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101 Best MS Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
MS Tattoos

Wish to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis? How about getting an MS tattoo? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm!

MS Tattoo
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MS stands for a disease called multiple sclerosis.

Orange is the color with which multiple sclerosis is represented. Just like essential cookies are required to run a website smoothly, human nerves are the tools for smooth communication between the brain and the body.

In the disease of multiple sclerosis, the outer covering of the nervous system is attacked by the immune system, which results in nerve damage. People with this disease need to have a diagnosis, but there is no permanent cure available yet. There are various methods for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The transcranial direct current stimulation is one such among similar technologies available. There is a reason why the color orange is part of MS awareness. In the MRI scan of a brain, the part with multiple sclerosis lights up in bright orange color. The disease may be a bummer, but that is no reason the tattoo cannot be fun. Keep in mind that the measurement services will be available at the tattoo shop for customers, which determines the price of each tattoo. You do not need to find separate companies or shops to avail of the services. MS tattoos can be designed and inked as you prefer.

Symbolic Multiple Sclerosis Tattoo

Symbolic Multiple Sclerosis Tattoo
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This incredible work has swept us off our feet at first glance. A butterfly is seen with beautiful colors near a ribbon in the orange hue. The butterfly is patterned with blue, purple, and orange. The extremely realistic touch to the tattoo breathes life into it. Even the shadow of the butterfly and ribbon and the reflection of light on the ribbon are nailed to perfection.

The butterfly is not only intended to be pretty; it has a meaningful significance. Butterflies are the insects that denote multiple sclerosis, and there is a reason behind it. In the MRI scan, the brain appears in the shape of a butterfly. That added with the touch of orange. makes this tattoo an amazing motif for MS awareness.

Beautiful From All Perspectives Tattoo

Beautiful From All Perspectives Tattoo
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Butterflies are not the only motifs for MS tattoos; there are other ways to allude to it as well, just like in this creative piece of art. The word perspective is written capitalized and inverted with a bouquet. Even though the tattoo might be simple, lettering is difficult. So, for a safer experience, search for the best artist and book yourself an appointment early on.

This tattoo hints at the struggle many individuals go through when diagnosed with MS. Occasionally, people see an upside-down vision. The causes for this are still not clear. However, the person with this tattoo chooses to look at it as having a fresh perspective on life. So, if you can also find the upside of this anomaly, this tattoo will be perfect for you.

You Are Not Alone Tattoo

You Are Not Alone Tattoo
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This tattoo tells an amazing story. On the tattoo is a large nerve cell with a little orange ribbon wrapped around it with ‘hope’ written on it. Since the nerve cell is a complicated design, it is our advice to go for an experienced artist.

If you are interested in doing a little gesture for your loved one, this is just the right tattoo. The person with this tattoo got this for their fiance to remind them they were not alone in this fight. Besides, the word hope makes it apparent that they are willing to bet on the one person who matters the most to them. The picture of a nerve cell can point out the condition that the artist tries to capture in a tattoo.

A Beautiful Mind Tattoo

A Beautiful Mind Tattoo
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As a customer, why settle for anything other than the best? That is how this tattoo makes us feel. A stunning cover-up tattoo will make heads turn in the room. An old picture of a brain is replaced with an explosion of colors. The tattoo is an actual brain scan of the customer. The artist brightens the spot with multiple sclerosis yellow. Around the brain structure, flowers such as hibiscus and monstera plant leaves can be viewed.

Certain features, such as color, alter the meaning of the hibiscus flower. The red hibiscus is a symbol of love and passion. In this case, the person is trying to show how they love themselves before anybody else for continuing the fight despite having MS. However; this intricate work needs the services of a seasoned artist. So, pick your artist carefully after checking the reviews.

Keep S’myelin Tattoo

Keep S'myelin Tattoo
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This tattoo might be ideal for those who intend to raise awareness through their tattoo about MS and everything related to it. ‘Keep S’myelin’ is written in an attractive font in the center, along with characteristic features like the orange ribbon. At the bottom, what looks like a wreath of flowers at one glance is a nerve cell. The shades of orange and blue manage to make the tattoo pop even more. The shape and size of the tattoo make it ideal for various sites on the skin. For example, this can be a fantastic candidate if you are looking for the best tummy tuck cover-up tattoos.

Keep S’myelin is a place that works hard to help children and parents understand and learn about MS in a fun and easy method. Hence, what other ways can be better to raise awareness for MS than this? To make this pair of tattoos more meaningful, it is shared by a father and daughter to show how they will stick with each other through thick and thin.

I’m Stronger Than My Pain Tattoo

I'm Stronger Than My Pain Tattoo
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This art piece evokes the emotions of pain and suffering the moment you see it. There is an image of the brain along with the spinal cord. The intricate details on the tattoo make this piece all the more life-like. At various sites, the spinal cord seems to be hurt as blood is spilling out, emphasized by the color red on an otherwise black-and-white work. The features of this piece need a skilled artist. So, for a safer experience, opt for one who is great with the realistic art style.

The tattoo reminds everyone how tough it is to battle with MS daily. Although, the person is much more than their disease. This tattoo asks for a little empathy and dignity as they try to get through each day with a positive outlook.

Symbolic Serpent Tattoo

Symbolic Serpent Tattoo
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If you are involved in the services, this tattoo will be a fun little puzzle for you to decipher. A wooden staff is present. On that staff, a snake has coiled its way up. MS is written on one side, while the very familiar ribbon can be seen on the other.

Many may not know, but the medical logo has a serpent on the staff. Individuals involved with the services are all familiar with the logo, which is what this tattoo is alluding to. The snake is taken from the story of Asclepius, who was revered as a god of healing by the Greeks. With the logo, the person wishes to persevere in their struggle and have hope for that miraculous healing for themselves as well.

I’ve Got A Friend In You Tattoo

I've Got A Friend In You Tattoo
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Do you also feel it is you and your pet against the world? You need not look for more options then. We are confident this tattoo will manage to make its way into your heart. The face of a cat is present on the piece, which is wearing a cute little ribbon as the collar. The cat looks very lively, with ears perked up.

The cat is the pet of the one who got the tattoo. You can customize certain features of this item, like changing the face with that of your pet. Moreover, the ribbon is representative of MS. Therefore, the message put forward by this piece is that their pet has helped them cope with every obstacle in their MS journey.

Quirky Medical Logo Tattoo

Quirky Medical Logo Tattoo
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Here is a fun little piece with an out-of-the-box design. What is most prominent in the piece are the dragonfly wings. They reflect various colors, making the piece look like something out of a fairytale. Part of the dragonfly’s body can also be made out. However, these are tools to make a motif for a different logo.

Certain features of the motif resemble that of the common serpent and staff logo common in the medical service. Further, the MS ribbon is indicative of what area the piece wishes to focus on. Since dragonflies also stand for harmony, this piece is also the wish for better balance in their bodies as they progress toward healing.

A Loud Response Tattoo

A Loud Response Tattoo
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One word can say more than a speech. Small businesses on social media like Instagram or Facebook products provide temporary tattoos like this simple design, but the novelty of permanent tattoos remains. This tattoo only has one word, ‘fuck’ inked in a style that makes the tattoo look like running handwriting.

That word was the response of the person when they heard they have multiple sclerosis culminating in all their emotions. So, do you have a word like that for your piece?

With certain features like the color or symbol dedicated to multiple sclerosis, a tattoo can be inked to raise MS awareness or simply talk about your story of battling the disease.

On our search for MS tattoos, we ended up finding out how versatile the tattoos can get. Hence, here are a few more options worth considering.

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How can I cover up my ms tattoo?

There are several ways you can cover up your MS tattoo. First, you could try using makeup or concealer to hide it. You could also look into getting a skin graft or even laser treatment, both of which can effectively help to fade the appearance of the tattoo. Additionally, there are also a variety of temporary tattoos available that can be used to cover up the existing tattoo. Finally, you may also want to consider getting a new tattoo to cover the old one, allowing you to create something unique and meaningful that reflects your personal style. No matter which option you choose, it’s important to consult with an experienced professional before making any changes. They can help you decide on the best course of action and provide important information about the process. Good luck!

What are some good designs for an ms tattoo?

The design of an MS tattoo can be as unique and meaningful as you want it to be. Popular ideas include semicolons, which have become a symbol for living with chronic illnesses, butterflies, which are often used to represent transformation and hope, or feathers, which signify strength and courage. Other ideas could include a quote or phrase that is meaningful to you, an abstract design, or anything else that represents your journey with MS. No matter what design you choose, make sure it’s something you can be proud of and that it accurately reflects your personal story. Good luck!

How much does an ms tattoo cost?

The cost of an MS tattoo varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where you get it done. Generally speaking, a small piece could cost anywhere from $50-$200, while larger pieces could go up to several hundred dollars or more. Additionally, some tattoos may require multiple sessions, which can add to the overall cost. It’s important to research different tattoo shops and artists in your area and get quotes before making a decision. Good luck!

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