101 Best New York Yankees Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Best New York Yankees Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 27, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you a great fan of the New York Yankees baseball team? The following New York Yankees tattoo ideas will leave you stunned!

New York Yankees Tattoo
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There is hardly anyone who isn’t aware of the widespread fame of the New York Yankees team.

It is a professional baseball team based in The Bronx in New York in the United States of America. This team was a product of the initiative by Frank Farell and Bill Devery in the year 1903.

This particular baseball team is called The Bronx Bombers, The Evil Empire, and The Pinstripers. Initially, they bore the name of ‘The New York Highlanders’ and later were given the name of ‘Yankees’. As a part of the American League East Division, they play in Major League Baseball. The team earns huge money by winning big leagues and attracting thousands of fans to their account.

Your search for New York Yankees Tattoos ends here. Choose the sign tattoo you like and get it inked by your tattoo artist.

Circular Yankees Tattoo On Leg

Circular Yankees Tattoo On Leg
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This particular tattoo has got some really great innate significance under its apparent easy and simple drawing. The circle here has been made actually in the form of a baseball, the very icon of the baseball team.

On the ball, we see Yankees written very intricately in a stylish manner with the letter ‘k’ extending its top to form a hat-like structure with the theme of New York in red and blue, the stars carved out of dark blue. This is a considerably different kind of representation of the New York Yankees.

Overall it is a small, simple, feel-good tattoo that can be opted for by both men and women fans alike. The leg seems to be the best place for this tattoo to be inked.

New York Yankees Art On Forearm

New York Yankees Art On Forearm
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This particular tattoo is a very bold representation of the famous baseball team from New York. The entire tattoo has been inked in bold shades of black. No other color has been employed in its making.

Here we can see a skull wearing a cap with the New York Yankees logo on it. The entire tattoo has been rendered a fume-like effect. The idea behind the tattoo is that of a playground. Spectators can be spotted and, on top of everything, the grand cap of the Yankees, which is a symbol of their pride and dignity. The Yankees cap seems to be a product of the amalgamation of the clouds, and even the sky seems to shout the name of the team and cheer it. This tattoo of beauty is absolutely surreal in its approach. If you want to wear something unique and have great enduring power, this tattoo can never be out of choice.

Bi-Color New York Yankees Tattoo

Bi-Color New York Yankees Tattoo
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What is seen here summarised in a nutshell is the logo of the New York Highlanders, but there is so much more to this apparently simple artwork, especially in the way it has been designed.

The logo here has been made in broken bits and pieces, which gives it an abstract and aesthetic look- very much in synchrony with the fragmentation of the modern age. Secondly, the tattoo is bi-colored; only blue and red have been used, going with the two colors and the symbolic stars used in the National Flag of the country.

You can get this unisex tattoo inked on any part of your body, including the arm, forearm, shoulder, leg, etc., and flaunt your beauty around!

Black And Grey Skull Yankees Tattoo

Black And Grey Skull Yankees Tattoo
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Are you keen on owning a Yankees tattoo that would perfectly portray your craze and admiration for the team? Your search then ends here. Here a skull is seen wearing a cap with the logo of the New York Yankees, but this is something that isn’t very rare or unique.

What is unique about this tattoo is that the lower portion of the art comprises a rose with a leaf in a lighter shade than the skull and the cap. The rose probably stands for good luck. The dark shades of the skull and its face reflect courage, determination, and a bold spirit. Inked in intricate details, this tattoo can be a forever masterpiece, and the world is awed at it.

Yankees Detailed Backdrop Tattoo

Yankees Detailed Backdrop Tattoo
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Tattoos on the biceps are no new concept, among men especially, and when it comes to drawing such an elaborate and filled-in details piece of art, the biceps can be the best space. This particular New York Yankees Tattoo is one of a kind. There we find no logo or any other emblem but an altogether different approach to representing the team.

We see a train with all its smoke and fume, and on its head stands the iconic symbol of the team decorated with a baseball-like effect (especially the stitched lines). On the right side, the statue of Liberty stands high, the very emblem of America. Only with skillful shades of black and slight touches of red this magnum opus appears larger than life. Pair it with a sleeveless Tee and show off your style to the world.

Yankees Logo In Floral

Yankees Logo In Floral
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Flowers have always been symbolic of good luck, prosperity and calmness. What is attractive about this black Yankees Tattoo is the background against its creation.

Two fully bloomed roses adorn the simple logo, giving it both a cute and traditional look. The petals of the roses are distinctly evident in details in light and dark shades of a uniform hue, having a 3D effect on themselves. This tattoo of floral beauty is suited for both males and females alike, and the forearm would be the best place for the inking of this beautiful piece of art.

Yankees Stadium Tattoo

Yankees Stadium Tattoo
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This unique and extraordinary piece of Yankees Tattoo has something really grand, royal, and regal about it.

Here is no solo logo but an entire stadium dedicated to the Yankees. Drawing a full-fledged stadium into a piece of tattoo is no child’s play and requires a tremendous amount of skill from a perfectionist and endurance on the part of the wearer. The stadium is adorned with five flags on the front, and its doors have been done in light and bold shades of black; below it lies its logo.

Such a rare Yankees tattoo of details can never fall out of fashion and can be worn by both men and women alike paired with a sleeveless upper.

New York Yankees Tattoo For Full Body

New York Yankees Tattoo For Full Body
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A tattoo enthusiast would never really back off from the idea of an elaborate tattoo covering the entire body.

This Yankees Tattoo is perfectly suited for the crazy fans of the highlanders. Numerous colors have been employed in creating this masterpiece, most significant of them being the colors of the American Flag itself. Narrow stripes in the form of light strokes make up the logo of the New York Yankees.

This dope tattoo covers almost the entire of your anatomy and is bound to give you a classy look.

Baseball Cap Yankees Tattoo

Baseball Cap Yankees Tattoos
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It is no lesser known fact that simplicity is the essence of sophistication and should also be the essence of life itself. Sometimes a simple piece of art can create a kind of mark that the grandest of adorations cannot.

This Yankees Tattoo is nothing much, just an extremely small cap with the Yankees logo. Light shades of black and grey adorn the cap with dotted structures on it. Its nozzle has also been realistically carved out with great details.

This tattoo is a testimony of the fact that a fan need not always carry something grand or huge to convey his/her loyalty or love for his team or idol.

This tattoo is unisex in the fact that it can be worn by both men and women. Pair it with a short-sleeved tee shirt and you are all set to go.

Baseball Player On Chest Tattoo

Baseball Player On Chest Tattoo
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Probably the craziest and the bravest fan of the New York Yankees would aspire to wear a tattoo like this which is an entire portrait in itself – probably of one of the members of the Highlanders team.

The eyes and all other facial features of the portrait have been carved in a way that is distinctly clear. There is a show of determination, courage, and underlying anxiety as he proceeds with the game. His cap bears the logo of the team he belongs to. His shirt, protective gear, and all his apparel have been skillfully gifted with every detail making it one of the most unique and rarest Yankees tattoos. The chest seems to be the best area for this tattoo to be inked and is best suited for males.

The Yankees symbol is a prominent subject of tattoos. From kids to adults, everybody is aware of their fame. The baseball team in New York is also a seller of toys and other accessories of various categories at their official online store. They keep launching new products at affordable prices with good reviews, and you can always check out their official site to shop for special offers. One dominating business besides promotions among the many businesses they are involved in is the ship and its tools manufacturers in New York. Here are some more New York Yankees tattoo designs that you can definitely think of wearing:

  • New York Yankees logo tattoo behind ear.
  • Yankee tattoo on wrist
  • New York Yankee logo on the neck.
  • Small new York Yankees Tattoo on the shoulder.
  • Yankee symbol for the lower knee.

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What does the new york yankees tattoo mean?

The New York Yankees tattoo is a symbol of loyalty and pride amongst Yankee fans. It represents the team’s history, longevity, and success since their inception in 1903. The interlocking NY logo captures the team’s iconic identity which has established them as one of the most recognisable sports franchises in the world. For many fans, the tattoo symbolises their dedication to the Yankees and serves as a reminder of all the great moments, players, and championships associated with this iconic team. From Babe Ruth’s 1927 record-breaking season to Derek Jeter’s illustrious career, the New York Yankees tattoo has been and continues to be a badge of honour for many die-hard fans.

How much does a New York Yankees tattoo cost?

The cost of a New York Yankees tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and location of the design. Generally speaking, most basic tattoos (such as a small logo) will cost between $50 and $100 USD. More intricate designs may range in price from $200-$400 or more, depending on the level of detail required.

How big should my Yankees tattoo be?

The size of your Yankees tattoo will ultimately depend on a number of factors, including the design, placement and personal preference. Generally speaking, most designs should be relatively small so as not to draw too much attention or become overwhelming. For example, a basic logo can often fit comfortably in an area about the size of a quarter. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what size and design will fit your needs the best.

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