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101 Best Renaissance Art Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
10 Best Renaissance Art Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you admire Italy’s rich cornucopia of paintings and sculptures from the renaissance period, then renaissance art tattoo ideas will surely steal your heart.

Renaissance Art Tattoo
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Since “renaissance” is a French word that in English means “rebirth”, a classic renaissance art tattoo on your body, therefore, can become a sign of your own reincarnation.

The great renaissance period marked its presence in the European continent, especially in Italy and France, during the early 14th century and continued up to the late 17th century. It is a movement that revived, re-explored and put forward the perspectives of the great classical era on various fields of knowledge and creativity such as philosophy, economy, art, architecture and so on.

Announcing the end of the Middle age, which is often called by intellectuals the ” dark age” in European history, the renaissance appeared as a transitory period that escorted the modern era. By creating a hub of change in art, culture, and knowledge, famous European cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Paris, etc., celebrated the rejuvenation of different classical art forms. Numerous gifted painters, philosophers and sculptors, namely Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli and many more, have overflowed their time with their marvelous artistic creations. The perfection of their works has always been appreciated by people across time all around the world. By creating a fresh path of new ideas in art and culture, the artistic works of these renaissance artists have inspired many of their successors. And if you are a die heart fan of classical art and its recreation by these great renaissance artists, then getting some part of your skin inked with at least a small renaissance art tattoo would convey your administration for them besides adding a positive change to your overall look.

But going through the content of the free Pinterest app and doing an exhaustive study to find perfect renaissance tattoo designs, drawings, and sketches can be a bit perplexing for many people. If you agree to follow our advice, then just go through the article and easily learn about some of the amazing renaissance art while also getting exciting tattoo ideas. Here we tend to provide you with the best renaissance tattoo art ideas and once you have checked out the images, you call always experiment with similar ideas popular in the tattoo world.

Minimalist Renaissance Art Tattoo

Minimalist Renaissance Art Tattoo
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Considered to be one of the finest specimens of renaissance art, the portrait of “Monalisa” by da Vinci can be the best among classic tattoos. However, this tattoo is a minimalist, fine line tattoo which is showing a fine single-needled work. Moreover, the use of mere black ink gives the outline of Monalisa a very neat and nuanced look.

This kind of tattoo works best for people who don’t want a massive, colorful tattoo but rather prefer small ones with neat, clear and fine lines. This tattoo will look amazing on the wrist or ankle.

Renaissance Classical Art Tattoo

Renaissance Classical Art Tattoo
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The Birth of Venus by Michelangelo, another great renaissance artist from Italy, is very popular among classical tattoo drawing ideas. This tattoo replicates the exact color combinations of the real painting, which makes the tattoo look even more realistic.

To start off, you can get your arm or shoulder or any other slender and exposed area of your skin inked with this beautiful tattoo.

Virtuvian Man Tattoo Design

Virtuvian Man Tattoo Design
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This complex and detailed tattoo comments on the tattoo artist’s excellency. The black-inked tattoo has incorporated the creator and the creation in one single work. The portrait of Leonardo da Vinci beneath the “Virtuvian Man” drawing gives an elegant look to the whole tattoo. Tattoos of this sort challenge the artist to learn about what they are working on, and they also help improve their skills as well.

Show off this impeccable work of art on your arm or back, where it will surely fetch you a lot of positive comments from the onlookers.

Renaissance Art Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel Tattoo

Renaissance Art Fallen Angel Alexandre Cabanel Tattoo
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As mentioned before, the painters of the renaissance era have inspired their successors across the world and the most notable name, in this case, is Alexander Cabanel who is one of the leading artists of 19th century France. This black-inked tattoo consists of a picture of the tear-streaked eyes of Cabanel’s famous “Fallen Angel” painting, a complicated architectural design of an Ionic pillar followed by another angel with her wings stretched. The beauty of the tattoo has increased by several degrees because of the appropriate placement of these three different elements of classic art and architecture.

This monochrome tattoo will look amazing on your arm or thigh.

The Last Supper Tattoo

The Last Supper Tattoo
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This amazing tattoo is a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s magnificent painting called “The Last Supper” which conveys the story of the last dinner Jesus had with his followers the day before his crucifixion. This work represents Jesus’s lifelong services for the welfare of humankind. The detailed facial expressions of the characters inside the tattoo are produced by the use of heavy and minute work of black ink. 

This tattoo needs a lengthy space on your body to be done properly. Like the image in the link shows, you can also make this rather longish tattoo on your arm- from the elbow to the wrist. 

The Praying Hands Tattoo

The Praying Hands Tattoo
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The “Praying Hands” is a famous early 16th-century sketch by German painter and theorist Albrecht Dürer who is often called the Leonardo of the North. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has given Dürer’s drawing a totally different dimension by adding a white dove and a rose with the praying hands’ image. These three elements in the tattoo are together carrying a deep meaning of reverence, peace, and love. The tattoo is done by using various shades of black ink which highlights every figure in the tattoo more prominently. 

You can get yourself one such tattoo and can also add colors to your liking which will also look marvelous on your arm, back or stomach as well. 

The Virgin Mary Tattoo

The Virgin Mary Tattoo
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The figure of the Virgin Mary was one of the favorite subjects among renaissance artists. Numerous paintings and sculptures have been devoted to depicting the peaceful, timid, and always compassionate countenance of the Virgin Mary, and Michelangelo’s famous sculpture “Pieta” bears the testimony of it. The artist of this tattoo has focused on the close-eyed face of the Virgin Mary. The frills of the cloth surrounding the smooth, bowed face of the Virgin Mary is itself appearing like an ornament of the tattoo. The monochrome tattoo here is perfectly capturing the play of light on the original marble statue. 

You can ask your tattoo artist to get you a tattoo of the entire statue where Jesus is lying on the lap of the Virgin Mary. We advise you to do the tattoo in monochrome, which will resemble the original marble statue accurately.

The David’s Eye Tattoo

The David's Eye Tattoo
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Who doesn’t know about the extraordinary 5.17- meter marble statue of the “David” which is often considered one of the finest sculptures by Michelangelo? Every part of the statue is so full of lively details that it has become one of recent most sought-after renaissance art tattoos. This tattoo, however, prioritizes impeccably wonderful eyes, David, and the love-shaped eyeball adds to the already graceful design of the tattoo. 

This beautiful David’s eye tattoo will look best on your ankle, wrist, or neck. You can also ask your tattoo artist to make you a large tattoo of the whole face or the entire body of the original statue.

The Creation Of Adam Tattoo Design

The Creation Of Adam Tattoo Design
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The famous fresco painting called “The Creation of Adam” is considered the best fresco by Michelangelo. The tattoo artist here has given the tattoo a twist by replacing Adam of the original painting with that of a winged skeleton figure which represents the devil. This contrasting image of the devil and Zeus stretching their hands towards each other is perhaps explaining the massage of the coexistence of good and bad in the lives golf human beings.

Get this amazing tattoo done on your back or stomach area where the tattoo artist will get more space to show his/ her creativity. This unique tattoo will definitely fetch you loads of compliments.

The Three Grace Tattoo

The Three Grace Tattoo
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This vibrantly colorful tattoo is inspired by the painting titled “Three Grace” which is a collaborative work of Raphael and Peter Paul Rubens. Unlike the original painting, the tattoo artist here has dressed the figures in off-white clothes who were holding their hands together in a dancing position. The excellent work of the tattoo artist in detailing the curvy figures of the three ladies gives the impression as if they are about to come out of the tattoo.

We suggest you do the tattoo on your wrist, ankle or neck area where the small yet vibrant tattoo will sneak every now and then to amaze the onlookers. 

The renaissance paintings and sculptures have become trendy these days. Ever since the Robert Langdon Franchise, directed by Ron Howard, hit the box office, movie lovers who were not aware of the rich vessel of artistic creations from the renaissance era got awestruck by its dazzling beauty. Hence, the demand for renaissance art tattoos reached its height for their unique and classy look. The cost of these tattoos can roughly begin from $50 (for small fine line ones) and can go over $300 (for big and multicolored ones).

Following are some more similar ideas popular among renaissance art tattoos that might lure you into getting inked with one this year!

  • Beautiful bunch of flying cherub tattoos.
  • Colorful tattoo inspired by the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
  • Gorgeous “Venues of Urbino” tattoo design.
  • Amazing “Benois Madonna” tattoo design.
  • Classic “Virgin of the Rock” tattoo.

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What is a renaissance art tattoo?

A renaissance art tattoo is a type of tattoo design that is inspired by the art and culture of the Renaissance period. Typically, these tattoos feature traditional or even classical artwork from this era, such as portraits and religious imagery. The designs often feature intricate details and vibrant colors which give these tattoos an especially beautiful look. They can be used to express appreciation for the beauty and creativity of this era, as well as to commemorate a person or event from that time in history. Regardless of your motivation for getting a renaissance art tattoo, these tattoos can be incredibly beautiful and meaningful.

How much does a renaissance art tattoo cost?

The cost of a renaissance art tattoo can vary depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where you go to get your tattoo. Generally speaking, these tattoos will cost more than simpler tattoos such as basic symbols or words due to their intricate designs and vibrant colors. In addition, some artists may charge extra for custom designs or if they have to draw the design from scratch. However, in most cases, a renaissance art tattoo will cost anywhere between $100 and $500.

What are some of the best renaissance art tattoos?

Some of the best renaissance art tattoos include religious imagery such as praying hands, angels, or Jesus Christ. Floral designs are also popular for these types of tattoos, and can feature anything from traditional Renaissance roses to more modern flowers. Portraits of people or animals from this era can be incredibly beautiful when done in a renaissance style. Finally, geometric designs and patterns are also popular for these tattoos, as they can add a unique look to the overall design.

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