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10 Best Pigeon Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Pigeon Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking for trendy bird tattoos? Then we offer you some amazing pigeon tattoo ideas that you will cherish.

Pigeon Tattoo Ideas
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Pigeon tattoos are well in demand under the category of bird tattoos.

The bird tattoos meaning and designs have attracted people for many years. The pigeons have been incorporated into the genre as a popular design.

So what does a pigeon tattoo mean that they are so in demand? Pigeon tattoos symbolize how rooted a person is in love and hope. It is a symbol of starting a new life afresh. The pigeon tattoo designs also look extremely cute and adorable. Below, we have provided a list of different pigeon tattoo designs, find a suitable piece for your upcoming tattoo from the list.

Small Pigeon Tattoo

Small Pigeon Tattoo
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A pigeon tattoo is a wonderful tattoo design you can get if you have been longing to get a bird tattoo. A pigeon tattoo ranges from large elaborate designs to compact small designs. Some of the illustrations of pigeons are exceptionally good, like this adorable small pigeon tattoo on the ankle of the person who tattooed the piece. If you want to ink a small pigeon on the body, then do not look beyond this piece. The liveliness of this small tattoo is unmatched.

The small pigeon on the ankle looks unimaginably cute and amazing. The colors and the design looks appropriate to the point that it looks real. The color palette used to create the tattoo is nothing less than perfect. It is very rare to see such perfection in such a tattoo, and if you want a small bird tattoo for yourself, this is the best deal you can get. Here the tattoo is inked neatly on the ankle but it will also look good above the elbow or on the wrist.

Neck Pigeon Tattoo

Neck Pigeon Tattoo
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A small pigeon tattoo on the neck looks bold and classy. It is a painful and challenging spot to get tattooed. So a neck tattoo symbolizes your experience in the world of tattoos and body art. A flying pigeon is tattooed beautifully on the side neck behind the ear. A flying black pigeon is tattooed behind the ear on the neck. It is done using black ink only and minimal details are added, yet the pigeon tattoo design looks well defined. The illustration looks nice and quite achievable if you fear getting neck tattoos.

Neck Pigeon Tattoo ideas
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If the words bold and fearless defines you, then this neck tattoo is the challenge that you will be willing to take. This pigeon neck tattoo is not an ordinary one, you have to be highly experienced with the concept of tattoos before inking this heavy design on the neck. Another thing that should be kept in mind is, that if you are looking forward to getting this design inked on the neck, then you should definitely search for a highly experienced artist since it is a sensitive part. If you are afraid to get a tattoo of this sort on the neck, this pigeon tattoo will also look good on the sleeve or the back. The pigeon with the rose looks nothing less than an art piece. Needless to say, it will look amazing on any part of the body.

Pigeon Tattoo On Leg

Pigeon Tattoo On Leg
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The versatile tattoo idea fits in any place on the body, and the legs are not an exception. There are many pigeon tattoo designs from which you can for tattooing on the leg however, this particular design represents the true symbolism of pigeons. A pigeon tattoo is a symbol of love and hope. This tattoo features two birds sitting together cozily and kissing each other on the lips. This romantic vibe tattoo is perfect in case you want to dedicate a tattoo to your partner. The red heart tattoos above show the impact of true love between the two pigeons generated from kissing each other. If you are also a young lover at heart, then this cute piece will suit your personality the best.

Elegant Pigeon Tattoo

Elegant Pigeon Tattoo
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A pigeon looks classy and elegant when tattooed on the body. The sharpness in its overall features is depicted beautifully in this tattoo. If you are also fond of elegant bird tattoos, then this piece is a nice and safe option. A simple pigeon is drawn on the forearm with black and grey ink. The pigeon tattoo looks nothing less than artwork. No color has been used to draw the tattoo yet it looks more lively than many other tattoos. The expertise of the simple yet creative design is something that viewers will dig for.

Elegant Pigeon Tattoos
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This is a tattoo of a white pigeon or a dove. Doves symbolize freedom and love, they are the universal symbol of peace in the world. A graceful dove tattoo of this nature will look good on any part of the body, especially on a larger skin area. Women looking for bird tattoo ideas will definitely idolize the piece because of the feminity of the colors used in the tattoo. An elegant dove is drawn using white ink on a pink and purple shimmery background. The bird seems to appear magically out of a pink cloud. It is sitting on a black-colored tree branch consisting of pink flowers. Such pigeon tattoos are difficult to find but look wonderful on the skin.

Funny Pigeon Tattoo

Funny Pigeon Tattoo
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There are many funny designs of pigeon tattoos that looks quite quirky and cool. The pigeon tattoo in the image is an example of such a funky bird tattoo. The pigeon is colored with the original color of its feathers. It is carrying a colorful skater board under its wings and looks ready to skate on a sunny day. It is also characterized by a colorful that on the head and a sneaker shoe on the feet. The pigeon in the tattoo is personified as a young boy in the tattoo. If you are intrigued by the idea of such fun tattoos, then you can consider tattooing this piece on the hand or the leg.

Funny Pigeon Tattoos
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Here is another example of a pigeon tattoo that is personified as a human. A baby pigeon is tattooed wearing a hat and gumboots in the rain. Water droplets and a pool of water are added to the tattoo to make make it look like it is raining. The baby pigeon seems to be enjoying the rain in the tattoo while walking on its feet by spreading its wings. The tattoo is a vibrant one even though the original colors of a pigeon are maintained. If you want a quirky tattoo like this, then this piece can act as your inspiration.

Forearm Pigeon Tattoo

Forearm Pigeon Tattoo
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The forearm tattoo of a pigeon is heavily detailed. The pigeon in the tattoo looks like it is white although no color has been used in tattoos, it is purely based on the imagination of the viewer. The pigeon or the dove is caught in flight with open wings as it approaches an olive branch. A bird in its flight symbolizes freedom and victory. The depth of the flying bird tattoo meaning also attracts people to the design. If you want some intricate design on the forearm, then you should definitely ink this piece.

Minimal Pigeon Tattoo

Minimal Pigeon Tattoo
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A simple pigeon tattoo looks chic and classy. If you are looking for simple pigeon tattoo pieces, then nothing can be better than this one. The tattoo features a small pigeon drawn with black on the upper elbow. The pigeon looks like a realistic drawing however, it is just a simple line tattoo. The entire tattoo is made using thick and thin black lines yet each part is well defined in the tattoo. This traditional pigeon tattoo is a great piece for first-timers who are looking forward to getting inked.

Vibrant Pigeon Tattoo

Vibrant Pigeon Tattoo
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This is another example of the fun pigeon tattoos. Personifying pigeon tattoos are common, therefore such designs come in repeatations. However, the idea behind each such tattoo is different. For example, in this tattoo, the pigeon is tattooed eating an ice cream on a summer day wearing shorts. The sneakers he is wearing also look very cool. The human version of the pigeon has very realistic details even though the original color of the pigeon is maintained. The tattoo undoubtedly looks very vibrant on the asking because of the use of so many different colors.

Sleeve Pigeon Tattoo

Sleeve Pigeon Tattoo
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Floral tattoo designs have been popular among tattoo lovers for a long time. They enhance the beauty of every tattoo design they combine like this pigeon tattoo. The pigeon drawn in combination with the pretty flowers increase the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo. The pigeon and roses are both drawn with black ink yet not a single element in the tattoo look lifeless. The large tattoo is inked across the inner sleeve covering the bicep muscle. This beautiful piece will be an ideal fit for both men and women.

GeometricPigeon Tattoo

GeometricPigeon Tattoo
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This is an intricately designed pigeon tattoo featuring multiple elements to give a deeper meaning and an attractive look to it. The tattoo is contained inside a diamond shape, within the shape, there is a preying vulture, a peaceful dove, and some floral element. A large rose is drawn at the top of the diamond shape to increase the beauty of the tattoo. The aggression of the vulture is balanced perfectly by the integrity of the dove tattoo below. There are also a few peace symbols drawn behind the tattoo design.

Now that you are aware of so many interesting pigeon tattoo designs and the pigeon tattoo meaning, it’s your time to choose a piece for yourself. However, if you are not yet satisfied with the amazing tattoo ideas above, we have curated a list that will help you to carry your research forward.

  • Black pigeon tattoo
  • Back pigeon tattoo
  • Couple’s pigeon tattoo
  • Thigh pigeon tattoo
  • Caged pigeon tattoo

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