101 Best Octopus Tattoo Small Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Octopus Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 20, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you a tattoo enthusiast and searching for some octopus tattoo design? Find some amazing octopus tattoo small designs to blow your mind. 

Octopus Tattoo
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Over the years, sea monster body art is gradually receiving the limelight. 

On the internet, it has become one of the most popular themes of tattooing for sea lovers. Individuals in love with the sea or marine creatures also prefer to use this very distinct style as their first tattoo.

An octopus design is unique and can be modified simply by adding a ship tattoo or anchor tattoo. Octopus tattoo designs are myriads and varied in nature. All you need to do is select a perfect octopus design for yourself and contact your tattoo artist to have some cool, small octopus small tattoo as your neck tattoo or shoulder tattoo

The octopus piece is not only mindblowing, but it also represents the creature’s beauty and can be a great tattoo. Let’s just quickly look into the increasingly popular theme of octopus tattoos.

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Ideas

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Ideas
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Octopus tattoo meaning is simple and pure as this marine creature stands for mystery, versatility, curiosity, and flexibility. Going through this particular tattoo design while looking for body art can influence you to ink your next tattoo with some bold outlines and exaggerated features of octopus. 

Adhering to Japanese culture, octopus tattoos symbolize wildness. In addition to this, according to ancient cultures, they are also a sign of intelligence. 

Moreover, if you are thinking of using Neo-Japanese or Japanese-style octopus tattoos then you have to decide whether you want to showcase the light side or the dark side of a sea monster. 

The octopus tattoo that is covering the lower thigh of the individual has made use of a vibrant color palette which is giving it a vibrant look. The utilization of red ink and black ink with bold outlines is incredibly detailed and has been designed in the least painful locations. 

You can always change the pink colour and make it a black and grey octopus tattoo. You can also use this colorful octopus tattoo as an octopus tattoo sleeve.

Octopus Leg Tattoo

Octopus Leg Tattoo
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Nowadays, a number of individuals are thinking themselves with trending tattoo themes and they are selecting the least painful locations for tattooing. Leg tattoos are gradually getting prominence as things are not only well displayed but add an extra charm to the physical appearance of the tattoo wearer. 

The octopus tattoo is quite popular as it comes with a bold statement. Octopus represents mystery and curiosity. Moreover, octopuses are a perfect embodiment of versatility and flexibility. 

Octopuses can be used as an aesthetic tattoo design. You can always use octopus and skull as a tattoo design. Skull tattoo is quite a common theme under dark tattoos. When it comes to it will represent intelligence along with the life cycle.

If you are thinking of sticking to the dark side of the octopus, then this can be your perfect choice as it will represent protection during the hard times of your life. You can also use this particular design to cover your entire arm with sharp lines and colorful ink.

Eight Legged Monster Tattoo Ideas

Eight Legged Monster Tattoo Ideas
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A number of pictures of tattoos are available on online platforms from which you can easily select one to tattoo yourself, among which the octopus hand tattoo is a popular one and is also trending. You can always use the realism technique to give your tattoo a realistic notch and fill it with so many details that will be attractive to the onlookers. 

Moreover, like the tattoo wearer, you can always select this small octopus tattoo for yourself. You can always add some color.  Watercolor octopus tattoo is quite popular and is catchy.

It is worth mentioning that octopuses change their colour according to their surroundings. They are a perfect embodiment of illusion and some of these species are aggressive and highly venomous. You can easily select the color combination of the eight-legged sea creature or the placement area to give it a personalized touch. 

Octopus Tattoo Ideas For Women

Octopus Tattoo Ideas For Women
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Are you looking for some cool octopus tattoo designs or small tattoos for women? This particular tattoo design that has been worn by the woman on her belly can be a perfect choice for women

The design is not only attractive but also appealing to the onlookers. All this space on your body can be well used to draw the creature but black and grey or other colours. 

It should be mentioned that you can always add ships to the tattoo design or anchors. Octopus when attached to an anchor turns out to be an embodiment of balance that exists between stability and unpredictability. The meaning of octopus tattoos are varying as it keeps on changing with the combination one is using. 

According to ancient cultures and legends, the octopus is greatly respected as well as feared by sea sailors. 

Besides, the octopus and the ships portray the eternal battle between the sea creatures and the conquerors. 

Mini Small Octopus Tattoo

Mini Small Octopus Tattoo
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Mini small tattoos are always trending and catchy to the audience. They occupy little space but have the potential enough to be eye-catching tattoo designs. 

Mini octopus tattoos can be easily worn as an octopus sleeve tattoo or an octopus shoulder tattoo. 

The cute mini octopus has been designed on the upper arm of an individual. The octopus is also wearing a hat which makes the tattoo design more catchy. Here the sea monster has been represented as a cute creature that is adored by all. This is an inspiring tattoo design as these octopuses or giant squid are considered poisonous creatures feared by all.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that filling the octopus and its cap with some watercolor will be a brilliant idea to give it a personalized touch. Spraying ink will also depict their trickery talent. There are a number of ideas that are attached to the legendary creature and those can be well-inked by both men and women simply by using this particular tattoo design. You can add a human skull or other marine creatures with the tattoo design and reflect your perspective on life.

Minimalist Octopus Tattoo Small

Minimalist Octopus Tattoo Small
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Tiny octopuses are quite famous in different legends and folklore. According to Japanese culture, octopuses are an embodiment of intelligence and wildness. Besides, generally, Octopus represents mystery and curiosity. Sea monsters like octopuses come with myriads of talent and potential enough to defeat the sea conquerors. 

According to Polynesian culture, an octopus portrays the idea of overcoming hindrances and fears of one’s life that are relentless but not powerful enough to hold an individual back. 

Therefore a simple change in design and associated elements is capacitated to change the meaning of an octopus tattoo. 

You can always select the tattoo design that covers a small area of the tattoo where it is shaded with black ink which is making its appearance more appealing.

Kraken Tattoo Ideas

Kraken Tattoo Ideas
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Kraken in Norway is considered to be a myth and is said to be the message of God or Evil. This can sometimes be the messages of sea angels, sea monks or sea devils too. 

Kraken is capable of coming up with many things depending on the tattoo wearer. Most of these tattoos are considered to be a sign of fear and power. 

Inking a Kraken tattoo signifies that the person might feel like they are strong enough and terrifying. It might also represent the unknown and the mysterious world. Octopuses are filled with magical knowledge and multitasking. They are on Spotify thinking creatures which are enough to overcome fears. 

One of the coolest tattoo meanings of octopuses is their capacity to deal with danger with power. Henceforth, using this particular tattoo design shows your power to deal with life’s barriers without being afraid. 

Red Octopus Tattoo

Red Octopus Tattoo
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The small red octopus tattoo can easily be designed by both men and women to show their varied talent and characteristic features just like an octopus. 

Octopuses are symbols of flexibility and curiosity. They show Intelligence and a capacity to make decisions on the spot. You can always select this tattoo design as body art. 

You can always customize the design simply by changing the color ink. Besides, you can also wear it as a behind-the-ear tattoo or a wrist tattoo. 

Small Realistic Octopus Tattoo

Small Realistic Octopus Tattoo
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The mini devil octopus that has been designed on the body of women is not only cute but reflects the dark side of an octopus. While selecting an octopus you have to choose whether you want to adhere to its light side or dark side. 

Octopuses are powerful predators in their sphere and they are also protectors. Octopus when attached to a skull shows their protective nature. Sea conquerors are afraid of octopuses because of their intelligence and mysterious talents. 

Selecting the dark side of an octopus will simply reflect your perspective on life and your power to overcome your fears and difficulties in life with courage. 

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo
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The small octopus is no less than a cartoon character that has been inked by the individual. It is showcasing the strength of an octopus to overcome fear. 

Do you remember Squidward from Sponge Bob Square Pants? He was the Octopus with six tentacles. According to creator Steven Hilenburg, it was easier to animate Squidward with six tentacles than that of eight. 

You can always use SpongeBob SquarePants that your ideas when it comes to octopus tattoos. It was one of the famous cartoons by Disney film. This will remind you of your childhood days. 

If you are looking for some amazing small octopus designs then the below have been mentioned.

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How much does a small octopus tattoo cost?

The cost of a small octopus tattoo can vary greatly depending on the size, placement, and complexity of the design. Generally speaking, tattoos of this type generally range in price from $50-$500. Pricing is also largely dependent upon the artist’s experience level and unique style. To get an accurate estimate for your tattoo, it’s best to consult with a reputable tattoo artist. Additionally, most artists will offer discounts or specials on their services from time to time. Ultimately, the cost of your small octopus tattoo should be based on what you’re comfortable spending and what design best fits your personal style.

How big is a small octopus tattoo?

The size of a small octopus tattoo can vary greatly, depending on the design. Generally speaking, small tattoos are typically thought to be less than 5 inches in length and width. However, many designs can be as large or small as desired. Be sure to discuss your preferred size with your artist before getting a tattoo so that they can accurately create the desired look.

What are some of the best small octopus tattoo designs?

Small octopus tattoo designs can range from simple, minimalist illustrations to complex and detailed works of art. Some of the most popular designs depict an octopus with its tentacles wrapped around the wearer’s arm or leg. Other popular choices include an octopus facing forward with prominent eyes or a small-scale ocean scene featuring multiple sea creatures.

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