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101 Best Native American Wolf Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Native American Wolf Tattoo

Are you looking for some exceptional Native American Wolf tattoo ideas? We have made a list of some of the most amazing tattoos for you to try!

Native American Wolf Tattoo
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Tattooing had been an integral part of the traditions in different nations of America before colonialism stepped in.

Then, at one point, this tradition almost faded away. Well, it is the revival of tattoos in mainstream culture that paved the way for the comeback of this ancient art form.

Today, not only the people who belong to the primordial American society but also the people who simply love the Native Americans and their culture use this tattoo trend to show their appreciation. The Native American tattoos represent the tribal style of living, tribal heritage, social rank, accomplishments, and much more. Along with other tribal symbols, the Wolf also has been a meaningful Native American tattoo design.

The wolf often conveys a deep meaning when it comes to tattooing. The wolf tattoos are the representatives of protection, spirituality, strength, and family. If you are fascinated by the Native American Wolf tattoos, then here are the ten best wolf tattoos for you to consider for your next inking adventure.

Native American Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Native American Wolf Thigh Tattoo
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With its intelligence and flexibility, this majestic beast has been an emblem of the native Americans since ancient times. But in modern culture wolf is considered more as a survivor of time. A person who had witnessed tough times and got out of it as an achiever can have this tattoo as this art piece serves their adaptability as well as a strong and independent personality.

Thigh had not always been a conventional placement for a tattoo, but it has the power to flaunt the feminine curves, which paved the way for its growing popularity among women. Although men prefer thigh tattoos to look cool, women are more likely to be fond of this tattoo placement. Moreover, thigh tattoos are said to be less painful.

This particular Native American wolf tattoo is a magnificent piece in itself. With the splashes of pink, purple, and different shades of blue, this tattoo is bound to get noticed. The tattoo also evokes a sense of spiritualism.

Native American Skull Headdress & Wolf Tattoo

Native American Skull Headdress & Wolf Tattoo
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Together with the native skull, this wolf tattoo resembles fierceness and pride. Skulls also speak of the violence the tribes had undergone in the past. The skull wearing a headdress not only personifies wisdom but the calmness after the storms the ancestors had witnessed as well; on the other hand, the wolf implies a down-to-earth attitude. So, People bearing this tattoo will typically showcase their reverence for their ancestors and that they are deeply rooted in their history even after being encompassed by modernism.

Moreover, getting this native skull and wolf tattoo inked on your sleeves will allow you to flaunt its elegance as your sleeves provide the required space to do this tattoo intricately.

Native American Wolf Mandala Tattoo

Native American Wolf Mandala Tattoo
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Mandalas are basically spiritual symbols that have a special place in Buddhism and Hinduism. They depict a person’s spiritual journey from outside to the inmost core through the layers. Mandalas also speak of the never-ending process that life goes through in the Universe.

As mentioned above, a wolf is considered a spiritual animal. Because the wolf had seen it all, it had witnessed our history and had seen the transformations of human civilization over the years, which eventually resulted in its own alteration. This very journey of this beast gives it the appellation of being a spiritual creature.

Getting a Native American wolf tattoo inked with a mandala enhances a person’s spiritual persona and shows their ability to accept the changes in life. If you are a fan of tribal wolf tattoo designs, this piece is perfect for you.

Native Howling Wolf Tattoo With a Moon in Background

Native Howling Wolf Tattoo With a Moon in Background
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Over the centuries, the wolf’s howl in the moonlight has been paired with different legends in different cultures. Greek and Norse mythologies speak of an unusual bond between the wolves and the moon. Native American legends consider the wolf to be the guardian of the moon. The werewolf myth believes that the wolves howl only at a full moon.

The howling wolf is a natural phenomenon that has become a popular unisex tattoo subject in modern times. The howling of a wolf resembles their way of communicating with the close family packs and a sense of protection towards their blood relatives.

So, carving this howling wolf tattoo on your body shows your sense of responsibility and your love for the family. Besides, the moon in the background represents night. If you are a fan of howling wolf tattoos, feel free to use this design.

Wolf Head Native Man Portrait Tattoo

Wolf Head Native Man Portrait Tattoo
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This tribal art style is a popular tattoo subject among native Americans. Well, wolves play a predominant part in many American tribal legends. The tribes around the northern coastal side of America believe their first ancestors were transformed from wolves into men. On the other hand, the Shoshone mythology sees the wolf as a noble creator God. Needless to say, wolves are considered to share a close bond with humans.

Wolf symbolizes loyalty and vigor. If a person gets this tribal wolf head tattoo inked with the portrait of a native man, it will enhance his masculinity and honesty.

This typical tribal wolf tattoo also highlights one’s fearlessness and ability to confront every tough situation dynamically. Make sure to find a tattoo artist who can bring this design to life.

Native Wolf Tattoo With a Woman’s Portrait

Native Wolf Tattoo With a Woman's Portrait
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Women are a fundamental part of mother nature. They have been bestowed the wonderful bliss of weaving the seeds of new life on this Earth. Hence, it goes without saying that women own immense strength, be it physical or mental.

In Hinduism, women are considered the ‘Prakriti’, or Nature itself. Prakriti is both the reason for our existence, and it also causes our destruction when the time comes.

This is one of the traditional wolf tattoos that brings out the elegance of femininity and the contradictory personality of a woman. It also represents the love a woman bears for her family and her capacity to follow her instinct. Moreover, the subtlety of the tattoo is beyond discussion.

Half Portrait Half Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Half Portrait Half Geometric Wolf Tattoo
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Geometric shapes are gradually gaining popularity in the mainstream tattoo culture. The geometric tattoos consist of many hidden meanings as they have been one of the primitive shapes. This native wolf tattoo, partially inked in geometric shapes, conveys the core of a wolf-like personality, such as wilderness, freedom, and attachment to nature.

This native wolf tattoo is infused with lines and angles that make it minimalist. While at the same time, the portrait part gives it a divine look. And unlike the picture, you can get it customized to have it as a large tattoo on the powerful parts of your body.

Native Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Native Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo
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The dreamcatchers are said to have their origins in the Ojibwe people of Eastern Canada and the United States. These Ojibwe people believed that the dreamcatcher shape represented the sun roaming around the sky and the tiny circle right at the center of the dreamcatcher to be the place where the dreams enter, while the feathers represent freshness.

The meaning of dreamcatcher lies in the name itself. It catches bad dreams and negative energies. So, together with the dreamcatcher, this wolf tattoo signifies protection from harm.

This art style involves so much delicacy, such as the green eyes of the wolf and the roses tinted with red ink gives it a badass look.

Aggressive Lone Wolf Tattoo With Headdress

Aggressive Lone Wolf Tattoo With Headdress
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Lone wolves tend to be more fierce than pack wolves. Being alienated from the pack, they have to survive every circumstance on their own. Hence a person who has undergone several difficult times and has survived it all independently, this snarling wolf tattoo can be a fitting subject for him.

This is one of the mind-blowing native wolf tattoo ideas one can have on their bucket list. This will surely bring out your aggression, struggle, and enduring personality. The black ink lines of the tattoo are bold and fierce. You can place this tattoo on your arm, thigh, or your back, depending on what look you are going for.

Native American Wolf Half Sleeve Tattoo

Native American Wolf Half Sleeve Tattoo
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This is another wolf tattoo inspired by Native American heritage. Sleeve tattoos have always been popular as they bring out your rigidity and the outspoken side of your character. This particular wolf tattoo, combined with the feathers, can be a perfect image to get carved with if you are thinking of having your first tattoo.

Moreover, if the tribal designs intrigue you, this particular tattoo idea perfectly serves what you intend to do on your body. Well, the placement and your choice of image are not enough. This magnificent half sleeve native American tribal wolf tattoo can be created when it gets the touch of the experienced hands of a remarkable tattoo artist.

Native American Wolf tattoos, with their variety and elaborate meanings, have been dominating the tattoo industry for quite some time. Tattooing and body art have always been spiritual rituals for many native American tribes. Animal tattoos are popular among them when it comes to the subject of tattoos. However, a traditional wolf tattoo is what you need if you are attracted by the Native Americans and their cultural traditions. Apart from these amazing Native American wolf tattoos, we are leaving you with a hand full of some other Native American spirit wolf tattoos,

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What is the meaning of a Native American wolf tattoo?

A Native American wolf tattoo is often used to signify courage and strength. The wolf represents an individual’s inner power, leadership, and wisdom as well as their connection with nature. The tattoo can also symbolize protection, loyalty, family values, and harmony with the environment. Additionally, a wolf tattoo may be seen as a reminder of the importance of respect for all living things. It can also be used to honor a particular belief system, such as totemism, or represent a personal spiritual journey. Ultimately, the meaning of any tattoo is up to the individual who wears it and should be thoughtfully considered before choosing one.

What are the different designs of Native American wolf tattoos?

Native American wolf tattoos come in a variety of designs. Some popular designs feature a wolf howling at the moon, while others depict the wolf surrounded by tribal symbols, geometric shapes, and medicine wheels. Wolves may also be seen running across the back or chest, with details like feathers around their neck and paws. Wolves can also be designed in a realistic or abstract way, with bold colors and intricate line work. No matter the design, Native American wolf tattoos are sure to make a powerful statement.

How do I choose a Native American wolf tattoo design?

When choosing a Native American wolf tattoo design, consider the meaning behind it and how it speaks to your personal beliefs. For example, you could choose a design featuring a lone wolf, which symbolizes independence and strength, or one with a pack of wolves for protection and loyalty. It’s important to take some time to research different designs, as well as talk to tattoo artists about what you’d like. Doing so will help ensure that your Native American wolf tattoo is meaningful and special to you.

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