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101 Best Nephew Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Nephew Tattoo

Thinking about showing your love for your nephew(s)/niece(s)? Check out these unique nephew tattoo ideas that will convey your affection for them!

Nephew Tattoo
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Nowadays, among family tattoo ideas, the cool niece and nephew tattoos are becoming the most sought-after ones, especially the portrait images that are getting popular for their lively impressions.

Even though nephews and nieces are considered to be part of our extended family, they can still end up becoming the ones closest to our hearts. Whether men or women, anybody can always celebrate this closeness with their nephews/nieces by making small tattoos of them on any part of their body.

Amongst the very few special and important relationships that people really care for these days, people’s relationship with their nephew(s)/niece(s) is a truly precious one since this relationship forever projects a sense of pure love and strong integrity. Whether you are an uncle or an aunt, your nephew(s)/niece(s) might become your best of friends, even your faithful partner in crime! Therefore, an amazing nephew/niece tattoo on your body will not only be a reminder of your affectionate love for them but also for their parents (i.e. for your siblings or in-laws). The tattoo will reflect the unspoken promise of your protecting them. Every single tattoo has one thing in common, they all can represent innumerable hidden meanings as well as secret messages even by a tiny piece of creativity. Hence, don’t miss the chance to carry at least one tiny symbol of your cherished love for your dearest nephew(s)/niece(s) on your body that will remain indelible for years to come.

As numerous tattoo ideas are scattered all over various social media platforms, which can completely make you bewildered with endless options, we have researched to help you pick the best designs from among the huge lot. Pick one of these following interesting tattoo ideas to get yourself inked or, on a special occasion, get your nephew/niece a beautiful tattoo as a kind gift for his/her several achievements.

Cute Newborn Nephew/Niece Tattoo Design

Cute Newborn Nephew/Niece Tattoo Design
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This little tattoo featuring a bottle-feeding newborn nephew is an ideal design for those who have failed to gather the courage to make tattoos on their bodies but have badly craved one for a very long time. This tattoo has a beautiful combination of yellow stars and a pink bib that make the little figure pop out more vividly. The only thing in the tattoo which resembles the original picture is the hair of the baby, which makes the tattoo cuter than ever.

As the tattoo is a tiny one, you can easily make it on the upper part of your wrist or on the side of your neck, where it would easily catch the attention of the onlookers.

Nephew/Niece Tattoo With Red Flower Design

Nephew/Niece Tattoo With Red Flower Design
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This tattoo can be a fantastic idea to show your affection, trust, and faith in your nephew. A red flower is beneath the nephew figure, symbolizing true love, respect, courage and many more things. This small tattoo, indeed, conveys millions of meanings. The absence of the eyes, lips and nose allows the aunt to freely imagine the gradual changes in the nephew’s facial features.

This amazing medium-sized tattoo will look gorgeous on your arm, back or on the upper part of your belly, where the tattoo itself will look like a fully bloomed flower of love and affection.

Grandfather And Nephew Portrait Tattoo Design

Grandfather And Nephew Portrait Tattoo Design
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This realistic black and grey tattoo of a grandfather and a nephew is surely one of the best family tattoos one can ever think of. The beautiful smiling faces of the grandfather and the nephew have loudly explained the close bond between them. It can always remind you of the beautiful childhood days that you spent with your grandfather.

You can honor the special relationship with your grandfather and nephew by getting a tattoo like this. This big tattoo needs an equally big space both in your heart and your body. It will look outstanding on the shoulder, on the arm, or any other exposed era of your body from where the tattoo can be visible from different directions.

Uncle And Nephew Tattoo Design

Uncle And Nephew Tattoo Design
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This could be one of the best designs to display your love for your nephew/niece. The use of black ink and the incorporation of light grey shades have made the tattoo very appealing. This beautiful picture of an uncle holding the tiny hand of the nephew has created a simple yet elegant look on the canvas of the skin.

This tattoo will fit wonderfully on either side of the belly or on the back, where your tattoo artist can have a large canvas to show his creativity.

Multicolored Nephew Portrait Tattoo Design

Multicolored Nephew Portrait Tattoo Design
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Are you searching for a vibrantly colorful portrait tattoo on the internet? Then this is the one you can have a look at! The play of multiple bright colors such as blue, pink, yellow, etc. makes the picture of the two nephews appear more realistic and eye catchy. Indeed, the tattoo is expressive of the essence of hope and never-fading love between an aunt and nephew relationship.

The fun part of getting this multicolored tattoo inked on your body would be to allow your tattoo artist to play with an assorted variety of ink on your arm, thigh, or shoulder, where the artist can produce a magnificent work of art that will be steeped in your love for your dear nephews.

Nephew’s Name Tattoo Design

Nephew's Name Tattoo Design
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Name tattoos are always popular among tattoo lovers, for it permanently embeds the name of your loved ones forever on your skin. This tattoo has e very beautiful red heart with little geometric figures in it and the name of the nephew is written right in the center of the heart. The anchor right above the heart and flower designs beneath it give the whole tattoo a very attractive look.

Check out the given link if you want to get yourself one such beautiful name tattoo for your nephew, which will fetch you a lot of compliments from anyone who will notice it.

Aunt And Nephew Tattoo Design

Aunt And Nephew Tattoo Design
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This wonderful tattoo articulates the deep connection between an aunt and nephew relationship. This tattoo has a beautiful backside picture of an aunt holding the small finger of her nephew, who is also holding a red colored balloon. For its vibrancy, the red balloon immediately catches our attention towards the tattoo.

This small but pretty tattoo will look magical on your ankle or neck, where the work of art could sneak out from time to time to startle the beholders.

Wolf Designed Tattoo For Nephew

Wolf Designed Tattoo For Nephew
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A cool wolf tattoo such as this can be a nice gift for your nephew, especially if he is a teenager. In many cultures, wolves are usually associated with loyalty, courage, strength, and success. This black and grey wolf tattoo with a tree placed right in the middle of the wolf’s face has altogether created an impressive look.

This magnanimous tattoo will look awesome on your nephew’s arm, ankle, back or stomach. You can pay for the tattoo and make the tattoo a reminder of your never-ending love.

Cross Tattoo Design For Nephew

Cross Tattoo Design For Nephew
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This cross necklace tattoo, symbolizing unconditional devotion and love, can also be a unique birthday gift for your nephew. The beads and the cross of this black and grey single needle tattoo, spreading all over the wrist, looks amazing from every direction.

You can get your nephew/niece inked with such kind of a beautiful cross tattoo and post it on social media with a hearty caption.

Realistic Portrait Tattoo Design

Realistic Portrait Tattoo Design
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If you are in search of a big realistic tattoo, then this one can quench your quest. The heavy work of ink in this beautiful portrait tattoo is what makes it more appealing in the eyes of the onlooker. From the hooded jacket of the figure to the tire of the cycle, everything gives an impression as if they are about to pop out of the skin. The wonderfully detailed work of the tattoo artist has truly succeeded in making the tattoo one of the best designs of all time.

We advise you to make a big tattoo of a similar kind on your back or on the stomach where there will be more space for doing detailed work. You can use multiple colors instead of a black and grey combination to make the tattoo look even more lifelike.

Last but not least, nephews/nieces are no different from our own children. After their father and mother, uncle and aunts are the ones the children love most. Therefore, dedicating a big and gorgeous or tiny and pretty tattoo to your beloved nephew/niece does not always need any reason at all. It is the pure love that will be expressed aloud when you will get a tattoo of their picture or name on yourself. These tattoos can cost from $50 to $4000 or more depending on the form, size, color, and, of course, the location. You may choose from these aforementioned amazing tattoo designs if you want to exhibit your love for your nephews/nieces. Get yourself tattooed with one of these suggested designs, take a fantastic picture, post it on the internet, and become an inspiration to many people!

Some more beautiful suggestions for unique nephew/niece tattoo designs are as follows,

  • A gorgeous tattoo of the footprint impression of the nephew/niece.
  • A magnificent portrait of the nephew/niece surrounded by colorful flowers and butterflies.
  • Realistic eye tattoo of the nephew/niece with a beautiful clock.
  • A fantastic black and grey hand-on-hand tattoo in 3d.
  • A giant tattoo of the nephew/niece with their favorite toy or cartoon characters.

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What kind of tattoo should I get my nephew?

This really depends on your nephew’s personality, interests, and style. Are they more into classic or trendy designs? Do they prefer something sentimental that commemorates an important event or people in their life? Maybe they would enjoy a playful design or one with a creative twist. If you can’t decide what kind of tattoo to get your nephew, you could always ask them what they would like. It’s also important to make sure that the tattoo you decide on is age appropriate and that your nephew knows the risks associated with getting a tattoo, such as potential allergic reactions or infections. Ultimately, it’s important to make sure that whatever design you choose is something that your nephew is comfortable with and will enjoy for years to come.

How do I take care of my nephew’s tattoo?

To ensure your nephew’s tattoo remains in the best condition, it’s important to provide proper care and maintenance. Immediately after the tattoo is done, have them keep it covered with a clean bandage for at least two hours and then wash it gently with warm water and soap. After washing it, have them apply a thin layer of unscented lotion or a specialized aftercare product recommended by the tattoo artist. Additionally, your nephew should avoid swimming and soaking in hot tubs for at least two weeks to prevent infection. Lastly, have them make sure to keep their tattoo out of direct sunlight and moisturize it daily with unscented lotion. With proper care, your nephew’s tattoo will last for years to come.

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