10 Best Minimalist Tarot Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Minimalist Tarot Tattoo

Looking for tattoos to ink your future as body art? Here is a list of the best minimalist tarot tattoo designs to inspire yours.

Minimalist Tarot Tattoo
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Tarot cards are used to predict future and present life.

You may have come across or collected tarot cards of different kinds. Well, why not order these awesome tarot card tattoo designs then? 

Tarot card tattoos show us hope, inspiration, and incidents in future or present life situations. It is said that tarot card reading could predict successful business outcomes and life decisions. Tarot card tattoos could give you hope and inspiration to be successful, work hard and make the most of life. Let’s explore some amazing tarot tattoo designs below.

“The Star” Tarot Card Tattoo Design

"The Star" Tarot Card Tattoo Design
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Tarot cards predict new beginnings, more information about your future in this life. Tarot card readers are quite common. There are different types of tarot decks available for you to read from. Well, this minimalist tarot card tattoo is named ‘The Star.’ The tarot card tattoo shows a girl with wings holding a long stick, standing in a black puddle of water with the night stars twinkling in the background sky. Grasses are inked all over the ground on which she is standing. 

“The Lovers” Tarot Card Tattoo

"The Lovers" Tarot Card Tattoo
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Among tarot card lists, “The Lovers” tarot card is a famous one that people love to get during their tarot card reading. This minimalist lovers tarot card tattoo shows two people facing each other, embracing the other in a hug. A moment of love between these two is portrayed in this tarot card. Behind them, there are two clouds and a rainbow in the sky. 

“The High Priestess” Tarot Card Tattoo

"The High Priestess" Tarot Card Tattoo
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This minimalist high priestess tarot tattoo is magical. The tattoo artist has done a fab job to make the tarot card design more artistic and creative. A cross made of dots is inked at the lady’s chest in the tarot tattoo. Many celestial designs are created using beads in this tarot card tattoo. The lady in the tarot card tattoo has the form of a queen. The crescent moon design on her head is done as a crown and a setting moon design as a center of the crown. 

“The Sun” Horror Tarot Card Tattoo

"The Sun" Horror Tarot Card Tattoo
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In the set of tarot card tattoos, the elemental tattoos like the moon card, the sun card, the death card, etc., are popular card tattoos that people love to ink. The sun is believed to be a source of light and the creation of this world. And the sun holds a lot of energy and power in it. The exact meanings might also be represented using these sun tarot card tattoos. The sun can give strength and energy to all living things on earth. Black ink is used for the whole tarot tattoo design. 

The Moon Tarot Card Tattoos

The Moon Tarot Card Tattoos
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Just after the sun, the moon has such powers to control nature on this planet. The reminder that these tarot tattoos give through their ink design is that the moon can control the waves, waters, night walking creatures, and feline creatures like cats and wolves. The tarot card tattoo design uses a black and grey ink combination. The moon card is also one of the critical tarot card tattoos that people often get on their skin and body as a piece of art. 

Custom Aesthetic Minimalist Tarot Tattoo

Custom Aesthetic Minimalist Tarot Tattoo
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This card tattoo is unique and is indeed the artists’ creativity in the form of body art. You may note the lion in this tarot card tattoo alongside the fairy girl. These scenes remind me of the one scene from the famous movie, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ These tarot card tattoos sell the point of unity and life between animals and humans. The tattoo artist has brought in some glittering star effect to this tarot tattoo by including white ink designs for the stars, apart from all the bold line black ink outlines for the procedure. 

The Third Eye Tarot Card Tattoo

The Third Eye Tarot Card Tattoo
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This tarot tattoo gives an intuition of the supreme almighty watching over us at every step of our journey. This third eye tat is connected with the group symbol of the Illuminati along with a triangle borderline to the eye. This tarot tattoo reflects the meaning that our vision has to be robust and sharp, just like the blazing sun. The whole tattoo is done in a single needle style with a black ink design. 

A Combination Of Witchy Tarot Card Tattoos

A Combination Of Witchy Tarot Card Tattoos
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These tarot tattoos combine three individual tarot card designs to create this custom design. This tarot card tattoo design shows a sign of the moon and a star design. This tarot card tattoo links the power of three tarot cards; High Priestess, Ace of Wands & Page of Pentacles, together with some floral border designs. The artist tried to portray life and death elements in this tarot tattoo. You can get these tattoos on your thighs and arms.

The Adventurer’s Tarot Card Tattoo

The Adventurer's Tarot Card Tattoo
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This power-filled scenery of tarot cards opts for an adventure filled with elements of fantasy! A witch is shown in this tarot card tattoo going in a boat towards the castle on the cliff edge, holding on to his wands. Dragons fly around the court, roaring, and firing at the castle top. You can get this all-black ink design in any part of your skin the body. This design comments on adventurers’ fantasies about the tarot card tattoo design. 

Celebratory Tarot Card Tattoo Of Three Cups

Celebratory Tarot Card Tattoo Of Three Cups
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This tarot tattoo simple minimalist design has three glasses or cups. Inside the outline glasses, there is a star inside each design, with different placements filled in black ink. These hand-poked delicate line tattoo designs overcome all the sad feelings and bring security and happiness to your life.

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