoo designs. These rocket tattoo designs have their roots in various rocket types like solid-fuel rockets, liquid-fuel rockets, plasma rockets and ion rockets. The motor of a rocket is one of the most important accessories because you are aware of the fact that it needs hours to make it by the manufacturers with absolute precision.

In a rocket tattoo design, you will find a sweet concoction of fresh elements from the sky as well as space like shining stars, planets, galaxies as the backdrop. Owing to which you can experience a feeling of thrill and optimism. The rocket tattoo design will look cool on your body since it will cover most of your limbs like arms, legs, etc. Guys generally prefer to create a sensational. Since rockets constantly move in an upward direction, you can derive a lot of inspiration from rockets to overcome the barriers in your life. If you get these designs tattooed, you can gain a lot of control over yourself. May it be behavioural or psychological!

In a tattoo inking shop, you can opt for various categories of rocket tattoos such as forearm rocket tattoos, bicep rocket tattoos, arm rocket tattoos, chest rocket tattoos and many more. These rocket tattoo designs will suit areas like the chest area, thigh area and back area as well. Hence, applying these ideas as a Rocket Tattoo Design combines many added elements to your overall persona. Moreover, you can get interesting links with your day-to-day lives.

Minimalist Rocket Tattoo Designs

Minimalist Rocket Tattoo Designs
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Nowadays, inking small tattoos have become a trend! Getting this minimalistic rocket tattoo inked on your body adds a cute nature to your appearance because of its tiny and pleasing outlook. With subtle and monochromatic designs, this minimalistic rocket tattoo will attract those people who stand out from the crowd and prefer to try something old school. To club things up, there are certain elements that intensify your love towards the vintage outlook of this rocket tattoo. To accept this eye-pleasing tattoo design is not everyone’s cup of tea because people generally tend to flex bigger designs for looking cool.

Since the rocket is a symbol of upliftment, this rocket tattoo design has a long-lasting impact on your personality. If you have a supportive friend who is there beside you through thick and thin, you can dedicate or rather suggest this rocket tattoo to your close one. Moreover, you can dedicate this beautiful tattoo to your mom and dad as well.

Rocket Ship Tattoo Designs

Rocket Ship Tattoo Designs
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Manifest your love towards space and rocket by inking this vibrant rocket tattoo with lots of stars and planets. People believing in country-style fashion will really love this rocket tattoo because this has an old school touch to it. You can get a clear picture of space from this rocket tattoo design because of the multiple elements that you can observe. This is a family-friendly tattoo that can inspire others to start inking. The centrepiece of this rocket tattoo looks like a toy. During your childhood days, you might have purchased these rubbery rocket toys that used to squeeze in any form. Getting inspiration from these toys, these rocket tattoo designs will literally put you in a state of nostalgia.

Small Rocket Ship Tattoo

Small Rocket Ship Tattoo
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This beautiful sparkling rocket tattoo design will be fit for those who are fun-loving and lost within themselves. This rocket tattoo has been created to instil interest amongst the guys who love to express their ambitions and positive emotions. In every aspect of life, you will often notice that thrill and adventure are needed to improve your perception of life. Besides, you can increase your knowledge of the world of tattoos by exploring and experimenting with various tattoo styles. Out of all the styles, this rocket tattoo is the simplest of the lot! It is often heard that tattoos are not good for those who live in areas where summer is scorching hot, but it’s not true. These subtle rocket tattoo designs create a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Rocket Power Tattoo Ideas

Rocket Power Tattoo Ideas
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If you love smoky tattoos, this monochromatic rocket tattoo is the best in the show! If you hope to cross all the hurdles in life and move forward, this is the perfect rocket tattoo design for you. The smoky vibe has a very close resemblance with clouds that are just an added element of aesthetics. Planets, moon and galaxies execute a very heavenly outlook to the overall tattoo scene. Every tattoo artist expects to try something unique. This rocket tattoo is just the same. You can get a wide range of rocket tattoo designs on many sites. You can purchase different designs along with the tattoo to satisfy your style statement.

Red Rocket Tattoo Ideas

Red Rocket Tattoo Ideas
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Try out this magical rocket tattoo. This red tattoo is a treat for all the romantic souls because you can see a heart crying. Acting as one of the main elements of this rocket tattoo design, this eye-catching object has a melancholic feel, unlike other tattoo designs. Whereas in the other leg, there is a spaceship launching as well as a rocket that is igniting. This shows the amount of optimism and self-esteem that one should carry. Moreover, thinking about progressing becomes the first priority for most guys who face breakups and vice versa. These red tattoos can inspire a lot of people to do good in their lives.

Astronaut And Skull Tattoo Ideas

Astronaut And Skull Tattoo Ideas
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Intensify the spookiness and horror game by inking this rocket and skull tattoo with an astronaut helmet. With a menacing skull and a psychedelic opening, this tattoo has deep symbolism. The skull inside the helmet defines confinement in our lives. These pipes surrounded amidst the centrepiece shows the vents from where you can free yourself from pessimistic thoughts. This rocket tattoo will take hours to make by the respective tattoo artist who will recreate the same. This tattoo is fit for both men and women. Thus it becomes easy for many tattoo aficionados to ink this unique rocket tattoo design. Besides, you can get many articles from various websites to get insightful content.

Black And White Rocket Tattoo Pen Ideas

Black And White Rocket Tattoo Pen Ideas
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With a minimalistic design, this simple rocket tattoo pen design is here to melt the hearts of miniature tattoo lovers. This rocket tattoo has a broom-like structure that looks cute in terms of design. The broom has a very efficacious aura that portrays the simplicity and beauty of this tattoo design. With an exciting minimalist framework, this tattoo pen design looks as aesthetic in photos as in reality. If you go on a date, this tattoo can boost your self-confidence because this tattoo has a mysterious charm that can uplift emotions to their fullest.

Rocket League Tattoo Ideas

Rocket League Tattoo Ideas
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Although this tattoo is nowhere related to rockets, this game has been an emotion to all the arcade game lovers out there. This game is based on a vehicle that is used to play football. Although it might sound weird, it is what it is! This game is so very addictive that you can play it for hours. From here, this tattoo idea has got the inspiration to be loved by many tattoo enthusiasts out there! To make things more simple, this tattoo on video games can become a good option for those who are obsessed with video games all the way. The car adds an element of turbulence that is very much similar to rockets. Keeping the car aside, the ball-like structure seems very heavy. Besides, the smoky outlook amidst the tattoo is an element of confusion and imperfection.

Space Exploration Rocket Tattoos

Space Exploration Rocket Tattoos
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Show your simplicity by tattooing this beautiful rocket tattoo. This tattoo design has a sketchy style that shows the eccentricity of the tattoo design and the idea behind it too. With an amalgamation of a reddish and bluish hue, this rocket tattoo is a treat for the ones who love simple colours. To top it off, this tattoo also has a watercolour effect that adds a lot of subtleness as well as an eye-appealing look. This tattoo design is fit for both men and women, thus being gender-neutral. You can ink this rocket tattoo anywhere on your body, like the chest area, arm area, bicep area or tricep area.

Monochromatic Small Rocket Tattoo Ideas

Monochromatic Small Rocket Tattoo Ideas
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This monochromatic rocket tattoo has a very pencil sketchy vibe, unlike other tattoos. Although this tattoo would look good with vibrant colours as well, this monochromatic touch also looks aesthetic in its own way. In every walk of our lives, we need to digest the fact that nothing steps backwards; everything moves forward. Be it time, space, and many more. The main idea behind this particular tattoo is that the rocket keeps on travelling to space. This tattoo design also pays tribute to all the spaceships and rockets out there.

So, you can perhaps wonder what the rocket tattoo is? This tattoo design is the one crossing through many celestial bodies in space. Although the concept is pretty cool, if you look at this tattoo piece closely, it feels as if it has a very deep symbolism as well as giving you an extraordinary vibe.

Rocket tattoos can be the epitome of spirituality, adventure, progression, etc. Some of the other rocket tattoo ideas that you can ink on your body are –

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How big should my rocket tattoo be?

The size of your rocket tattoo should depend on personal preference. A larger design will have more detail and may be easier to see, while a smaller design will allow for greater flexibility as far as placement is concerned. The best thing to do is find a few designs you like and then consider how big it needs to be in order for the details to be visible. Talk to a professional tattoo artist and get their opinion on the ideal size for your design. They will be able to advise you on the best size that suits you, based on the area of your body that you plan to have your rocket tattoo inked onto. It’s important to remember that tattoos do not always look the same in reality as they do on paper. A larger tattoo may be needed for the design to look clear and vibrant once it has been inked onto your skin.

What colors should I use for my rocket tattoo?

The colors you choose for your rocket tattoo will depend on the design you’ve chosen. A lot of rocket tattoos feature minimalistic, monochrome designs with shades of black and white, as this creates a sleek and stylish look. However, if you want to inject some color into your design then there are plenty of vibrant options available. You could incorporate strong blues and reds to symbolize the energy of a rocket launch, while softer pastel tones can be used to create a more subtle look. Ultimately, it’s up to you how colorful or monochrome your design is. It all depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve and what best suits you and your style. Experiment with some different color combinations and see which one you think looks the best.

How much will my rocket tattoo cost?

The cost of a rocket tattoo will depend on the size, complexity and placement of the design. Generally speaking, tattoos are priced by the hour and more intricate designs can take longer to complete. It’s best to contact a professional tattoo artist for an accurate estimate. They will be able to assess your design and give you an idea of how long it will take to complete, which can give you a better indication of the cost. Keep in mind that some artists charge a minimum fee regardless of size or complexity, so it’s important to inquire about these details beforehand. Once you have an idea of the cost, you can decide if the investment is worth it for your dream design.

How long will it take to get my rocket tattoo?

The time it takes to get a rocket tattoo will depend on the size, complexity and placement of your design. Smaller designs may only take an hour or two to complete, while larger and more intricate pieces can take multiple sessions. It’s best to discuss this with a professional artist beforehand so that they can give you an accurate estimate. Remember to factor in any breaks that may be needed between sessions, and allow for some extra time just in case. If you plan ahead then you should have a good idea of how long it will take before you start your tattoo journey.

What are some common rocket tattoo designs?

There are a variety of designs that can be used for rocket tattoos, and the best one for you will depend on your personal style. Some popular choices include realistic depictions of rockets, symbolic illustrations such as planets or stars, and cartoon-style designs with bright colors. You could also incorporate elements from other aspects of space exploration such as astronauts, satellites, and galaxies. Rocket tattoos are a great way to show off your passion for space travel, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your design!

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