10 Best Moon and Stars Tattoo Ideas You Have to See to Believe!

by Mark
Moon and Stars Tattoos

Looking for inspiration for moon and stars tattoo ideas? Find some of the best moon and star tattoos right here on this list compiled by us!

Moon and Stars Tattoo
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The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite that illuminates it with its bright light as it shines amongst the stars, and the stars are defined as self-luminous gas bodies that shine due to the radiation from its internal energy source.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have looked at the night sky and prayed for guidance and good luck. Both these celestial bodies in the form of the moon and the stars are complementary to each other and have been part of many aspects of literature and technological advances.

Tattoos are the perfect reminder of how inspiration is taken from objects all around us as the moon and stars tattoo designs are all the rage among fans of astrology. The symbolism behind moon and star tattoos varies in different cultures and as a result, have different meanings to them. All in all, the moon tattoo symbolize the passage of times through its different phases and eternity. In astrology, the moon is the symbol of the soul. Simple designs like the dark and mysterious crescent moon are used as symbols of transition. The waxing moon is a symbol of creativity and growth, and on the other hand, the waning moon is a symbol of self-reflection. The crescent moon and star tattoo are used to depict the Greek moon goddess, Selene.

In women, the moon and stars have a feminine mystique to them as they are symbols of growth and fertility that connect with the person’s magical side on a very deep level. Many women prefer small tattoo designs like small moon tattoos and star tattoos are they are delicate and can be inked on anywhere on the body.

These celestial bodies have been a part of ancient lore throughout the history of humanity and despite different meanings, come together to form the heavenly bodies that illuminate the night sky. A blooming moon tattoo is used to represent new beginnings, but the same moon tattoo can also be used to represent the balance between day and night.

Minimalistic Crescent Moon And Stars Tattoo Design

Minimalistic Crescent Moon And Stars Tattoo Design
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Minimalistic tattoo designs have been a part of the world of tattoos for years as they are great designs that can be tattooed on your body in case you want a small tattoo design.

This small and simplistic tattoo design features a crescent moon as the stars shine around it. The tattoo artist has done a great job in the making of this tattoo by taking on the simplistic approach that breathes fresh air to the tattoo.

If you don’t like the symbolism of this tattoo and want it to be a bit more on the lowkey side, then small tattoos like the following design can be your best bet!

Minimalistic Crescent Moon And Stars Tattoos Design
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This design is another minimalistic star and crescent moon design that takes inspiration from the simplistic style and shapes of tattoo designs.

This tattoo is the perfect symbol of how tattoos don’t have to be extravagant as it fulfills its purpose of a simple crescent moon design.

If you want your tattoo to carry a different meaning that resonates with your personality, you can get this inked in a larger shape or fill it with more stars or take inspiration from other designs to get the best tattoo possible for yourself.

Cute Stars And Crescent Moon Tattoo Design

Cute Stars And Crescent Moon Tattoo Design
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The black cat combination with a crescent moon is a well-known symbol that is often incorporated with the act of witchcraft. Ideas like this mysterious tattoo are linked with the transition phase of a small moon that eventually turns into a fresh moon. In this tattoo design, the moon represents a transition as the moon phases between darkness and light with the beginning of the new moon.

Cats, especially dark ones, have often been seen as symbols of witchcraft since these animals are the preferred pets of witches. Tattoos like these have different meanings hidden behind them that can range from a dark to light meaning, as in this case, this moon and stars tattoo is used to represent luck, mystery, or even death. When the celestial symbols of the moon and stars are combined with the cat, they become a bright and cute tattoo design for women.

Cute Stars And Crescent Moon Tattoos Design
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If the tattoo above is not up to your standards, then hopefully this tattoo design will suit you as it steps away from the dark side to create a much more light-hearted tattoo that features two small cats looking at the sun, stars, moon, and other planets.

Tattoo ideas like these are flexible and different ideas can be incorporated into them to give them a deeper meaning than the usual shapes and styles.

Full-Sized Sun, Moon And Star Tattoos

Full-Sized Sun, Moon And Star Tattoos
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The star, sun, and moon tattoo is another common tattoo style popular among women as the moon represents a sense of femininity as the mother figure, the sun represents masculinity, and the stars can be used to represent their children, these three elements come together to form a meaningful sun, moon, and stars tattoo design.

Tattoos like these are best when they are divided into two parts as seen here as they take up a lot of space and can be used to individually represent the light and dark side of the bright celestial bodies.

Tattoo ideas like these are best suited for women because of these deep meanings behind them and are among some of the best concepts of family tattoos that make the best use of the diverse world of tattoos to bring the moon and stars close to your body.

As usual, the flexibility of tattoos adds a great deal to the design as you can add any number of elements to make this tattoo resonate with your ideas or you can get it inked on different body parts by switching the placement from the legs to the hands.

Shoulder Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs
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The full moon and stars tattoo is used to interpret two opposing powers in the world, which are life and death, feminity and masculinity, good and bad.

Sun and moon tattoo plans are a common occurrence in people who want the best of both worlds and in ways, can relate to the symbolism that both these designs have to offer.

Tattoos like these can be great as his and her tattoo or can be inked together on your body. The placement preference is up to as you can get these tattoos inked anywhere on your body thanks to their small sizes.

Shoulder Sun And Moon Tattoos Designs
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This tattoo is another example of a great sun and moon tattoo design as it portrays the light and darkness interpretation comfortably with its small and simple design that fits right into the ideas of a crescent moon tattoo or sun and moon tattoo design that you might be looking for.

Serpent With Crescent Moon Tattoo Design

Serpent With Crescent Moon Tattoo Design
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The snake is usually used to symbolize temptation, power, and rebirth and is a common animal that has become a part of the tattoo of various tattoo designs.

Snakes can be integrated into a vast number of tattoo ideas as they can coil themselves around the object as seen in this design where it wraps itself around the crescent moon.

The moon symbolizes mystery, too, like the snake because it can change its shape every day from a full moon to a crescent moon, depending on its cyclical nature.

Snake and moon tattoos come together to form a mysterious tattoo design that can be inked on your body to remind you of the uncertainty life holds and how you can make the best of your situation. The moon and sun come together to offer protection from anything bad in your life.

Serpent With Crescent Moon Tattoos Design
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If the above tattoo design is too timid and playful for your likeness and does not fulfil your need for a badass tattoo, then this design will certainly fit you like a glove!

This tattoo is badass to the core as it portrays the snake in a howl-like effect with the crescent moon in the background that adds a certain flavour of sinister approach to the design.

In case you want to add a bit more depth to the design, you can easily change it up by including a full moon instead of the half-moon or include a background that has the sky behind the portrait.

Adorable And Simplistic Stars And Moon Tattoo Idea

Adorable And Simplistic Stars And Moon Tattoo Idea
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If you are someone who doesn’t like flashy tattoos, then star tattoos like this idea will fit your bill perfectly!

Moon and star tattoos such as these make the best use of their minimalistic approach as they create a design that is pleasant to look at and serves the required purpose of an eye-catching tattoo design that will turn a lot of heads.

The idea behind the tattoo is simple as it creates a series of stars that are placed around the moon as both illuminate each other through their bright lights in the night sky. Moon and star tattoos such as these can even include the sun as they can be easily placed in the design owing to the small size of the tattoo.

Five Moon Phase Tattoo Design

Five Moon Phase Tattoo Design
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The moon has five phases that are visible to the naked eye as it orbits around the Earth. These phases are known as the new moon, crescent moon, quarter moon, gibbous moon, and full moon.

These moon phases are popular among people because of the different shapes and sizes they come in and have made their way into the world of tattoos.

This particular tattoo puts a small twist to the phasing design as it fills the moons with white flowers and leaves that pop in the black background. This floral pattern gives the design a look that is pretty in nature and can be worn with confidence as you too, like the leaves in the black background will shine like a star in the sky!

Five Moon Phase Tattoos Design
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In case the colour-filled phasing tattoo above doesn’t fit your preference for a clean look, then this unfilled tattoo design might fit your preference as it takes on a simplistic approach that is combined with a neat portrait that has a geometric feel to it. You can even add the sun or stars to the design to make this design similar to other stars and moon tattoo designs.

Floral Moon And Star Outline Tattoo Design

Floral Moon And Star Outline Tattoo Design
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This tattoo design is yet another one of the many amazing tattoo ideas that make use of their perfect drawing to draw attention to the tattoo.

Moon and star tattoo designs are pretty on their own and can turn lots of heads with their special approach to the celestial bodies, but, when they are combined with elements like floral designs, they become even prettier as seen here.

The flowers in this tattoo serve as a frame for the moon on which it rests as two stars twinkle in the sky. As seen in the tattoo, it is recommended to keep this tattoo as it is, but if you want to fill it with colours, you can do so as designs like this keep their style intact even with colours thanks to the amazingly crafted portrait.

Stylistic Planets, Moon And Stars Tattoo Design

Stylistic Planets, Moon And Stars Tattoo Design
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Nothing says “the world is in your hands” better than this amazing tattoo design that is simply astonishing to look at because of the various elements incorporated into this tattoo!

The interpretation of this tattoo is up to the wearer as tattoos like this can have several meanings that apply to the people who get it inked on their bodies.

The design of the tattoo has a neat and clean look to it as it keeps detailing to the minimum and focuses on making the elements inside the hands as beautiful as they can look. The presence of several planets along with the moon and stars give this tattoo a lovely look which can be combined with more elements to make this design look even more amazing than it already is!

Flying Whale Moon And Star Tattoo Design

Flying Whale Moon And Star Tattoo Design
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As usual, we have saved the best for the last! On earth, the whale is one of the largest mammals and is often shrouded with mystery as these creatures travel across the world, and look fabulous while doing so!

Flying whale tattoos have become a common design among tattoo lovers and are often combined with other designs to create a beautiful tattoo.

This tattoo design incorporates the portrait of a flying whale as it cuts across the frame of the design with a starry sky with the moon visible in the background.

Tattoo ideas like these are flawlessly stunning and if you get this tattooed on your body, you will be the centre of attention everywhere you go because of the marvellous design.

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