10 Best Muppets Tattoo Ideas that will Blow Your Mind!

by Mark
Muppets Tattoos

If you are looking for your next tattoo ideas, down below are some Muppets tattoo designs that might just be perfect for you.

Muppets Tattoo
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Jim Henson and his creation of the famous Muppets characters from ‘Sesame Street’ has left an indelible impression on our minds.

Created by Henson and now taken over from the Jim Henson Company as part of the Muppets Studio in Walt Disney Company, ‘The Muppets Show’ is a popular sketchy TV series featuring a range of the muppets and many important guests. It is marked by funny and comic plotlines, quirky musicals, parodies and even surreal humour.

Owing to their popularity from ‘Sesame Street’, a children’s TV show by Jim Henson, the Muppets got to have a show of their own. It became so popular that many celebrities were eager to be a part of the show and include themselves in roles for Muppets films, the latest being ‘The Dark Crystal’ by Henson himself. Tattooing your favourite Muppet on the skin can be a perfect tribute to the show and your childhood memories as well. Down below are some amazing muppet tattoo designs curated for you to have a look at!

Smiling Kermit Frog Tattoo

Smiling Kermit Frog Tattoo
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Of the firsts, we have a simply elegant traditional Kermit frog tattoo. Featuring the most famous character of the Muppets show, the host Kermit the Frog, this minimalistic Muppet tattoo features the smiling Kermit frog with his archetypal apron-like bow hanging around the neck. Accurate in representation and feasible in size, this beautiful tattoo will be perfectly ideal for a first time inking experience, or as we said, a souvenir of your childhood.

Shiny Teeth Muppets Animal Tattoo

Shiny Teeth Muppets Animal Tattoo
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For another magnificent arm tattoo, we have here a Muppet with one of its teeth etched in gold! The adequately perfect inkwork required to show the furry dress-like skin, as well as the intricate designs in the Muppet’s hat and teeth, steal the show. The experimentation with bright colours like orange and purple is ideal in the tattoo. The feathery hat, furry skin and eye-catching gold teeth is simply astounding!

Miss Piggy Animal Muppets Tattoo

Miss Piggy Animal Muppets Tattoo
@thepeachmoon via Instagram

We have a crossover of Miss Piggy, another one of the most famous Muppets and Madame Leota from ‘The Haunted Mansion’ in this wonderful arm tattoo. Amazing inkwork in only black and white is commendable, especially the white dot work provided as a background, with stars and a blackened mirror too. The deep black fill here is apt in giving off the vibe of a portrait hanging from a wall. Although this is perfect, adding bright colours to the tattoo would be real fun!

Female Kermit Tattoo

Female Kermit Tattoo
@lauraegea_tattoo via Instagram

The new female Kermit frog tattoo has all our votes! With intricate details with green and pink colours, this hyperrealistic sleeve tattoo features Lady Kermit, dressed up in party attire and makeup, ready for a stage show. The beautiful purple lipstick and background shades offer a direct contrast to the green dress, providing all the attention to the tattoo alone. The detailed flowers and pearls on her neck are bound to be attention-grabbers!

Kermit Muppets Tattoo

Kermit Muppets Tattoo
@thepeachmoon via Instagram

This Muppet tattoo features a gentleman, Kermit, again in a Davis Byrne look complete with a pantsuit, ready for a talk show. Looking like the appropriate host of the show that he is in reality, this gentlemanly dressed Kermit steals the same look, almost as a human, in this tattoo. With bright blue shading gradients with white inside the suit and a star-shaped blue background, this tattoo is all set to steal the show, literally!

Animal From ‘The Muppets’ Tattoo

Animal From 'The Muppets' Tattoo
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Featuring the wild character Animal from ‘The Muppets’, this magnificent sleeve tattoo is here to stay if you are interested in bold inking. The tattoo inked shows a bright concert like background with starry lights and blue and purple blurs, and a happy Animal playing on the drums. Brighter colours and their respective shading gradient are used to add a touch of party vibes to the tattoo!

Kermit The Frog Meme Tattoo

Kermit The Frog Meme Tattoo
@madlynevanlooy via Instagram

This Muppets tattoo features the host Kermit frog, which is now a meme- the confused Kermit frog. Tattooed in black and white, this tattoo is ideal for the arms or chest. Brilliant inkwork and fine line work, along with a deep fill of black ink, is brilliantly inked- we recommend inking the tattoo in Kermit’s deep pale green skin and the traditional light green apron-like collar design to add fun and colours!

‘The Dark Crystal’ Muppet Tattoo

'The Dark Crystal' Muppet Tattoo
@cirameisen via Instagram

‘The Dark Crystal’ is a 1982 dark fantasy film, also available as a Netflix feature film series directed by Jim Henson that deals with a Gelfling Jen to restore power with a crystal. This tattoo features a character from the film: the exotic nature that ‘The Dark Crystal’ gives is also portrayed in the tattoo. We see a range of beautiful new flowers and leaves with the Gelfling, and the pretty lavender background shading and gradient steal the show. Intricate inkwork with bright pink and purple is excellent and at par with the dark crystal designs shown in the film posters.

The Swedish Chef Animal Tattoo

The Swedish Chef Animal Tattoo
@naylortattoos via Instagram

The Swedish Chef is a very popular character in ‘The Muppets’, and the fun tattoo features Animal, the wild and frenzied character in the show donning the Chef’s hat. The beautifully shaded hat and character colour are inked in detail, with bright hues of red and orange for the highlights. The effort put into making the furry skin look natural is the show-stealer here.

This tattoo is ideal for a sleeve inking and customizable to experiment with the background with brighter colours or kitchen supplies like in the show.

Boozed Out Kermit The Frog Tattoo

Boozed Out Kermit The Frog Tattoo
@evanbrynetattoo via Instagram

Of the traditional Kermit the frog, the show’s host, we do see no more than the bust. But this quirky and fun tattoo takes us to a new perspective on the fun-loving Kermit by the sea. Featuring Kermit in a fun beach attire smoking, we get to see creativity at a whole new level! The beautiful Hawaiian beach shirt with coloured patches and cool retro yellow sunglasses steal the show, and credit goes to the tattoo artists for inking this realistic Muppet character in an altogether new look.

With a myriad of the Muppets tattoos, from the traditional ones on ‘Sesame Street’ to the latest Netflix feature film ‘The Dark Crystal’, this collection is here to stay. Featuring both famous and lesser-known ones, this tattoo collection is ideal for remembering a fun show that made our childhoods extremely special.

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The Muppets from Jim Henson Company wish you all a very happy inking!

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