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101 Best Moth Sternum Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Moth Sternum Tattoos

Do you fancy an under breast tattoo like Rihanna to showcase your rich taste in body art? Here are some moth sternum tattoos for the most badass suggestions!

Moth Sternum Tattoo
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Dominated by women, sternum tattoos are a great idea if you are looking for ways to highlight your natural curves.

A sternum tattoo is discreet and the right choice for people who would keep their inks a secret and show off only when they want to. Most people like experimenting with tattoo tropes and symbols and the moth has made a significant position in that list.

Many women lean towards a butterfly or flowers that complement their feminine energy and symbolize growth in a general sense. Keeping this image in mind, a moth stands as a symbol of transformation and regeneration from what one used to be to what they are headed towards. Unlike a butterfly, this insect carries more gender-neutral symbolic connotations that make it a trope suitable for both men and women. Above all, a moth on your sternum is a gorgeous way to keep the transformation close to your heart and at the same time create an off-beat design to flaunt in summer pool parties. Keep scrolling to our list of the most eye-catching sternum tattoos to find your little secret!

Gorgeous Sternum Tattoo With Traditional Moth

Gorgeous Sternum Tattoo With Traditional Moth
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Starting off with an ethereal piece that ticks all the boxes for being your first tattoo on the sternum bone. This one features a number of colours and showcases the animal in a new light defying its conventional images. The ombre effect running throughout the design creates a stark contrast on a bare chest that would make a statement in itself. Capturing the beauty of the insect as that of a butterfly, this moth tattoo celebrates the unbecoming and recreation that we all go through. This chest tattoo is a must for women who love colours and depths in their tattoos.

Black and Grey Moth With Dagger Sternum Tattoos

Black and Grey Moth With Dagger Sternum Tattoos
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Style a simple moth tattoo into a menacing one with the inclusion of lethal weapons as that of a dagger. Here the artist bunks flowers and roses for a more masculine trope that reveals the warrior within the wearer. Apart from the visual appeal of these deadly tattoos, the meaning contains in their duality of beauty with hideous, life and death, and so on. Crafted with minute details, dots, and shading, this work of needle will create a spectacular design on your skin. You can also add a string of flowers as ornaments under the breasts as is shown in the image for a more elaborated sternum tattoo.

Enigmatic Moth With Flower Sternum Tattoos

Enigmatic Moth With Flower Sternum Tattoos
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When we think of a tattoo, it serves to express our soul on the body in creative ways. Tattoo artists often lay importance on the significance of a tattoo design to the wearer before going through the process. Here the human eyes on the body of the moth seem rather creepy but bind the overall design in an otherworldly cover. The flowers and leaves on the sternum create a platform for the moth to be placed showcasing its wings in their full grandeur. The eyes allude to a mystical element that could be laced with nature or the persona of the wearer. If you are going for this kind of design, do away with colours and keep it basic. The eyes and shading would be apt for capturing maximum attention on such a quirky style.

Dainty Moth Tattoo For Women

Dainty Moth Tattoo For Women
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Lovers of minimal tattoos would be all over this tattoo design featuring a delicate moth inked with black dots and a few bold fillings. Compared to the other designs that we have mentioned so far, this miniature sternum tattoo is a brilliant way to ink a number of shapes into the structure. Enveloping a few abstract arrows and the crescent moon, these moths will hide under your clothes and pose as a symbol of your intricate being when showcased.

Moon Moth Chest Tattoos For Women

Moon Moth Chest Tattoos For Women
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Speaking of the moon, this design in black and grey shows how you can bring the different phases of this celestial object to your own sternum tattoos. The structure of the insect here is kept deliberately simple and monochromatic to highlight the moon. The eye on the head reminds us of the Hamsa eye but can be inferred as something witchy owing to its observation of the moon in this sternum tattoo. The style is unique and will complement the selenophile in you.

Moon Moth Chest Tattoo For Women
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This sternum tattoo is a similar portrayal but in reverse. The structure is a remnant of the mandala design with its flower patterns and beautifying dot work at the end of the bone. The transparent wings further shape the ink created by the mandala and support the design to a higher platform that makes a statement on the sternum.

Death Head Moth Tattoo Sternum

Death Head Moth Tattoo Sternum
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For men who are feeling left out, this moth tattoo is for you to beautify your sternum in the most unconventional way ever. Death’s head on the head of this animal makes way for an ominous-looking sternum tattoo that is laced with multiple layers of meaning. These sternum tattoos on the other hand hint at the dubious connotations attached with moths. Moths are often related as stellar opposites to a butterfly and can be seen in many of the tattoo designs featuring ghastly motifs. Moreover, the fact that this sternum tattoo seems out of place with the lack of a neat outline further increases its appeal alongside your breasts. You can also add dead flowers to make this design even deadlier in appearance.

Geometrical Sternum Tattoo Moths

Geometrical Sternum Tattoo Moths
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If symmetry is your fancy, take a look at this gorgeous piece of art for inspiration. Here the artist employs three moths alongside the three-edged structure to arrive at a balanced sternum tattoo that will keep you gawking in awe. The triangle is supposedly one of the most stable shapes that signify durability and permanence. Coupled with the moths, the style of this piece refers to the paradoxical notion of building constancy through transformation. If you want a mind-boggling design, get this idea tattooed on your sternum and leave people guessing its symbolism!

Crystal Sternum Tattoos With Moths

Crystal Sternum Tattoos With Moths
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Moths go well together with a mandala and this sternum tattoo is here to prove it again. The contrast painted in blue and pink with a jaded stone comment on the sublime undertones hinted at by the crescent moon and hanging crystals. The two feathers make the insect look even more airy and intangible. This boldly outlined sternum tattoo is fitted for anyone who likes a small design that is capable of attracting attention without much hassle.

Crystal Sternum Tattoo With Moths
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The same blue and pink contrast is traceable here with a more hidden and discreet approach. The traditional image of moths describes the insect as a dull-looking being that is almost incomprehensible to praise. The artist here takes the popular notion and defies it boldly by adding the streaks of fluorescent colours underneath the flaps. This artistry could as well serve to complement the wearer’s persona that would rather choose when to display their true colours than being an open book. It also refers back to the purpose of sternum tattoos that selectively displays rather than participate in exhibitionism. If you are someone who keeps away from too much colour, draw inspiration from this piece and fabricate your own tattoo design.

Simple Female Sternum Tattoo Moth

Simple Female Sternum Tattoo Moth
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For people who like elaborate tattoos without heavy detailing and colour blocks, take a look at this cute mandala-inspired sternum tattoo to experiment with your moths. The concept of these sternum tattoos is to expand in the surface area without incorporating many elements within its circumference. The twigs and delicate dot work make up the maximum of this sternum tattoo and the center is left for the animal to occupy. You can also add the crescent moon and watch the magic of this sternum tattoo unfold in celestial shades.

Warm Sternum Tattoos With Mystic Moths

Warm Sternum Tattoos With Mystic Moths
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Bringing in a subtle reminder of sultry summer evenings, this sternum tattoo paints an intimate picture that we all can relate to up to some degree. Shades of yellow and brown with just a hint of the cyan bottle up the requirements for the needle. Simple patterns run throughout the tattoo to hide the fragile cyan within its flaps. This off-beat sternum tattoo could be your style if you resonate with nostalgia and exquisite designs.

Sternum tattoos are a statement piece that celebs have owned and rocked on their skin. This tells you about the extent of their popularity and the versatility of style that they offer. Artists swear by a mandala design or floral patterns on the sternum being a popular tattoo trope among the females. However, with moths the concept gears towards a spiritual pathway that connects the wearer with their tattoo. Moths also put an end to the prejudice of sternum tattoos being crafted for women only and opens up a vast arena for experimentation. Having said that, here are some of our suggestions to help you ink your sternum:

  1. Luna moth sternum tattoo
  2. Moths in a bottle sternum tattoo
  3. Sternum tattoos with dead roses, skulls, and moths
  4. Geometric mandala sternum tattoo with moths
  5. Three-eyed moths on the sternum tattoo

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this blog sternum tattoo ideas.

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What is a moth sternum tattoo?

A moth sternum tattoo, also known as a mid-sternum tattoo, is a type of body art that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves having an image of a moth or other insect placed directly on the middle of one’s chest. Although this type of tattoo is quite striking and attention-grabbing, it can also be quite meaningful. Many people choose to get a moth sternum tattoo to symbolize transformation and growth, as moths are often associated with these concepts. In addition, the placement of the tattoo on one’s chest makes it a very personal form of body art that is close to one’s heart. Moth sternum tattoos can vary in size and can be simple or intricate, depending on the individual’s preference. They are often done with black ink, but other colors may be used as well to create a unique design. No matter what the design is, a moth sternum tattoo is sure to be eye-catching.

How do I choose a moth sternum tattoo design?

When looking for a moth sternum tattoo design, it is important to keep in mind the symbolic meaning of moths. If you want your tattoo to represent transformation and growth, consider adding additional elements such as butterflies or other insects that also symbolize these things. Additionally, look into different types of moths and their patterns and colors to find one that resonates with you. When deciding on a design, it is also important to consider the size and placement of the tattoo. Some people prefer a small, subtle tattoo while others may opt for something larger and more detailed. Make sure to discuss these details with your tattoo artist beforehand to ensure that you get the perfect design for your taste and needs.

How much does a moth sternum tattoo cost?

The cost of a moth sternum tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the design. Generally speaking, small or simple tattoos may be cheaper than larger or more detailed ones. Additionally, some tattoo artists may charge differently based on their skill level and experience. It is best to talk to your tattoo artist directly to get a better idea of what the cost may be. Be sure to also ask about any additional fees that may apply, such as aftercare products or a touchup session. Taking these factors into account can help you budget for your tattoo and ensure that you get the best design possible within your price range.

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