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101 Best Mens Thigh Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Mens Thigh Tattoos

Men’s thigh tattoo ideas have always gathered interest. We have come up with some of the best men’s thigh tattoo designs you will love to get ink on your skin.

Mens Thigh Tattoo
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Men’s thigh tattoo writings are famous among many tattoo artists and tattoo lovers around the world.

Modern leg tattoos for women and men are often a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

As the thigh offers a larger canvas for tattooo artists to work with, it’s the ideal placement for either a detailed tattoo or a fusion of multiple elements. Tattoo lovers and artists alike, love to leverage more space to sport bold colors in large, gripping designs. Many men and women love to get bold tattoos around their thigh area. Some common thigh tattoos for women and men are the Tribal leg tattoo, Biomechanical leg tattoo, and mandala thigh tattoo. One may also explore mens thigh tattoo writing with words or meaning full quotes, or mens thigh band tattoo, where a thin strip of design goes around the thigh. One may opt for small leg tattoos but, with enough space, you can also get the entire leg inked with tribal tattoos.

Some beautiful thigh tattoos that men opt for are mens butterfly tattoo thigh and mens thigh tattoo sleeve. If you want to a tattoo design that can do justice to leg or thigh tattoo, explore beautiful tattoo ideas before.

Sparkling Thigh Leg Tattoos

Sparkling Thigh Leg Tattoos
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If you are looking for cute animal tattoo designs, then you will love this one! The rabbits are wearing alternating black and white, collared dresses with colourful polka dots. One of the bunnies has pink ears and the other one has blue. Around the two bunnies are little, colourful twinkling stars, and dots. Both bunnies are cheerful and enjoying themselves. These small leg tattoos can show your bubbly nature and are quite trendy among young girls and women to ink on the ankle or leg. Tattoo artists love to create some colorful, simple leg tattoos with some geometrical patterns. These patterns and shapes increase the brightness and sparkling effect of this lower leg tattoo. You can easily conceal this tattoo with full-length clothes, if you wish.

Men’s Upper Thigh Side Tattoo

Men's Upper Thigh Side Tattoo
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Here is a captivating and memorable thigh tattoo! Men and women who are fans the wild, and the great outdoors will love this design. In this tattoo, we see a bear roaring and aggressive. The bear’s sharp incisors are bared and he is reaching out with long, white claws. The tattoo uses black rich, ink and hints of white to create a shining effect. This detailed mens upper thigh tattoo is placed on the side of the leg. This full leg sleeve tattoo representing an animal symbolizes the bold, courageous nature of the person. These kinds of full leg sleeve upper thigh tattoos may also represent hunters and male warriors. You can get this Grizzly bear tattoo on upper thigh, as shown here, or create another animal tattoo in the same fashion. You can also adjust the size and detail of this tattoo as per your preference.

Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoos
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Full-body tattoos for guys have gained traction among tattoo lovers. One inspiration for such designs is the Celtic heritage. Using bright colours and black outlines, this tattoo combines multiple traditional designs.

The animal face on the upper thigh and knee represents the brave nature of the person, the same as the lion. These types of inner thigh, along with calf tattoos, attract many people’s interest. Intricate designs for making tattoos for guys on the whole body depict the tribal tattoo—Celtic leg tattoo and religious leg tattoo that also come in this full-body tattoo for men. In traditional times, full-body tattoo designs were limited to tribal people. But as fashion changes, the increasing demand for full body art tattoo designs is becoming famous among people, especially men. Thigh tattoo designs are becoming a trend that grabs much attention.

Geometrical Lower Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Geometrical Lower Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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This tattoo beautifully combines geometrical patterns to create a thigh tattoo design extended to the lower leg till the ankle. The skilled artist has used two major colours, a cyan blue and black ink in this distinct and detailed tattoo. The lower half of the tattoo uses white ink for outlines and the top part uses gradient dot shading in black ink. Modern fusion of colours and designs. You may adapt the design on the lower leg to be placed around the upper thigh, and more details with the help of the larger canvas. Whichever design you choose, this tattoo has an appealing and powerful feel to it. As shown in the pciture above, you can get such matching designs with close friends or family that come together as one cohesive theme.   

Lower Leg Portrait Tattoo For Men

Lower Leg Portrait Tattoo For Men
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This tattoo features a popular character from a long running TV series, The Office. It shows Dwight in his usual office attire and briefcase, walking to his workplace, but with a  pumpkin instead of a head. The artist has used realistic colours for each element. Even the pumpkin with a smiling face carved on it is inked in orange with a green stem on top. This tattoo with the person’s face altered can represent someone hiding their thoughts, feelings and true personality from the world. Pumpkin-themed tattoos are popular among people whose favourite holiday is Halloween. This tattoo is inked on the lower leg and be placed on the upper thigh, as well.

Dragon Thigh Tattoos

Dragon Thigh Tattoos
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Men who want leg-sleeve tattoos with a cultural and heritage theme can explore dragon tattoos. These men’s thigh tattoo designs have the dragon made with red-colored finishing. These upper leg tattoos are made following leg sleeve tattoo design and calf tattoos. This tattoo design is a perfect blend of tribal leg tattoos. Many people love to get their legs inked with this blend of tribal leg tattoos. Dragon tattoos for men and women are ubiquitous and popular nowadays. Traditional dragon tattoo designs are famous for depicting culture and are often inspired by certain traditions.

Japanese Dragon Leg Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Leg Tattoos
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Calf tattoos are some of the most common and best leg tattoos as they offer a wide canvas and visibility. This tattoo has a Japanese dragon inked in green on the lower leg. Each detailing of the dragon, including the angered face, claws, scales on the tail, and body, is represented very well. The red design around the dragon represents the dragon’s fire-breathing ability. Dragons are fearless and mighty creatures. The green color reflects the evil nature. Leg tattoo design of a dragon emitting fire all-around shows the owner’s fiery personality.

Not only men but women also ink their calf and leg sleeves with vibrant leg tattoo ideas. This dragon design can make for one of the best thigh tattoos as you can fill the entire space with bigger features, like the dragons wings spread apart. You can work with an experienced tattoo artist and try out different colours for your body art.

Floral Thigh Tattoos

Floral Thigh Tattoos
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Floral upper thigh tattoos are common among girls. As thighs offer a wider canvas, people often get larger tattoo designs or combine multiple elements for such a body art. This floral thigh tattoo design has four large roses, with stems, leaves and a quote inscribed next to it. The entire tattoo is done black ink with no outline or colour. This really adds to the polished look of the tattoo. The rose flowers with their leaves and stem as the upper thigh tattoos are a good idea to represent nature, or your personality to the world. The bold appearance of the leg tattoo describes the proactive nature of the girl. These leg tattoos empower girls to be their best in every field. Just like the rose manages to express its beauty even after being in spikes. As this tattoo is located higher up on the thigh, you may wear shorts to cover it for some time.

Landscape Men’s Thigh Tattoos

Landscape Men's Thigh Tattoos
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Men’s thigh tattoo sleeves of a landscape are trendy in different parts of the world. This landscape tattoo looks inspired from a painting. Inked completely in black, this tattoo features dense trees in between wavy lines, depicting the roads and the terrain. With a slight geometric and natural pattern, this tattoo is quite soothing to look at. The landscape is drawn inside a rectangle box, with no outline. This tattoo is inked on the back of the upper thigh but it can also be placed on the front of thigh, for visibility or a more clear canvas. You can adapt this idea for any painting of your choice and explore with designs, and colours. .

Tribal Leg Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Tribal Leg Sleeve Tattoos For Men
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This leg sleeve tattoo is a Polynesian tattoo, inspired from tribal culture. The legacy of Polynesian tattoo started around 200o years ago and has inspired many tattoo enthusiasts in recent years. People love depicting a part of their ethnicity, culture and heritage through such a tribal leg tattoo. If you are not part of the Polynesian culture, but want to show your understanding and appreciation for the culture, even then you can consider this design. This tattoo is inked entirely in black ink and each element has a thick black outline. The curved lines and geometric shapes are inked to perfections its a smooth texture. The tattoo begins on the upper thigh and extends all the way down to the ankle. It’s a remarkable and memorable leg sleeve tattoo design. This leg sleeve tattoo for men covers the entire leg, including the thigh region, calf area, and lower leg. Though it is painful, tattoo lovers do not mind the pain while getting body art that that means something to them.

Thigh Tattoo For Men

Thigh Tattoo For Men
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Thigh tattoos represent strength and a certain personality to the wearer. If you are on the look out for an interesting tattoo for your thigh, make sure that it connects with you well. Here are some popular tattoo designs of men’s thigh tattoo:

  1. Men’s thigh tattoo writing
  2. Men’s thigh tattoo with tribal design
  3. Men’s thigh tattoo with geometric patterns
  4. Animal tattoo on men’s thigh
  5. Japanese leg tattoo
  6. Simple leg tattoo with a quote

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What are some of the most popular men’s thigh tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular men’s thigh tattoo designs include tribal patterns, skulls, and dragons. Tribal patterns are popular because they can be very intricate and detailed, and they often have a lot of symbolic meaning. Skulls are also popular because they look tough and masculine, and they can also be used to represent death or danger.

How long does a thigh tattoo take to heal?

A thigh tattoo takes anywhere from two to four weeks to heal, depending on the size and complexity of the design. The healing process can be uncomfortable, so it’s important to follow your artist’s aftercare instructions carefully.

How do I choose the right thigh tattoo design for me?

When choosing a thigh tattoo design, it’s important to consider the size and placement of the tattoo, as well as your personal style. It’s also a good idea to look at examples of other people’s thigh tattoos to get some inspiration.

How much does a thigh tattoo cost?

The cost of a thigh tattoo depends on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the artist’s experience and skill level. Generally, larger and more intricate designs will cost more than smaller, simpler ones.

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