10 Best Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Playboy Bunny Tattoos

Looking for a cool playboy bunny tattoo design? This list of the 10 most unbelievable playboy bunny tattoos has you covered!

Playboy Bunny Tattoo
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The Playboy magazine is an iconic men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine.

Hugh Hefner, the brains behind the magazine and lifestyle, has become a legend among young men and women because of his associations with beautiful naked women and his bold attitude towards sex.

Today, anybody anywhere anytime across the world can recognise the playboy bunny.

From merchandise and clothing to art and tattoos – the playboy bunny keeps popping up time and again because of the immense popularity it enjoys.

In this article, we have 10 amazingly cute and sexy playboy tattoos for you to choose your next ink from!

Classic Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Classic Playboy Bunny Tattoo
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The playboy bunny is the classic hallmark of the playboy franchise and it has been an emblem of sex and pleasure for ages.

It is a cute and secretive design that people often get tattooed for fun and style.

This cute playboy bunny tattoo with hearts on it is one of the most popular playboy bunny logo tattoo designs.

For men and women alike, this symbol simply captures the essence of everything they love about Playboy!

Neon Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Neon Playboy Bunny Tattoo
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What’s better than a classic playboy bunny symbol? A neon playboy bunny!

Yes, this playful purple neon tattoo adds a zing to the classic bunny and makes it look infinitely more rad.

If you are interested in an uber-cool design that is more about the stylish look than the meaning, then this could be your new tattoo!

Magic Bunny Playboy Tattoo

Magic Bunny Playboy Tattoo
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This creative tattoo that shows the playboy bunny as a magic show prop is again a very popular design among playboy tattoo enthusiasts.

It combines two very recognisable imageries from our childhood, and is sure to make you look cute sporting it.

Moreover, this playboy bunny tattoo can be a representation of your inner magic!

Bunny With Roses Playboy Tattoo

Bunny With Roses Playboy Tattoo
@aliciathomas_art via Instagram

Roses are ripe in symbolism of love.

Combined with the playboy bunny, it makes for a sexy tattoo that stands for erotic pleasure and love.

This playboy bunny tattoo in black ink oozes style and charisma and is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Graphic Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Graphic Playboy Bunny Tattoo
@tattoo_lbert via Instagram

This quirky take on the playboy bunny tattoo goes for a graphic comics-inpired style that makes for a raw and charismatic tattoo!

Kudos to the tattoo artist who brilliantly sketched this piece.

The words “fool-hearted lover” have our heart for sure because love above everything else, right?

If you want a sexy playboy bunny tattoo that represents your feelings on love, this one stands out!

Sensual Woman Playboy Tattoo

Sensual Woman Playboy Tattoo
@hoperosie via Instagram

Fans of the magazine will know that the beautiful women appearing on its pages were the star bunnies of our fantasy!

One of the most popular playboy bunny tattoos, this one has a beautiful woman pose for us.

A classic playboy sight. For any guy or gal looking for a sexy one, this playboy bunny tattoo is it!

Ripped Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Ripped Playboy Bunny Tattoo
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The best part of a playboy bunny tattoo is that it can be paired with different things and styles to take on any meaning the wearer desires.

Here we have a fiery playboy bunny tattoos that rips out of the skin to give a very grunge feel.

It’s bold and erotic and is sure to look feisty on any guy or gal wearing it!

Bunny Skull Playboy Tattoo

Bunny Skull Playboy Tattoo
@roach_tattoo via Instagram

This playboy tattoo combines the playboy bunny with a skull – a radical representation of love and life.

This could take on the meaning of dying for love or simply make for an alluring raw look!

A particular fan-favourite among men, this tattoo would look exquisite tattooed on anyone.

Go for this if you want to be the star of the body art game!

Shadow Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Shadow Playboy Bunny Tattoo
@terminuscitytattoo via Instagram

One of the most demanded among traditional playboy bunny tattoos, this playboy bunny tattoo shows the bunny with its hand gesture.

The hand of a woman with long red nails is meant to represent the sexy women who make up a playboy.

A simple yet stunning design that could exhibit your inner playful and sexy persona.

Eagle And Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Eagle And Playboy Bunny Tattoo
@ttat_life via Instagram

Eagles are traditionally known to symbolise freedom. Coupled with the playboy bunny in this dope design, it stands for sexual freedom!

If you are an advocate of freedom of love and sex then this could be a bold choice to have your opinions heard and seen!

Eagle And Playboy Bunny Tattoo
@lonelydreamertattoo via Instagram

What does a playboy bunny tattoo mean? You might ask. The playboy bunny has continued to be a bold symbol of sex. A symbol that is always associated with playful, sexy, seductive, fantasy and pleasure, let’s just say the playboy bunny is a complete mood.

A playboy tattoo has been a symbol of sex and sexual freedom for a long time. Many women choose to get a playboy tattoo as a bold statement about their sexuality. And it has been a favourite among most men who have been fans of the franchise.

If you liked our recommendations for playboy bunny tattoos, then here are some specific placements to consider for them:

  • Playboy bunny tattoo behind ear
  • Playboy bunny tattoo on neck
  • Small playboy bunny tattoo on fingers
  • Playboy bunny necklace tattoo on neck
  • Tiny playboy bunny face on the inner wrist

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