10 Best NEDA Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best NEDA Tattoo Ideas

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Want to commemorate your battle with the eating disorder? A NEDA tattoo can be a great and subtle way to tell your story. Check out these NEDA tattoo ideas.

NEDA Tattoo
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NEDA is short for National Eating Disorder Association.

If you are wondering what is a NEDA tattoo? It is represented by the symbol of NEDA, which are two curved strokes.

For many with the challenge of eating disorders, the NEDA symbol denotes hope. The symbol is trademarked by the Association. Many people who have or are in the process of recovery get the symbol tattooed to gain strength and motivation from the same. The NEDA symbol and tattoo, therefore, raise awareness about eating disorders and, at the same time, give the individuals suffering the hope they need to keep pushing in their struggle. NEDA is a non-profit organization based in the US that is constantly working to prevent and treat eating disorders while educating more people about the same.

Layered NEDA Butterfly Tattoo

Layered NEDA Butterfly Tattoo
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Done on the side of the torso, this tattoo is both sexy and thoughtful. We find strokes resembling a butterfly. Inside the butterfly, there is the symbol for NEDA with a semi-colon within it. The content may look simple at first glance, but the tattoo shares a strong message if you read between the lines.

After the Butterflies of Hope project, butterflies in relation to eating disorder tattoos denote hope for those individuals who are struggling with the disease every day. Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth, and here, the person is transforming into a better person every day. The semi-colon, on the other hand, is a symbol used in mental health as well. In literature, semi-colons indicate that the writer has something more to say, which is completed after the pause of a semi-colon. As a tattoo, semi-colons symbolize people crippled by depression who do not give up and how they battle against suicidal thoughts. The semi-colon shows how the person chose to believe in the beauty of life, and they have something more to do before it is over.

Mandala Creative NEDA Tattoo

Mandala Creative NEDA Tattoo
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Back tattoos exude sheer beauty, and this tattoo is no different. A detailed mandala structure is inked on the back, with the symbol of NEDA in the center. On the outside of the mandala, quotes are written in a circle. While the entire tattoo is completed with black ink, the symbol has a different pigment, which helps to direct attention to the center.

There are various types of mandalas, and this one certainly is of the healing kind. The mandala wishes for the complete recovery of the person, as indicated by the motivational quotes written around it. Moreover, the structure looks like the petals of a lotus plant, which is a popular sign of balance in the Buddhist style of mandalas. This design can raise awareness, or it can simply remind you to drink enough water now and then. Since this is a detailed piece, your artist may take longer than an hour or two, so it is advisable to clear the schedule for the day.

Minimalistic Eating Disorder Tattoo

Minimalistic Eating Disorder Tattoo
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This is one of the tattoo designs which can say a lot with very little. It is meant for those whose battles are not yet over but continue. The tattoo shows an arrow with the symbol of NEDA in the middle. Being very small, the wrist tattoo can easily be put on the ankle or anywhere else on the body.

The individual who picked this tattoo wishes it to guide them towards recovery. It is a sign of their struggle and how they have been working hard to fight their eating disorder. On the path to recovery, the arrow is supposed to point forward, asking the individual to embrace the experience of life. It shows how far they have come, rather than where they were before, with the symbol in the middle.

Tribal Recovery Tattoo

Tribal Recovery Tattoo
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The design of this tattoo is inspired by Polynesian tribal tattoos. Each pattern on such tattoo designs has a symbolic meaning. In this particular piece, we can view spearheads. Also, shark teeth in two styles with ocean waves in a simplified pattern can be noticed.

The ocean is a very important symbol since it is connected with their life directly. Hence, it represents the continuity of the same. The shark teeth, on the other hand for guidance and strength. In this case, it shows the will of the person to find the power for recovery. Since spearheads are so sharp, they occasionally imply the sting of animals. In this case, that sting is directed toward the eating disorder. This tattoo is flaunted by a brave person who refuses to be bogged down by challenges.

Vibrant Recovery Tattoo

Vibrant Recovery Tattoo
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If you have been out on a search for some colorful options, you have landed on some goldmine. With this design, we are sure you would want to display your back every day. We find a lotus flower smeared with many different hues. The combination of blue, green, red, and purple make for a true eye treat. On top of the lotus, there is the symbol for NEDA. The price of a tattoo depends on the square inches it covers. Hence, being a large piece, remember, the purchase might be a bit expensive.

The description of the lotus flower goes beyond its appearance. It is a motif for rising above temptation and being a better person. The individual with this tattoo is reminding themselves how they have not gone back to their old habits and how they are improving a little, one day at a time.

Floral Recovery Tattoo

Floral Recovery Tattoo
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If you love to shop for flowers, why not get them inked into a meaningful symbol? In this tattoo, flowers can be seen, wittily arranged in the shape of the NEDA symbol, giving a pretty little spin on the same things. Orchids and tulips share the space as the symbol. Keep in mind, since this tattoo is inked on the ankle, it may hurt more than usual since ankles are sensitive spots. Hence, if you are afraid of needles or have low pain tolerance, this tattoo may be a bit of a problem for you.

If you get this tattoo, your social media profiles will be filled with comments on how amazing the dainty piece is. Orchids signify strength, while tulips stand for many ideas, including confidence. So, this person has struggled and reached the point where they choose to embrace themselves completely.

Classy Recovery Tattoo

Classy Recovery Tattoo
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For ones who decide to stick to the traditional style, this can be a great tattoo to choose from. The thigh tattoo will be a suitable option if you need to cover your tattoos for work. A quote runs in a beautiful cursive font that reads, “long story short I survived”. In the middle, there is the symbol of NEDA. Getting perfect writing is more difficult than it might appear. So, make sure to search well and get help from the best artist you can find.

Among the recovery tattoos, the message is very transparent in this one. In a single sentence, it tells the story of a person who has gone through the full experience of fighting against a disorder and has been able to make a full recovery. It is a reminder of the various ups and downs they faced that made them ready for where they are now.

Choose To Be Free Tattoo

Choose To Be Free Tattoo
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Tattoos can be a powerful vehicle to deliver someone’s story. This recovery tattoo is no different. The wrist tattoo has the NEDA symbol along with a little cross. Sandwiched between them is the word ‘free’.

The cross in the tattoo is no doubt one of Christian faith. Here, the person is trying to tell how their faith helped them sail through the tough times with an unbreakable spirit. Finally, they are free from the clutches of the disorder. Since this tattoo is fairly small, it will help if you want to get one inked within some hours. Just make sure to get an experienced artist to nail the minute details.

Believe In Yourself Tattoo

Believe In Yourself Tattoos
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This is comparatively a large piece of tattoo art. Spread on the side of the body is the symbol of NEDA in blue. On the side of the symbol is a quote which is reminding the one with the tattoo to have faith in themselves.

Like they say, when nobody else believes in you, you have to have faith in yourself. At times when one cannot find motivation, the tattoo can be a great item of encouragement. Moreover, the color blue is symbolic of the serenity and calmness that the person wishes to harbor in their lifetime.

Watercolor Lotus NEDA Tattoo

Watercolor Lotus NEDA Tattoo
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Here is a graceful tattoo that is bound to enter your heart just like it did ours. In the picture, there is a large pink lotus with a yellow core. The lotus has a green stem that is in the shape of the NEDA symbol.

The color green is significant since a ribbon in the same shade is recognized worldwide for mental health. Furthermore, the pink lotus denotes a spiritual path towards enlightenment. In this case, it might be the journey of the person through the highs and lows of their eating disorder.

Did you know that just like any other mental health symbol, there are various types of eating disorders with their symbols? For example, a lilac ribbon is an international symbol of anorexia.

Eating disorder recovery tattoos can be more creative than one might think. Hence, we had to add a few more to the list to show how diverse they can get.

  • A tree with the NEDA symbol as the root tattoo.
  • Two dancing girls as NEDA symbol tattoo.
  • Koi fish arrange as NEDA symbol.
  • Symbol of NEDA as a compass tattoo.
  • The NEDA symbol in the wing of a bird tattoo.

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