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101 Best Ninja Turtle Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Ninja Turtle Tattoos

Cowabunga! If you are on a hunt for some of the coolest ninja turtle tattoo designs then here’s the perfect list for you. Search through it already!

Ninja Turtle Tattoo
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One of the most popular comic books and cartoon series, ninja turtles are widely recognizable characters.

The TMNT tattoos , inspired from the famous cartoon characters fall among the favourite ideas for body art. Because these beloved cartoon characters are not only extremely cool to flaunt but they also have underlying meanings if we search it on.

Ninja Turtle tattoos have given some stellar ideas and good body art can always enhance the fun in life. Ninja turtles are often regarded to be recognizable heroes in their own way. The four teenage mutant Ninja turtles are Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael who are ninja brothers trained to safeguard the city of New York after they got mutated post radioactivity. This began the journey of fighting crimes and alien invasions. Fun fact, they are actually named after the Renaissance artists. These four, cool warrior brothers are inherently a sign of loyalty, diligence, determination, intelligence, compassion and ofcourse a lot of adventure but each of them represent particular attributes. Hence for these temporary tattoos of teenage mutant Ninja turtles, it is best to find what one recognises with , the most and get inked with it.

Classic Ninja Turtle Drawing Tattoo

Classic Ninja Turtle Drawing Tattoo
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If one is looking for temporary tattoos based on fictional and beloved cartoon characters, the classic form of it is always the face of the most recognizable one. It is simple, straightforward and in this case, is a happy face of the teenage mutant Ninja turtle. Also, this face of the ninja turtle here signifies friendliness and compassion in a cute demeanour. Thereby it is an easy tattoo to relate to.

Illustrative Ninja Turtle Tattoo

Illustrative Ninja Turtle Tattoo
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For the characters to be accentuated in tattoos, no need to search for anything else but straight away go for an illustrative Ninja turtle tattoo. Beloved cartoon characters are often loved for the ideas of warmth and happy go lucky that comes with it but comics like if a Ninja Turtle has a streak of aggression and war to it hence to showcase each of the emotions in storage at each of the turning points, one can go through different sites and get their hands on illustrative tattoos.

Ninja Turtle Tattoo But In Popsicles

Ninja Turtle Tattoo But In Popsicles
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If we search for cute ninja turtle tattoos, ninja turtle tattoos designs like these do not pop up easily. Because such ideas are extremely creative and to add a ninja turtle face in a popsicle, it is necessary to let the sign of childlikeness to come in being. Imagine how refreshing and colourful this teenage mutant Ninja turtle tattoo will be with all the radiance and glee to it.

Quirky Ninja Tattoo

Quirky Ninja Tattoo
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Being the face of friendliness, dedication and courage, Teenage mutant Ninja turtles are popular all over. So these ideas are often attached to tattoos of this sort. But to add a bit of quirk to the usual is where the fun begins. A Ninja Turtle is adventurous by nature and no one has a different comment to that but to alleviate the fun factor to it, in reference to this, imagine an expression of the ninja turtles but on the palm of Leonardo or Raphael or Donatello or Michelangelo. Sounds quirky isn’t it? So get on with such tattoos already.

Michelangelo Ninja Turtle Tattoo

Michelangelo Ninja Turtle Tattoo
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Creative, exuberant and always active, this teenage mutant ninja is the heart of the phenomena of Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. The smallest Ninja Turtle but also the fastest, this turtle is celebrated worldwide especially by the fans.

Hence this character for ninja turtles tattoo designs are a very popular choice amongst the fans of ninja turtle tattoos.

Ninja Turtle Sword Tattoo

Ninja Turtle Sword Tattoo
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It is no secret that each of the ninja turtle is trained to be a warrior. So a special sword is a must as it is a sign of heroism. But one of the most famous weapon is the sais of Raphael. It is a 16 inches long blade and is the perfect combination of badass and courage for ninja turtle tattoos. Of course, to flaunt a sword tattoo inspired by the teenage mutant Ninja turtles is definitely comes under the marvelous tattoo ideas.

Raphael Ninja Turtle Tattoo

Raphael Ninja Turtle Tattoo
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Smart and witty, the turtle is teenage mutant Ninja Turtle everyone would love to be in their group. With the right dose of sarcasm and ferociousness,ninja turtle tattoo designs based on this lad are a big hit in this fandom. The red turtle is aggressive and a true hot headed warrior in all the sense.

Ninja Turtle Tattoo Sleeve

Ninja Turtle Tattoo Sleeve
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For the better shading and structure of the face or the whole posture of one of the teenage mutant Ninja turtles, ninja turtle tattoos are best suited on the arm sleeve. With the proper space to work with, the tattoo will be more attractive and will bring forth a comment or more for sure from the other people, perhaps may even act as an inspiration for their tattoos.

Black Flashwork Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tattoo

Black Flashwork Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tattoo
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A flash work tattoo is basically the kind of tattoos that displayed on the tattoo parlours if we search on it. But on body parts, the flashwork tattoo is a smudgier version. It is mystic, artistic and has a dark aesthetic to it. This is quite a fun tattoo to go for.

Ninja Turtle Pizza Themed Tattoo

Ninja Turtle Pizza Themed Tattoo
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Like all of us, teenage mutant Ninja turtles love pizza too. And what is better than clubbing your favourite food with your favourite fictional character together? We believe, most of the things are not. Cutting a pizza with one of the world’s most popular cuisine with a knife. How cool is that? Just go for it if you like your food and adventure together.

These characters have made a way into the hearts of several people. It is hardly anyone in sight who flaunts one of these ninja turtles and does not get other people to comment on it and search for the site from where a link to one of these tattoos is available. The recognizable Teenage mutant Ninja turtle came into being in the 1980s but even today, they are cherished all over the world especially by their loyal fan base, their fandom also being known as ” Turtlemania “. The movies are still a major hit and the ninja turtle tattoos designs simply never run out of style.

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What is a ninja turtle tattoo?

A ninja turtle tattoo is a popular design of body art featuring characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. These tattoos typically feature one or more of the four turtles, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael, as well as other elements from the series such as weapons, symbols and even pizza slices. The vibrant colors used to depict the characters in their traditional ninja gear make for an eye-catching tattoo that many fans of the franchise enjoy. Along with its aesthetic appeal, a ninja turtle tattoo is also symbolic of courage, strength and camaraderie -all qualities represented by the heroic turtles. Whether you’re looking to show your love for the series or just want a unique and fun design, a ninja turtle tattoo is sure to make a statement.

How much does a ninja turtle tattoo cost?

The cost of a ninja turtle tattoo will depend on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the design, the artist’s experience and skill level, and where it is being done. Generally speaking, smaller and simpler designs can cost between $50-$150 while more detailed pieces may start at around $200. Larger tattoos may require multiple sessions and therefore end up costing more. It’s always best to discuss the cost with your artist before getting a tattoo to ensure budgeting is not an issue.

What are some good designs for a ninja turtle tattoo?

There are many great designs for a ninja turtle tattoo, from detailed portraits of each turtle to more abstract representations. Designs featuring the four turtles together or in action scenes make for an exciting and dynamic image. For those who are looking for something smaller, small symbols such as the turtle’s masks or weapons can make a powerful statement. Other popular elements include the iconic pizza slice, the Ninja Turtles logo and even Splinter, their wise rat mentor. There are so many possibilities with a ninja turtle tattoo that you can truly make it your own.

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