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101 Best Practical Magic Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Practical Magic Tattoo

Are you fascinated by magic and wish to stir it up with your practical life? A practical magic tattoo is the best way for you to show off your inner sorcerer.

Practical Magic Tattoo
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Magic is believed to have occult qualities, and it has been a matter of great excitement among people since ancient times, as it is full of information and the skill of analytics.

Magic shares contrary ideas with practicality, as practical life has nothing to do with magic and is based on concrete things. In contrast, magic is the embodiment of supernatural elements.

People read books to learn about magic and magic-related services that is a combination of people’s beliefs, actions, or rituals, and thus, they become aware of such account. Magic is often interpreted both in positive and negative ways and is believed to bring change in physical life with its phenomenon. Those, who typically believe in luck and wish to work accordingly, generally tend to opt for information regarding magic. They believe in sharing and receiving ideas of magic, and for the powers to work properly, one has to extract practical meaning out of it. One can improve his performance in many ways and can choose things that blur the difference between practicality and magic. The oxymoronic term ‘practical magic’ and its charm offer suspicion and make others fall for it.

On that note, people, who love magic and want to share their ideas about magic in a practical way, can opt for practical magic tattoo ideas. Practical magic tattoos are the embodiment of similar technologies to share the amalgamated ideas of practicality in magical ways. Its information can change the perspective and choices of people. Review can be found on any social media site regarding the content and performance of practical magic tattoos. Several magic tattoo design ideas can be downloaded in files through any social media app. There are various services available that can provide practical magic tattoos using specific tools and similar technologies.

Salt Shaker Tattoo

Salt Shaker Tattoo
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This magic tattoo is shown creating a magical combination by spilling salt from the salt shaker accompanied by several kinds of herbs – rosemary and lavender. This tattoo is inked with black color in addition to a slight white highlight along the edges.

One can simply flaunt this tattoo by wearing it on the left shoulder or on the left leg. This tattoo symbolizes the belief in a magical mixture using various elements and herbs. This could be the perfect pick for one who has an immense belief in luck and magical powers and wants to bring change in life with the help of a fantastical, magical mixture.

Plant Lavender And Candle Tattoo

Plant Lavender And Candle Tattoo
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Lavender is the symbol of purity, silence, grace, and devotion. Its purple color, besides being soothing, is connected to spiritual activities. Because of its fragrance, it is also used in perfumes. On the other hand, a candle represents light and has a special place in the magical world, just like lavender.

Thus, for those who want to lead their lives in an aromatic way and want to stay in touch with magic, a lavender plant tattoo is the best option for them. If you don’t need a large tattoo, this fine-lined small tattoo could be a perfect piece for you. The subtle needlework with beautiful lavender and green color enhances the tattoo even more. You can even change the concept and combine the two tattoos into one to flaunt your love for all things magic.

Rosemary And Potion Bottle Tattoo

Rosemary And Potion Bottle Tattoo
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Rosemary symbolizes love and friendship. It also has a Biblical myth that it turned blue when a blue cloak was hung on a rosemary bush by Virgin Mary. Apart from its symbolism, rosemary is also used as an ingredient in medicine and magical potions, which could be a perfect example of practical magic, as magic has been used to cure diseases.

If you have a passion for love and affection and to cure your problems with a touch of rosemary and love, blindly go for a rosemary tattoo. Fine needlework, as one of the fundamental tools, is the eye-catching aspect of this tattoo. One can simply flaunt this tattoo by wearing it on the forearm, leg, or side of the abdomen.

Rose Quartz Tattoo

Rose Quartz Tattoo
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Rose is again the symbol of love, whereas quartz symbolizes healing, spiritual growth, and wisdom. Quartz is basically transparent in nature and is really helpful in sustaining memory and concentration.

If you have a keen passion for love and transparency and want to heal your wounds and ensure your spiritual growth, a rose quartz tattoo would be a wonderful option for you. The shading used in the tattoo enhances its depth, and the quartz underneath the rose clearly shows its shine and transparency. One can show it off by wearing it on his waist and posting it on social media sites.

Practical Magic Tattoo Salt

Practical Magic Tattoo Salt
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Salt has been a very useful ingredient in magic and spells for ages, according to myth. Salt used to be an expensive element, and according to the Biblical myth, it is even known to be used as a purifier and to prevent evil.

Thus, people, who believe in myths and folktales and want to be brave by conquering evil in life, can wear practical magic salt tattoos. The small salt bottle with a tail of lines around it feels magical. Those, who are very concerned about inking large tattoos, can go for this small salt bottle magic tattoo and wear it off on their arms.

Practical Magic Tattoo Saying

Practical Magic Tattoo Saying
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Magic quotes are really very trendy. A small but crisp quote is enough to flaunt your attitude before the world. It could improve your personality trait as well.

Quotes are magical with their magnificent significance if one can understand their true values. If you are really bothered about being inked with a large tattoo, this short but spicy quote tattoo can do the magic for you on behalf of any picture magic tattoo idea.

Magic Tattoo

Magic Tattoo
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Practical magic tattoo meaning defers as there are multiple aspects of magic in accordance with multiple significances. A magical potion is the most wanted thing we all crave from childhood.

This little bottle with a magical potion can heighten the charm of every carefree person who leads his life on his own terms. This multi-colored tattoo will definitely, blow everyone’s mind if worn on the legs or on the side of the neck.

Practical Magic House Tattoo

Practical Magic House Tattoo
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The content of practical magic tattoos is really vast, and one needs to learn its various types before getting inked with one. Old houses and forts always have been the den of magic and spell and have successfully done the job of mesmerizing us.

If you are a fan of such houses and like adventure, then this adventurous magic house tattoo is the best option to show off your interest. The colorful flower with a magical spell adds beauty to the house. One can flaunt it on his arm or wrist.

Practical Magic Book Tatto

Practical Magic Book Tatto
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Books are the only options from which we can learn magic traits and tricks. On account of that, a practical magic tattoo on the book would be a very good idea for bookworms.

The spell coming out of the book definitely hints at its magical quality. The sand clock beside the book suggests its timelessness. The content of the book – stars, the moon – also suggests the spiritual quality of the book. One could simply wear it on the arm or wrist.

Wiccan Magic Tattoo

Wiccan Magic Tattoo
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Are you a young Avengers fan besides being a lover of magic? A Wiccan magic tattoo idea is the best option for you.

The content of this tattoo is two half moons joined with a circle and an in-built star in it. This star and moon symbolize magical power, and the fictional character Wiccan is also believed to have magical power. Thus, Avengers lovers may try this magic tattoo and flaunt it. The slightly faded violet color, along with witchy black, is very tantalizing. One can smartly show off by wearing this tattoo on the arm or shoulder.

Magic has always been a fundamental part of myths and folktales for ages. Though it has no scientific significance, often we can feel the magical spell in our real life through some unexpected incidents, which we generally call miracles. Similarly, a practical magic tattoo has its base founded on magic and reality. The magical symbols, along with their significant meaning, really enhance the practicality of magical things. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to choose one of these innovative, practical magic tattoo ideas and ink yourself with a beautiful and significant tattoo design and flaunt it on social media sites to increase your followers.

Not satisfied with these ideas? Don’t worry. We are here to serve you with similar and meaningful practical magic tattoo ideas.

  • A beautiful Harry Potter-themed magic tattoo containing the Firebolt and the Sorting Cap
  • A colorful witchy tattoo on the arm
  • An amazing traditional magic tattoo
  • A breathtaking Halloween-themed pumpkin tattoo
  • An alcoholic midnight margarita tattoo with a pinch of salt

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What is a practical magic tattoo?

A practical magic tattoo is a type of body art that uses tattoos to help the wearer gain access to magical powers or abilities. Tattoos can be used to invoke protection, strength, luck and other desirable elements into the life of the bearer. Practical magic tattoos are believed to be a form of sympathetic magic or spellcasting – using specific symbols, words and images to manifest a desired outcome. They are often thought of as magical talismans or charms, used to invoke the energies of the universe and harness them for personal gain. Practical magic tattoos can be done on any part of the body, though they are often placed in more visible areas such as wrists, necks, hands or ankles. The symbols used in the tattoos are often chosen to reflect the desired outcome, so that wearing the tattoo is a reminder of what one hopes to achieve.

How do I choose a design for my practical magic tattoo?

The design of a practical magic tattoo should be carefully chosen to reflect the desired outcome. The symbols used should be meaningful and well-chosen, as they will become part of the wearer’s identity. It is important to research any symbols or words used in the design, so that their meaning is fully understood. Additionally, it is important to choose a design that is aesthetically pleasing and fits with the individual’s overall style. It is also important to consider placement when choosing a design for a practical magic tattoo, as certain body parts may be more conducive to invoking specific energies than others.

How much does a practical magic tattoo cost?

The cost of a practical magic tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and location of the design. Generally speaking, smaller designs are less expensive than larger ones, and complex designs will also be more costly. Additionally, tattoos placed in areas with more delicate skin may require additional care and attention which can increase the cost. As such, it is best to consult with a professional tattoo artist in order to get an accurate estimate of the cost. In addition, some practical magic tattoos may require multiple sessions in order to achieve the desired outcome, which can also add to the cost.

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