101 Best Purple Flower Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Purple Flower Tattoo

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Are you looking for cute purple flower tattoo designs? Here we have handpicked a few best floral tattoo designs for you!

Purple Flower Tattoo
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Flower tattoos are most common and favoured generally by girls and women.

It is usually considered a feminine design but it is not true. Guys can also get themselves inked with meaningful flower tattoos.

Flowers are a symbol of love, hope passion as well as death. Similarly, getting a purple flower tattoo inked is a sign of modesty, affinity and care. Also, purple is the colour of royalty, so these tattoos on your skin will look very royal and will give a luxurious vibe. These tattoos will look elegant on both men and women and denote different meanings based on the body sporting it.

There are various flower options like lilies, sunflowers, lotus and many other flowers you can choose from. Here we have selected a few rare and unique tattoo designs which might steal your heart at the first sight.

Basic Violet Flower Tattoo

Basic Violet Flower Tattoo
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A purple flower tattoo symbolises love, affection, care and innocence. It is also a symbol of modesty.

Here in this violet flower tattoo, the artist has made a very tiny yet noticeable tattoo right on the arm. It is a very small tattoo of a violet flower along with its stem. The stem has been done in pastel green ink. The stem has a leaf attached to it which has been also inked in pastel green colour. The floral part of the tattoo has been made up by using purple and white ink. Women who are in search of a tiny and simple yet stylish floral design tattoo can opt for this unique design.

Purple Flower And Bird Tattoo

Purple Flower And Bird Tattoo
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Bird tattoos are generally used as a sign of mental and physical freedom or independence. And when it is associated with a purple flower tattoo then it adds very deep meaning to the tattoo. There can be several meanings for bird and violet flower tattoos but the main meaning that it conveys is the freedom to show love and care.

Here in this violet flower tattoo, the tattoo artist has made a little hummingbird flying towards a plant that has a bunch of flowers and the artist has made a whimsical style violet flower tattoo. The violet flower tattoo adds to the brightness. The artist has used fine lines to draw the bird and its wings. The bird has been done in blue and light purple colour. There are several leaves attached to the plant as well. The leaves have been made in green colour. Inked just above the ankle area, this is a very noticeable tattoo idea worth investing in.

Small Purple Flower Tattoo

Small Purple Flower Tattoo
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A subtle colour tattoo is usually preferred over an eye-popping tattoo. A tattoo that has bright and vibrant colours are generally classified as an eye-popping tattoo. Here is a very simple and subtle violet flower tattoo to enhance your beauty.

The tattoo artist has chosen very light shades of purple and violet to create this body art. He has shaded the inner portion of the flower with dark purple colour but that covers a very little portion. The remaining part of the petals is done in light subtle purple shades. Besides the purple shade, the artist has made use of a white tinge in the outermost part of the flower. The flower bud is also made in light purple shades. The stem and leaves of the flower have been made in a very cute pastel shade of green. A woman who is willing to get some pretty violet flower tattoo can opt for this small tattoo design.

Purple Orchid Flower Tattoo

Purple Orchid Flower Tattoo
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Floral tattoos are one of the most common and popular tattoo ideas in the tattooing industry. And under this category orchid lower is among the most loved floral tattoo ideas. Here we have handpicked a beautiful tattoo design of purple orchid flowers apt for people with orchids as their birth flower.

In this purple floral tattoo, there are two purple orchids made right on the upper arm area. The artist has made beautiful patterns to draw the stems and leaves of the flowers. Usage of vibrant purple colours has been made to add more beauty to the tattoo. The petals of the flowers are made in various darker shades of purple. The inner core of the flowers has a light tinge of white. Blackish dark green colour has been used as the colour of the leaves. This violet tattoo is ideal for those who want to portray outer beauty and strength. This is because orchids are symbols of inner strength and unique feminine beauty.

Grey Violet Floral Tattoo

Grey Violet Floral Tattoo
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A Grey violet tattoo is a very unique and rare colour combination a tattoo can have. This tattoo altogether is the show stopper.

Here is a traditional style magnolia flower tattoo inked right on the ankle. The artist has used greyish purple ink to make this tattoo design. There are two prominent branches of magnolia flowers with a fully bloomed flower and a geometrically shaped bud. The branches also have thorns on them. Magnolia symbolises nobility and dignity. Someone who wants to show their nobility can go for this design.

Purple Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Purple Gladiolus Flower Tattoo
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Gladiolus flowers symbolise healing and protection. For women, these flowers symbolise grace as well as style and in men, it symbolises self-confidence and calmness.

There are many violet tattoo variations that your tattoo artist can ink in creative ways. Here are two types of gladiolus flowers inked on the lower forearm. The artist has made a few purple gladiolus flowers along with two yellow gladiolus flowers. The leaves have extended down and have formed two names. There is also a tiny ladybug on the leaves of this tattoo.

Purple Lavender Tattoo

Purple Lavender Tattoo
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Lavender flowers are best known for their sweet smell. This is one of the most well known purple colour flowers. These flowers symbolise love and devotion. In ancient time lavender flowers and colour was used by the royals, hence these flowers also symbolise luxury and elegance.

In this tattoo, there are two tiny purple lavender tattoos inked on the upper arm. The lavender flowers have a lovely purple shade with a thin stem done in thin black fine lines. There are leaves attached to the stem as well done in green ink.

Wild Petunia Tattoo

Wild Petunia Tattoo
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Wild petunia flowers are violet flowers that grow in the wild. A petunia flower tattoo is a sign of anger, fantasy, grace and the urge of being with someone. It is also a symbol of mystery and enchantment.

In this tattoo design, the artist has made two wild petunia flowers. Coloured purple with a tinge of white in it, these blossoms can be inked to capture certain circumstances in one’s life. The tattoo has been done in watercolour style. The leaves and stems of these violet flowers are made in subtle green colour.

Purple Rose Tattoo

Purple Rose Tattoo
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Roses are the most basic and popular flowers as well as the most chosen tattoo designs. Rose tattoos have several meanings. It is a symbol of love, grace, passion, affection and gratitude. But purple rose tattoos are a sign of eternal true love. One who loves deeply can get himself or herself inked with a violet coloured rose tattoo.

In this tattoo design, the artist has made three purple roses on the back. There are two roses in full bloom and there is a rose which is still in its transition period. The petals are made in a light purple shade and the leaves are made in a dark green shade. Those who believe in true love can definitely go for this tattoo idea.

Circular Purple Flower Tattoo Ideas

Circular Purple Flower Tattoo Ideas
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Here in this tattoo design, the artist has made a perfectly styled circular purple flower tattoo. He has used a thin black line to make the circle and on the opposite ends of the circle, there are two violet flowers. There is purple lavender arising from these flowers.

This small purple flower tattoo oozes simplicity.

Besides the above designs, here are a few more suggestions for purple flower tattoos:

  • Watercolour violet flower tattoo
  • Purple lotus flower tattoo
  • Heart-shaped violet flower tattoo
  • Butterflies and purple flower tattoos

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