101 Best Minion Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Minion Tattoos

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Are you a fan of the movie series Despicable Me! Are you thinking of getting a minion tattoo? Don’t worry got you covered. Check this list of best tattoos from the series.

Minion Tattoo
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Minion is a favorite film of many – adults and children alike.

The little yellow blobs from Despicable Me are winning hearts worldwide. Minion tattoos often include a detailed image of the scenes and storyline from the movie, “Despicable Me”.

Minions are playful, adorable creatures working in the best interests of their evil boss, Gru. These yellow blobs are part of an excellent minion tattoo design. These are fun-filled and loved tattoos. 

A little abstract and watercolor spread can become an excellent and vibrant minion tattoo. The two minions are happy, and their eyes are full of mischief. These tattoos can be made on any site that the client desires. With more information minion tattoo, you can pick the right scene and characters you want to show in your minion tattoo. Here are the ten best minion tattoo ideas among all the fantastic designs.

Happy Family Minion Tattoo

Happy Family Minion Tattoo
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The whole family of Despicable Me comes together on its own. It is a family made by choice and love. The members care for each other. The tattoo can have a high sky place where Gru and the girls are all cuddled together while the minions try to get to the top. They are peacefully watching the night sky. The artist can make a big shaded moon and a few sparkling stars to add to the sky and the minion family tattoo. They are part of a good family after the adoption is the dream of many homeless kids. This movie gives them hope and courage to live life and look for magic.

Three Monkeys Minion Tattoo

Three Monkeys Minion Tattoo
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The three iconic monkeys can be portrayed through three minions sitting on one another. The colors of these yellow blobs are exactly like in the movie. The lowest minion can be the cyclops with his hands on the eye. The one in the middle can be the short baby minion with a cute smile and his hands over his ears. At the top of the pyramid is the tall minion with half sleepy eyes and a tuft of hair on his head. His hands should be shown to cover his mouth. Companies search for weeks to get a super sweet tattoo. 

Fantastic Chef Minion Tattoo

Fantastic Chef Minion Tattoo
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How cute is a minion dressed as a chef? The minion can wear the typical chef’s dress and hat. In one of his hands, he can be drawn, holding a long piece of bread. This black ink tattoo can be more attractive by adding a banana in his pocket and a swirl around his hat. His eyes must be made expressive, and he wears boots. The best cooks look the part. A good hat with sparkling clothes is the sign of a fantastic cook. 

Girl Minion Tattoo

Girl Minion Tattoo
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Minions are known for their fun character. A minion can dress up as a female with long hair and a blue floral dress. A purple splashed background with beautiful colored flowers towards the bottom completes this spunky minion tattoo. It is a bazinga minion tattoo. The minion party can continue for more than a week as the cute yellow blobs search for familiar movie scenes. These funny minions do just about anything to make the audience laugh and enjoy.

His Majesty Minion Tattoos

His Majesty Minion Tattoos
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This exciting tattoo has a minion dressed as the king. The royalty can be made prominent by making the minion wear royal clothes and adding a crown on his head. The background can be made sky blue, and the crown can be shown to have beautiful jewels on them. All the minion features must be carefully constructed to make the tattoo look amazing. The cute despicable me movie scenes provide more information minions. 

Realistic Laughing Minion Tattoos

Realistic Laughing Minion Tattoos
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There are many minion tattoo designs that one can choose from. Once you pin the google search for cute minions, more information on despicable me minions can be found. A realistic minion tattoo would have a slight 3D effect. The shadows and colors are what make this cute tattoo unique. Even the teeth must look natural. Anyone who got a minion tattoo is likely to party like the minions in despicable me. This pretty minion fever is expected to continue for a long time now. 

Minion Tattoo With Heart Balloon

Minion Tattoo With Heart Balloon
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This tiny small minion tattoo is adorable. The minion is holding a tiny red heart-shaped balloon. The entire tattoo is made with black ink. The only colored object is that balloon. This tiny minion tattoo is placed on the shoulder blade. He seems to have a mischievous grin on his face and eyes.

Mixed Tumbling Minion Tattoos

Mixed Tumbling Minion Tattoos
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These minions can be shown sitting one on top of the other as they get ready to tumble. At the bottom is the crazy purple minion and towards the very top is the cute baby minion holding a banana. If you got a minion tattoo, it could depict the crazy, curious and fun side of you, just like this band of tumbling Minions. Despicable Me tattoos are popular because of the crazy things that these minions always do. Each of the minions has a different expression on their face, based on their personality. If you also have a fun-loving personality like the minions, you can consider this tattoo!

The Halloween Minion Tattoos

The Halloween Minion Tattoos
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As the Halloween fever rises, the demand for Baron Corbin minion tattoo increases. These purple minions are scary by nature and very destructive. The tattoo can include the minions standing in shallow water with curly hair. You may even add a yellow polka-dotted dress and a hair bow to make the tattoo more fun. This makes for a great Halloween tattoo.

Minion With A Heart Tattoo

Minion With A Heart Tattoo
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This minion tattoo is shown with its back turned towards us. And there is a little red heart tattoo inked on the Minions buttocks. He is wearing goggles over his head. This minion tattoo sleeve is placed on the forearm. Out of all the lovely Minion characters in the Despicable Me franchise, you can pick the one that you relate with the most as your minion tattoo design.

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What is a minion tattoo?

A minion tattoo is a type of body art featuring the popular character from the Despicable Me franchise, known as Minions. These characters are usually depicted in yellow and black prints, often with big eyes and mischievous expressions. Some people also choose to get a single Minion character, or even an entire group of them. Minion tattoos can be done in a variety of styles, from cartoonish to more realistic. Some people also opt for black and grey designs that incorporate traditional tattoo artwork. Whatever design you choose, minion tattoos are fun and have become increasingly popular among both adults and children alike.

What are some of the best minion tattoo designs?

Some of the best minion tattoo designs are those that feature multiple characters from the Despicable Me franchise. These can come in the form of a group of minions, or even a single character at the center. Other unique designs include traditional tattoos featuring minion characters, and cartoonish ones with bright colors and bold outlines. Whatever design you choose for your minion tattoo, make sure it’s meaningful to you and showcases your individual style.

How much does a minion tattoo cost?

The cost of a minion tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the design. Generally speaking, small tattoos start at around $50, while larger ones can cost upwards of $200. If you’re getting a minion tattoo done by a professional artist, be prepared to pay for their time and skill as well. The final cost of your minion tattoo will depend on the design, size, and where you go to get it done.

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