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101 Best Ram Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
The Illuminati Ram Tattoo

Are you looking for some amazing ram tattoo ideas? Your wish is granted. Dive in to find some great inspirations.

Ram Tattoo
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Having a ram tattoo is like having a masterpiece of an animal tattoo – unique and artistic.

There are so many ram tattoo variations where ram tattoo designs have been made using multiple techniques, different tattoo meanings etc. Be it a ram skull tattoo or a bighorn sheep, these tattoo designs will blue your mind.

A ram tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among men. The artist tries to replicate the male bighorn sheep and the female bighorn sheep. People are usually intimidated by the ram skull as it is an Aries ram tattoo. This Aries tattoo is such a popular subject among zodiac believers. The Aries symbol not only symbolize power but also leadership and determination.

Ram tattoos are usually focused on the skull and long curved horns and not the entire body such as long fur, split hooves and 5-6 feet tall height etc. Most ram tattoos are made in giant sizes and even the small ones are not quite small. It is quite challenging for the tattoo artist to make a realistic replication and that brings the fun in it.

The ram head tattoo, ram horn tattoo, the tribal ram tattoo, the dodge ram tattoo, etc are all the various demanded designs by the customers. Often Aries rams are mistaken as goats and sheep. However, they are different. That is quite evident in the tattoo itself. So, let’s look at the various popular choice and find the perfect tattoo for you.

The Alpha Ram Tattoo

The Alpha Ram Tattoo
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This Aries ram tattoo is one of the most loved tattoos of all time. It is very visually pleasing and also a large tattoo. It can reposition in any place. The tattoo itself is a very detailed representation of the Aries ram with the Aries constellation on its forehead.

The one thing that is more prominent in this is the long curved horns are very significant. Once you see it closely you will find that the tattoo is lightly shaded from the inside to give it a little bit of more edginess and a little bit of more depth. What gives this tattoo more. A punchy look is the writing which is surrounded on top of it.

There is an ancient mythology scripture written on top of the tattoo which gives it more of a Greek mythological look. Although a simple yet very complicated tattoo to achieve since it has a lot of details and the linings need to be perfect. We suggest you go for this tattoo since it is the most classic one of all time.

The Side-Eye Abstract Ram Tattoo

The Side-Eye Abstract Ram Tattoo
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This ram skull tattoo screams power. Leadership and strength. Not only is it very intimidating but also the side glance that makes it more unique and keeps it apart from other ram tattoos. The colours used in the start two are very basic which is black and grey which gives it a more classic vibe however the detailing of this tattoo is very different from the rest.

The tattoo is made in multiple shaded forms. The tattoo artist has used a straight-line method a zig-zag method a dark shading method a light shading method a coiling method and so on which makes the details of this tattoo more lifelike. The entire skull ram tattoo is surrounded by a black unproportioned line which gives it a magical and more fantasy-like aura.

The Mandala Ram Tattoo Sleeve

The Mandala Ram Tattoo Sleeve
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This skull tattoo is a very different yet very special one. Not only is it just a simple skull of ram but also surrounded with lots of art and creativity. On the top of the tattoo is what we call the famous mandala designs and in the centre, we have the skull of the ram and at the bottom, we have roses with petals and thorns.

It is difficult for a bare eye to identify this as a ram skull tattoo however it will take a very keen eye to appreciate it. Many complex ink styles also bring out a lot of textures. Dark black ink is used for the outlining of the entire tattoo and then it is shaded with a lighter shade of black and also the dot ink style has been used to give it more depth.

The positioning of this tattoo is what gives it more beauty. This tattoo has been made on an entire sleeve giving it a good space for the artist to work on and for the tattoo to be displayed well and appreciated.

The Floral Skull Ram Tattoo

The Floral Skull Ram Tattoo
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A very artistic style Aries ram skull tattoo where the emphasis has been made on the skull only. In this tattoo flowers and leaves are being projected out giving this a very grounded oriented look. There are various depths of darkness in the tattoo.

In some places, the ink has been used in a very dark shade and in some places it has been toned down a lot. That has also been used in the dot ink style. Not only is it just a simple animal tattoo or just a Greek mythological tattoo but in this tattoo itself, it is more feminine and more nature loved.

The Illuminati Ram Tattoo

The Illuminati Ram Tattoo
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We are all aware of how the Illuminati is supposedly ruling the world. While many may not believe in such conspiracy theories, there is no denying that the Illuminati can make for a great tattoo. Add to that a Ram and you can a masterpiece with the Ram almost boasting of a third eye. The use of the Ram skeletal texture makes this tattoo even better. The strong shading and the prominent use of thick lines make this tattoo come out and become a true masterpiece. You can interpret this tattoo either as the Illuminati sucking the very life form from the Ram or you can consider the Illuminati as giving life to the ram and thus, the first sense of a formation is taking place. Whatever be the interpretation, this ram tattoo is truly magnificent.

Third Eye Ram Tattoo

Third Eye Ram Tattoo
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One of the most unique designs for a ram tattoo. This ram tattoo portrays spirituality and strength. The centre of the tattoo is made into an eye.

This eye in the centre grabs the attention of the entire tattoo right away and give it a nice mystery element. The shadings of the eye are quite dark and most of the part is filled with a solid black colour.

The next detailing is of the large round horns. They are filled with lines giving it a shaded effect, however, the tattoo artist has drawn each line intricately.

The last part, which is the main skull has been executed beautifully. There are various shadings, both light and dark, used in this portion of the ram tattoo. Overall, a very dark and large-sized tattoo; however the concept of strength and power has been portrayed wonderfully in this ram tattoo.

The Trio of Ram

The Trio of Ram
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One of our most popular and intricate tattoo designs. This tattoo is splendid art. There are three animals in this tattoo. On the left, there is a dinosaur. On the right, there is the ram and at the bottom, there is a bear. Not only these animals have been intricately traced but there also have been uses of colours.

Rather than colouring the animals, the tattoo artist has used colours to fill the background area. The faces of each animal have been delicately detailed, which is the main focus of this tattoo.

The use of classic black ink for the animals and then, a change of colour in the background makes this tattoo quite interesting. This tattoo needs a large space in one’s body, therefore it is advisable to get this tattoo on the front or back of the torso and not in hands and legs. A must-try for all.

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye
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This ram tattoo right here is very different as it appears as a Mystic tattoo. In this tattoo, the ram’s skull has been portrayed as a deity with an eye in the centre. The appearance of this tattoo is more on a fantasy side and it is one of the most tattoos that we have listed in this entire article.

People tend to get more attracted towards more dark tattoos than colourful tattoos or light shaded tattoos so this is a good choice for you. This tattoo is more on a spiritual side and the inspiration behind the statue is the world of theology where everything has a specific meaning. However, here in this tattoo, this has been made to create a new artistic approach towards a simple old classic black tattoo.

The Dark Skull

The Dark Skull
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Well, if you ask for a black tattoo then blackwork is a way to go. This tattoo specifically is for black lovers.

The dark shades in the tattoo makes the creature appear more detailed and yet vibrant. The face in the tattoo has been shaded with bundles of thick black ink and even the details that you will not be able to point out is actually all shaded in shades of black.

People tend to get this tattoo in order to make a statement therefore the placement of this tattoo is in the most visual parts of the body. A tattoo worth giving a try.

The Red Horns

The Red Horns
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This male bighorn sheep has a very artistic approach towards it. Not only is it just a simple classic black ram skull tattoo however the long round horns of the ram have been chosen to be coloured in red to exemplify its appearance. This tattoo is a classic one however it makes a big statement.

The colour inside the horns catches the attention right away and the red colour signifies the power and strength that the ram is known for. It is one of our favourite ram skull tattoo designs so we hope that you like it too.

Some other possible ram tattoo designs for you are as follows:

  1. The Geometric Ram
  2. 3D Ram Tattoo
  3. Bison Tattoo
  4. Ram’s body Tattoo
  5. Ribcage Ram Tattoo

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How much does a ram tattoo cost?

The cost of a ram tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and placement of the design. Generally speaking, a small ram tattoo may cost anywhere between $50 and $200 while a large or complex design can range from $200 to several hundred dollars. Additional factors such as artist experience level, geographic location and studio policies may also affect the overall cost of the tattoo. It is always recommended to research your potential artist and shop around for a price that best fits your budget.

What does a ram tattoo symbolize?

A ram tattoo is often associated with strength and resilience. It is also a representation of fertility, masculinity and leadership. Ram tattoos are frequently used to express a variety of ideals such as courage, determination, assertiveness and the ability to overcome obstacles. They can be a reminder to never give up in the face of adversity or signify that one has the capacity to face any challenge. Additionally, a ram tattoo can simply be chosen for its aesthetic beauty.

What are the most popular ram tattoo designs?

The most popular ram tattoo designs typically feature the animal’s horns, fur, and hooves. Other common elements that are often incorporated into these tattoos include stars, moons, flowers and various other natural elements. Geometric patterns are also a popular choice for ram tattoos as they can be used to create intricate designs. Additionally, some people opt for a more minimalistic approach by having a simple silhouette of the ram incorporated into their design. Ultimately, the design possibilities are truly endless and will depend on the individual’s personal preferences.

What does a ram tattoo mean?

A ram tattoo is often associated with strength and resilience. It can be a reminder to never give up in the face of adversity or signify that one has the capacity to face any challenge. Additionally, it can represent fertility, masculinity, leadership and the ability to overcome obstacles. Ram tattoos also possess aesthetic beauty and serve as an expression of courage, determination and assertiveness. Ultimately, the meaning of a ram tattoo is unique to the individual and can vary depending on the context behind it.

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