101 Best Playstation Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Playstation Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 23, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you obsessed with gaming? Here are some spectacular PlayStation tattoo designs that will get you the gamers high!

Playstation Tattoo
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Playstation tattoos are popularised by gamers all across the globe who have experienced the thrill of video games.

The PlayStation was first released in the year 1994 by Sony and since then it has undergone a lot of changes to arrive at its latest version. It makes an intriguing subject for tattoo art and is inked by the ones who are passionate about video gaming.

The PlayStation has been a hit worldwide and generates millions of revenues every year. This gaming brand typically consists of five video game consoles, a media center, a smartphone and handhelds. The entire system works together to turn a simple video game into a real adventure filled with thrill and suspense. Some of the popular games include ‘The Best’, ‘Platinum Range’, and ‘Greatest Hits’. Some of the popular PlayStation tattoos include the controller, the original PS logo, PlayStation buttons, and many more. The controller acts as a medium to control to navigate through the entire game and each of the buttons present in it has a distinct role to play. So you must be wondering what is the ps button? There are four different buttons namely the green triangle, red circle, blue cross, and pink square. Apart from them, there are shoulder buttons as well as start and select buttons present in the controller. Well, the blue cross and red circle stand for yes and no respectively. The green triangle represents a viewing point for the game while the pink square is used to access the menu.

There are a variety of ways to style your PlayStation tattoos and make them look even more appealing by pairing them up with other designs. Take a look at these amazing PlayStation tattoo designs and choose one that you like the best!

Playstation Tattoo Sleeve

Playstation Tattoo Sleeve
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The entire design is inked on a black canvas with the PlayStation logo highlighted in blue ink. The digital robot, inked with minute detailing, makes the tattoo stand out. Perhaps, it is a new feature launched on the platform and has become one of the main attractions of the PS4 Playroom. If you are looking for an elaborate PlayStation tattoo design that will cover the length of your arms then this one should be your ideal choice. You will simply fall in love with this tattoo sleeve!

Playstation Logo Tattoo

Playstation Logo Tattoo
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This vibrant PlayStation logo design with realistic detailing is bound to gain your attention! The fluid blend of colours combined with the 3d inking technique has created this stunning tattoo art. The subtle black outline further enhances the visual of this design. This PlayStation tattoo can be easily placed anywhere on your body and altered according to your preference. If you want you can also ink a smaller version of the same design on your finger to amp up your style quotient.

Playstation Logo Tattoos
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Here is another great alternative to a Playstation logo tattoo design that you might like! The stunning logo is inked on a watercolour canvas and emboldened in black ink. The beautiful watercolour inking style adopted in this tattoo art along with the interesting choice of colours is not one to be missed. Place this statement design on your forearm and flaunt your passion for gaming.

Monochromatic Playstation Controller Tattoo

Monochromatic Playstation Controller Tattoo
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A classic PlayStation controller tattoo in monochrome can be the perfect choice for your next ink. The beautiful shading on the controller is done with absolute perfection. The buttons add a pop of colour to the design and further accentuates the look of this stunning tattoo art. You can place this monochromatic controller tattoo design on your hand like the one shown in the picture.

Monochromatic Playstation Controller Tattoos
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This abstract PlayStation controller tattoo portrays four different types of controllers merged into one frame. Each of the controllers fits perfectly like a puzzle piece and thus displays the artistic brilliance of this tattoo. Perhaps, it signifies that the wearer has been a part of the evolution of the Playstation right from its arrival. This is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful video game ink ideas out there!

Playstation Buttons Tattoo

Playstation Buttons Tattoo
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A Playstation button can be a fascinating gaming tattoo design if it’s done with perfection. Here, the four PlayStation buttons are placed on the hands of the wearer. The buttons are inked in an intense black ink on a vibrant backdrop. The splash of colours, behind each of the buttons, have a traditional watercolour effect to it. Apart from your arm, you can also ink this innovative design along the length of your back or leg. You can also pair your PlayStation buttons with a sony PS4 logo to make it even more alluring.

Playstation Buttons Tattoos
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You can also go for classic PlayStation buttons tattoo intertwined together in one frame. The four buttons namely the triangle, circle, X and square look really cool in this tattoo. The shading is done using black ink while the subtle highlights are inked in white. This bold design is bound to catch the onlookers attention and make you look effortlessly chic. You can place this tattoo anywhere on your body to amp up your style quotient.

Playstation Controller Tattoo With A Heart

Playstation Controller Tattoo With A Heart
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It seems like the heart and soul of the gamer lies in his controller! Thus, this incredible PlayStation tattoo comes with a deep meaning. The realistic detailing of the anatomical heart has definitely brought it to life and has been done using red ink. The PlayStation controller looks stunning in black ink and fine dot work detailing. A lot of emphasis has been given to the slightest of details in this tattoo. You can also replace the heart with a brain tattoo to add a unique twist. These PlayStation tattoos will simply uplift your spirit and provide you with the zeal to win the game. A single post of the same on social media is bound to fetch you plenty of compliments.

Tribal Playstation Tattoo

Tribal Playstation Tattoo
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Here is a cool tattoo of a PlayStation controller with innovative tribal detailing! Moreover, the incorporation of the Sony PlayStation logo and buttons enhance the appeal of this tattoo. The controller is inked in a vibrant colour gradient of pink and yellow ink while the rest of the detailing are drawn in black. The palm tree and the leaves are inked in a contrasting shade of green. This PlayStation controller can be one of the best video game ink ideas that comes with a unique twist.

Simple Playstation Tattoo

Simple Playstation Tattoo
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If you are looking for simplistic PlayStation tattoo designs for men with crisp detailing then you can surely go for this one! This neat PlayStation controller tattoo is inked in fine lines and minimal shading. The PlayStation buttons are subtly highlighted with coloured inks for a more subdued effect. This tattoo will look even better if paired with a gaming console.

Floral Playstation Tattoo

Floral Playstation Tattoo
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You can add a feminine touch to your PlayStation tattoo by pairing it with floral motifs like the one you can see in the picture. The dynamic contrast created by the monochromatic controller placed amidst the vibrant flowers looks ethereal. The play of contrast along with the shading enhances the visual of this tattoo.

Floral Playstation Tattoos
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Here is another floral PlayStation controller tattoo that you can go for! The blend of colours along with the intricate detailing of the controller makes it pop. The artist has used white ink to subtly highlight it while the outlining has been done in black to create a frame. The flowers and the petals are inked in a contrasting shade of yellow and blue ink. A bunch of grapes are placed on the top to add a creative touch.

Realistic Playstation Tattoo

Realistic Playstation Tattoo
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This stunning PlayStation can be a great idea for your next ink if you are looking for a tattoo with a touch of realism. The 3d realism is created by the beautiful shadow layout inked below the controller. Perhaps, it gives an illusion of being above the surface of the skin. Moreover, the burning flames accentuate the impressive visual of this tattoo. Place it on your thigh or back where there is ample room to ink this elaborate tattoo art.

Artistic Playstation Tattoo

Artistic Playstation Tattoo
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It seems like the controller is broken into pieces due to the incredible rush of winning the race. The combination of blue and green ink create a visual of glowing energy coming out of the broken controller. You can add a Sony PlayStation logo to get a further detailed look. You can ink this tattoo on your leg like the one you can see in the picture.

Artistic Playstation Tattoo
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The compilation of the creation of Adam tattoo with a red PlayStation controller is a wonderful tattoo idea with a unique twist. The tattoo artist has done justice to this intriguing concept. The hands are kept simple with minimal shading in black ink. The PlayStation controller adds a striking contrast to the frame with its red tint. You can alter the size of this cool tattoo art according to your preference.

PlayStation holds a special meaning in the life of a gamer and can be transformed into some of the most innovative designs. You can even ink the entire PlayStation set if you want to! Here are some of the best Playstation video game ink ideas that you will fall in love with! Check out the list of suggestions given below if you are still having a hard time choosing one.

  1. Realistic PlayStation buttons tattoo on the forearm.
  2. Monochromatic PlayStation controller tattoo paired with a small PS4 robot.
  3. Beautiful Sony PlayStation Logo tattoo in vibrant colours tattooed on the back.
  4. Small Playstation buttons tattoo on the neck.
  5. Stunning Playstation controller sleeve tattoo with a gaming console.
  6. Minimalistic PlayStation buttons tattoo on the fingers in coloured ink.
  7. Cool PlayStation controller tattoo with detailed shading on the chest.

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How do I choose a design for my PlayStation tattoo?

When choosing a tattoo design for your PlayStation tattoo, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from classic video game characters like Mario and Sonic or go more modern with designs of new games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Consider what type of message you want to convey with your ink and how it will reflect your own personal style. Think about the colors, shapes and symbols you want to include. Do you want your tattoo to be small and subtle or bold and vibrant?

How much will my PlayStation tattoo cost?

The cost of a PlayStation tattoo can depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of the design, the skills of your artist, and where you are located. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos will be less expensive, while larger pieces with more intricate designs may cost more. Prices may also vary according to geographic location. Asking around for estimates from local tattoo parlors is a good way to get an idea of how much your PlayStation tattoo will cost. It’s also important to factor in the cost of professional aftercare products, such as lotions and ointments, which are necessary for proper healing and maintenance.

What are some common PlayStation tattoo designs?

Common PlayStation tattoo designs are often inspired by characters from popular games. Some of the most popular PlayStation tattoos include Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Luigi, Pac-Man, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Kratos from God of War, and many more. You can also choose to design a tattoo inspired by the PlayStation logo itself or incorporate symbols from video game controllers into your design. The possibilities are endless!

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