101 Best Mother Of Two Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Mother of two Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: November 22, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Ink out the unique bond between a mother and a child! Check out the symbolic Mother of Two tattoo ideas, handpicked for you to choose from.

Mother Of Two Tattoo
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(Mother of Two tattoo designs depict the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children.)

Mother of two tattoos can be of various designs.

Tattoos with symbols, numbers, or words can represent the bond between a mom and her kids. A meaningful design inked on both mothers and daughters can look enticing.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than the relationship between mother and child. And what better way to celebrate this love than etching out similar tattoos? Just like the bond, the tattoos will last a lifetime and will keep on reminding the happy memories from childhood. So expressing your love for your mama with a cute mother and child tattoo will put up a smile on her face, that will melt your heart. Also, the bold mamas out there can choose from a wide range of tattoo designs to ink out their true love for their children in an artistic way. It can surely level up your style and showcase your motherly love, reminding you of living a mindful life.

Keep reading to come across some of the most creative Mother of Two tattoos, from which you can choose in your next inking session!

Infinity Mother of Two Tattoo

Infinity Mother of Two Tattoo ideas
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The infinity tattoos are perhaps the most meaningful. This small yet cute tattoo idea beautifully reminds us of the eternal bond between a mother and her child. The love for your children or your parents is something you can’t explain. However, you can express it with the infinity symbol. Meaningful and delicate.

You can incorporate your kid’s name in the infinity loop and experiment with your favorite signs and symbols. Flowers, hearts, initials, or just anything that will symbolize your infinite love for your baby. These tattoos look best on the wrist, which will also remind you of your motherhood.

Small Mother Daughter Tattoos

Small Mother Daughter Tattoos ideas
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If you want a simple yet meaningful tattoo, you can always opt for a small one. A matching tattoo design shared by a mother and daughter looks quite fascinating.

A simple heartbeat on the index finger or perhaps a tiny tattoo of two birds on the ankle are some of the ideas you can choose. Mother-daughter quotes are another fun way of expressing your creative fling. Matching tattoos are never old school. Discuss your thoughts and ideas with the tattoo artist so that he can bring out the best design for you.

Mother of Two Boys Tattoo

Mother of Two Boys Tattoo
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Not just mother-daughter tattoos. The mother of two boys’ tattoo ideas is also quite famous. Giving birth and raising two children with utmost love and care is cherished by all mothers.

The sons grow up and become a shield for their mother. Get inked with the mother of two boys tattoo that will remind you of this eternal shield created by you. You can even put the birth dates of your child in your design to commemorate the most special day of your life. These tattoo designs symbolize your motherly love and denote the strength you seek from your boys. Just a mere look at the tattoo will lift your spirits in the time of exhaustion and remind you of the courageous woman you are.

Lioness and her Cubs Tattoos

Lioness and her Cubs Tattoos
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An illustration of a lioness and her cubs is perhaps the most meaningful mother of two sons’ tattoo designs. Not just a lioness, you can opt for any animal that will represent the love and protection you provide to your child.

You will also be reminded of the powerful lineage that you have created. It reverberates strength, courage, everlasting love, and safeguarding your family. The unbreakable bond between the lioness and her cubs signifies the ability of a mother to raise her kids single-handedly into independent, strong individuals. No one can come in between this bond, not even the father. These tattoos look best on the shoulder blade or the arm.

In Mother’s Arms Tattoo

In Mother's Arms Tattoo
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The best place to lie down in this whole wide world is the mother’s arms. These meaningful small tattoos with the symbolism of a mother’s love can be intricately designed or simply outlined with bold black shades.

A mother hugging her child tightly will make you feel the warmth of her love. It is quite nostalgic to look at this design. All the problems disappear in the mother’s arms. Even if you are not near your mom, this tattoo will make you remember the good old days of childhood. How carefree those days were! That feeling of assurance will pop in again upon looking at the mother holding her child. A simple illustration yet a deep meaning is what this tattoo will offer. But make sure to get it done by a professional tattoo artist to get the perfect look you want. This tattoo design will look great on the right chest, shoulders, or arms.

Mother of Two Butterfly Tattoos

Mother of Two Butterfly Tattoos
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Butterflies denote rebirth and independence. Mother-daughter tattoos of a matching butterfly will look graceful and will enhance femininity. This symbolizes transformation and hope, bringing forth the natural elements of nature. These are perfect for the ones who are nature-lovers and want a tattoo design that is both alluring and poetic.

This can also be designed with flower tattoos and other similar elements that portray the exact look that you want. Mother-daughter tattoos with matching butterflies can look even more attractive with vibrant colors on the wings. The feminine beauty is more accentuated by butterflies and flowers. Girls and moms who live far apart can opt for this design that will serve as a remembrance of the happy times spent together.

Mother’s Hand Tattoo

Mother's Hand Tattoo
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The mother’s hand is what we search for in the hour of distress. All our childhood memories are filled with tightly holding out our mother’s hand in difficult situations. Be it the fear of exam results or while crossing the busy roads. It’s the feeling of satisfaction you seek from those hands’ touch. So why not ink the mother’s hands holding yours?

Even if you are far away from her, you will be able to cherish those moments spent together in childhood. This will provide a sense of relief during stress. Holding your mother’s hand tattoo also represents the friendship and closeness with your mom. This will also remind you not to let your mother down under any circumstances and that you will always be by her side when she needs you.

Connecting Tattoos

Connecting Tattoos
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Mother-daughter tattoos are pretty popular with connecting designs. These are artistic and can be linked with the elements of your choice.

These inkings are special places or elements that connect you with your family and reminds you of your mother. This can be heart tattoos, family ties, or a pretty sign close to you and your mom. Connecting tattoos is the perfect way to make you long for home. These matching tattoos can be inked on the wrist or the arm with delicate outlines and intricate designs. They represent the deep connection between moms and kids.

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoos
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The bond between the mother and kids is perfectly portrayed through the sun and moon tattoos. We cannot imagine a day without a night. The Sun’s light is reflected through the Moon at night. This light keeps the entire night sky illuminated even when we cannot see the Sun.

Similarly, the mother’s visions and teachings are fostered in a child, which is reflected even in their adulthood. It will not only bring out a deep meaning but will also enhance feminine beauty. With these natural elements, Sun and Moon, you can never go wrong about your decision. This matching tattoo will look great on the wrist, shoulder blade, and neck.

Mother Daughter Tattoo for Shoulder Blades

Mother Daughter Tattoo for Shoulder Blades
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The shoulder blades are popular body areas to get the inking done. Be it matching tattoos or individual small mother-daughter tattoos. Tattoo artists indeed love to create any design for the wearers.

A simple tattoo with a mother’s face and the face outline of two kids is a great choice to opt for. Mother of two tattoo with names of your kids or a single child tattoo is another choice for the shoulder blades. Of course, you can go with animal figures like elephants with their baby or a doe cuddling with her baby. The heart tattoo also looks great on the shoulders. A meaningful life quote and a heart tattoo can bring more creativity and style. This body art will undoubtedly be Instagram-worthy and can gain immense popularity on special celebrations like Mother’s day with the ‘best mother’ tag. So go on and pour some love for your mamas!

If you plan to get inked with the Mother of Two tattoos anytime soon, then don’t forget to check out some more designs!

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What are some good mother of two tattoo ideas?

There are a number of different tattoo ideas that would be perfect for a mother of two. Perhaps you could get a tattoo of two hearts, with each heart representing one of your children. Alternatively, you could get a tattoo of two birds flying together, again with each bird representing one of your kids. Another possibility is to get a tattoo that incorporates both of your children’s names. Whatever design you choose, a mother of two tattoo is sure to be a beautiful and meaningful tribute to your kids.

How long will a mother of two tattoo take to heal?

The healing process for a mother of two tattoo will vary depending on the size and location of the tattoo. Generally, smaller tattoos take less time to heal than larger ones. Additionally, tattoos located on areas of the body that experience more movement (such as the ankles or wrists) may take longer to heal than those located on relatively still areas (such as the back or chest). As a general rule, you can expect a mother of two tattoo to take anywhere from two to four weeks to heal completely.

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