10 Best Military Sleeve Tattoo That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Military Sleeve Tattoo

Innumerable military men have taken several risks in life to reach their ultimate goal. It is time we embrace some military sleeve tattoos in their memory.

Military Sleeve Tattoo
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The sacrifice and the risk that the military men have taken are undeniable.

They have never bothered about the loss of lives and terrible attacks. Instead, the army men were always bestowed to their military service.

How about giving them a tribute or paying them homage? Well, one of the greatest ideas to showcase our gratitude to them is by getting military tattoos. The tattoo artists report that military men or soldiers get at least one tattoo that concerns their military service. However, the tradition of getting military tattoos dates back to the time of the Civil War. During then., the soldiers, belonging to both the Confederate and the Union sides, were often noticed to get military tattoos on their bodies. Back then, this practice of tattooing among the military soldiers and army personnel was more like marking their loyalty to a national cause.

Since the 1800s, several elements and tattoo designs have evolved. Some of the elements that can work as amazing tattoo ideas include the American flag, slogans against the opponents, and many more. Over the years, when the authorities of the military troupes began noticing the development of tattoos, they got new rules now that every military or army personnel needs to follow. Today, there are rules and regulations in each branch of the military troupe about the kind of content they can choose as their tattoo design. Also, the placement of a military tattoo is decided by the authority. So, if you belong to any military service, serving in a prestigious boot camp, and would like to get a remarkable tattoo, make sure to learn the rules and regulations that you need to follow.

Now that you are aware of the kind of military tattoos that one can get from a tattoo artist, it is time to dive into some exotic tattoo ideas. So, without further delay, let’s get started with the list of military tattoos.

Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoo in Black

Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoo in Black
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If you are looking for a military tattoo that gives you the utmost visibility, choose this military half sleeve tattoo in black. Here, the image of the American flag is tattooed. The way the tattoo is inked gives the appeal of a fluttering American flag. By looking at the American flag itself, one can say that it depicts a lot of pride and valor. If you are choosing such large tattoo designs, ask the tattoo artist to get it done on a spacious body part.

Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoo in Black ideas
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If you are deeply moved by the American flag designs, this half sleeve tattoo is an ideal choice for you. Not only is the placement of the tattoo done correctly, but also the kind of shading that the tattoo artist has created makes the tattoo look marvelous. The tattoo design shows a fluttering American flag in dark black and grey.

Military Man Tattoo In Black And Grey

Military Man Tattoo In Black And Grey
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Often, people lose their near and dear ones in warfare. If you have lost someone very close to you in a war, this is a perfect tattoo for you. Here, the tattoo artist has used the whole arm, the biceps and the triceps, to ink a soldier in action. Each line in the tattoo is drawn with black ink. To make the tattoo more realistic, grey shading is used.

Military Man Tattoo In Black And Greys
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If you are looking for a military patriotic sleeve tattoo, then you have hit the right dart. This is the tattoo of a gas mask soldier in action. This sleeve tattoo is perfect for those who want to commemorate any of their near and dear ones working as a soldier and performing the same duty. To make the tattoo more significant, the tattoo artist has used the gas mask on the face of the soldier.

Memorial Soldier Tattoo With Flowers

Memorial Soldier Tattoo With Flowers
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Not all soldiers survive a war. For those brave soldiers who lose their lives in war, here is a great commemoration tattoo. The service that they offer for the benefit of the country can be swell acclaimed by getting tattooed. In this tattoo, one can see the soldier carrying a rifle. His position is at the center of the heart of flowers. Only black ink is used to complete the tattoo design.

Memorial Soldier Tattoo With Flowers ideas
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Another military tattoo design that shows gratitude toward other soldiers is this tattoo with red poppies. The kind of service that the soldiers, army men, and military professionals deliver for the betterment of the country is worth paying a tribute to. What else can be better than getting an appropriate tattoo for them on the sleeves!

Regiment Badge Tattoo

Regiment Badge Tattoo
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Another great mens military sleeve tattoo is this regiment tattoo. People who serve in the military, have great affection and love for their regiment or troupe. So, if you belong to a military regiment or naval troops and want to showcase your love and honor for the regiment, such a badge tattoo is ideal for you.

Regiment Badge Tattoo
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Another similar tattoo design is this military tattoo where the regiment’s badge is inked only in black. This military tattoo is inked in bold black outlines If required, one can get any part of the military uniform tattooed on the body.

Spartan Soldier Tattoo

Spartan Soldier Tattoos
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Do you have a soft corner for the spartan warriors? Want to get a similar Spartan military tattoo or war tattoo? Here is a great Spartan military tattoo that is surely going to capture the attention of many. In recent years, such military tattoos have gained immense popularity. Since such military tattoos depict a story, the style in which they are inked on the arm or any part of the body becomes automatically noticeable.

Spartan Soldier Tattoo
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If you are truly inspired by the Spartan ideology or have a soft corner for the Spartans, this full sleeves military tattoo is apt for you. Just like the previous one, this military tattoo has a Spartan soldier wearing a headgear, almost ready to fight a battle.

Fallen Soldiers Sleeve Tattoo

Fallen Soldiers Sleeve Tattoo
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Another soldier military tattoo that can be inked in memory of the lost souls is this. Not all soldiers come back home after fighting a war. Many of them lose their lives. Since the arm of the human body is a muscular area, such a fallen soldier tattoo is a great fit for the arms. It is through these tattoos that one can assess the futility of life.

Fallen Soldiers Sleeve Tattoos
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Here is another memorable fallen soldier tattoo that has a striking quote attached to it. The quote says, ‘Lest We Forget.’ Indeed, the kind of struggle that the military people and soldiers go through in a war is commendable. No matter what, the soldiers are bound to fight for their countrymen.

Symbolic Fallen Soldier Tattoo on Arm

Symbolic Fallen Soldier Tattoo on Arm
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Not all prefer depicting the meaning of the tattoo to the whole world. Instead, some of them prefer adding a mystery to the tattoo. Here is another mysterious military tattoo that pays tribute to a dead soldier. To create the mystery in the tattoo, the artist has inked the soldier’s war shoes, hat, and tags.

Symbolic Fallen Soldier Tattoo on Arms
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Another mysterious military tattoo for the arm is this flag tattoo with the rifle of the soldier, his hat, and his shoes. The flag of America is inked as the background of the fallen soldier tattoo. What adds to the beauty of the tattoo is patriotism which is shown by adding relevant elements to the tattoo.

Navy Tattoo in Black

Navy Tattoo in Black
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Just like the military tattoos, this is the tattoo for navy sailors. It has the happy smiling face of a sailor along with a quote that says, ‘Life is good in the navy.’ So, if you are a navy sailor and enjoy the profession, this tattoo is apt for you.

Navy Tattoo in Blacks
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This is another navy tattoo that has a predominant naval symbol – the anchor. People who sacrifice the comfort of their lives for ensuring the betterment of other people should be applauded. Having an anchor tattoo or a military tattoo is a great way to celebrate the hardships of the people in the war and marines.

Realistic Navy Patch Tattoo

Realistic Navy Patch Tattoo
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Another way of showing your love and passion for your profession is by getting a tattoo of the badge or patch that you wear. This symbolizes not only your profession but also your commitment to work.

Realistic Navy Patch Tattoo ideas
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Just like a military tattoo, this is another navy tattoo that has a significant emblem in red and black. The sailors can get such a tattoo on their forearms or biceps. The quote in the tattoo makes it more interesting.

Naval Map Tattoo

Naval Map Tattoo
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For the sailors, following the map is essential to reach the desired direction. Here is a brilliant map tattoo for people in the naval field. To make the tattoo interesting, elements like the compass and an eagle are added.

Naval Map Tattoo ideas
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Another similar map tattoo design is here. Although this tattoo does not have any additional elements, but the details in the tattoo are enough to attract people.

Now that you have a short list of the best military tattoos at hand, it is time to contact a tattoo artist and get one for yourself. Do not forget to give it adequate time to heal.

With this collection in mind, here are some more military tattoo suggestions for you:

  • Anchor navy tattoos with a dog tag
  • American flag and soldiers military tattoo
  • Black and white soldier on soldier military tattoo
  • Full sleeve military tattoo
  • Peace and war military tattoo

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