101 Best Quetzal Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Quetzal Tattoos

Reviewed & fact checked: December 15, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you fascinated with Quetzal, the most beautiful bird in this world? We have got a list of quetzal tattoo ideas for all the tattoo enthusiasts out there.

Quetzal Tattoo
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Quetzal is undeniably one of the world’s most attractive and stunning birds with jarring long tails and beautiful feathers.

The magnificent quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala. This honor is given due to its incredible importance to the country’s native Maya culture.

The bird is known for its splendid green layer of feathers and underneath it, the brilliant red color peeking in with the thick green tuft of feathers at the top of the head, and adding to its enormous beauty, the shiny long fantastic tail feathers, making it truly a bird of the legends. The quetzal bird can be divided into six categories and can be seen during the night due to its nocturnal nature.

Quetzal can be seen mainly in the cloud forest regions of Central America, Mexico, Bolivia, and Western Panama. Their mating season range between February and June, and these beautiful birds tend to select one partner for life. Due to their great beauty, these small creatures are illegally hunted, and if we cannot protect them properly, it could lead to an immediate threat of extinction.

Enchanting And Colorful Quetzal Tattoo

Enchanting And Colorful Quetzal Tattoo
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Quetzal birds are of immense significance to the Aztec culture. It is said that the fantastic tail feathers of quetzal were used to adorn the head of royalty in Maya culture, and the feathers are a symbol of their connection to god. The gorgeous green and red feathers of this bird of the wild were prohibited from killing thus.

If you are looking for bright, resplendent quetzal tattoos to ink on your shoulder, this quetzal tattoo is designed in an animated female character style to suit your taste. Quetzal birds are usually recognized as the symbol of joy and positivity, and if you are looking for a colorful, vibrant, and dazzling quetzal tattoo, this is one for you.

Astonishing And Dazzling Quetzal Tattoo

Astonishing And Dazzling Quetzal Tattoo
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This incredible bird is even featured on the country’s flag for the value that it adds to the vibrant culture of Guatemala. There are many legends and stories attributed to the brilliant and fascinating bird that was venerated as the god of air by the people belonging to Aztec culture.

The intricate detail in the making of the delicate tuft at the top of the bird’s head and the usage of different shades add a realistic touch to the tattoo by the artist making the bird stand out from other small creatures. For your unique and distinct personality, this quetzal tattoo is one of a kind.

Ravishing Black And Red Quetzal Tattoo

Ravishing Black And Red Quetzal Tattoo
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If beauty could be described in form and body image, then the Quetzal bird would sit on top of that list. The bird’s influence can be traced by the preservation of its fantastic tail feathers collected from its luminous plumage. The practice was a symbol of its vast eminence over the culture of Central America and Mexico.

Want to get inked with a Mayan quetzal bird tattoo that is slightly different and focuses less on color? This quetzal tattoo can be perfect for you. Black and red are dominating and singular colors used in the quetzal tattoo, with the sun peeking out, striking and catching the attention of the eye.

Marvelous Resplendent Radiant Quetzal Tattoo

Marvelous Resplendent Radiant Quetzal Tattoo
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The quetzal bird with its flamboyant long golden, scarlet red, and green feathers were valued immensely as their feathers were used for making ornaments and added to the crown. It exalted an aura of virtue and nobility. It was similar to the next luxury for the people of Central America, as the bird could not survive in bondage.

The lively and picturesque fantastic tail feathers of this bird with their symbolic significance is a dream to ink for any tattoo artist. But the tattoo artist in the resplendent quetzal tattoo has turned the bird quetzal tattoo into an embodiment of magic with the bright golden sun shining like a diamond on the chest is surely a site to behold.

Enigmatic Embroidery Quetzal Tattoo With Flowers

Enigmatic Embroidery Quetzal Tattoo With Flowers
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A tattoo is an incredible form of body art. If we combine this with the effect of embroidery pattern, then the Quetzal tattoo with its luminous plumage is something that arrests the attention of the eye with precision and makes it a one-of-a-kind bird. The Quetzal is incredibly rare to see in the wild for its crepuscular habit.

A Quetzal bird resting on a blossoming branch is a harbinger of hope and good luck. If you are searching for a quetzal tattoo that emits positivity and good vibes, this quetzal tattoo with the artistry of embroidery is something you definitely cannot miss.

Stunning And Spectacular Quetzal Tattoo

Stunning And Spectacular Quetzal Tattoo
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Quetzal tattoo is valuable and bears a deep meaning of freedom and wealth. The bird was extremely difficult for the captive, this is why it was compared to gold. The fantastic tail feathers of the quetzal bird were a form of currency in the old age and also is the name of the currency of Guatemala. There is no doubt that a quetzal tattoo is so precious and quite known among the people of all corners of the world.

Quetzal is invaluable in Mexican tradition and history and Latin America’s culture. If you happen to seek a quetzal tattoo idea to represent something apart from the crowd and is greatly consequential to the history of humankind, this colorful quetzal tattoo is a match made in heaven.

Magnificent Monochrome Quetzal Tattoo

Magnificent Monochrome Quetzal Tattoo
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Quetzal is a sacred and much-revered bird of the Mexican and Mayan cultures. The origin of the word ‘quetzal’ goes long back to luminous plumage. The bird’s gleaming golden and green feathers shaded with vibrant red is different to observe at each time of the day.

The bird is known for its colorful and polychromatic appearance. This quetzal tattoo is for lovers of monochrome, the bold black sharp lines contribute to the overall graphic brilliance of the quetzal tattoo and the mythical nature of this queen of birds.

Delightful And Sublime Quetzal Tattoo

Delightful And Sublime Quetzal Tattoo
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Quetzalcoatl, a divine figure in the history of Latin America, bears a resemblance to Quetzal. No wonder the wings of this magnificent bird were respected and treated like valuable things by the people of Mexican culture.

Quetzal tattoo, which gives a proper homage to the respected and ancient cultures of Latin America, with a temple inked on the heart of this vibrant, vivid, and historically rich tattoo, is one such tattoo that manages to tell an important story about one of the world’s oldest societies.

Sensational And Exquisite Quetzal Tattoo

Sensational And Exquisite Quetzal Tattoo
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The Quetzal bird easily stands out in a crowd of other bird species in the cloud rain forest for its bright luminous plumage, which for male birds divide into two fantastic tail feathers extending to a long length. These fantastic creatures can even fly with their wings at a tender age.

Quetzal tattoo ideas seem to have no end in terms of variety, and if tattoo enthusiasts looking for a tattoo that will give them a similar feeling to that of a painting, this is one of them.

Gorgeous And Illustrious Quetzal tattoo

Gorgeous And Illustrious Quetzal tattoo
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Quetzal is usually found in the high mountain regions of Central America. Because of the exquisite beauty of its luminous plumage, this creature with fantastic tail feathers is almost on the edge of extinction because of the cutting of forests and urbanization. The amazing bird’s wings were considered a treasure in the culture of the Mayan people and are illegally sold to tourists.

Quetzal touched the blood of slain Tecun Uman, the mythical legend, and was instantly filled with the color red on the skin and this quetzal tattoo vibrantly showcases that tribute to the Hispanic culture of Latin America. This tattoo is one of the best visually rich quetzal tattoo ideas not to miss.

The resplendent Quetzal with fantastic tail feathers has been a legendary and most precious bird species that created an aura of its own and continues to stun with its brilliant features and symbolism that holds a special place for Latin Americans and the people of Mexico.

The bird can be utilized in various other ways in body arts. You have already seen many tattoo designs employing the quetzal design in them. There can be even more.

Here, we have incorporated many more quetzal tattoo ideas to look for in this season.

  • Captivating Realistic Tiny Quetzal Tattoo.
  • Mind-blowing Monochrome Quetzal Tattoo.
  • Gorgeous Quetzal Guatemala Tattoo.
  • Perfect And Vivid Quetzal Parakeet Tattoos.
  • Beautiful Single Ink Quetzal Hand Tattoo.

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How big should a quetzal tattoo be?

The size of your quetzal tattoo is completely up to you. Some people prefer small, subtle designs while others opt for large and intricate pieces. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what best fits your individual style. If you’re not sure what size would be right for you, it might be helpful to consult with a tattoo artist who can discuss the options and find something that works best for you. Your quetzal tattoo should be one that brings joy and pride to your heart every time you look at it. Whatever size you choose, make sure it speaks to you in a meaningful way.

What part of the body is the quetzal tattoo best placed?

The placement of a quetzal tattoo is another important decision you’ll need to make. Quetzal tattoos can work well on many different body parts, from the arms and legs to the chest and back. Any area that allows for enough space for the design should be suitable for a quetzal tattoo. You may also want to consider the visibility of the tattoo, as some people prefer their tattoos to be seen while others like to keep them more discreet. Ultimately, it’s up to you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

What colors should a quetzal tattoo be?

A quetzal tattoo can be done in a variety of colors, depending on the design. Generally, traditional quetzal designs are usually rendered in green and red, with other accent colors like yellow or blue being used to enhance the design. However, you can also opt for more unique color combinations if you wish to make your tattoo stand out. Ultimately, the colors you choose should be based on personal preference and what will work best with your individual style.

How long does it take to get a quetzal tattoo?

The amount of time it takes to get a quetzal tattoo will depend on the complexity and size of the design. Generally, smaller designs can take as little as an hour while more elaborate pieces may require multiple sessions. Your tattoo artist should be able to provide you with an estimate of how long it will take them to complete your quetzal tattoo. Keep in mind that you may need to allow for additional time if there are any complications or changes that need to be made during the process.

How much does a quetzal tattoo cost?

The cost of a quetzal tattoo will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the artist you choose to work with. Generally, smaller designs can start at around $50 while more elaborate pieces may cost several hundred dollars. Your tattoo artist should be able to provide you with an estimate of how much your quetzal tattoo will cost before you begin the process. Additionally, most reputable artists will allow you to pay in installments, which can help make the process more affordable.

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