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Best Nike Sneakers for Men in 2023

by Jamie Wilson
Nike Air Force 1 07 “White on White”

Nike has been at the top of its game ever since they had the Jordans and Air Force take hold of the streetwear culture. Now, sporting a pair of Nikes with your outfit of the day is nothing less than a bold statement. Whenever the Portland-based company isn’t designing new kicks, it’s busy promoting its business through the help of athletes, artists, professionals, and all sorts of ads. Since its inception in the ‘60s, Nike hasn’t lost its steam when comparing competitively in the sneaker market. 

One thing that the company deserves a standing ovation for is its novice grip over the e-commerce market. Nike has a dedicated app as well as a website, full of merchandise and items from over the years that can be bought with a simple tap and swipe. Their stock tends to run out pretty fast though so it’d be best to keep a check on it frequently, especially if you’re a big fan. Consider hooking yourself up with ATT home internet which offers all-around connectivity along with superb page load speeds to ensure you stay ahead of the curve for buying/purchasing products. Get your preferred gear, on sale, online, without getting beaten by someone in the same line.

What came out initially as something for youngsters to wear in order to look cool is now a carefully, meticulously engineered shoe pertaining to hundreds of categories and available for kids, newborns, tweens, adults, and seniors. The brand has been hard at work to provide its craft for a variety of sports such as tennis, badminton, track & field, marathon racing, basketball, soccer, cricket, and many more. Not just that, there’s a special selection designed for gym usage as well. Nike has stocked up so much over the years that to pinpoint a particular shoe at this point is nigh impossible.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and shortlisted some of the best creations the American company has managed to spew out. Read on below to find out which ones tantalize your taste buds the most.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneakers

You know when an article talks about sneakers it cannot possibly ignore the Air Force 1 and its indomitable presence in the shoe industry. AF1s enjoy a staple presence in America’s culture and a global position as a fashion statement. All this is for the simple reason that they support the infamous air cushion. Nike boasts clean white uppers and soft, plush soles for those who are willing to pay a relatively steep price tag. 

Nike Blazer Low ’77 Sneakers

These pairs are exclusive to the American “skater boi” community. Famous for their oversized swoosh, and subtle, round-tipped fronts, the Low ’77 gained prominence all the way back in 1977 and has kept at it ever since. Now, they’re worn by students who like to walk and play or professionals who like wearing shoes that’ll keep them comfortable when working a 9-5. Plus, the 77s come in fancy colorways; people can buy them in pop colors or opt for the more regular-looking white shoes with black swooshes. Style, however, is never compromised. 

Nike Metcon 8 Training Shoes

The Metcons are a specialized cross-fit training shoe made for gym sharks. Nike really outdid itself to bring customers a product that would appear both stylish and be able to be utilized in-house. Take note that these sneakers are made for indoor activity, meaning that they’ll expertly cling to smooth surfaces and offer advanced cushioning for your workouts but may not perform as needed for outdoor jaunts. Makes sense if you consider it. They’re made for training, workouts, and the such. If you want shoes that are augmented for the outdoors then keep reading down below. 

Nike “ACG Air Deschutz+” Sandals

Not everyone is a fan of rocking boots or closed shoes. Sometimes, all we want is some breeze to whip at our feet as we enjoy the outdoors. The Nike ACG Air Sandals are built just for that mindset. Offering expert gripping technology to keep your feet jutted against the surface as you go on hikes and trails, the Nike Sandals are an exemplary option for anyone, be it an adult or adolescent. Provided you can find the right size for them of course. There’s also a good bit of pattering on the foot area to increase blood flow and promote an active lifestyle. Doesn’t get any better. 

Nike Pegasus 38

Straightforward. Strong. Durable. And fun. The Nike Pegasus embodies years of engineering and brilliance to bring users a complete package specially tailored for adventure enthusiasts. Each year, an iteration of these shoes comes into shops nationwide and gets emptied from shelves as quickly as they are placed. All this is due to the fact that Nike beefs them up with their Zoom X Foam technology made to give users, according to Nike, 30% energy back on each step. If you do the math, you’d be less tired, less stressed, and all the more recharged with these bad boys than any other shoe out there. Or, maybe that’s just how Nike likes to market their product. 


That’s all the shoes we have for you to try out when it comes to Nike and their top-of-the-line brilliance. Find these products on their official store or head on over to sites like Amazon or Dicky’s Sporting Goods to try out your luck with sales. In either case, you won’t be disappointed when you make a purchase on one, or more, of the aforementioned shoes. 

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