Best Men’s Fragrances for Spring/Summer

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

With each turning season, there’s always the opportunity to update and energise your fragrance line-up. So why not start off the warmer weather with a fresh new scent? Whether it’s a new variation or old classic, let’s take a look at some of the best men’s aftershaves for this spring/summer season.`

Best Men’s Spring/Summer Fragrances

People are recognised by the fragrances they choose to wear, so if you don’t have a good one be prepared to be judged. The aroma you carry around with you can be personal to you, it can give off who you are through the top notes, bottom notes and everything in-between. Yes, this sounds a bit stupid, but once you really get in to the scent you’ll know which ones you like and which ones you don’t. If you’re thinking of updating your smell to something that’s in tune with the spring and summer months then we’ve got a few favourites. Here’s our top men’s fragrances for spring/summer.

Laboratory Perfumes  – Amber 

To kick off, we’ll start with one of our favourites – Amber by Laboratory Perfumes. Back in 2011, Laboratory Perfumes took its knowledge of the perfume industry and used it to create a selection of its own unique scents. It wanted to step away from the strict gender-based smells and went for the unisex approach, creating scents that are solely suited to the wearer’s individual preferences. It’s experimented with a range of different combinations and has now got a secure set of perfumes that we love.

Amber is the perfect scent to go for if you’re after a classic. As one of our best selling perfumes, we’re never surprised when it enters the top sellers list each week. This was one of the first fragrances to come out of Laboratory Perfumes, and we have to say, as one of the classics, it’s always going to be popular. With bursts of greenery and grassiness, the scent also brings in subtle tones of spices and wood. The long lasting formula will linger all day, so think of it as a spring investment.


Thomas Clipper Unite – Coast Cologne

The UNITE collection is one of our best men’s colognes. It’s made up of three premium smells that can be mixed and matched on a day-to-day basis. The three fragrances – City, Coast and Country – each have a subtle and sophisticated aroma that when used, allows you to discover incredible combinations that’ll suit your mood, the occasion or the season. So when it comes to that spring scent, we love the Coast.

Made in the UK, the inspiration lies where the forest meets the sea on the North Norfolk coast. This gives it a fresh, sophisticated and sporty feel. So, by using citrus notes and cypress lead, grounded in rich iris and guaiac wood, Coast is perfect for the hotter and lighter months. You can use this fragrance alone or, blend with a little of the Country variation for a rich and intense smell.

UNITE Coast Cologne 50ml

Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01

What happens when art meets science? Escentric Molecules emerges. Perfumer Geza Schoen launched the company in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since. He found that by using molecular technology, the scents created pushed boundaries and embraced a minimalist approach. Each fragrance uses an aroma-molecule that doesn’t actually exist in nature, so as it was brought into the perfumery world by Schoen himself, he’s created a collection to show it off.

Molecule 01, along with the rest of the collection, has purity in mind. Made with the aroma-chemical Iso E Super, the wearer will notice a very subtle, velvety, woody note. This will resurface throughout the wear and give you an aroma that’ll last all day. The scents are created for unisex use and have an alluring effect that makes then irresistible to both parties.


Murdock – Vetiver Cologne

London-based Irishman, Brendan Murdock, firmly established this grooming brand back in 2006. Renowned for delivering advice and products of the highest quality to men seeking grooming style confidence, makes this brand one that every guy needs to know. Murdock may most commonly be known for its shaving and hair care products but the range doesn’t just stop there. It creates colognes that’ll have your senses excited.

The Murdock Vetiver Cologne gives you a spicy, sensuous and mysterious scent which is inspired by the time-less, free-thinking style of the British bohemian tradition. The main note is Patchouli. This is rich in noble history, so spritzing this heady fragrance will give you a lasting impression.


MURDOCK Vetiver Cologne

Odin – 03 Century Eau De Parfum

The fragrance brand Odin originates from the streets of New York, and with two major collections, it’s scents are able to suit every mood, season and personality. The Black Line takes you on a journey through nine exotic destinations around the world, whereas The White Line is intricately formulated to be an almost opposite experience. Still fairly similar, it has lighter notes and more of a feminine touch.

The 03 Century Eau De Parfum is a part of The Black Line which stands out to us for many reasons. Inspired by the ancient scents of Cyprus, it captivates the scents of silver birch, forest mint and liquid myrrh. It leaves a lingering fresh feel that lasts the duration of the day. The smoky middle notes of vetiver and patchouli are explored before you then reach the base notes of black musk, oak moss and amber, giving it a very earthy undertone.


Malin & Goetz – Bergamot Eau De Toilette

Malin & Goetz are the definition of easy-to-use skincare. Based in New York, its apothecary products are popular for many. But it’s not just skin care that it specialises in – their eau de toilette pieces all include the unique and innovative formulas that we’ve all grown to love. Suitable for both men and women, Malin & Goetz have mastered the combination of natural ingredients and performance technologies, thus offering us the very best.

The Bergamot Eau De Toilette is inherently complex. With notes of citrus, floral and pepper, it brings together everyone’s summer favourites. The dynamic qualities of this cologne create a timeless men’s fragrance that finishes off with notes of bright green mint, spices and a touch of citrus rind. The musk is elegant and ideal for a spring evening.

MALIN & GOETZ Bergamot Eau de Toilette

BeauFort – Coeur de Noir

BeauFort London is Leo Crabtree’s way of expressing his deep affinity for the sea and British history. His fascination with our History has lead him to create some nautical and very British scents. The name Beaufort represents how he thinks we should look at and understand ourselves – to be constant, enduring, changeable and potentially destructive.

This may be a new favourite of ours, but it’s definitely earned its place on our list. The Beaufort Coeur de Noir fragrance wants you to paint a vision of dominating fantasies. The nautical nature of this scent mixes the finely tuned craft of painting with the essence of a life at sea. Top notes of rum, ginger and ink help to enhance the middle notes of paper, leather and vanilla – all things that remind him of sea adventures. The richness of all of these puzzle pieces are complemented by the bottom notes of cedarwood, tobacco and birch tar. Even though this may sound too spicy to be a summer smell, it definitely does it for us.

BEAUFORT Coeur de Noir

The Best Men’s Fragrances for Spring/Summer

  • Laboratory Perfumes’ Amber is a classic and one that should be an investment for the entire year.
  • The Unite collection allows you to mix and match between all three fragrances – City, Coast and Country.
  • Escentric Molecules use one main chemical. With purity in mind, the Molecule 01 variation gives you a velvety, woody feel.
  • Murdock’s Vetiver Cologne gives you the style of the British bohemian tradition all in one scent.
  • The 03 Century Eau De Parfum Odin selection is part of its Black Line, getting you in touch with the ancient scents of Cyprus.
  • Malin & Goetz Bergamot Eau De Toilette is a summer fragrance favourite. With green mint and spices, it’s an elegant scent.
  • The BeauFort Coeur de Noir is a new choice and one that gives off an essence of life at sea.


On That Note

There you have it. From some of the best men’s aftershave options to the old reliable ones, there’s something for every taste, budget and any eventuality on our comprehensive list of the best perfumes for men this season. Our advice? Shop around, try something new and don’t pay attention to gender marketing around fragrance – it’s a scent, not a gown.

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